MW Chapter 1885

Chapter 1885 – True Divinity Spirit Treasure

“Smokeless isn’t planning to passively defend, but to go on the offensive…”

Lanlu commented. In her opinion, delaying for time was a slightly safer choice. After all, victory was there as long as they could pass a thousand breaths of time.

To Bagui remained silent. Lin Ming quietly said, “Delaying for time seems like the safer choice, but the truth is that before the battle has begun, it is the same as already acquiescing that you are weaker than your opponent. That means the battle is already half lost!”

Lin Ming’s words left Lanlu surprised. She reddened a little with shame.

Indeed, to a peak genius, drawing out time would only end in their defeat. For them, what they should do was use their peak strength to confront these ancient geniuses!

However, this was based upon believing in one’s own strength, otherwise it would be the same as trying to break a rock with an egg.

At that time, Smokeless’ opponent stood tall, her face blurry and her body burning with blue-white flames. These flames didn’t emit any heat at all, but rather exuded a chilling cold that made the surrounding void freeze over.

This was a duel between a Great World King and a peak ordinary World King!

Smokeless was the first to move. Her aura suddenly soared once more and her black waterfall-like hair danced in the wind. A blue drop of blood leaked down from her finger, merging into the tornado around her. The wind in front of Smokeless began to gather, condensing into a lance made of wild winds!

“Heavenly God Lance!”

Lanlu was stunned. This was the legendary weapon left behind by the number one powerhouse of the celestials during the ancient era. But, this Heavenly God Lance had never been passed down.

According to rumors, the Heavenly God Lance had Laws carved in it by the number one powerhouse of the celestials.

And the chart of these Laws was left behind to the celestials. Now, Smokeless should have been using the chart left behind to the celestials to summon a phantom of the Heavenly God Lance.

Although this was only a phantom, it had the dao rhythm of the Laws from the past number one celestial powerhouse. Its might was no trifling matter!


Smokeless grabbed the Heavenly God Spear and shot forwards. Her body was like a meteor that tore through the clear skies.

And then, Smokeless’ opponent also moved.

The blue-white flames on her body suddenly blazed upwards. From the flame a blue bird flew out, bringing with it an endless freezing cold energy.

The bird flapped its wings, rushing towards Smokeless.

Smokeless’ complexion was cold and decisive. She thrust out towards the bird’s chest.

The spirit bird emitted a shrill cry as its body was pierced through, as if it had suffered a tremendous attack.

However, upon seeing this, the blue-clothed female phantom tauntingly smiled, thinking little of it.

In that moment, blue light sparkled around her and blue war armor covered her body.

Her skin was like transparent crystal. As her hair fluttered upwards, she looked like an unrivalled goddess.

In her hands was another black sword.

As this sword appeared, it emitted a keening cry and absorbed all the Laws in the surrounding space.

For a time, the icy flames tangling around the woman burned even brighter. They expanded outwards, forming a domain!

It wasn’t strange for such a peerless genius to possess a domain, but the domain this blue-clothed woman used was beyond ordinary. The Laws unified within it had reached a mind-bogglingly high boundary, even putting an ordinary Empyrean to shame.

This ice flame domain wildly swallowed up Smokeless.

Smokeless grit her teeth. Behind her, blue wind gathered into wings, making her speed reach the limit.


Winds whipped up in all directions. Law runes recklessly swirled around Smokeless. The ice flames were torn apart; Smokeless had opened her own domain.

Cold wind domain and ice flame domain, these two great domains brutally smashed into each other.

For a time, the world within the mirror was flooded with endless blue light. The skies changed color and icy flames tumbled about. Cold winds dashed through the world, like a gorgeous scene of art!

These two domains interwove.

Smokeless gripped the war lance formed from the Wind Laws and began to fiercely battle the blue-clothed woman!

Two peerless women fought. One real, one virtual, they began to engage in a crazy melee within the twin domains!

This was a world-shaking battle.

Outside the Cold Ice Mirror the celestial and god race powerhouses were all left speechless!

In particular, To Bagui. He had watched with his own eyes as Smokeless returned to the celestials after disappearing for so many years and then revealing her formidable strength. Amongst the juniors of the celestials, no one could stand on par with her. It could even be said that they were all left far behind!

Even so, Smokeless was only barely able to draw equal to an ancient genius that had a lower cultivation than she did.

“The geniuses of the ancient era, just how much stronger were they…”

To Bagui deeply sighed. It had to be known that most of these ancient geniuses came from the god race and only a small minority came from the celestials. The two races once had an incomparably glorious history in the past, but they had slowly declined over the eons. It was said that the Heavenly Dao simply didn’t abide their existence any longer.

“She’s even burnt her Bluesilver blood. Smokeless is giving this everything she has.”

Smokeless’ blood was different from other normal celestial martial artists’. Her blood was dark blue and formed ice crystals in the air. This sort of bloodline was a variation bloodline amongst the celestials. A single drop could freeze a raging river.

If Smokeless could rise to become a peak Empyrean, then her blood alone could leave an entire world trapped in ice.

But now, even when Smokeless used her bloodline strength, she was only able to barely fight to a draw with this ancient genius.

The combat became increasingly intense.

