MW Chapter 1892

Chapter 1892 – Peak Holy Lord

Within the cocoon, Lin Ming experienced a long, long dream. In this dream, he witnessed a great calamity sweep through cosmos!

The scale of this great calamity was far more terrifying than the invasion of god race by the saints; it was one that affected nearly every race in every universe!

He saw demons rampaging, he saw countless lives perishing, trillions of quadrillions of miles of space being wiped clean of life as great worlds were destroyed one after another.

This horror of this calamity even changed the rules of the Heavenly Dao. It caused some universes within the 33 Heavens to be annihilated of civilization, turned to wilderness…

And this era was the era in which the Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture lived.

Lin Ming seemed to pass through 10 billion years of time to witness all of this.

There were blurred fragments, but the scenes within left Lin Ming shocked beyond comprehension.

Those dreadful devils overwhelmed the skies. The worst amongst them were Holy Lords, and there were countless additional...

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