MW Chapter 1894

Chapter 1894 – Lin Ming’s Choice

Out of these four items Lin Ming had seen so far, he had difficulty deciding which to choose. Each one would be useful to him, so which should he select in the end?

At this time, Lin Ming’s gaze swept towards the fifth supreme treasure.

This treasure was the most unusual. It was a jade ship the size of a palm. The jade ship was covered with array formations and emitted a deep blue divine light all over it. Although this divine light was bright, it was gentle, without glaring in the least.

This palm-sized jade ship was undoubtedly a Beyond Divinity level supreme treasure.

But after clearly seeing this jade ship, it wasn’t just Diwuhen, but To Bagui also began to sweat.

Of these five treasures, none of them seemed able to force back the saints!

“Jade ship… should we have all the people of our races take refuge in this jade ship?”

Smokeless muttered. Diwuhen shook his head.

“It’s useless. Even if this is a Beyond Divinity level treasure ship, it will be difficult for us to display its strength. Once we are surrounded by a True Divinity, that means we will be intercepted. At that time we would be nothing but a turtle in a jar. Even if the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign could not break apart this treasure ship quickly, he could easily kill us once this treasure ship exhausts itself of energy…”

What Diwuhen had described was something Lin Ming had personally experienced for himself.

Before, he had used Primordius Heavenly Palace to flee from Tian Mingzi and had ended up in such a situation.

Although Tian Mingzi wasn’t able to break apart Primordius Heavenly Palace, he was actually able to slowly exhaust the energy within it.

Once that time came, he would have died.

Then, there was the last treasure.

This last treasure was the smallest. It was shrouded in divine light, making it difficult to see what it was.

Everyone focused their senses into threads and slowly probed this light before verifying what the supreme treasure appeared to be.

It was a piece of jade the size of a baby’s palm. The jade was carved with numerous mystical runes. Besides that, it didn’t seem particularly special at all.


Diwuhen’s voice shivered. He looked at this jade piece and was unable to discover anything strange about it, nor did he understand its function.

By relying on this, could they defeat the saints?

Diwuhen, To Bagui, and the others felt as if they were drowning in despair. Of these six treasures, could any of them be the salvation their people needed?

However, at this time, as Lin Ming looked at the sixth and final supreme treasure his heart began to race with excitement.

The emperor jade of fate!

It was impossible for him to be mistaken. This sixth supreme treasure was the emperor jade of fate he had been searching for all this time!

Those with fate would encounter it eventually, those without fate would never meet it. This was the final mysterious key needed to open the last level of the Asura Road’s final trial!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t time for the final trial to open, otherwise Lin Ming would have wanted to re-enter the Asura Road and use the two other emperor jades he had with this one to open the final divine treasure trove!

Lin Ming’s change in state of mind was undetected by anyone else.

They were all stuck making a difficult choice. This choice was just far too important.

Diwuhen said, “Choose, but be careful. These six treasures concern the future of not only the ancient remnant races, but even the future of the entire 33 Heavens. They are something that will change the result of the great calamity. In choosing the treasure, we must consider the choice carefully and make sure we unravel and understand the functions of each supreme treasure!”

As Diwuhen spoke, the truth was that he was speaking to Lin Ming. He knew Lin Ming was proficient in the Asura Laws, and only he could easily see through the functions of these supreme treasures.

Of these six supreme treasures, they were – the jade ship, emperor jade, god decree, furnace, pill, and Asura blood.

For To Bagui and Diwuhen, it was far too difficult to differentiate just which supreme treasure would be the most valuable.

“Or maybe…”

Diwuhen looked at the god decree. If he had to choose from the six items, he would think that the god decree of which they currently hadn’t discovered the function would most likely be the treasure of salvation.

If they could rely on it to kill the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign…

“Little Brother Lin, look at the god decree. Its function is…”

To Bagui asked Lin Ming, hope thick in his voice.

Lin Ming’s eyes moved to the god decree. In truth, he had been paying attention to the god decree for a long time already.

It was impossible for him to repair or to duplicate a divine runic symbol personally drawn up by the Asura Road Master. But to simply discover its function, that was within the realm of possibility.

Slowly, he began to discern the lines atop the divine runic symbol, gradually extrapolating just what its use was.

