MW Chapter 1888

Chapter 1888 – Enigma

“He won again. His opponent had a higher cultivation boundary, but in the end even he was killed. Moreover, he was an ancient genius…”

The god race and celestial powerhouses looked at each other in stark shock. To jump ranks to cut down an ancient genius, that was far too heaven-defying.

Smokeless remained silent. She didn’t know just what to say.

“Could there be more…”

Smokeless muttered to herself. But as she spoke, her words caused everyone’s minds to shake!

Smokeless was naturally speaking of Lin Ming’s next opponent!

Lin Ming had instantly killed a martial artist of a lower boundary, and had even killed a martial artist of a higher boundary. But now, it seemed that perhaps this was not the end!

To Bagui looked into the world of the Cold Ice Mirror. He could feel the Laws of the world palpitating. Could there really be a third opponent?

If so, could this new opponent’s cultivation be at the peak Holy Lord realm?

At this moment, Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear. He still didn’t leave the mirror world, but waited within.

There was no need for him to suspect anything. He had already determined that the ancient genius he just cut down wouldn’t be the end of this.

According to Lin Ming’s speculations, if he killed his opponent, another match would appear. If he could drag out the battle to 1000 breaths of time without killing his opponent, then that would still be considered victory, but the battles would come to an end.

At this time, the Asura Laws reflected in Lin Ming’s eyes danced in the air.

Motes of divine light gathered, forming a sphere of light above Lin Ming.

This sphere of light was incomparably mystical, carrying with it an ancient and terrifying aura.

“What is that?”

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. He could faintly feel that whatever was in that sphere of light was a treasure!

Moreover, it had to be something truly incredible.

As Lin Ming looked at this sphere of light, he could feel all the blood in his body be drawn in by it, as if his blood would howl out of his body!

“Supreme treasure!”

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with light. That thing might be his reward!

At this time, it wasn’t just Lin Ming who saw this treasure floating high in the air. Even the peak Empyreans felt their hearts shake as they saw this treasure.

“What could it be?”

Diwuhen asked with bated breath. Just from the aura alone, his emotions quivered and surged!

Smokeless had obtained a True Divinity spirit treasure before this. But, Diwuhen could feel that the value of this treasure was at least ten times that of Smokeless’!

Lin Ming stepped through the void, slowly flying towards the treasure.

But at this moment, ahead of Lin Ming, there was a distortion in space. A woman appeared in front of him like a ghost.

This woman was slender. Her back was towards Lin Ming and her rosy bare feet floated high in the black starry skies.

She wore a long black robe and a thick black cloak fell down behind her. On the thick cloak, dark black metal spaulders were mounted. The feeling she gave off was one of mystery and power, as if this woman had fused together the heroic spirit of a war goddess and the slaughter intent of a demon goddess.

Cold wind flapped through the air. The woman’s black hair recklessly flew upwards. Her black cloak fluttered in the air. From head to toes, she seemed to melt into the dark night around her.

Lin Ming raised his guard as high as he could.

This was a terrifying woman. He didn’t know why, but he faintly felt that this woman’s aura was somewhat familiar.

“This person is…”

Lin Ming stepped backwards. He grasped the Black Dragon Spear, his blazing eyes locked onto her.

Lin Ming felt that this other person had already completely manifested, and there wasn’t the slightest feeling of any virtual illusion to her. Lin Ming could even feel her potent blood energy and her raging fires of life.

As if the woman standing in front of him wasn’t a virtual simulation created by the array formation at all.

But a real person!

Lin Ming believed that if he didn’t know she was condensed from the Laws at the start, then by investigating her with his own divine sense, he would have never realized she was just a virtual phantom.

“Her cultivation is… late Holy Lord! Similar to the person I just killed!”

Such a cultivation left Lin Ming surprised. According to his previous thoughts, his opponent’s cultivation should rise more and more each time.

But the reality was different.

However, Lin Ming believed that the test would inevitably become more and more difficult. In other words, this woman before him might only have a late Holy Lord realm cultivation, but she would actually be far, far stronger than the youth he had just cut down!

“A greatest genius from the ancient era?”

This thought blazed through Lin Ming’s mind.

But then, the woman turned around.

