MW Chapter 1883

Chapter 1883 – Ancient Geniuses

Peerless geniuses from the ancient era, what kind of characters would they be?

It was far too distant a time, and they could no longer be judged. In the various ancient books, it was widely recognized that the ancient era was when the martial arts civilization was at its most glorious. The quality and quantity of geniuses that existed back then far outstripped the present era.

Thus, Lin Ming increasingly anticipated this battle.

“I never thought that I would be able to step into the array formation laid down by the Asura Road Master and cross over 10 billion years to fight geniuses from the ancient past.

“And my opponent’s cultivation is actually lower than mine, at the early Holy Lord realm.”

Lin Ming looked at the youth who gripped a heavy sword within the Cold Ice Mirror, a strange feeling in his heart.

The Cold Ice Mirror determined the cultivation of this virtual opponent based upon the intruder’s cultivation.

Over the years, although Lin Ming had fought those at a lower boundary than him, it had usually been as one-sided massacres. It had never been as today, where he faced a single opponent who had a lower cultivation than him, who he considered a worthy opponent that could even arouse his interest...

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