MW Chapter 1889

Chapter 1889 – Mysterious Woman

The mysterious woman who extracted the black sword from the void floated in the air, overflowing with peerless grace and measure.

What surprised Lin Ming was that the black sword in the woman’s hand was clearly a supreme divine weapon, but as she held it, she didn’t exude the least bit aura of fierceness, nor did she emit any killing intent.  

Even her aura began to turn ethereal, becoming one with the heavens and earth.

If Lin Ming closed his eyes, he might have thought that there wasn’t anyone in front of him at all.

With sword in hand, the woman simply raised her arm and slashed it straight down at Lin Ming.


The sword broke through space. For a time, all the starlight in the skies was swallowed up by this sword.

The sword light contracted together, forming a thin line no thicker than a baby’s finger. But within this thin line was infinite strength. This strength twisted space and time, killing straight forwards!

The strength contained within this sword light was no longer purely the power of divinity, but also contained the sword master’s killing intent, combined with the will of the Heavenly Dao!

A single gesture, a single command, a raise of the hand to summon the Great Dao of the world!

When the opponent was heaven, when the opponent was the Dao, then fighting her was the same as fighting against the world.

Facing this strike, Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. He rapidly drew backwards. He was unable to understand how an ethereal being without the slightest killing intent he could sense could emit such a disastrously terrifying attack.

He didn’t use his spear to resist this attack but instead traced his ring. In front of him, a massive gate made of chaos stones appeared.

This was the Primordius Gate.


The thin sword light thrust into the Primordius Gate, causing it to violently shake!

Although this woman held unparalleled talent and elegance, her cultivation was simply far too low; she was unable to pierce through the Primordius Gate. But at this moment, something bizarre occurred.

The sword light that she shot out scattered as it struck the Primordius Gate, spreading out like a spider web as it covered the entire gate and passed around it, gathering and reforming behind the gate.


The sword light separated from the Primordius Gate and continue slashing towards Lin Ming!


Lin Ming’s eyes widened.

The celestial and god race powerhouses were also panic-stricken. This sword light seemed to have a mind of its own!

This woman could actually control her sword light to such a degree…

“You are not my match. Although your talent could even dominate the rivals of the ancient past, the Laws you cultivate are far too vast. With your boundary, you are unable to control them. With such shallow comprehensions, you cannot compete against me.

“My comprehensions of the Laws are far deeper than yours. I have the incarnation of the Heavenly Dao. You fighting me is the same as you fighting against the vastness of the universe. You will lose here!”

The woman’s sound transmission instantly reached Lin Ming’s mind. And at this time, the sword light also reached him.

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. At that moment, an Asura war god phantom appeared behind him.

This Asura war god was grand and majestic, an indomitable being. It stood tall, gripping a massive black wheel that crushed all before it.

This black wheel was the fusion of the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel and the Myriad Essence Reincarnation Wheel.

Zhi zhi zhi zhi!

A fierce collision sounded in the air. As the sword light stabbed into the black wheel, it emitted an eye-piercing sound that made one’s teeth ache.

Lin Ming’s eyes were solemn. Behind him, nine stars emerged from thin air, emitting endless starlight that covered him.

He immediately opened four Dao Palaces from the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. His muscles bulged out and the power of his bloodline billowed from his body, impacting straight into the deep skies.

Ka ka ka!

Under the support of this formidable power, the two fused wheels forcefully obliterated the woman’s sword light.

Seeing this, the mysterious woman was startled.

“A terrifying bloodline and a dreadful mortal bodily strength. With them you can actually surpass the boundaries of your Laws and block my strike. Still, what I said remains true. The Laws you cultivate are too grand and you cannot control them. Facing the incarnation of the Heavenly Dao, you will still lose to me!”

The mysterious woman caressed the black sword’s blade. The black sword emitted a bass howl like a dragon.

In the next moment, she slashed out her sword once more. Sword light tore through the void. This time it was no longer a thin line but a 10 foot wide column of divine light. This divine light of the Great Dao ripped open the void, pouring downwards!

It was clear that this sword light was far stronger than the condensed finger-thin sword light from before!

Lin Ming gripped the Black Dragon Spear, staring right at the sword light. A brilliant divine light burst from his eyes like a crackle of thunder. He sneered.

“So what if you’re the incarnation of the Heavenly Dao? Defying the will of the heavens, it’s not as if this is my first or second time.”

