Chapter 189 - Fire Worm Military

Chapter 189 Fire Worm Military.


Chapter 189 – Fire Worm Military

Lin Ming was able to instantly see their cultivation; four peak Bone Forging martial artists and one middle Bone Forging martial artist.

Such a combination of forces meant they were obviously not native to Fog Valley. Fog Valley only had several thousand people in total; how could there be so many masters within?

“Waiter, feed our horses well. If there’s even a single hair missing, I will smash apart your store!” A martial artist wearing a bearskin roared as soon as he stepped in, his entire body leaking a killing aura.

Although this servant was a mere mortal that couldn’t see cultivation, he was still able to recognize the wolf tassel on his hat. This was a symbol of the Fire Worm military!

Fog Valley had already been occupied by the Fire Worm Tribe. The Southern Wilderness was a slave society. Once a tribe was defeated, most of their population would be captured as slaves. But perhaps because the Fog Valley Tribe was too small, it had just managed to survive annihilation.

Now the Fog Valley business owners were even afraid of falling leaves hitting their heads. If they saw a Fire Worm member, it was as if they had seen an incoming death plague walking towards them.

Much less, right now these were people from the Fire Worm military. This was a force that they absolutely could not provoke. The waiter hastily bowed, groveling towards them.

“Give me 30 jins of Fog Flower Wine and all the best meat dishes you have!”

“Yes, yes, of course, immediately.” The waiter rushed out to fulfill the demands. The storekeeper was alarmed; he immediately walked up with an apologetic smile and poured water for them.

The inn wasn’t a large place. These Fire Worm military men were only separated from Lin Ming by a table.

“Haha! I haven’t exercised for two months. This time we can be the vanguard for the Big Boss, it’s time for us brothers to show just what we can do! Let’s do it well!” The rider with a long spear strapped to his back said.

As soon as Na Yi heard the words Big Boss, her hand which was holding chopsticks began to tremble. She turned her head to look towards these 5 men, and her complexion sunk.

“Mm? Is something wrong?” Lin Ming asked her with true essence sound transmission.

Na Yi replied, “These men are from the Fire Worm Tribe’s military. In the Fire Worm Tribe, the military men usually call the Great General their Big Boss. That is also Chi Guda!”

“Oh?” Lin Ming had a thoughtful smile. He hadn’t thought that he would have heard such valuable information after just arriving at Fog Valley. From the sounds of it, it seemed that this Chi Guda was planning on making an excursion. All he had to do was sit back and wait.

At this time, a wine jar was served. The martial artist dressed in bearskins broke opened the wax seal and poured a bowl full of wine. He smiled and said, “Heh, rest assured boss, when have we brothers ever lost face for you? Much less this time when we’re only scouting out a road. Us five could easily accomplish something like that.”

“Don’t flatter me. Blackwater Swamp is full of third-level vicious beasts. There are even fourth-level vicious beasts. Us brothers have to go in and pave the way. We are the vanguard that has to explore the damn swamp and seal all the quagmires, and find the best roads so that when the Big Boss’ army comes he’ll immediately be able to pass it.”

“The time is already getting late. The north isn’t a peaceful place; vicious beasts haunt the land and the road is dangerous at night. Although I’m not afraid of something like this, this mission is too important. If we lose our horses and are delayed, then it will do more harm than good. So we will rest here for a day and head out tomorrow, so that we can arrive at Blackwater Swamp by the evening time.”

The martial artist with a longer spear on his back slowly said as he drank a bowl of wine.

“Yes Boss.”

“Mm. This is also a rare time that we come out. Let’s look around for some fun. Tonight, we will eat well and drink well and look for women to relax ourselves. We can catch up on the road tomorrow, and we might even have to engage in a fierce battle at Blackwater Swamp in the evening. But I’ll lay down the rules first. You may look for women, but don’t mess around for the entire night so much that you can’t get up tomorrow.”

“Haha, Boss, with our brothers’ strength, even if we play around for an entire night we will still be bursting with energy the next day!” These people were Bone Forging martial artists. One evening without rest wouldn’t hinder them much.

“I hear that the women of Fog Valley have cherry lips and slender figures; I must try them tonight!”

As they talked about seeking women, the other riders all grew excited. They really had been suppressed in the army for too long.

Lin Ming was silently drinking. Although he wasn’t looking at these five riders, his soul force had already locked onto their bodies. He used a true essence sound transmission to ask Na Yi, “What rank are these people in the army?”

Na Yi said, “Two of them have wolf tassels on their hats. One wolf tassel is a captain of 100 men, two wolf tassels is a captain of 1,000 men, and three wolf tassels is a captain of 10,000 men. But there are also three people whose hats do not have any wolf tassels. Since their weapons are  swords, they are probably some kind of personal bodyguards.”

Normally, someone from the army would not use a sword in battle. They would often use a spear or a lance. Although a sword had various styles, its striking power was still inferior to a spear. This was especially true for group warfare. Mostly it was only bodyguards who used swords.

“Oh? Then there are two captains that lead 10,000 mean as well as three master bodyguards.”  Lin Ming noticed that the two people had three wolf tassels on their hats.

A peak Bone Forging martial artist was appointed as a captain of 10,000 men. This was the exact same rank that one would have with that cultivation in the Sky Fortune Kingdom!

Tie Feng was also someone at the peak Bone Forging stage, and he too was struggling to become a captain with a unit of 10,000.

A mere Fire Worm Tribe with just a million or so people actually had a military establishment that wasn’t inferior to the Sky Fortune Kingdom. The people of the Southern Wilderness were truly brave and fierce.

