MW Chapter 1884

Chapter 1884 – The Past Versus the Present

After Shenku and Lanlu suffered continuous defeats, there were only four people left who had yet to take the challenge.

But in To Bagui’s eyes, of these four people, Smokeless had the highest hopes of success.

His right hand fell on Diwuhen’s shoulder. “I must ask Brother Wuhen, do you think you can win?”

Diwuhen wryly smiled and shook his head. “My talent isn’t much better than Lanlu’s, and my cultivation method is primarily focused on being on the offensive. This virtual opponent in the Cold Ice Mirror doesn’t seem as if my attack method will work on it. The chances of me winning are near zero. But you, your bloodline power is quite special… perhaps… if you bet it all perhaps you might be able to last for a thousand breaths of time?”

As Diwuhen spoke, To Bagui’s complexion also turned earnest. His chances weren’t high, but what he wanted was to further explore the road ahead so that Smokeless would have more time to prepare herself.

“Brother Wuhen, if all of us fail then what will happen? Will we have come to the forbidden land in vain?” To Bagui said, voicing his worries.

They had come to the Asura forbidden land to struggle for lucky chances. But more importantly, they wanted to find a path for the primal god race...

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