MW Chapter 1894

Chapter 1894 – Lin Ming’s Choice

Out of these four items Lin Ming had seen so far, he had difficulty deciding which to choose. Each one would be useful to him, so which should he select in the end?

At this time, Lin Ming’s gaze swept towards the fifth supreme treasure.

This treasure was the most unusual. It was a jade ship the size of a palm. The jade ship was covered with array formations and emitted a deep blue divine light all over it. Although this divine light was bright, it was gentle, without glaring in the least.

This palm-sized jade ship was undoubtedly a Beyond Divinity level supreme treasure.

But after clearly seeing this jade ship, it wasn’t just Diwuhen, but To Bagui also began to sweat.

Of these five treasures, none of them seemed able to force back the saints!

“Jade ship… should we have all the people of our races take refuge in this jade ship?”

Smokeless muttered. Diwuhen shook his head.

“It’s useless. Even if this is a Beyond Divinity level treasure...

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