MW Chapter 1886

Chapter 1886 – Lin Ming Fights

True Divinity spirit treasures were also divided into grades. The True Divinity spirit treasures left behind by lower True Divinities were naturally ordinary.

But for some outstanding True Divinities, for instance upper True Divinities, or those that had surpassed True Divinity such as the Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture, the True Divinity spirit treasures they left behind would be of a completely different level. This bracelet in front of everyone was such an example.

As something that came from the Asura forbidden land’s Cold Ice Mirror, any rewards here would have come from the Asura Road Master. It must be something extraordinary.

The functions behind this True Divinity spirit treasure had yet to be revealed, but without a doubt it would prove a great boost to Smokeless in the great calamity.

“It should be a treasure that Heavenly God Asura left behind in the past. Any True Divinity spirit treasures were long since useless to him. He must have placed these treasures in the Cold Ice Mirror for his descendants.”

“Those that can last 1000 breaths of time against their opponent can obtain a True Divinity spirit treasure. Then what if they killed their opponent? What then?”

Diwuhen and To Bagui asked, filled with anticipation.

But unfortunately, they could only fantasize about the possibilities. Wanting to find out the truth was far too difficult.

Diwuhen shook his head. He looked at Lin Ming and said, “Lin Ming, everything is up to you now. You are someone who His Majesty God Sovereign favors. I believe you will be able to create your own miracle.”

Diwuhen was only able to sigh in admiration as he saw Smokeless last 1000 breaths of time within the mirror.

He also had high hopes for Lin Ming. This was because the old God Sovereign had said that Lin Ming might be the most talented individual he had ever seen in his life.

Diwuhen had absolute faith in the judgments of his master. He was sure that Lin Ming’s performance would be no worse than Smokeless’.

As long as Lin Ming could last for 1000 breaths of time, their god race could also obtain a True Divinity spirit treasure on their side.

Otherwise, if only the celestials obtained a treasure and the god race were to return empty-handed, that would be far too ugly a sight.

“Don’t feel pressured. It’s fine as long as you try your best!”

Diwuhen slapped Lin Ming’s shoulder. Lin Ming nodded and moved towards the Cold Ice Mirror.

He passed by Smokeless. Smokeless’ eyes moved from her True Divinity bracelet that she wore on her right wrist to Lin Ming’s face.

“This time you don’t have the support of the Laws and the difference in our boundaries is also wiped away. This is a fair competition for the both of us. Since the god race’s God Sovereign has given you such a high estimation, I am also looking forwards to seeing your strength.”

A smile hung on Smokeless’ lips. In her eyes, everything about Lin Ming was a puzzle.

She didn’t know where Lin Ming had obtained an inheritance concerning god decrees, nor how he managed to learn it.

His opportunities and his luck left one seething with envy. But besides luck, Smokeless believed that this human youth must have some remarkable aspect to him. But as to what that was, she had no idea.

Now was the time when she could see his true strength.

Lin Ming glanced at Smokeless and faintly smiled. Without responding, he calmly stepped into the Cold Ice Mirror, as if he were simply crossing through a door.

Lin Ming’s opponent was a youth wielding a heavy sword, his eyes filled with a gloomy yin chill and his aura restrained. The feeling this youth gave off was like that of a cheetah ready to burst into action. Once prey appeared, this youth would ferociously pounce forwards, striking down his enemy!

Without a doubt, this was a peerless genius!


The Black Dragon Spear appeared. The pitch black divine spear shimmered with an icy cold godly light.

Presently, Lin Ming was able to use the Black Dragon Spear with skill and relative ease. Although he couldn’t display the true potential of the Black Dragon Spear, he also wouldn’t be drained of strength after using it several times.

Seeing the Black Dragon Spear appear, the god race and celestial powerhouses were startled.

This was also a True Divinity spirit treasure. Moreover, this didn’t seem like an ordinary True Divinity spirit treasure at all.

“This boy, he has so many lucky chances!”

Shenku cried in alarm.

To Bagui said with some envy, “His luck is too good. But, good luck is only one of the conditions to become a peerless powerhouse. Besides that, you also have to look at one’s true abilities. Otherwise, no matter how many lucky chances you have they will all be wasted.”

As To Bagui spoke, Lin Ming rushed forwards!

The Black Dragon Spear was pointed straight towards the heavy sword-wielding youth’s chest. Behind Lin Ming, nine stars floated in the skies, the vast power of stars pouring into Lin Ming like an endless waterfall. The strength within his mortal body instantly climbed to unbelievable heights!

Ka ka ka!

Space shattered. In front of Lin Ming, that heavy sword youth also stepped forwards, his face still gloomy and his eyes filled with killing intent. The pure black heavy sword was like the scythe of a death god, cutting down all life.

The two people hurtled towards each other like meteors. As they collided, spear and sword clashed.

For a time, a terrifying strength erupted in front of Lin Ming and the heavy sword youth!

In that instant, Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force. The power of thunder and fire wildly erupted from his body and a terrifying vortex of energy fell down from the clouds, swallowing everything!


The heavy sword flew away. The black-clothed youth’s right palm cracked open, blood gushing out. Lin Ming’s gigantic strength had forcefully knocked the heavy sword from the youth’s hand.

This was the disparity of absolute strength!

The moment the heavy sword was sent tumbling away, the black-clothed youth’s sword light also weakened a tremendous amount. With a light cracking sound, Lin Ming’s spear light had already invaded the youth’s protective power of divinity.

The black-clothed youth’s complexion changed. He rapidly drew back, wanting to escape from Lin Ming’s attack range.


It was too late!

