MW Chapter 1891

Chapter 1891 – Reward

“Just who are you…”

Lin Ming looked at the mysterious woman. After tearing off her veil with the Black Dragon Spear, he was able to confirm the guess he had all along. Her appearance was almost an exact copy of Sheng Mei’s, and it was impossible for such a coincidence to occur.

This woman had some unknown connection to Sheng Mei.

Was Sheng Mei also someone from the god race?

As this thought crossed through Lin Ming’s mind, he immediately thought it impossible.

In his impression, Sheng Mei cultivated spirit essence as well as the cultivation methods of the spiritas. If she was someone from the god race, she would have cultivated the power of divinity. This would have made her even stronger.

The mysterious woman looked to Lin Ming and faintly smiled. “You asked who I am. Is there a meaning to that? You and I are divided by the endless river of time, we have never crossed paths…”

As the woman spoke, she turned to leave.

But at this time, Lin Ming said, “I have seen a woman. Her appearance is exactly the same as yours. And, she is someone from my era.”

Lin Ming’s words caused the woman to pause. She turned around and stared at Lin Ming with surprise.

“Is that so…”

The woman’s voice was light and airy, without any hint of what she was thinking in her heart. She stepped upon the wind and vanished into the boundless mirror world, melting into the world and disappearing without a trace.

Lin Ming watched as the mysterious woman left. For a long time he remained silent.

The mysterious woman’s appearance was a mystery left behind in Lin Ming’s heart.

Sheng Mei’s life, just what had she gone through?

Lin Ming recalled that after he finished cultivating in the ancient galactic battlefield of the Akashic Dream Universe, he had run into the Soul Emperor, and then afterwards he had met Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei asked him whether or not he was willing to abandon humanity and leave alone with her, going to some distant place for a hundred million years.

At that time, Sheng Mei seemed to have things she couldn’t bring up.

But Lin Ming also had things he couldn’t lay down. Thus, he chose to refuse her.

Now, in this Asura forbidden land, Lin Ming recalled all the words that Sheng Mei had said to him and had various thoughts in his heart.

All these complicated ideas gathered together, and Lin Ming didn’t know where the truth lay.

As for Sheng Mei, he didn’t know when they would next be able to meet, or whether he would be able to ask her all the questions he had.

“Lin Ming, are you okay!”

Outside of the Cold Ice Mirror, Diwuhen and the others rushed over, all of them unable to calm their mood.

In particular, the god race martial artists; they understood that the primal god race had really picked up a treasure this time.

Lin Ming took the saints as his enemy. His appearance had brought a tremendously favorable turn for the god race.

“That last spear strike, does it have a name?”

Smokeless asked. Before that final strike she had thought Lin Ming was likely to lose. But in the final showdown, the battle had experienced a sudden reversal. That spear strike was simply stunning!

Lin Ming shook his head. At this time, he felt something. He looked up into the skies.

Within the skies of the mirror world, the floating sphere of light was falling down towards Lin Ming.

For a time, everyone held their breath. They knew that this sphere of light was Lin Ming’s reward!

People didn’t know what this reward was, but they could feel the terrifying aura of a true emperor rolling off from it.

As if the grade of this treasure already surpassed the True Divinity level.

“Could this be an ultimate weapon used by the Asura Road Master?”

Everyone thought, their eyes earnest and curious. Although this was Lin Ming’s treasure and wasn’t too related to them, they were still all excited at the chance of being able to experience such a divine object.

The sphere of light slowly fell into Lin Ming’s palm, gradually manifesting into reality.

Everyone looked closely. All they saw was that the space in Lin Ming’s palm seemed to have collapsed. Infinite energy wrapped around Lin Ming’s palm, as if he were holding a universe within his grasp.

And in the center of this universe was a black vortex that sucked in all light as well as isolated out everyone’s senses. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t see what was within.

However, Lin Ming had a faint feeling of what it was. The energy in his palm caused him to feel a summoning from the Laws.

If it was said that he was grasping a universe in his palm, that wasn’t wrong. Yet this was no ordinary universe, but a self-made inner universe.

Contained within was the inherent aura of the Laws – these were the Existence Laws.

It was like countless lives were born and then extinguished in this universe, life and death spinning round and round…

In a flash, all the aura of the Laws converged. Lin Ming finally realized that the truth was the object in his palm was a drop of blood.

This was the blood drop of a great emperor. It exuded an endlessly terrifying aura, floating up and down like a star.

Within it was the deep meaning of the Life and Death Laws as well as the dreadful will of a great emperor.

The aura of this blood drop was extremely familiar to Lin Ming. And, this familiarity caused his mind to shake.

In the Akashic Dream Universe, from the golden pages that Lin Ming had obtained, the aura within those pages was the exact same as that exuding from this drop of blood.

If he wasn’t wrong, then this drop of blood was left behind by the creator of the Holy Scripture.

“It’s not Asura blood, but blood of the Holy Scripture creator…”

This left Lin Ming extremely shocked.

Why would blood from the creator of the Holy Scripture be left in the Asura Road Master’s forbidden land?

