MW Chapter 1890

Chapter 1890 - Veil

Lin Ming could confirm that this mysterious woman before him really did exist 10 billion years ago.

She was a phantom, an illusion left behind by an ancient genius. Rather, perhaps it could be said that her strength and her Laws hadn’t been adjusted by the array formation but completely reflected her past state.

Such a peerless character, just what was her identity?

Her eyes were so similar to Sheng Mei’s. If so, then beneath that veil, would her face also be the same as Sheng Mei’s?

Lin Ming’s eyes were brilliant as he looked at the woman, as if his gaze and sense could pierce through her concealment. Unfortunately, no matter how he tried he couldn’t see past the Laws that covered her veil.

After being stared at so impolitely by Lin Ming, the mysterious woman didn’t seem to care at all. She raised the black sword in her hand and wiped the sliver of blood that had leaked from her jade-like hands onto it.

This caused Lin Ming to be startled.

However, when the blood was smeared across the sword’s blade, another shocking incident occurred. The black sword absorbed it like a sponge absorbing water, and in the next moment, the sword blade changed color, from black to red!

The sword glowed blood red, as if it had been soaking in a blood pond for thousands of years.

The sword blade revolved with the aura of the Great Dao. A bass rumbling sound echoed in it, as if wild demons were roaring out from within.

In that moment, the mysterious woman’s aura changed once more.

It was no longer ethereal, but now it was filled with… killing intent!

Her vision turned sharp and fierce, piercing through the void!

As her eyes locked onto Lin Ming, the mysterious woman said, “Asura’s legacy, are you his descendant? Good, I have waited in the Cold Ice Mirror for so many years, and I’ve long been wanting to experience your strength. Let me see just what sort of character the lineage of Asura is like!”

This mysterious woman’s voice held a light taunting tone. Her words left Lin Ming shocked.

“Let me see just what sort of character the lineage of Asura is like?”

These words were clearly dripping with disdain. It seemed that this mysterious woman had a grudge with the lineage of Asura?

It wasn’t just Lin Ming, but Diwuhen, To Bagui, and the others outside were all bewildered. They originally believed that this mysterious woman had some significant relation to the Asura Road Master, perhaps even his wife, concubine, daughter, true lineage disciple, or something similar to that. Otherwise, how could she possibly be so mind-numbingly strong?

But now it seemed that she was opposed to the Asura Road Master.

If they were opposed, how would she appear in the Cold Ice Mirror?

Before they could think of a possibility, the mysterious woman had already lashed out.

After being dyed with her fresh blood, her blade had reached incomprehensible levels of speed!

This sword strike didn’t bloom with any sword light. But, that bright red sword blade seemed to come to life, as if a blood pond from hell was sealed within it, containing infinite killing intent!

Facing this sword, Lin Ming felt as if his life force would be cut apart by the blade; this would be impossible to survive.

“This is… death?”

Lin Ming was alarmed. The move that the mysterious woman displayed contained inherent Laws that didn’t come from the Asura Road Master, but came from the Holy Scripture!

“Holy Scripture – death book!?”

Lin Ming was panic-stricken. Still, even though he was shocked his movements didn’t slow down.

The Black Dragon Spear howled, carrying with it the supernatural might of the Asura blood. Laws gathered upon it, violently clashing with the mysterious woman!

His cultivation was lower than hers, but by relying on the great power of his bloodline and his mortal bodily strength, he didn’t fall behind at all.

The woman’s sword cut apart life force, but Lin Ming’s blood vitality was like a fiercely blazing sun. It simply could not be cut in half, could not be extinguished.

However, the longer the battle continued, the more startled Lin Ming became.

The mysterious woman’s understandings of the Holy Scripture’s Life and Death Concepts had already completely surpassed Lin Ming’s imagination, reaching unbelievable heights!

Although the mysterious woman had said he would be defeated no matter what, Lin Ming had thought little of it. But, there was one point she was right about.

That was that the Laws Lin Ming cultivated were far too vast. He cultivated essence, energy, and divine, and the inner and outer universes. It could be said that Lin Ming was dabbling with every Great Dao in the world!

In this sort of situation, with Lin Ming’s low cultivation it was impossible for him to have deep attainments.

From either the Heavenly Sutra or Holy Scripture, Lin Ming had only comprehended the tip of the iceberg. If he wanted to fuse the two of them any time soon, that would be impossible.

If so, then facing this mysterious woman who only cultivated the inner universe, when it came to Laws, Lin Ming certainly fell into a disadvantage.


A terrifying explosion rang through the world. Lin Ming and the mysterious woman clashed once more.

The two of them drew backwards. The entire surrounding sky had been devastated as if a hammer had been smashing onto a pane of glass, splitting the skies open again and again.