Her two limpid eyes seemed to cross the river of 10 billion years to stare at Lin Ming.

However, the moment the woman’s two eyes met his own, Lin Ming felt a shock pass through his entire body!

These eyes seemed to contain the galaxies from space, containing endless mysteries.

But Lin Ming was startled not because of this, but because these eyes… were very familiar!

“These eyes are…”

Lin Ming was shocked beyond comprehension. Images flickered through his mind, finally stopping on the sight of a certain beautiful face.

“Yes, these are her eyes. Her gaze is just like that of the woman in front of me…”

Sheng Mei!

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath.

He had seen Sheng Mei multiple times before. Sheng Mei’s eyes, her gaze, they were things that could not be simulated by others.

Perhaps even in a vast sea of people, divided by endless crowds of people, Lin Ming could still immediately distinguish Sheng Mei’s eyes from a group of millions.

However, as he looked at this woman’s face, her appearance was actually covered by a black veil. It was impossible to see what she looked like.

Laws covered her veil, making it so that Lin Ming couldn’t see through it.

On the woman’s jade-smooth forehead, Lin Ming saw a bright red flower mark. This flower mark was drawn with cinnabar dots. There were nine flower petals, but the final flower petal was small, as if it hadn’t fully stretched out.

“Is this really… Sheng Mei?”

Lin Ming felt this unbelievable. This woman in front of him should be someone from 10 billion years ago, so why would her eyes look so similar to Sheng Mei’s?

“In this world, could there truly be such an impossibly marvelous woman?”

Smokeless muttered from outside the Cold Ice Mirror. She was already stunned.

She only felt that before this woman, she was nothing but a pale firefly in front of the bright moon, completely eclipsed.

Of course, what caused her to pale was not her appearance.

In fact, when it came to martial artists, when the beauty of one’s appearance reached an extreme, the disparity between them wouldn’t be too great. For instance, Smokeless herself was as beautiful as the moon, and even if she was inferior in appearance to this woman, the difference wasn’t too significant.

What Smokeless truly lost in was aura and temperament.

She felt that this peerless woman in the mirror was a true goddess, the source of all Laws in the universe, the beginning of the heavens and earth. She made all others feel inferior.

And at this time, standing beside Smokeless, Diwuhen, To Bagui, Lanlu, and Shenku were similarly stunned. For a long time they were frozen where they were. Their hearts raced with thoughts. This peerless woman… she once existed in history?

It seemed… that there had never been any record of her?

Diwuhen and To Bagui looked at each other. To Bagui shook his head, indicating that in the records of the celestials, there had never been anything about this black-clothed woman. Otherwise, he should at least be able to find several similarly amazing women to compare her to.

But, 10 billion years ago, most ancient True Divinities had been male.

Even if there were female True Divinities, none of them were able to compare to the aura of this peerless woman.

Such an impossibly perfect woman, how could there not have been legends left behind about her?

Her unrivalled elegance and talent, how could something so extraordinary be covered by a river of 10 billion years?

Could it be… she died midway?

If she wasn’t able to break into True Divinity, then no matter how peerlessly talented or graceful she was, it would be impossible for her legends to be recorded in history. This was well within reason.

As everyone was lost in their thoughts, a clarion voice echoed out, like a lilting immortal tune rising from the nine nether abyss, causing everyone, including Lin Ming, to be dazed.

“Defeat me, and you will obtain the object behind me.”

The woman’s cherry red lips parted as she spoke. Her faint smile was enchanting, leaving one intoxicated.

“You… can speak?” Lin Ming was astonished. He could feel that this woman in front of him was just far too similar. “Who are you?”

Lin Ming asked the question in his heart. He really wished to know just why this person would have eyes so similar to Sheng Mei’s.

Crossing 10 billion years of time, Lin Ming wouldn’t believe that Sheng Mei was this person’s reincarnation or that they were somehow blood-related. After all, far too long a time had passed.

The woman simply didn’t reply to Lin Ming’s words. Or rather, she replied with actions – she stretched out her right hand, casually stroking the air and ripping open a space crack, revealing a pitch black void.

From the void, she took out a sword, a sword that was black all over. On the sword blade, the image of a demon god was carved…


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