MW Chapter 1887

Chapter 1887 – Another Battle

“Reward? How come there’s no movement? There should at least be a True Divinity spirit treasure, and it should also be of a higher grade.”

Shenku asked, a bit puzzled. This was because the Cold Ice Mirror remained quiet for far too long.

“The situation isn’t as simple as it seems. I feel that the Laws within the Cold Ice Mirror are throbbing.”

Diwuhen said. Lin Ming was a bit startled. He had discovered something strange with the Cold Ice Mirror, but that was because he was extremely sensitive to the Asura Laws.

But Diwuhen didn’t understand the Asura Laws at all, yet he was still able to feel the palpitations within the Cold Ice Mirror. This was likely the so-called intuition that masters had.

Once someone reached the level of a peak Empyrean, even if their talent wasn’t considered too high by Lin Ming’s standards, they still had amazing experience and intuition.

Lin Ming traced his ring and moved towards the Cold Ice Mirror.

“Lin Ming?”

Diwuhen asked. At this time, countless Asura runes danced in the air in the world of the Cold Ice Mirror, gathering in the skies to form a runic tornado.

From these runes, a youth ran out. Black lightning curled around his body and he grasped a saber as he stepped on the wind.

This saber had a ghost head carved into the hilt, and beneath this ghost head were two words – Evil God!

These two words were written in the language of the ancient god race. The strokes were long and winding, revealing a mystical aura. The two words joined along with the youth’s blood red pupils. A pair of black wings flashed out from his back. He was like a true evil god that had flown out from the depths of hell!

“This is…”

Everyone was stunned; there was another opponent!

Lin Ming stepped into the world of the Cold Ice Mirror, grasping the Black Dragon Spear and facing this new enemy.

This new opponent’s cultivation was at the late Holy Lord realm.

A small boundary higher than Lin Ming.

From the early Holy Lord heavy sword youth to this current evil god with his saber, there was a sudden increase of two small boundaries, completely passing over the middle Holy Lord realm.

This scene left the Empyreans watching staring at each other in blank dismay.

They originally that after defeating the opponent in the Cold Ice Mirror, that would be considered as passing the test. They didn’t think that after killing their opponent, a stronger opponent would appear, emerging without end!

“So that’s how it is. Before Lin Ming’s reward is handed out, he has to fight more opponents. According to his success, that will decide what his final reward will be?”

Diwuhen guessed. This guess was highly reasonable. If so, then Lin Ming’s reward would truly be extraordinary. It would absolutely not be something that an ordinary True Divinity spirit treasure could compare with!

“Lin Ming’s strength should have been assessed by the Asura Laws. If he is facing a late Holy Lord realm martial artist, that means the Laws here have determined that Lin Ming’s talent has surpassed the standard of ancient geniuses!”

To Bagui uttered, his heart filled with shock.

Currently, Lin Ming was jumping ranks to fight ancient geniuses.

It had to be said that these ancient genius phantoms were all manifested from the standard of a True Divinity. If Lin Ming could jump ranks to fight these people, what sort of future achievements would he have?

Perhaps he might become an extreme True Divinity.

Or even…

As To Bagui thought to here, his mind shivered. He didn’t dare to continue with this line of thinking. Above extreme True Divinity existed those like the Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture. The strength of those two individuals was impossible to estimate, as they had already surpassed the scope of his understanding.

At this time, within the mirror world, black thunder surged without end around the evil god youth.

Even from a distance, one could feel a strange eeriness from this black thunder, as if it could scorch away one’s marrow.

“Evil god and thunder?”

Lin Ming chuckled, a brilliant fighting spirit leaping into his eyes. “When I was in the lower realms in the past, I once obtained the title of Evil God. And today, it’s a coincidence that you are also called Evil God and use thunder. To cross 10 billion years and for us to fight here, this could be considered fate.”

Lin Ming felt that these martial artist phantoms within the Cold Ice Mirror weren’t purely virtual creations. Rather, the Asura Road Master had used some ancient geniuses as templates and adjusted their various strength levels and Laws.

10 billion years ago, these phantoms were likely real people, but they weren’t necessarily so outstanding.

Lin Ming stepped on the void, moving forwards one step at a time. Then, suddenly, he attacked.

Spear light erupted. Within the void of the mirror, faint cracks appeared and regenerated. Lin Ming’s speed rapidly drew to the extreme!

But at the same time, in front of Lin Ming, the evil god youth’s eyes also flashed with a brilliant divine light.

The saber in his hands chopped down. A dreadful saber intent wrapped around the saber blade. A saber strike that seemed as if it could sunder the skies smashed into Lin Ming’s spear light.


The terrifying collision caused energy to wildly shoot outwards.

As for Lin Ming and the evil god youth, neither of them were forced a single step back. That brief exchange just now had only been a probing strike.

Lin Ming discovered that the thunder which twined around the evil god youth had merged into the surrounding space. The faint aura of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws gathered along with the thunder, all of it pouring into the evil god youth’s body to slowly supplement his strength.

“Thunder Laws’ Concept of Life?”

Thunder could grow endlessly and even form life. In the legends, in the most primeval of times when the world was just born and everything was in chaos, it was a bolt of thunder striking the ancient seas that caused life to be born.

