MW Chapter 1897

Chapter 1897 – Raise the Sails!

Soul World, Soul Rapture Holy Lands –

In a grand hall crafted from soul crystals, an old youth stood beside an altar.

His hands were crossed in front of his chest. His eyes were closed and his divine sense stretched out like the tentacles of a monster, piercing through the God Lamenting Wall…

This youth was the Soul Emperor.

In a normal situation, even the Soul Emperor who ruled the entire Soul World would find it impossible to penetrate the God Lamenting Wall with his sense.

But, if he was able to leave a mark on someone ahead of time, then even if that person wasn’t in the same universe he would still be able to pass through the 33 Heavens to sense them.

The Soul Emperor and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had both left marks on each other’s bodies. As long as they wished for it, they could cross the layers of universes to communicate.

Currently, the Soul Emperor had contacted the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign in order to tell him about news related to Lin Ming.

Ssaaa –

The Soul Emperor’s eyes opened. At the same time, the connection between him and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was interrupted. In front of the Soul Emperor, the blurry shade of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign slowly disappeared without a trace.

The Soul Emperor was silent. He descended from the altar, one step at a time. With his long black hair and his snow-white robe, from the back he appeared like an extraordinarily beautiful youth at the peak of his prime.

And standing in front of the Soul Emperor was a woman wrapped in a black cloak.

This woman was Sheng Mei.

At this time, Sheng Mei had lowered her eyes. Her expression was faint and indifferent; it was impossible to tell what she was thinking.

“Has your heart gone soft?”

The Soul Emperor suddenly asked. Sheng Mei pressed her eyebrows together, not responding.

The Soul Emperor smiled. “There is no need for you to put on a play before me. I already have a general feeling of the thoughts within your heart. You personally spoke with Lin Ming and blocked out my sense. Afterwards, Lin Ming went to the Primeval Universe. You spoke with him in private for almost a quarter hour – just what did you talk about?”

A light smile hung on the Soul Emperor’s face. But, this smile was terrifying.

Sheng Mei still remained silent. She only stood in the dark hall, looking like a sculpture of white jade that was enveloped in a black cloak.

The Soul Emperor stared at Sheng Mei for ten breaths of time and then chuckled as he shook his head. “Your heartbeat remains the same and there isn’t the slightest disturbance to your aura. Even the energy circulating within you is perfectly uniform! You really do not shame the reputation of being called my soul race’s Soul Empress. However…”

The Soul Emperor’s voice suddenly changed. The atmosphere around him turned icy cold, his entire body surging with killing intent!

His filthy dark eyes turned murderous. “I will not allow you to disobey me again! You should know just how valuable Lin Ming is to me. He is the key to opening my future! After so many years, I have discovered the turning point for all my ambitions. I will not allow anyone to ruin my plans!”

The Soul Emperor overflowed with killing intent, like cold winds that howled from the nine nether abyss. As Sheng Mei faced this violent killing intent, her protective spirit essence trembled.

She took a deep breath and looked at the Soul Emperor. Her voice was equally cold as she said, “You don’t need to threaten me. I already have no other path to take. Your choice is also my choice!”

Although Sheng Mei said this, she still didn’t know what taste was in her heart. In truth, this so-called choice was not hers alone, but one that Lin Ming helped her make…

Rather, it could be said that Sheng Mei had already expected Lin Ming’s choice, and she was simply using their conversation to once again steady her resolve.

“Good! Good! Very good!” The Soul Emperor said, shouted out good three times. “A worm that lives in the dead leaves and fallen branches will never understand the beauty and greatness of the world, because their field of vision is far too narrow and their life is far too short. They will never be able to live past the winter snows…

“I think you don’t want to become such a worm…”

As the Soul Emperor spoke, he stepped forwards until he was a mere foot away from Sheng Mei.

He wasn’t tall and only had the appearance of a newly minted youth. As for Sheng Mei, she was tall. With that, their eyes were completely even with each other.

As their eyes met, countless complex emotions were contained within Sheng Mei’s gaze.

The Soul Emperor’s last words were also the words that Sheng Mei had spoken to Lin Ming. But compared to when she had said them, the feelings behind them were completely different…

Time slowly passed.

With the descent of the great calamity, waves would rise and winds would surge!

These were troubled times. Overlords of the various universes were hatching their own plans, taking this one in several billion year chance to realize their ambitions!