The mysterious woman’s complexion was flushed with blood. The wound on her hand grew, with more and more blood streaming out.

As for Lin Ming, scales had broken all over his body and his inner aura was in disorder.

This was a brutal battle.

On both sides, one was an ancient genius and one was a modern genius. Moreover, they were evenly matched!

Outside the Cold Ice Mirror, Smokeless was long since unable to express the shock she felt. Just the mysterious woman’s titanic strength left her crying out in praise. But what was even more incredible was that in the current era of martial arts that had long since declined, how could a miracle like Lin Ming be born in the 33 Heavens?

This was really a battle between Holy Lord realm opponents?

“You… your Laws are lower than mine, and your cultivation is lower than mine, yet you can fight to a draw with me. I believe this is because you utilize the power of the Asura blood. But soon you will exhaust your strength. I don’t think your blood vitality can remain so potent for much longer. Your life force is exuberant so you have lasted until now, but… you don’t seem as if you can drag things out to a 1000 breaths of time?”

There was still a long time until 1000 breaths of time passed. And as the mysterious woman said, because Lin Ming had used the Asura blood and erupted with so much power, he consumed his strength that much more quickly. Even though he had a terrifying endurance ability, it would be difficult for him to continue this battle much longer.

“If things continue like this, then you can last for another 100 breaths of time before my attacks wear down the rest of your strength. If so, then I will have won by default. However, I don’t wish for this to happen. I want to defeat you while you are still propped up by the power of the Asura blood and defeat you at your full strength!”

As the mysterious woman spoke, her black hair fluttered upwards and a dao pagoda appeared behind her.

This dao pagoda had six levels, and the pagoda seemed to be suppressing countless races, gods, and even demons.

After the dao pagoda appeared, the mysterious woman’s aura rapidly climbed to an astonishing height. Moreover, this time it was no longer just the Concept of Life or just the Concept of Death, but a fusion of them both.

The mysterious woman had never attacked with the fused power of life and death. But now, she was going to attack with the entirety of her strength. In fact, with her present cultivation it was incredibly difficult for her to perfectly fuse together the Concepts of Life and Death, but once she did, then with her profound attainments in the Laws the power behind this strike could be imagined.

Facing this strike, Lin Ming’s complexion was solemn. Two figures rushed out from his inner world, standing beside him. These were his avatars.

With the appearance of these two avatars, the mysterious woman was left stunned. “Essence, energy, soul, three embryonic bodies, of them, you have two… to think your Asura Heavenly Dao was originally already cultivated to such a degree. I suppose your next step will be to fuse together the Laws of the 33 Heavens. Really, you have surprised me. However, that is as far as you go. You cannot block my final strike. You have already consumed more than half of your strength, but I am still gathering my potential to strike you with everything I have!”

No matter what the mysterious woman said, it didn’t affect her attack.

The majestic dao pagoda carried with it the ancient and boundless will of the Great Dao as it came hurtling down at Lin Ming!

“Life and Death Samsara!”

The mysterious woman brought her hands down. Like a star crashing to earth, the vastness of space seemed to fall down with it!

For a time, the surrounding void was completely fixed in place. The entire mirror world seemed to have solidified, making it impossible to struggle.

In that moment, Lin Ming moved.

He knew just how dreadful this woman’s attack was and he didn’t plan to avoid it in the least. He grasped the Black Dragon Spear and hurtled towards it!

The mysterious woman had spoken correctly. Even if Lin Ming displayed his full strength and burned his blood essence, he still wouldn’t be a match for this strike!

Whether it was the Holy Scripture or Heavenly Sutra, the degree to which Lin Ming cultivated them was far inferior to the mysterious woman!

With the great disparity between their Laws as well as the massive amount of strength he had already used up, he would lose without a doubt!

Then, in that moment, Lin Ming made a decision – he planned to simultaneously use the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra Laws!

But… to simultaneously use two Laws, that was the same as unifying the Heavenly Sutra and Holy Scripture. Wasn’t that easier said than done?

With Lin Ming’s current cultivation and his comprehension of Laws, it was impossible for him to achieve this.

However, he had another method.

He didn’t need to completely fuse together the two great Laws. Rather, he only needed to temporarily join them together for use.

He himself couldn’t use the two Laws at the same time, but… he had his avatars!

At that instant, Lin Ming moved!

He burned his blood essence. His blood vitality boiled over, growing without end. And then in the next moment, it returned to a deathly silence!

These were the Concepts of Life and Death. They rushed through his body along with the ten golden pages and the Laws he had grasped atop the shrine platform at the Fallen God Mountain Range. Everything ran through his heart like a raging river.

And at the same time, on both sides, his two avatars revolved their energies accordingly. The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel and Myriad Essence Reincarnation Wheel revolved in their hands.

