MW Chapter 1885

Chapter 1885 – True Divinity Spirit Treasure

“Smokeless isn’t planning to passively defend, but to go on the offensive…”

Lanlu commented. In her opinion, delaying for time was a slightly safer choice. After all, victory was there as long as they could pass a thousand breaths of time.

To Bagui remained silent. Lin Ming quietly said, “Delaying for time seems like the safer choice, but the truth is that before the battle has begun, it is the same as already acquiescing that you are weaker than your opponent. That means the battle is already half lost!”

Lin Ming’s words left Lanlu surprised. She reddened a little with shame.

Indeed, to a peak genius, drawing out time would only end in their defeat. For them, what they should do was use their peak strength to confront these ancient geniuses!

However, this was based upon believing in one’s own strength, otherwise it would be the same as trying to break a rock with an egg.

At that time, Smokeless’ opponent stood tall, her face blurry and her body burning with blue-white flames. These flames didn’t emit any heat at all, but rather exuded a chilling cold that made the surrounding void freeze over.

This was a duel between a Great World King and a peak ordinary...

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