If one understood the Concepts of Thunder, then a martial artist with extremely high attainments in the Laws could derive energy from thunder to restore themselves. This wasn’t strange at all.

However, this caused Lin Ming to frown. He didn’t want to waste too much energy on this youth. So, he intended to cut off this youth’s ability to communicate with the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Ming instantly made a decision.

The Asura Heavenly Array Diagram within his body rose like crystal columns, the tinkling sound sweeping out in all directions.

On these crystal columns, the endless power of the Asura Laws flooded outwards, wrapped in the melody of the Great Dao.

Amongst the sparkling light, the Asura Heavenly Array Diagram wrapped around Lin Ming and the evil god youth.


The array diagram emitted a boundless mystic strength, pressing down on the power of thunder. The Asura Heavenly Array Diagram within Lin Ming had been personally carved by the Asura Road Master, and the heights of the Laws within had reached the peak of possibility.

The two strengths constantly collided, at the same time isolating the evil god youth from his connection with the mirror world.

This sudden change caused a look of surprise to cross the youth’s face.

Although his communication with the world had been severed, he still fearlessly threw himself towards Lin Ming.

The saber in his hands surged with black thunder, sweeping through the world. This thunder wove together, forming endless numbers of black lotus flowers within.

Lotuses were born in the sea of thunder; this was the substantialization of the Thunder Laws. Lin Ming knew that in terms of Thunder Laws alone, this youth’s attainments were higher than his own!

Up to now, Lin Ming had placed the entirety of his efforts on cultivating the Asura Laws and Holy Scripture Laws, thus he had temporarily postponed his advancement in the Thunder and Fire Laws as well as the Space and Time Laws.

This was because he felt that the Asura Sutra and the Holy Scripture were the foundation of all Laws within the world. One representing the outer universe, one representing the inner universe – the two great Laws covered nearly all the learnings of martial arts, encompassing everything.

As for the Thunder and Fire Laws, Space and Time Laws, they were simply branches.

To lay down the foundation was the most important objective of all!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Each black lotus flower emitted a terrifying aura, as if they were stars.

Even Lin Ming’s heart shook. He knew that his opponent was uncommon.

All the black lotus flowers shook together, releasing Great Dao runes that billowed with ghastly black flames, all of them sweeping towards Lin Ming.


Just from facing this, Lin Ming felt a tremendous pressure. It was as if an endless river of stars was violently impacting towards him, continuously striking his flesh and blood!

The black lotuses bloomed with thunder. Their strength was incomparably strange. Not only did they attack his flesh and blood, they also struck at his divine soul.

In that moment, within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, thunder recklessly blazed through even as black flames ignited everywhere.

Each arc of thunder, each black flame, constantly wore down his soul force.

However, when Lin Ming had cultivated in the Soul World, he had experienced a transformation near rebirth several times. His soul force was as fathomless as a sea; it was impossible for a normal divine soul attack to wound him.

Although he had been restrained, Lin Ming didn’t panic at all. Waves of soul force gushed out from his spiritual sea. Wild waves rose up, resisting those black flames.

Without hesitation, Lin Ming opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. The Black Dragon Spear fused with the power of the nine stars. A spear thrust out, smashing through space with an overwhelming momentum.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Countless black lotus flowers were smashed apart by the Black Dragon Spear.

The Black Dragon Spear carried with it a tremendous blood vitality, forcefully pushing out the thunder that eroded Lin Ming’s divine soul.

The two intensely collided in the skies. Lin Ming constantly battled with the phantom youth.

The brutal battle scene caused the celestial and god race martial artists to cry out in surprise.  They found it hard to imagine that humanity could produce a genius that reached such a degree of talent.

They had no idea what Lin Ming cultivated, how his background was so deep, or why his strength seemed endless. Even the strongest talent born in the last 10 billion years within the god race and celestial race would have to be inferior to Lin Ming.

At this time, the phantom youth’s saber thrust into a black lotus within the sea of thunder. Countless black runes scattered out, all of them pouring into the black lotus.

All of the lotuses hummed, quickly transforming into a singular massive black lotus. It was like a crashing world, rapidly suppressing Lin Ming.

As those outside watched this sudden reversal, they were left stunned.

And then, they noticed that the boundless black lotus flower experienced another change.

Dazzling black light emerged from within the lotus flower. A black spear tore through it like a fierce dragon, forcefully breaking it apart.

The black lotus flower exploded. Endless runes dimmed and were destroyed, dissipating in droves.

The phantom youth’s complexion changed. He rapidly retreated.

But it was too late. A bolt of black lightning slammed into his body, screaming and shooting out with endless power.

The phantom youth was shocked. His body violently trembled and black blood sprayed out from his chest. His skin and inner organs began to rapidly collapse.

The phantom youth had suffered grievous wounds. Using the last of his strength, he gathered all of the Thunder Laws within his body. For a time, a wave of even more powerful black thunder hurtled towards Lin Ming, bringing with it the pressure of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Behind Lin Ming, a giant Asura war god phantom appeared. It held two great wheels, blocking the entirety of this attack!

This impact continued for several breaths of time. Behind Lin Ming, the Asura phantom was like a peerless demon god, blocking everything.


The phantom youth could no longer persist. His heavily wounded body had finally been completely exhausted of all energy.

His body began to disintegrate, turning into countless Asura runes that faded into the skies…


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