MW Chapter 1896

Chapter 1896 – The Giant Beast in the Blood Pool

In the deep vastness of space, there was a metal planet.

On the surface of this planet there was a cave entrance that was over a thousand miles wide. The edges of this massive hole were smooth and uniform, clearly not formed by natural forces but forcefully carved out by a powerhouse using their great supernatural might.

This cave was fathomless. If one entered, they would find something even more astonishing. After entering a thousand miles deep, there was a titanic space over ten thousand miles wide in radius. This was the same as the entire planet being carved out from within.

And in this massive space was a crimson blood pond that stretched out for thousands of miles. Blood surged and rippled. Killing intent soared to the heavens, alarming to the senses.

In the skies above the blood pond, a middle-aged man in a rainbow-hued robe quietly floated.

This middle-aged man had deep red hair and his looks were ancient and profound, as if his appearance were carved by a saber.

At this time, his eyes were shut tight and his hands were grasping across his chest, his ten fingers splayed outwards, tightly grabbing onto his shoulders. His lips murmured as if he were reciting some ancient text.

Beneath him, the blood pond seethed and roiled. The scent of blood filled the world. Slowly, countless bubbles slowly emerged from the blood pond, as if it were boiling over with excitement.

More and more bubbles emerged, becoming increasingly dense. The splashing of the blood pond grew larger and larger until finally… with a loud explosion, a massive head thrust out from the blood pond, bringing with it a wave of blood over a hundred miles high that crashed into the horizon!

An endless rain of blood fell down like a torrential waterfall. But, the middle-aged man still remained motionless, his eyes shut tight.

He floated within this torrent of blood, but not a single drop touched his body.

What had just come out of the blood pond was a fierce demonic head. This head was a hundred miles long with a pair of curved horns and a great maw, just like a malevolent red dragon!

This malevolent red dragon wildly roared, its massive head swinging from side to side.

At this time, massive bubbles emerged from the blood pond once more. With a great rumble, another ferocious dragon head hurtled out, tumbling about in the skies.

And following that, fierce dragon after fierce dragon drilled out from the blood pond; it was unknown just how many there were.

If a martial artist were to enter this planet at this time, they would definitely be bewildered. They would think that this blood pond was a giant dragon nest and there were many wicked dragons slumbering within.

However, what followed next was shocking.

After over 30 fierce dragons rushed out from the blood pond, the entire pond of blood began to rapidly lower, drying up…

The surface of the blood pond dropped again and again. Eventually, a titanic 10,000 mile long spherical object was exposed. This ball-like object was the same color as the blood pond, and if one didn’t look carefully they might even think it was the same.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Viscous blood poured down from the surface of the sphere like a waterfall, eventually revealing thick black chains.

These black chains overlapped each other, firmly locking down that sphere and completely binding it.

As the blood pond lowered more and more, the sphere began to slowly wriggle. There were even beating sounds from within, like the beating of a heart!

Faintly, one could feel a vast aura of life emitting from this sphere; it seemed to be a mass of flesh and blood.

As for the 30 plus fierce red dragons, at the end of their necks that were hundreds of miles long, they were connected to this massive ball of flesh and blood!

In other words, the 30 plus cruel red dragons were not individuals, but part of a whole!

They were branches of this humongous sphere!

It was hard to imagine what sort of terrifying life form this sphere was. In size alone it was 10,000 miles wide and had more than 30 fierce red dragon heads extending from it, each one emitting a terrifying aura no less than that of a True Dragon!

As this horrifying monster appeared, the rainbow-robed man floating in the skies frowned. Beads of sweat had developed at his temples; he had clearly consumed a great deal of energy.

His lips changed as fast as a bolt of lightning. He continued to chant, his words becoming faster and faster!

The words he spoke formed visible runes in the air that flew towards the bizarre giant monster. Then, like water into an ocean, they submerged into the monster’s body.

The middle-aged man consumed more and more energy. His blood vitality tumbled in his body and astral essence gushed out from him. He became increasingly bright, sparkling like a bright afternoon sun.

