MW Chapter 1896

Chapter 1896 – The Giant Beast in the Blood Pool

In the deep vastness of space, there was a metal planet.

On the surface of this planet there was a cave entrance that was over a thousand miles wide. The edges of this massive hole were smooth and uniform, clearly not formed by natural forces but forcefully carved out by a powerhouse using their great supernatural might.

This cave was fathomless. If one entered, they would find something even more astonishing. After entering a thousand miles deep, there was a titanic space over ten thousand miles wide in radius. This was the same as the entire planet being carved out from within.

And in this massive space was a crimson blood pond that stretched out for thousands of miles. Blood surged and rippled. Killing intent soared to the heavens, alarming to the senses.

In the skies above the blood pond, a middle-aged man in a rainbow-hued robe quietly floated.

This middle-aged man had deep red hair and his looks...

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