With his true self as the inner universe and his two avatars as the outer universe, together they simultaneously utilized the two Laws. Like this, all of Lin Ming’s strengths erupted to their limits!

This was also the strongest attack that Lin Ming could use!


The Black Dragon Spear howled, guiding the two great Laws and Lin Ming’s martial arts will to fire towards the mysterious woman.

“What? Not only do you understand the Holy Scripture but you’ve cultivated it to such a degree!?”

The mysterious woman was startled. She never thought Lin Ming, who had fallen into a perilous state and would lose without a doubt, during his final moments would actually use the Holy Scripture Laws and fuse them together with the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws to emit such a terrifying strike!

Lin Ming’s Laws were inferior to her own, but by combining these two Laws together, he was able to make up for the disparity!

At this time, the mysterious woman had no time to think about how Lin Ming, as the descendant to the Asura legacy, would have managed to cultivate the Holy Scripture to such a degree, nor did she have time to discern whose attack was stronger. At this moment all she could do was attack with everything she had, striking out with the God Demon Samsara Pagoda!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The Samsara Pagoda howled, crushing the world!

But facing this titanic force, Lin Ming showed no fear. Holding the Black Dragon Spear, he broke into the pagoda!

The Samsara Pagoda violently shook. Countless runes broke apart, disintegrating!

As for the gods, demons, and intelligent lives sealed within the pagoda, they were also killed off by the terrifying spear light!

Laws danced in the air. Energy howled. Lin Ming’s mortal body forcefully withstood with dreadful energy storm. The black scales that covered his body splintered off, dripping with blood!

But by relying on his will alone, he courageously moved forwards, unstoppable!

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Floor after floor of the God Demon Samsara Pagoda was pierced through by Lin Ming!

In that intense collision, Lin Ming’s arms were left covered with blood. The bones of his arms nearly revealed themselves beneath his wounds. But he grit his teeth, recklessly rushing forth.

“Open for me!”

Lin Ming roared. The roof of the Samsara Pagoda violently exploded open and Lin Ming broke out like an unsealed dragon, soaring into the air!

Gripping the Black Dragon Spear, his momentum was like a ray of light, thrusting straight towards the mysterious woman’s throat!

His speed reached the extreme. With the Samsara Pagoda broken and her attack just used, the mysterious woman couldn’t summon any new energy; it was impossible for her to defend!

Seeing Lin Ming’s disheveled hair and his entire body stained with blood, he rushed forwards like an ominous Asura war god. The mysterious woman’s complexion paled!

Even with the absolute disparity between the depths of their Laws, Lin Ming had actually managed to break through her Life and Death Samsara!

His terrifying conviction and momentum left her bewildered.

The Black Dragon Spear’s spear point was already less than ten feet away from her jade-white neck; she could already feel the chilling cold of the spear point in the air.

In the next thousandth of the moment, her protective power of divinity would be relentlessly torn open by the Black Dragon Spear and her throat would be pierced through!

Even if she had far more strength remaining than Lin Ming, even if her background was far deeper than Lin Ming’s, facing this spear light, none of that was useful!


With an explosive sound, the mysterious woman’s protective power of divinity shattered open. The Black Dragon Spear continued unabated!

Her face paled. But, she didn’t cry out in alarm; she simply closed her eyes.

Yet in that last moment, Lin Ming veered the angle of his spear point, changing the trajectory so that the spear instead scratched the mysterious woman’s cheek!

The mysterious woman simply felt a cool feeling pass her face. Startled, she subconsciously traced her cheek. She discovered that her veil had been torn away by the Black Dragon Spear!

A trace of blood flowed down her cheek.

And at this time, Lin Ming had already rushed past the mysterious woman like a bolt of lightning.

The veil had been torn to pieces by the Black Dragon Spear’s terrifying spear light. Lin Ming himself continued for another thousand feet before he came to a stop in the void. He fell to his knees, nearly every drop of his strength used up.

He was no longer able to maintain the power of the Asura blood. The shattered scales on Lin Ming’s body slowly faded back into him. With a deep breath, he turned around and looked towards the mysterious woman.

The mysterious woman’s back was to him. Her cloak was ripped apart and there were many tears in her clothes. But, she didn’t look distressed or embarrassed at all. Rather, she gave off a chilling and poignant atmosphere.

The mysterious woman slowly turned around and looked at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s final act of mercy had allowed her to live. Although Lin Ming no longer had the strength to fight back, she knew that she had been defeated.

“You… are truly incredible. Even though your strength is beneath mine, you were actually the one to win…”

As the woman spoke, Lin Ming also saw her face. Her appearance was as perfect as a bright moon, almost completely similar to Sheng Mei’s…


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