“Mark of the Saint Ancestors – Seal!”

The middle-aged man’s eyes suddenly popped open. At that moment, all of the texts he chanted gathered together, forming a massive curse seal that flew towards the monster.

Then, this curse seal reflected atop the middle-aged man’s head. It slowly sank into the monster and disappeared from sight.

Wu wu wu –

Wu wu wu –

The monster emitted a deep and bass cry like an earthquake. The entire planet shook, as if it were affected, thundering together with the monster!

This process continued for half an incense stick of time. Then, with a crashing sound, something strange occurred.

Of the monster’s 30 some dragon heads, one of them suddenly melted away, turning into bright red blood that rained down to the ground.

And after several more breaths of time, another dragon head exploded, turning into blood rain once more.

Like this, the 30 some dragon heads each exploded one after another, all of them turning to blood.

Blood gushed down, soaking the monster. After the monster was soaked in this blood, its main body also began to slowly melt away, like a piece of thick lard being heated into liquid.

Finally, the main body completely disappeared, turned into a blood pond.

To begin with, there was no blood pond in this planet, but instead a transformed giant monster!

When the blood pond completely calmed down, the rainbow-robed man closed his eyes, meditating in the void. Chanting all those texts and using the technique he just did had consumed a great deal of his strength.

As the man was meditating, a flame lit up in front of him. The man frowned and opened his eyes.

“Soul Emperor… that old monster, just why is he looking for me…”

The man’s eyes flashed with a strange brilliance. In the next moment he casually tore open the void and stepped forwards. His surroundings changed as he suddenly arrived in a grand hall built of crystal.

Floating in the center of this grand hall was a person’s shadow.

This shadow was fuzzy and undefined; it was clearly just an illusion.

This illusion was that of a youth with smooth, fair skin, and black hair that fell like a waterfall. But, what was bizarre was that this illusion’s eyes were filthy and spiritless, as if on the verge of death.

Such an appearance made one’s scalp creep.

The old youth looked at the middle-aged man. His lips slightly parted, “You seemed to have exhausted yourself considerably? I wonder what it is that can cause the Sovereign of the Saints to work so hard.”

The rainbow-robed man was the saint race’s Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

“You worry about too many things.” The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign indifferently said, with no intentions of mentioning the spell he just cast. “Just what are you doing here?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s eyes glared at the Soul Emperor. Although they had come to a temporary truce, they were absolutely not friends.

“I have come here especially to… tell you some news!”

The Soul Emperor’s voice was old and empty, without the least bit of feeling, as if he were speaking words of ice.

“Then speak!”

“There is a person. He has gone to the Primeval Universe. He, is something you might be interested in… his name is… Lin Ming!” The Soul Emperor quietly said. As the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign heard this, his eyebrows leapt up.

“Lin Ming! He has arrived at the Primeval Universe!?”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was certainly not unfamiliar with the name Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was a terrifying youth. At a mere hundred years of age, he could suppress seniors several times his age. He was even able to defeat the Good Fortune Saint Son, someone that was an entire large boundary higher!

If such a person were allowed time, then their future would be unimaginable!

But now, Lin Ming was weak.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign certainly wouldn’t allow Lin Ming to freely grow. He had already planned to kill Lin Ming in the next few hundred years and eliminate all potential problems, cutting the weeds at the roots!

However, before this the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign always had matters he needed to attend to. For instance, dealing with the spiritas or dealing with the saints, or even refining that mysterious blood pond in the planet just now.

But now, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign actually learned from the Soul Emperor that Lin Ming had arrived at the Primeval Universe. This was also the universe that the saints were invading!

If so, then he could completely annihilate the ancient remnant races and conveniently kill off Lin Ming while he was at it.

“Really, you choose not to walk the road to heaven but would rather burst through the gates of hell!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign sneered, a bloodthirsty light shining in his eyes.

Killing Lin Ming was the same as wiping out the hope of humanity!


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