Everyone impatiently huddled around Lin Ming, waiting for him to finish.

“Choose this!”

After an hour of silence, Lin Ming slowly and clearly said.

“Oh? This is…”

To Bagui and Diwuhen’s eyes shined. These past days they had gotten to understand Lin Ming’s character. They knew that if he said such things, he naturally had a reasonable explanation.

Perhaps they might be able to find a favorable turn in this great calamity!

“This god decree, can it kill the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign?”

Diwuhen couldn’t help but ask. Yet Lin Ming shook his head, “No… it has no striking power, and it is not an offensive god decree.”

“What?” Diwuhen staggered backwards. “That is…”

Lin Ming thought for a moment and then said, “If I’m not wrong, then this god decree can be used multiple times. And its function is to… shuttle through the 33 Heavens. In other words… to pierce through the God Lamenting Wall!”

Lin Ming’s words were shocking. Everyone was stunned.

Pierce through the God Lamenting Wall?

The path to salvation, then wasn’t it… to flee?

Diwuhen and To Bagui looked to each other. They knew that in the universes of the 33 Heavens, there were some Heavens that were complete wildernesses. These universes had no smoke of the mortal world, and there were few intelligent life forms. But, this didn’t mean that they were completely unsuited for survival, it was just that the God Lamenting Wall separating these wild universes was too strong, and they were isolated far away from other universes.

If they could flee to these universes then it was possible for them to contend with the saints.

This was because even for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, if he wished to pierce through the God Lamenting Wall he would have to pay a deep price.

“To run away…”

Diwuhen didn’t know what taste was on his tongue. He muttered these words again and again.

“This is the only choice…”

To Bagui bitterly sighed and patted Diwuhen’s shoulder.

To have them leave the Primeval Universe like this, to leave the homeland that their races had lived in for 10 billion years, it was inevitable that they would be moved by this.

However, for them, this universe had become a dead end…

“The heavens bless my god race…”

Diwuhen meditated in his heart. In the air, he bowed deeply once more, and then reached out with his hands to take the god decree.

Under the protective rules, the array formation around the god decree didn’t stop Diwuhen.

Like this, he smoothly took the god decree into his hands.

The soft silky feeling caused Diwuhen’s hands to quiver. What he held in his hands was the future of the ancient remnant races!

“Little Brother Lin, we have already made our choice. What about yours?”

To Bagui asked.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment. From the five remaining items, choosing two of them wasn’t easy at all.

After pondering over the choices for ten breaths of time, Lin Ming bowed and then reached out his hands.

First, he took the emperor jade of fate.

No matter what, he had to obtain this item.

He believed that deep in the Asura Road’s final trial, that was where the Asura Road Master had left behind his most core inheritance.


Seeing Lin Ming receive the emperor jade, they were all surprised.

Smokeless frowned. She looked at Lin Ming, confused.

The first item that Lin Ming chose should be the one that he thought was the most precious.

However in Smokeless’ opinion, of the five remaining treasures, the most valuable one was the mysterious pill.

The other items were all external items, but a pill could directly enhance a martial artist’s strength; its value was naturally the greatest.

She couldn’t understand Lin Ming’s choice. Could this emperor jade be some extraordinary thing? Did Lin Ming see just how precious it was?

“There’s still one more.”

Lin Ming’s eyes swept over the four remaining items, one at a time.

The Asura blood?

The Asura blood was definitely good, but Lin Ming had already absorbed it once. If he absorbed this Asura blood a second time, the effects would be greatly diminished.

Moreover, Lin Ming had already obtained the blood of the Holy Scripture creator.

Lin Ming’s plan was to fuse the two different strengths within him through cultivating. Considering this, it would be far easier fusing together the two different powers if they were balanced.

Thus, Lin Ming first gave up on the Asura blood.

Then there was the furnace, mysterious pill, and jade ship!

Lin Ming considered his choices again and again. Finally, he grit his teeth and reached out for the jade ship!

This jade ship was the size of his palm. As it fell into Lin Ming’s hand, it spun around, its entire body white and emitting a soft atmosphere.

Thus, Lin Ming finished making his choices. He had chosen the emperor jade as well as the… jade ship!


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