MW Chapter 1884

Chapter 1884 – The Past Versus the Present

After Shenku and Lanlu suffered continuous defeats, there were only four people left who had yet to take the challenge.

But in To Bagui’s eyes, of these four people, Smokeless had the highest hopes of success.

His right hand fell on Diwuhen’s shoulder. “I must ask Brother Wuhen, do you think you can win?”

Diwuhen wryly smiled and shook his head. “My talent isn’t much better than Lanlu’s, and my cultivation method is primarily focused on being on the offensive. This virtual opponent in the Cold Ice Mirror doesn’t seem as if my attack method will work on it. The chances of me winning are near zero. But you, your bloodline power is quite special… perhaps… if you bet it all perhaps you might be able to last for a thousand breaths of time?”

As Diwuhen spoke, To Bagui’s complexion also turned earnest. His chances weren’t high, but what he wanted was to further explore the road ahead so that Smokeless would have more time to prepare herself.

“Brother Wuhen, if all of us fail then what will happen? Will we have come to the forbidden land in vain?” To Bagui said, voicing his worries.

They had come to the Asura forbidden land to struggle for lucky chances. But more importantly, they wanted to find a path for the primal god race and celestials in the great calamity!

If they were to fail advancing forwards because of the Cold Ice Mirror and were forced back with nothing in hand, then they would become the eternal sinners of the ancient races for the rest of time, shaming all of their ancestors!

Diwuhen said, “It shouldn’t be like that. When the Asura forbidden zone was opened in the past, there had always been two types of things able to be obtained in the forbidden land. One was a method to rescue our people and another was an individual lucky chance.

“As long as we enter the Asura forbidden land, even if we cannot pass the test set down by Heavenly God Asura, we should still be able to find a way for our races to survive.

“But… if we can pass Heavenly God Asura’s test, then we will each obtain our own lucky chances. In other words, they will be the inheritances that Heavenly God Asura left behind in the past as rewards.”

“I see…” To Bagui let out a breath of relief. “That’s good. Even if we cannot pass the Cold Ice Mirror, it will only be our own loss. It won’t be something that affects our races…”

Speaking here, To Bagui could only force a smile. He laughed, “Heavenly God Asura shouldn’t have thought that 10 billion years later, his descendants would be reduced to our standard…”

To Bagui shook his head, mocking himself. Then, he headed towards the Cold Ice Mirror.

“Senior-apprentice Brother…”

Smokeless called out to To Bagui. Although there was a giant age gap between them, they were actually fellow apprentice brother and sister.

To Bagui turned and smiled at Smokeless, saying, “If I am defeated then you will be the only celestial left. Watch my battle carefully and make sure you come up with some good countermeasures. Your talent far surpasses all others’ amongst the celestials. You should be able to win!”

As To Bagui spoke, he stepped into the Cold Ice Mirror!

To Bagui’s opponent was a middle-aged man. This man wore a plain set of war armor and had a pair of light wings floating behind him.

His entire body was wrapped in flames, and these flames contained runes of the Great Dao that emitted light through the world.

In that moment, To Bagui’s aura changed, as if a God Beast were awakening within him.

He had been renowned amongst the celestials as the Battle Sovereign for a long time already. As a peak Empyrean, his background was as deep as a sea and impossible to discern.

“Too strong, the Battle Sovereign, he… how could he be so strong!?”

Shenku gasped in surprise, his eyes filled with shock. As a middle Empyrean, the difference in strength between him and a peak Empyrean wasn’t considered too far; he could feel just how strong To Bagui was.

He had seen Diwuhen in his peak state before, and he felt that even Diwuhen was much weaker than To Bagui was.

Diwuhen said, “What To Bagui is using is the power of the Sovereign Sun bloodline. His bloodline can light up like a sun and for a short time stimulate all of his hidden potential. But after using this ability, his strength will rapidly disappear, and even his boundary will temporarily drop. It will be hard to restore himself even with ten days of time.

“This is an all-out method that can only be used in desperate times. Normally speaking, To Bagui won’t use it, because once the period passes in which his full potential is released, he will have no further way to defeat his enemy and can only allow himself to be destroyed.”

Diwuhen explained to Shenku.

Shenku said, “So that’s how it is. The Sovereign Sun bloodline… this sort of bloodline is indeed suited for using within the Cold Ice Mirror. As long as he can last for a thousand breaths of time then he’ll be fine. Whether or not To Bagui’s boundary drops afterwards doesn’t matter.

As Shenku spoke, To Bagui had already stopped before his opponent. He was like a towering mountain, his strength boundless. His snow white light wings were as taut as swords, projecting an incomparable sharpness that seemed as if they could cut apart light.

He advanced forwards a step at a time, his footsteps meandering with a strange rhythm. The entire Cold Ice Mirror seemed as if it would shatter, and the light within twisted and rippled.

The two pupils of the two opponents each clearly reflected each other.

In the next moment, a sharp light flashed in their pupils as they both cried out.

They rushed forwards at an incredibly fast speed, carrying with them a dreadful momentum that seemed as if it could trample down everything as they collided together.

With a rise of their hands, their attacks were like violent storms clashing.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Within the Cold Ice Mirror, splendid sparks of light shot out. Violent strength boiled over, crashing forth like tides. Countless arcs of thunder twined on their fists as they collided again and again.

This incredible supernatural might of thunder turned into a torrential rainstorm that fell unto the earth. The entirety of space seemed to be filled with an endless cloud of blinding white lightning.

As if the apocalypse had arrived.

“Senior-apprentice Brother going all-out is… really strong!”

