MW Chapter 1895

Chapter 1895 – The God Sovereign’s Decision

Lin Ming’s second choice was the jade ship.

Seeing this, To Bagui, Smokeless, Diwuhen, and the others were all left stunned.

This jade ship should have once been the personal transportation of the Asura Road Master, a Beyond Divinity level spirit treasure spirit ship.

Creating a spirit ship was far more difficult than forging a weapon or refining a pill, moreover, the materials required for the construction were also far higher. But to Lin Ming, the furnace with the Law runes engraved within or the pill would have been much more useful for his cultivation.

To him, this spirit ship wasn’t too meaningful.

“Lin Ming… you chose this spirit ship, for…?”

Diwuhen had already guessed why Lin Ming made this choice, but he didn’t dare to randomly assume. Thus, he asked Lin Ming this question.

“To escape… otherwise, even with the god decree, none of you will be able to escape the Chaos Star Ocean. Without reaching the edge of the Primeval Universe, there will be no way to break through the God Lamenting Wall…”

Currently, the primal god race and the celestials were under a deep siege by the saints. They had only managed to delay for time by relying on the endless black holes and space-time vortexes within the Chaos Star Ocean.

In this situation, wanting to break through the ranks of the saints...

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