Moreover, looking at these five individuals, just the way they spoke naturally exuded an insufferably arrogant aura, as if they looked down on everything else before them in disdain, and were immeasurably c*cky and self-assured of their own abilities. Their billowing aura originated from their vast experiences in battle and the countless enemies they had triumphed over, as they cut them down in cold blood. Such a solider would never put an enemy in their eyes. They did not rely on tactics or formations to win. Instead, they would bravely rush forward, shredding everything in their way!

After experiencing so many life and death battles and constantly flirting with destruction, even though they didn’t study any profound martial arts cultivation methods, in terms of killing power they were probably much stronger than a martial artist of the same level who had come from a Martial House!

Someone who was able to command these troops must be the master of a tiger!

As Lin Ming imagined all of these fanciful thoughts, he suddenly discovered that the several soldiers were repeatedly glancing towards their table, especially creeping their vision upon Na Yi and Na Shui’s bodies.

They had started with just looking, but their gazes became increasingly wanton and unscrupulous, and a faint hint of lustful greed began to cloud their eyes.

Lin Ming frowned, but he didn’t move against them. After all, they were just looking and hadn’t done anything either. The main person that Lin Ming wanted to kill was Chi Guda; he didn’t want to stir up unnecessary trouble before then.

However, Lin Ming’s patience began to gradually be worn down. These soldiers were simply becoming too dissolute, their stares and innuendos increasingly aggressive. As they drank more wine, they began to loudly discuss Na Yi and Na Shui’s bodies, their words base and utterly depraved.

“Boss, you said you wanted to look for women, but brothel women aren’t that interesting. The best types are those girls from respectable families.”

“Hehe, Those two little girls’ skin is so nice, and they have good figures. Their faces are covered but they must be two little hotties.”

“Their age is no more 16 years old. If we bring them to bed, that will definitely be a fresh experience.”

“These two little chicks have some martial arts cultivation; it’s pretty good for their age. But that young boy at their side looks like some useless trash that’s never held a knife. Ah, such a waste.” After Lin Ming had fused with the reverse scale blood, he had unconsciously reached a realm similar to one returning to their most natural state. These soldiers simply could not see Lin Ming’s cultivation. Of course, even if they did, they wouldn’t have even cared for him. After all, they were four peak Bone Forging and one middle Bone Forging stage martial artists.

“He looks like a playboy from some family, though I don’t know what tribe he is from. Hehe, I love stepping these young playboy masters underneath my boot. That is what I like.”

Many of these soldiers had relied on their own strength to crawl up from the most basic of military units. What they most despised were these rich playboy types.

These people were real powers within the military. Even if it were the young playboys and juniors of the Fire Worm Tribe, they still wouldn’t place them within their eyes, much less this little boy in front of them who wasn’t even from their Fire Worm Tribe. They didn’t know what tribe wore veils and bamboo hats, but regardless of what tribe it was, these men had no scruples and would savagely beat anyone that got in their way, regardless of origin. The Fire Worm Tribe’s military was famous throughout the entire Southern Wilderness; they wouldn’t care even if one was a young prince or princess of a small tribe.

Although they weren’t afraid, these people still only spoke sexually harassing words and still hadn’t done anything. They still drank their wine and laughed and joked around as before.

“Storekeeper, give us 5 of your top rooms! Also, go to 10,000 Flowers Hall and call down 5 girls for us. I want the best girls there are!” The rider dressed in a bearskin boisterously said as he threw over a piece of gold.

The storekeeper hurriedly took it, and looked extremely pained as he said, “Several army sirs, it’s really unfortunate but our best rooms have already been taken. There are still some rooms left over… if you would like to take a look…”

“F*ck! You want to prepare a damn pigsty for this father!?” The bearskin man pounded his fist against the table and the tiles on the floor underneath it immediately shattered. However, the table was still fine. The storekeeper’s eyes almost popped out of his face, and his neck shriveled like a retreating turtle, his entire body going cold with fear.

He held no doubts that these fellows were murderers that could kill someone as easily as cutting grass. If he didn’t serve them well, then the destruction of his store would be a light punishment. Even killing him wouldn’t be too surprising.

It had to be known that Fog Valley was territory under the Fire Worm Tribe’s complete control. The social customs and cultural attitudes of the Southern Wilderness were extremely brutal; what they respected and revered the most was strength. There were small tribes that were able to exist under the shadow of larger tribes. But, once these large tribes decided to dominate the surrounding areas, then they were nothing but twigs to be crushed. A defeated tribe had no right or ability to make any decisions, and their tribe’s people would also degenerate into outcasts and slaves.

The storekeeper didn’t want to offend these five death gods. His eyes rapidly shifted as he said, “We just had two of our best rooms that were reserved by our guests at that table over there. I really do not have any means to…”

As the storekeeper said this, the Fire Worm military men immediately cast their eyes over to Lin Ming’s table. Lin Ming deeply frowned. The storekeeper had actually deliberately directed the trouble towards them. This was simply reckless! He hadn’t wanted to stir up any trouble, but now it looks like he actually had to fight.

‘If this shop is destroyed, then it would entirely be brought upon you by yourself!’

The five men listened to the storekeeper speak and immediately smiled. The bearskin man repugnantly grinned as he said, “Haha, since it’s like this, you should have said so sooner. Hey, you two beauties, how about you come and stay with us a bit? We’ll have fun. I promise you that you will live comfortably.”

Na Shui immediately paled as she listened to these men sexually harass her. However, Na Yi was calm as she cheekily sneered.

‘These fellows are such idiots, they really are courting death.’


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