MW Chapter 1897

Chapter 1897 – Raise the Sails!

Soul World, Soul Rapture Holy Lands –

In a grand hall crafted from soul crystals, an old youth stood beside an altar.

His hands were crossed in front of his chest. His eyes were closed and his divine sense stretched out like the tentacles of a monster, piercing through the God Lamenting Wall…

This youth was the Soul Emperor.

In a normal situation, even the Soul Emperor who ruled the entire Soul World would find it impossible to penetrate the God Lamenting Wall with his sense.

But, if he was able to leave a mark on someone ahead of time, then even if that person wasn’t in the same universe he would still be able to pass through the 33 Heavens to sense them.

The Soul Emperor and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had both left marks on each other’s bodies. As long as they wished for it, they could cross the layers of universes to communicate.

Currently, the Soul Emperor had contacted the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign in order to tell him about news related to Lin Ming.

Ssaaa –

The Soul Emperor’s...

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