Lin Ming couldn’t help but recall the grand battle he had witnessed in the ancient galactic battlefield between the Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture.

In that battle, the creator of the Holy Scripture had been wounded by the Asura Road Master. The Holy Scripture had shattered and he had lost a great deal of his divine blood.

Could it be that the Asura Road Master collected the divine blood from the Holy Scripture creator and sealed it away in his own forbidden land so that his successors could take it as their lucky chance?

Lin Ming stared at this drop of blood. This was no ordinary drop of blood, but was the essence congealed from a tremendous amount of blood.

After 10 billion years, not only had the essence energy within it not diminished, but because of the Laws of Life and Death, it actually grew stronger and stronger, like an aged wine. The more time passed, the more precious it would become.

“I have already absorbed the Asura blood. If I absorbed a drop of blood from the creator of the Holy Scripture, what would happen then?”

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment. The drop of blood fell onto his palm and melted into his body without the slightest ripple.

He planned to absorb and refine this drop of blood here. By doing so, he would be stronger in case there something else he needed to face in this Asura forbidden land.

As for Diwuhen and the others, since their interests were so closely intertwined with his own, they would naturally serve as his protectors.

Lin Ming sat cross-legged in the void, calmly composing himself. He felt the great currents of energy within his body. At this time, within his spiritual sea, dreadful waves were rising up into the air.

In that moment it was like he hadn’t fused with a drop of blood, but had fused with a vast and profound universe.

This drop of blood seemed to have numerous trembling galaxies, trillions of stars glistening together.

Each star was a complex and exhausting character. With the countless stars gathered together, they formed an endless scripture.

On this ancient scripture, there was a dim figure sitting above it all.

Just by sitting there, he seemed to be sitting in the infinite past, sitting at the end of all time. It was like he had died, without the least bit of life vitality.

Around him, the limitless void began to shake and collapse. Death energy lingered around him without end.

Massive galaxies were annihilated beneath his feet, decaying to tatters, turned into ashes that scattered in the icy cold of space.

At this time, the ancient scripture gently shivered and began to emit a gentle, luminous light. At the end of this universe, standing in hazy opposition, there was another silhouette.

This figure was that of a woman.

Compared to the man that seemed dead, this woman was as bright as a moon. Her body exuded a magnificent brilliance. Each wisp of brilliance that she released seemed to have a small figure sitting within it, chanting holy texts and filling the air with life. Her light swept through the galaxies, illuminating the pitch black cosmos.

Covered by the curtain of her light, many dim and gloomy stars began to shine with a potent life force. Many of the dead stars began to experience a wondrous change. Grass filled with life burst out from the ground and towering trees drilled up from the rocks. Birds flew through the wide skies and beasts galloped through the fields. Leviathans swam through the waters, submerging and stretching out without end…

“A single drop of blood contained the two different mystic strengths and boundaries of life and death. They oppose each other, but coexist in the same universe…” Lin Ming began to enlighten himself on this ancient sutra, his mind seeming to have risen above the mortal coil.

This blood contained the deep meanings behind the Holy Scripture. Compared to the golden pages, it was even more precious!

This was an extraordinary lucky chance! The advantages that this had for Lin Ming comprehending the Laws of the inner universe were unimaginable!

“Before this, I’ve only looked at the life section of the Holy Scripture. In other words, the golden pages. But, I’ve never looked at the death pages. Yet this drop of blood has not only deepened my understanding of the life pages but also allowed me to faintly extrapolate what is contained in the death pages, obtaining a deeper meaning of death…”

Lin Ming had once grasped the principles upon the shrine platform at the Phantom God Spirit Cliff. He had resonated with the world and had seen many different sceneries of time. His comprehensions of the Holy Scripture were no trifling matter.

Now, within his spiritual sea, some of those golden page texts that he hadn’t yet comprehended began to rumble, resonating with the mysterious and vibrant power within the blood he had absorbed.

Lin Ming knew to take advantage of this chance. The Daevic Eye Dao Palace opened and a dazzling light shot out, bringing with it a power that could pierce through all mysteries, shining upon the ancient scriptures.

Some obscure and unknown texts began to shine. The mists that shrouded them retreated, revealing a cold and weak light beneath it all.

This cold light was bizarre. Although it was weak, it continued without end, like an eternal flame that would never extinguish. It shot through the endless darkness… slowly breaking through time and space until it reached the Soul World and then delved into the Akashic Dream Universe.

As the mysterious Akashic Dream Universe was shot through with this cold light, from all parts of the Akashic Dream Universe, wisps of incomparably pure and boundless mystic power shot back out, following the path of the cold light and gathering into Lin Ming’s mind.


Lin Ming’s entire body shook. From his flesh and blood, light began to emit, resonating with the ancient scriptures all around him, completely enveloping him.

This strange light was black on one side and white on the other, like a yin yang diagram. It contained the true meanings of life and death as it wrapped around Lin Ming…

Gradually, the Laws turned into a black and white cocoon of light.

Nestled within, Lin Ming would beat with life from time to time, and other times he would be deathly still…



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