Smokeless held her hands together. Because of To Bagui’s arrogant and fierce stance, she was infected by his zeal, her fighting spirit seething within her blood.

Indomitable, fierce, and not fearing death, this was To Bagui’s martial arts.

He wouldn’t delay for time. Rather, he would use the strength granted by burning his bloodline to brutally fight for 1000 breaths of time!

“The celestials’ Battle Sovereign is really formidable.”

The several god race martial artists couldn’t help but exclaim as they looked on at the battle.


A terrifying power of divinity exploded. Even the void was torn apart by To Bagui’s astonishing attack, with cracks appearing everywhere. The space here was unexpectedly like glass, cracking upon breaking.

However, these spatial cracks soon regenerated, as if they had never existed at all.

400 breaths of time. To Bagui’s attack just then had wounded the virtual opponent for the first time.

A little bit of blood leaked out from the virtual opponent’s chest.

From the first battle until now, this was the first time that the virtual phantom of an ancient genius had been injured.

“He has the upper hand!”

Smokeless shouted, her thoughts tightening. There were still 600 breaths of time left but To Bagui hadn’t shown any trend of slowing down at all. As long as the Sovereign Sun bloodline could last for the full 1000 breaths of time, then he really might be able to pass!

At that time, the virtual opponent changed. The man stood up, his body carrying a deeper, more indistinct aura.

In that instant, it was as if he had changed.

His body was covered with dense runes and electric lights shot out from his eyes. His aura became as deep as the nine nether abyss, impossible to predict.

To Bagui’s pupils shrank. Within his opponent’s eyes, he could feel a horrifying killing intent!


The virtual phantom attacked. Its speed was far faster, nearly impossible to respond to!

Endless supernatural powers turned into all kinds of Great Dao Laws that tore through the void.

Behind the blurry man’s figure, the phantom of a war god appeared, 1000 feet high. This war god was pitch black and it emitted boundless mystic strength, bathed in a mysterious halo of light.

The war god phantom wielded a massive axe that came smashing down at To Bagui.


The void cracked like glass once more. To Bagui spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent tumbling away. Horror and panic filled his eyes.

His body and mind shook. This virtual opponent was only an upper Empyrean, someone with an inferior cultivation to his own, and yet he was so strong!

After suffering a single wound, this virtual opponent had erupted with an even greater strength to directly and heavily wound To Bagui.

To Bagui had seen countless proud children of heaven before, and yet none of them were able to stand side-by-side to the phantom of this ancient genius!

After burning his bloodline strength, he had still been heavily wounded by his opponent. It was then that To Bagui realized he had been defeated, utterly defeated!

In the past, he had once been defeated after burning his Sovereign Sun bloodline. But that was only when his bloodline strength had vanished and he had been extremely weakened.

He had never experienced a moment like today, where he would be defeated by someone else even when he burned his bloodline and was in his most powerful state!

To Bagui gloomily left the Cold Ice Mirror.

His Sovereign Sun bloodline had already dissipated and his entire body felt feeble. He knew that his trip into the Asura forbidden zone had ended; it was impossible for him to go any further.

Just this Cold Ice Mirror was so difficult. Or, perhaps they were just that bad.

“Don’t be disheartened. These virtual phantoms should be almost the strongest geniuses from the ancient era, according to the standards of that time. If this phantom were a real person, they would easily become a True Divinity in the future. It’s not surprising that we cannot compete with it.”

Diwuhen patted To Bagui’s shoulder. He felt that he shouldn’t even try to enter. To Bagui had resorted to using his bloodline strength but even then he had been defeated at his peak state, much less Diwuhen.

“Lin Ming, my god race only has you left.”

Diwuhen ruefully smiled. Lin Ming’s talent had been recognized and strongly approved of by the old God Sovereign. He might be able to create a miracle here.

“Will the Laws you understand be of use here?”

Lin Ming shook his head, “Not a bit.”

Lin Ming’s answer was already expected. Before this Cold Ice Mirror, one could only depend on their true ability. It was impossible to take any shortcuts.

Diwuhen lightly sighed. Their group had been chosen after such a ruckus and they had paid a considerable price in order to enter the Asura forbidden land. If they were only barely able to obtain the method to save their people but returned with nothing else, the resources would really be wasted.

“Smokeless!” To Bagui looked towards Smokeless.

“I understand.” Smokeless nodded. “I won’t lose!”

Smokeless’ voice was confident.

“Good!” To Bagui took a deep breath. He knew that Smokeless would only say this if she were sure of herself. She wasn’t someone to joke around during such times.

At this time, Smokeless had already moved towards the Cold Ice Mirror. She turned and glanced at Lin Ming, a strange expression on her face.

Then, she lifted her foot and stepped into the surface of the Cold Ice Mirror.

Ripples spread out as if on the surface of a still lake. Within the world of the Cold Ice Mirror, Smokeless faced her opponent, another peerless woman who was of similar age. This woman wore a veil and her aura was swift and sharp.

“Even if you are an ancient genius that will become a True Divinity, your cultivation is still lower than mine. I don’t believe that you will defeat me!”

As Smokeless spoke, she took out a four foot long sword from her spatial ring. This sword blade glimmered, seeming as if it could pierce through the hearts of those watching!

Hu - !

Smokeless’ aura erupted. A blue tornado appeared around her. Although this tornado seemed gentle, it contained a dreadful strength. It could tear down a person’s flesh and blood and blow apart their bones!

“Finally, she shows her true skills…”

Lin Ming watched closely. When Smokeless had fought those monsters formed from energy and Law runes, she had only used the strength of her mortal body to fight them.

But now, Smokeless used the full strength of her power of divinity.

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