MW Chapter 1889

Chapter 1889 – Mysterious Woman

The mysterious woman who extracted the black sword from the void floated in the air, overflowing with peerless grace and measure.

What surprised Lin Ming was that the black sword in the woman’s hand was clearly a supreme divine weapon, but as she held it, she didn’t exude the least bit aura of fierceness, nor did she emit any killing intent.  

Even her aura began to turn ethereal, becoming one with the heavens and earth.

If Lin Ming closed his eyes, he might have thought that there wasn’t anyone in front of him at all.

With sword in hand, the woman simply raised her arm and slashed it straight down at Lin Ming.


The sword broke through space. For a time, all the starlight in the skies was swallowed up by this sword.

The sword light contracted together, forming a thin line no thicker than a baby’s finger. But within this thin line was infinite strength. This strength twisted space and time, killing straight forwards!

The strength contained within this sword light was no longer purely...

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