In that instant, Lin Ming cried out loud. His muscles rapidly grew and his joints emitted explosive crackling sounds. His body grew taller as black scales began appearing all over him.

His hair grew longer, turning blood red. Above his two hands, the phantom of a True Dragon and True Phoenix appeared. Behind him the Asura war god holding the black wheel appeared!

Lin Ming had activated the power of the Asura blood. For a time, the Asura Laws shook, affecting the entire mirror world!

After all, the heaven and earth origin energy within this mirror world was all controlled by the Asura Laws. Now that Lin Ming galvanized the Asura blood within him, it caused the surrounding Laws to resonate with him!


With a terrifying explosion, Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear and smashed it onto the mysterious woman’s sword light!

The brilliant sword light was sundered in half by Lin Ming’s strike!

A storm of energy wildly swept outwards!

“What!? This is!!!?”

Outside of the Cold Ice Mirror, everyone watching was bewildered.

The aura that Lin Ming released just then was similar to their ancestors’!

“Impossible… isn’t he a human!? How come the feeling he gives off is a bloodline at least a hundred times purer than our god race’s!”

Diwuhen’s voice trembled as he spoke. After becoming an extreme Empyrean, there was little that could shake his composure like this.

But now, with the great calamity before them and the life or death of his people on the line, in the darkness when they couldn’t find the path to take, they had discovered that Lin Ming had an aura similar to their ancestors’. How could they not be excited!

This was because the bloodline of their primal god race had been at its most magnificent 10 billion years ago, when their ancestors ruled all. From that point on, they had slowly declined as their reproductive abilities grew worse and worse.

If the current primal god race could recover their bloodline from 10 billion years ago, they might also be able to recover their glory from 10 billion years ago!

“Incredible, how could this be?”

To Bagui was also left shell-shocked.

Their celestial race originated from the Asura lineage, and in the past he had gone to the land of inheritance for those of the Asura lineage.

The inheritance totem in that land was similar to the present Lin Ming.

And, what was even more inconceivable was that the aura on Lin Ming’s body seemed even purer than the inheritance totem, making them want to kneel and prostrate themselves before him!

“This Lin Ming, just what is he…”

Everyone glanced at each other. Lin Ming was simply a box of riddles.

He was the first to understand the Asura Heavenly Dao and have the ability to repair god decrees.

Then, he had displayed a combat strength far surpassing his boundary. Now he revealed his Asura bloodline.

Before this, even when Lin Ming was able to repair god decrees, Smokeless was still able to maintain a faint arrogance in front of him. This was because she was part of the ancient races, and she was proud of her bloodline!

Even though her race’s bloodline had already declined from the past, it still wasn’t something that other races like the humans, saints, or spiritas could compare with. Her people could naturally use the power of divinity and they had a superior talent for cultivation. They were a proud race.

But now, facing Lin Ming’s Asura blood, Smokeless felt that her own bloodline was nothing but a little firefly in front of the brilliant moon, simply not worthy of mentioning at all.

All of her previous pride and ego had been crushed. She was thoroughly ashamed of herself.

As everyone was shocked, Lin Ming hurtled forwards. He opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, the Heretical God Force erupting to its limits!

Fighting intent fused onto the Black Dragon Spear. Lin Ming became one with his spear, shooting towards the mysterious woman like a blazing meteor.

The mysterious woman grasped her peerless black sword, a light leaping into her watery eyes.

A thin layer of divine light covered her body. She wielded her sword and thrust it towards Lin Ming’s Black Dragon Spear.


Spear and sword crossed. The void shattered, breaking open like an endlessly growing spider web.

The mysterious woman was forced backwards. Her hair flew up and her cloak fluttered about her. She finally stabilized herself after drawing back several hundred feet.

As she held her black sword, a wisp of blood flowed out from between her slender jade fingers.

This wisp of blood was like a red plum blossom blooming in stark white snow, containing a monstrously alluring beauty!

“I didn’t think you’d have such strength…”

The mysterious woman’s expression finally changed. As she looked at Lin Ming, a strange light appeared in her eyes.

“The blood of Asura. It seems you have already obtained a part of his true legacy.”

The mysterious woman had used the word ‘his’.

The ‘his’ she referred to was naturally the Asura Road Master.

But this term caused Lin Ming to feel confused. The Asura Road Master, just how was he related to this woman before him?


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