Chapter 189 - Fire Worm Military

Chapter 189 Fire Worm Military.


Chapter 189 – Fire Worm Military

Lin Ming was able to instantly see their cultivation; four peak Bone Forging martial artists and one middle Bone Forging martial artist.

Such a combination of forces meant they were obviously not native to Fog Valley. Fog Valley only had several thousand people in total; how could there be so many masters within?

“Waiter, feed our horses well. If there’s even a single hair missing, I will smash apart your store!” A martial artist wearing a bearskin roared as soon as he stepped in, his entire body leaking a killing aura.

Although this servant was a mere mortal that couldn’t see cultivation, he was still able to recognize the wolf tassel on his hat. This was a symbol of the Fire Worm military!

Fog Valley had already been occupied by the Fire Worm Tribe. The Southern Wilderness was a slave society. Once a tribe was defeated, most of their population would be captured as slaves. But perhaps because the Fog Valley Tribe was too small, it had just managed to survive annihilation.

Now the Fog Valley business owners were even afraid of falling leaves hitting their heads. If they saw a Fire Worm member, it was as if they had seen an incoming death plague walking towards them.

Much less, right now these were people from the Fire Worm military....

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