Lin Ming stepped forwards, his movements containing unbelievable Laws. The grandmist force field erupted, locking down the surrounding space!

Immediately, the black-clothed youth was shackled by this formidable strength!

The black-clothed youth was only able to stare helplessly on as the Black Dragon Spear thrust towards him.


With a faint sound, the black-clothed youth’s protective power of divinity tore apart like paper. The long spear thrust towards him. The black-clothed youth wanted to summon a shield, but the Black Dragon Spear’s momentum was too fast, too great. The black-clothed youth’s body had been tempered for a long time, but even so, before the sharp Black Dragon Spear it had no ability to resist at all.

Blood shot out!

The Black Dragon Spear broke into the black-clothed youth’s chest, piercing right through him!

The black-clothed youth hurtled backwards with Lin Ming. Beneath the incredible impulse of Lin Ming’s strike, both of them went hurtling downwards like a meteor!

With an explosion, the two people soared through the wide skies until they smashed into a 100,000 foot high glacier.

A turbulent strength erupted, crazily blowing into the glacier. With a crackling rumble, the 100,000 foot high glacier began to collapse!

The earth trembled. Massive chunks of ice fell to the floor. Countless pieces of ice, mist and dust soared into the air, blocking out the skies!

The black-clothed youth vomited a mouthful of blood. His body had been torn open and his organs broken. He had been buried in the endless slurry of ice, his body long since lost deep within it.


With a loud crack the black-clothed youth’s body exploded beneath the ice, turning into countless runes that scattered in the air.

Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear and floated high in the skies. Beneath his feet, an endless river of ice wildly raged.

Like this, the battle ended.

Outside the Cold Ice Mirror, To Bagui, Diwuhen, Shenku, Lanlu, and Smokeless were utterly shocked. Smokeless’ eyes were as wide as moons and filled with disbelief.

Everything had been like a dream.

Lin Ming’s opponent was an ancient genius. Before this, she had also personally experienced how terrifying an ancient genius was.

Even though their opponents had been at a lower cultivation, they still weren’t able to slay them.

But in front of Lin Ming, a similar ancient genius had been instantly cut down!

The entire fight had lasted less than two breaths of time. Lin Ming himself had barely made two attacks.

In fact, he had only summoned his true essence. One could even consider that just one move.

“This… what is this?” To Bagui’s jaw fell down. He turned and asked Diwuhen.

Diwuhen was also lost in a daze. He had heard the old God Sovereign say that Lin Ming’s talent was beyond ordinary, and because of his faith and trust in the old God Sovereign, he also believed Lin Ming was special.

But this ‘beyond ordinary’ was a bit too beyond the ordinary!

“The one he killed just now, was that really a similar opponent to ours?”

A woman’s voice asked, filled with hesitation and uncertainty. Smokeless was simply unable to believe her eyes.

When the four previous people entered the Cold Ice Mirror, they had all faced inconceivably formidable opponents. Their strength seemed endless, their defensive capabilities extraordinary, and no matter what ultimate moves were used, these opponents blocked them all.

But Lin Ming’s opponent was like a piece of mud, dead upon touch.

The disparity was far too great.

If their opponents were really the same, then Smokeless felt that she was nothing but a joke.

To Bagui took a deep breath and looked deeply at Lin Ming in the Cold Ice Mirror. He forced a smile and said, “When Heavenly God Asura laid down this array formation he certainly made it impartial towards anyone that entered. It’s true that Lin Ming’s opponent was strong, and we also felt that. But, Lin Ming was simply stronger; he has already surpassed the standard of an ancient genius. In such a situation, for someone with a lower cultivation boundary to challenge him is simply asking to be instantly killed.”

To Bagui sighed as he spoke.

For such a genius like Lin Ming, if an opponent of a lower cultivation boundary were to fight him, that was simply the same as tossing vegetables in his face. It was nothing more than committing suicide. This was the same even for ancient geniuses!

This was because Lin Ming might be described as the most amazing genius to appear within the 33 Heavens for the last several billions of years!

“Surpassed the standard of ancient geniuses?”

Smokeless’ heart shook. She felt that the current her was far worse than the ancient geniuses, but Lin Ming had already surpassed them.

The disparity was far too great.

At this time, Lin Ming had already flown towards the entrance of the Cold Ice Mirror. He put away the Black Dragon Spear and stepped out from the Cold Ice Mirror.

As the five others waiting outside looked at Lin Ming, their eyes looked as if they were staring at a monster.

This Lin Ming, it was far too simple to describe him as someone ‘sure to become a True Divinity in the future’!

Even though they were both geniuses, the evaluation that the celestials and god race had given Smokeless was – ‘someone that had a chance of becoming a True Divinity in the future’.

“Let alone becoming a True Divinity, he will not be a normal True Divinity. Even when the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was young, he absolutely wasn’t Lin Ming’s match…”

Diwuhen thought. He increasingly felt that Lin Ming would play an unimaginable role in this great calamity. Perhaps… he might be able to shoulder the task of reversing the fate of the god race. Of course, this was all under the premise that Lin Ming was willing to shoulder such a heavy burden.

As everyone was lost in their own thoughts, Lin Ming looked towards the Cold Ice Mirror, waiting for his reward.

Smokeless had lasted for a full 1000 breaths of time. Although she wasn’t a match for the ancient genius, she had still obtained a True Divinity spirit treasure left behind by the Asura Road Master as a reward.

Then what would he obtain?

Lin Ming waited, but the Cold Ice Mirror remained quiet, not sending out any reward. Instead, Lin Ming could faintly feel a trace of unusual aura percolating within the Cold Ice Mirror.


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