Smokeless’ hair flew upwards like a war goddess. But across from her, the blue-clothed woman released a blinding blue light from all over her body, her body burning with flames as she almost transformed into a phoenix.

She was using her phoenix body to wildly fight with Smokeless.

The flames on her body, after being cut apart by Smokeless, turned into small spirit birds in the sky that continued to attack Smokeless.

These flames each seemed to have a mind of their own and carried with them an attribute of endlessness!

Smokeless soon fell into a siege of flames!

“This endlessly growing flame is too difficult to deal with. If she cannot extinguish them then there will only be more and more!”

Lin Ming saw through what was happening. The flames emitted by the ancient genius were in a way similar to the Holy Scripture creator’s Concept of Life.

If one could cultivate this Concept to large success, that would be incredible!

Flames turbulently surged. Smokeless also realized the danger she was in. If this continued she would be thoroughly swallowed up by the flames.

She grit her teeth, relying on her willpower to erupt with the strength of her bloodline once more.


Thick ice flames were cut apart. Surrounded by whistling winds, Smokeless launched her icy blue wind-attribute wings outwards, impacting into the blue skies!

The blue-clothed woman frowned. She hurtled upwards, chasing after Smokeless. However, in that moment, a mystical black light covered the blue-clothed woman. Countless Asura runes danced within that black light.

As the blue-clothed woman was shrouded, her body shook. Then, beneath the eyes of those watching, she turned into a wisp of blue smoke that scattered into the wind, vanishing without a trace left behind.

All that was left over was Smokeless flying alone in the air, watching with a stunned expression.

“Mm? What happened?” Shenku was startled. The blue-clothed woman was clearly winning and yet she had suddenly vanished.

“The time was reached, 1000 breaths!”

Standing beside Shenku, To Bagui finally relaxed. Although the others hadn’t been counting, To Bagui had been keeping track of every single second in his heart, hoping that the time limit would quickly be reached.

Although they had barely won, they had still won in the end.

A smile appeared on To Bagui’s face.

“Smokeless, good job.”

To Bagui shouted.

“Truly terrifying. It's hard to find anyone in my god race that can compare with Smokeless’ talent…”

Diwuhen praised in his heart.

However, completely different from the excited Diwuhen and To Bagui, as Smokeless came fluttering down from the skies her expression was a bit depressed, and even unhappy.

She was well aware that if the time limit didn’t exist, her chances of winning didn’t surpass 20%.

Ultimately, she was a loser.

She had lost to an opponent of a lower cultivation boundary.

As Smokeless grew up, she had always been the one jumping ranks to fight others. Today was the only time when someone else had jumped ranks to suppress her.

She had only been able to win by utilizing favorable rules. Such a victory naturally couldn’t make her happy.

To Bagui was able to see Smokeless’ thoughts. He said, “You still won. Out of all of us, you’re the only one to have won. Isn’t that enough?”

To Bagui was able to say from a different perspective.

“Smokeless, don’t be so harsh on yourself. During the ancient era, the martial arts civilization was much more prosperous than it is now. Their inheritances were far more powerful and it was a time when countless heroic rivals rose up together. In an environment with so many geniuses fighting together, that would also affect their rate of growth. It’s not something that the conditions of the current era can compare with. If you were born in ancient times, you would certainly be no worse than that woman you faced in the mirror.”

The civilization of martial arts had its rises and declines. The essential reason for such a cycle was because the inheritance of martial arts was easy to sever.

This was because it was impossible to easily copy cultivation method jade slips.

For instance, take True Divinity cultivation methods as an example. These mostly existed as singularly unique copies left behind by their creators. If their descendants wanted to copy it, then they would have to fully comprehend and train in the True Divinity cultivation method. In other words, this was equal to asking someone to cultivate all the way to a True Divinity. The conditions for copying a jade slip of this level were simply too harsh.

In this situation, if a True Divinity died in battle without passing down a jade slip, it was possible for the line of their inheritance to be broken.

In 10 billion years, for all sorts of different reasons, there were many broken inheritances.

It was also because of this reason that some peerless powerhouses would spend a tremendous amount of effort to construct a land of inheritance before their death. This was so they could choose an appropriate successor and permanently preserve their legacy.

As To Bagui comforted Smokeless, the Cold Ice Mirror trembled once more.

A stream of light flashed. This stream of light flew out from the Cold Ice Mirror’s profound surface and into Smokeless’ hand.

“Mm? This is…?”

Everyone was shocked. They quickly looked over.

They could see the light slowly converging into Smokeless’ hand, forming into a circle-shaped object.

This was a bracelet!

Seeing this, To Bagui already guessed what it was. His breathing quickened.

“This is something left behind by Heavenly God Asura!”


The god race martial artists all widened their eyes, their complexions changing. A treasure left behind by Heavenly God Asura; that was serious!

“What is it?”

Everyone circled around Smokeless.

To Bagui excitedly caught Smokeless’ hand, “Let us see!”

Within Smokeless’ hand was a strangely shaped bracelet. This bracelet was like two snakes twisted together. It was dark gold in color and flooded with a mysterious aura.

“True Divinity spirit treasure!”

Diwuhen sucked in a deep breath, a look of envy crossing his face.

Smokeless’ victory had been rewarded with a True Divinity spirit treasure.


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