MW Chapter 1892

Chapter 1892 – Peak Holy Lord

Within the cocoon, Lin Ming experienced a long, long dream. In this dream, he witnessed a great calamity sweep through cosmos!

The scale of this great calamity was far more terrifying than the invasion of god race by the saints; it was one that affected nearly every race in every universe!

He saw demons rampaging, he saw countless lives perishing, trillions of quadrillions of miles of space being wiped clean of life as great worlds were destroyed one after another.

This horror of this calamity even changed the rules of the Heavenly Dao. It caused some universes within the 33 Heavens to be annihilated of civilization, turned to wilderness…

And this era was the era in which the Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture lived.

Lin Ming seemed to pass through 10 billion years of time to witness all of this.

There were blurred fragments, but the scenes within left Lin Ming shocked beyond comprehension.

Those dreadful devils overwhelmed the skies. The worst amongst them were Holy Lords, and there were countless additional World King and Great World King demons.

Not just that, but there were numerous Empyrean level and True Divinity level demons.

The greatest powerhouses of the ancient races fiercely warred with these demons, exhausting all of their energy.

Many races were completely exterminated…

But for humans, saints, and spiritas, during this time they were still small races. Through virtue of their weakness they survived and multiplied, slowly seizing the 33 Heavens and developing their own martial arts civilization.

The accumulated wisdom of the universe declined, but rose again and began to vigorously flourish…

This process was like the alternating pattern of life and death.

Glory was life, destruction was death…

Lin Ming felt that without a doubt, the scenes he saw were memories within the drop of blood.

“These demons… are they the so-called abyssal devils? The Primeval Realm that stands separate from the 33 Heavens… could it be the entrance connecting the abyss and the 33 Heavens?”

This explanation was the most reasonable. The Primeval Realm was likely to be the entrance to the abyss, thus it wasn’t able to be destroyed. This was why it remained for 10 billion years, eventually becoming a ruin.

“The boundless universe, all lives in the cosmos, the civilization of martial arts… in this world, nothing can escape the samsara of life and death. Life and Death Laws are the most common Laws in the universe; they are everywhere. If so, then can the Law of Eternal Life really exist?”

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. Unconsciously, he saw his mortal body slowly fuse together with the blood cocoon, gradually transforming.

On the surface of the blood cocoon, innumerable runes appeared. They faintly circulated with a bright light, emitting a dense rosy glow.

This scene continued for an unknown period of time. At a certain moment, the Asura Laws within the mirror world began to gather together.

These Law fragments formed a giant vortex that funneled into the blood cocoon. At the same time, in the blood cocoon, the Asura blood within Lin Ming began to resonate with the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws!

Hum –

A dreadful sound reverberated outwards. From time to time, black scales appeared on Lin Ming’s body and then hid themselves again. His joints emitted crackling explosive sounds as if the Asura blood within him was violently clashing with the blood of the Holy Scripture creator.

The two different bloodlines waged war with each other, nearly taking Lin Ming’s body as their battlefield.

An agonizing pain echoed through Lin Ming like a tide. His flesh and blood tore apart again and again, collapsing and disintegrating. A massive amount of blood leaked out, flowing into the cocoon.

At that moment, it was like Lin Ming’s body was soaked within a blood pond.

However, even watching his body being ruined, Lin Ming’s heart was as still as placid water, without any panic at all.

This was similar to the deep meanings of the Life and Death Laws. To break something down and then reform it. Without experiencing destruction, how could one experience new life?

As for those endless waves of pain, Lin Ming relied on his willpower to endure every last bit of it. Thus, even in such a situation he was able to remain in an ethereal condition.

His cultivation rapidly rose!

He instantly broke past the barrier of the late Holy Lord realm. But, his cultivation continued to dramatically increase!

His mortal body continued to break down, until even white bone was exposed. Lin Ming only staunchly defended his inner world and spiritual sea, allowing his mortal body to undergo all of these transformations and allowing the two surging energies within him to continue washing away his meridians.

He believed that these two strengths within him would inevitably fuse together. Otherwise, wouldn’t the Asura Road Master have left behind a death trap in his forbidden land instead of a reward? If his successor who inherited the Asura Heavenly Dao legacy was to obtain this drop of blood from the creator of the Holy Scripture, would it really be poison?

The pain of fusion continued for a long time. Lin Ming’s flesh and blood, and even the black scales, slowly rotted away, scorched black until they finally fell off.

But beneath this ruined flesh and blood was new flesh and blood, crystalline and pure white, like warm jade.

