MW Chapter 1890

Chapter 1890 - Veil

Lin Ming could confirm that this mysterious woman before him really did exist 10 billion years ago.

She was a phantom, an illusion left behind by an ancient genius. Rather, perhaps it could be said that her strength and her Laws hadn’t been adjusted by the array formation but completely reflected her past state.

Such a peerless character, just what was her identity?

Her eyes were so similar to Sheng Mei’s. If so, then beneath that veil, would her face also be the same as Sheng Mei’s?

Lin Ming’s eyes were brilliant as he looked at the woman, as if his gaze and sense could pierce through her concealment. Unfortunately, no matter how he tried he couldn’t see past the Laws that covered her veil.

After being stared at so impolitely by Lin Ming, the mysterious woman didn’t seem to care at all. She raised the black sword in her hand and wiped the sliver of blood that had leaked from her jade-like hands onto it.

This caused Lin Ming to be startled.

However, when the blood was smeared across the sword’s blade, another shocking incident occurred. The black sword absorbed it like a sponge absorbing water, and in the next moment, the sword blade changed color, from black to red!

The sword glowed blood red, as if it had been soaking in a blood pond for thousands of years.

The sword blade revolved with the aura of the Great Dao. A bass rumbling sound echoed in it, as if wild demons were roaring out from within.

In that moment, the mysterious woman’s aura changed once more.

It was no longer ethereal, but now it was filled with… killing intent!

Her vision turned sharp and fierce, piercing through the void!

As her eyes...

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