MW Chapter 1886

Chapter 1886 – Lin Ming Fights

True Divinity spirit treasures were also divided into grades. The True Divinity spirit treasures left behind by lower True Divinities were naturally ordinary.

But for some outstanding True Divinities, for instance upper True Divinities, or those that had surpassed True Divinity such as the Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture, the True Divinity spirit treasures they left behind would be of a completely different level. This bracelet in front of everyone was such an example.

As something that came from the Asura forbidden land’s Cold Ice Mirror, any rewards here would have come from the Asura Road Master. It must be something extraordinary.

The functions behind this True Divinity spirit treasure had yet to be revealed, but without a doubt it would prove a great boost to Smokeless in the great calamity.

“It should be a treasure that Heavenly God Asura left behind in the past. Any True Divinity spirit treasures were long since useless to him. He must have placed these treasures in the Cold Ice Mirror for his descendants.”

“Those that can last 1000 breaths of time against their opponent can obtain a True Divinity spirit treasure. Then what if they killed their opponent? What then?”

Diwuhen and To...

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