Mortal desires were without end. In particular, the True Divinities that stood at the peak of their universes. They had accumulated countless lucky chances and had passed through countless massacres, withstanding innumerable tribulations to arrive where they were. They weren’t willing to meekly follow the road that fate had assigned them, they weren’t willing to obey the samsara of the Heavenly Dao. They wanted to control their own destinies, rising above the world and grasping the Heavenly Dao in their hands!

As for the Soul Emperor and Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, they were both among them…


“It’s time…”

Chaos Star Ocean, primal god race headquarters –

The old God Sovereign stood on the edge of a stargazing platform, looked at the endless galaxies circulating around him.

His old eyes seemed to see through the fog of the universe, peeking into the future fate of the god race.

“Reporting to Your Majesty God Sovereign, all people of the ancient remnant races have already boarded the Ark of Hope. This includes the god race’s 22 million citizens, the celestial race’s 350 million citizens, the roaring bone race’s 810 million citizens, the titan race’s 80 million citizens, the ancient spirit race’s…”

An Empyrean respectfully stood behind the old God Sovereign. Diwuhen had stepped forwards, reporting everything to the old God Sovereign.

The old God Sovereign slowly nodded. “Do they all understand how dangerous this battle will be, and what it means to our ancient races?”

“They understand!” Diwuhen responded with absolute surety. “Everything is ready. We can break out at any time!”


The old God Sovereign finally turned around. He slowly tidied his sleeves. On his sleeves, three pure black symbol papers were attached.

These three symbol papers were god decrees personally drawn by the Asura Road Master!

Seeing these three god decrees, all of the Empyreans present had changed complexions. These god decrees were their greatest trump cards in breaking through!

Otherwise, they would have no way to overcome the hurdle that was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

“Your Majesty.” Three peak Empyreans stepped forwards together and knelt on the ground, their hands raised over their heads in reverence. “Please bestow us the god decrees!”

“You all… are you ready?”

The old God Sovereign looked at these three people, his tone ancient and powerful.

As god decrees left behind by the Asura Road Master, wanting to activate them wasn’t simple at all!

If a True Divinity galvanized them, they would be drained of strength. And if an Empyrean were to do so, they would affect their own life source and burn the fires of their lives, greatly diminishing their lifespan!

“Honorable Master, please bestow me a god decree!”

Diwuhen stubbornly lifted his hands.

“It is not your turn.”

Two elderly peak Empyreans stood in front of Diwuhen. “Please grant them to us…”


The old God Sovereign looked at these two old god race Empyreans. They were already over 80 million years old.

With a wave of his hand, two god decrees flew into the hands of the two Empyreans.

“The word of Sealing as well as the word of Striking, the two of you can take one. As for the last one, I will hold it myself…” The old God Sovereign’s voice echoed out. As Diwuhen heard this, his heart shook and he quietly drew back.

He knew that he could not change the decision of the old God Sovereign. Out of all the primal god race’s peak Empyreans, he was the youngest…

The young and those in their prime, they were the future of the god race after this great war…

“Let us go.” The old God Sovereign took a deep breath. “We… will fight!”


In the starry black skies, the void was quiet and endless.

Within the Chaos Star Ocean that was filled with space-time storms and black holes, a pure white spirit ship cut straight through space, flying out without slowing!

At the center of this pure white spirit ship, there was a massive array disc. 12 Empyreans sat in a circle around this array disc, providing energy to the spirit ship.

Countless energy stones burned within the array formation.

Lin Ming stood outside the array formation, quietly watching all of this.

Nearby, he could see the vast endlessness of space rapidly passing him by.

“It’s begun…”

Lin Ming had a faint premonition that this battle to break through would be the spark that lit the explosive flames of war…

The future of humanity, the future of the ancient races, as well as his own future, everything would depend on this battle.

“Reporting to Your Majesty, in front of us lies the saints’ space blockade…” At the bow of the spirit ship, a messenger soldier from the titan race reported the information.

“Run it over!”

The old God Sovereign simply and mercilessly replied. His voice carried a deep killing intent.

“As you will!”

The messenger soldier passed on the command. The entire spirit ship suddenly accelerated.


With a loud explosion, the void shook!

The saints’ space blockade had been directly ripped open. The Ark of Hope didn’t slow in the least, piercing through the spatial barrier like an arrow through thin paper.

This was the spirit ship left behind by the Asura Road Master and driven by numerous Empyreans. How could such a massive blockade possibly hope to stop it?

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