Ten days passed. The Asura Heavenly Dao Laws had completely gathered into the blood cocoon.

And at this time, with a snapping sound, a visible crack presented itself on the surface of the blood cocoon.

Diwuhen and the others had been constantly keeping watch over the surroundings. As they noticed this change, they all turned to look. Lin Ming was emerging!

The blood cocoon split a little at a time until it completely tore open. Within, Lin Ming was sitting down, drenched in blood and mucus.

Feeling the aura of the outside Laws, Lin Ming opened his eyes and slowly stood up. His clothing had already been completely destroyed but his body was wrapped in the light of the Great Dao Laws. He looked like a blazing sun, making one unable to see him clearly.

“Has he already refined the blood?”

Diwuhen muttered.

“He should have. It’s really enough for anyone to feel envy…”

A complex look flashed in To Bagui’s eyes. While he didn’t know which ancient peerless character had left behind this drop of blood, in terms of quality it had already completely surpassed the limits of his understanding. Such a lucky chance, how could he not envy it?

At this time, the light of the Great Dao condensed, forming into new clothes that draped over Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s cultivation had unexpectedly risen to the peak Holy Lord realm!

The blood of two existences that were Beyond Divinity had violently clashed within his body, the fallout causing Lin Ming’s cultivation to rise to the late Holy Lord realm and break past it into the peak Holy Lord realm!

Such a rapid pace of cultivation had never been experienced even by Lin Ming.

Diwuhen, Smokeless, To Bagui, and the others were all left incomparably shocked. “Peak Holy Lord?”

“This is too fast! Even a genius often needs several hundred years to rise from the middle Holy Lord to peak Holy Lord realm…”

“But to surpass two small boundaries all of a sudden, would that make his foundation unstable?”

Everyone wondered, worried. No matter which race, their geniuses always suppressed their cultivations to temper their comprehension of Laws.

Otherwise, if one’s cultivation rose too quickly but their Laws couldn’t follow them, then the gains simply weren’t worth the losses.

For instance, take a martial artist that cultivated the Fire Laws. If they entered into the Holy Lord realm after comprehending the sixth level Concept of Fire as opposed to entering the Holy Lord realm after comprehending the seventh level Concept of Fire, the effects of entering the Holy Lord realm would naturally be completely different between the two.

This was especially true for Lin Ming. The Laws he cultivated were far too vast and his understandings into them weren’t profound enough. If he couldn’t gain a deep comprehension of these Laws and made cultivation breakthroughs rapidly and randomly, that would inevitably affect his future achievements.

Towards all of this, Lin Ming remained silent.

Indeed, his cultivation boundary had risen far too fast. From the early Holy Lord realm to the peak Holy Lord realm, he had only used a mere several dozen years. Compared to other geniuses, he was at least ten times faster!

He would have to make up for the consequences of having his cultivation progress so rapidly. In other words, Lin Ming would have to spend a long, long time at the peak Holy Lord realm before he broke into the World King realm.

Breaking into the World King realm would be an important step in Lin Ming’s road of martial arts. He couldn’t be even the least bit careless about it.

Then, Lin Ming examined his body.

He discovered his inner world had expanded yet again. The size of his inner world was actually much broader than many World King level powerhouses’ inner worlds. Even so, Lin Ming could feel that within his body, the two strengths which belonged to the Asura Road Master and Holy Scripture creator still stood opposite to each other like water and oil, unable to fuse.

They each occupied a part of Lin Ming’s body, faintly opposing each other with equal force.

“Indeed… wanting to fuse these two strengths together is far, far too hard…”

Lin Ming sighed. The road he wanted to walk down was one that no one had ever walked down even in 10 billion years.

To many geniuses, if they could only cultivate their inner or outer universe and bring it to the limit, that was already an unimaginable achievement.

And wanting to fuse the two together, that was just the wishful thinking of a crazed idiot.

Lin Ming had a faint premonition that these two strengths were lying in ambush deep within his body. If he couldn’t fuse them together then they would slowly develop with time. For himself, this might be an extremely dangerous matter…

To fuse together two Laws that were Beyond Divinity, as well as to consolidate his foundation and break into the World King realm…

These two brutally difficult missions were like two large mountains that lay in front of Lin Ming’s road of martial arts. To cross over them one at a time, that was easier said than done.

“At the very least… it will take a hundred years to consolidate my foundation and break into the World King realm. But a hundred years from now, just what sort of situation will the Divine Realm be in?”

Lin Ming silently thought to himself, gripping his fists.


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