MW Chapter 1883

Chapter 1883 – Ancient Geniuses

Peerless geniuses from the ancient era, what kind of characters would they be?

It was far too distant a time, and they could no longer be judged. In the various ancient books, it was widely recognized that the ancient era was when the martial arts civilization was at its most glorious. The quality and quantity of geniuses that existed back then far outstripped the present era.

Thus, Lin Ming increasingly anticipated this battle.

“I never thought that I would be able to step into the array formation laid down by the Asura Road Master and cross over 10 billion years to fight geniuses from the ancient past.

“And my opponent’s cultivation is actually lower than mine, at the early Holy Lord realm.”

Lin Ming looked at the youth who gripped a heavy sword within the Cold Ice Mirror, a strange feeling in his heart.

The Cold Ice Mirror determined the cultivation of this virtual opponent based upon the intruder’s cultivation.

Over the years, although Lin Ming had fought those at a lower boundary than him, it had usually been as one-sided massacres. It had never been as today, where he faced a single opponent who had a lower cultivation than him, who he considered a worthy opponent that could even arouse his interest.

“So these are ancient geniuses from 10 billion years ago, and their cultivations are even lower than ours. This Cold Ice Mirror doesn’t seem to think much of us…”

To Bagui crossed his arms against his chest. As he stared at his opponent in the mirror, his aura began to surge and he gathered his potential!

Although his words seemed casual, the truth was that To Bagui didn’t dare to lower his guard in the slightest.

“Ancient geniuses, huh? I’ve long been wanting to experience them. Today is perfect to do so!”

Diwuhen’s eyes flashed with excitement. After all, even if these ancient geniuses were a small boundary lower than them, they were more than enough to arouse their fighting spirit.

“Let me take the lead.” At this time, a god race Empyrean stepped forth.

“Shenku…” Diwuhen’s eyes glittered.

Shenku waved his hand, laughing as he said, “I will explore the way. Let me take a good look at just what sort of strength these ancient geniuses have compared to us.”

As Shenku spoke he tightly gripped his fists, explosive crackling sounds emitting from them.

In the group of six, his talent was the lowest.

However, he was still an outstanding character amongst Empyreans. He had a confidence that was his alone!

Shenku stepped into the Cold Ice Mirror. The mirror gently shivered before swallowing in Shenku.

Shenku’s opponent was a black-caped youth; his cultivation was a lower Empyrean.

Although this virtual opponent appeared as a youth, if they were a real person they would definitely be at least 10,000 years old. Normally speaking, a young Empyrean would appear youthful because their cultivation rapidly advanced.

Hu – hu – hu!

In the Cold Ice Mirror, Shenku and the black-caped youth both spouted out countless flames from their flesh and blood. The aura of the Truefire Great Dao flowed out from them, sweeping across the world.

The two of them were both fire-attribute martial artists.

Moreover, they used the power of divinity.

The so-called power of divinity was a fusion of astral essence, true essence, and spirit essence, three different kinds of origin energy.

The fire that was catalyzed by the power of divinity could burn down the void.


The two figures were surrounded by raging flames. Two brilliant suns smashed into each other!

In the world within the mirror’s surface, no matter how terrifying the fighting was, it wouldn’t affect the outside world.

Moreover, the mirror surface world was boundless beyond compare. It was more than enough for a powerhouse to display the full extent of their strength.

Inside the deep surface, Lin Ming saw flames erupt everywhere, fists and feet blazing about.

Every collision could pierce through a world and scatter the nebulous clouds.

Energy waves swept out in all directions like raging tsunamis, wreaking havoc wherever they went.

The fight was intense. Within the Cold Ice Mirror, Shenku gradually paled.

Purple flames suddenly spouted out from his nose. As they appeared, even the void was pierced through. The surface of the Cold Ice Mirror also faintly distorted.

Every wisp of purple flame turned into a massive purple bird that cut through space, hurtling towards the virtual opponent together.

Unexpectedly, the black-caped youth also spouted out purple flames from his nose. The power of these flames was faintly higher than those released by Shenku.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Another fierce round of combat began.

Shenku was forced back again and again. His physical strength was slowly being consumed, but as for that black-caped youth, the more he fought the more savage he became. The youth’s body burned like a sun and the power behind his strikes became increasingly wild and brutal.


Shenku roared. Flames erupted from his body. He shot towards the black-caped youth like a meteor!

In the surging explosions, the black-caped youth was forced back dozens of miles. His body fluttered backwards like a piece of paper until he finally stabilized himself.

However, upon seeing this, Diwuhen, To Bagui, and the others all fell silent.

In that strike just now, Shenku had held the upper hand. But, the truth was that he had used the mightiest supernatural power that his bloodline could give him. This move could only be used a single time and it also consumed a tremendous amount of life force.

Even so, he hadn’t been able to injure his opponent but had only sent him flying away.

The opponent’s inner energy flow wasn’t disturbed at all. His blood vitality was still vibrant and there was the feeling that he could still fight as intensely as he did!

In comparison, Shenku had used up 60-70% of his strength, unable to continue for much longer. The disparity was clear!


The black-caped youth attacked once more. Shenku barely resisted the attack. This time, the truefire that surged from his bloodline had dimmed by a great deal.

His figure paused in the air. The flames around Shenku turned into wisps that resembled strange-looking tentacles that wanted to pierce through the virtual opponent.

However, as the youth saw this, a sly smile appeared on his face, as if he had a mind of his own.

From the youth’s flesh and blood, runes shined bright, forming a brilliant curtain of light that blocked out all the flames.


With an explosive ring, Shenku gave a stuffy cough as his body was sent blasting away, directly ejected from the mirror world where he fell onto the floor!

Shenku, defeated!

Diwuhen had been quietly counting the time in his mind. That battle just now had only lasted for 20-30 breaths.

But, the requirements to pass the mirror world’s test were to defeat the opponent or last for 1000 breaths of time.

20-30 breaths of time to 1000 breaths of time, this disparity was a little too great.

“So difficult!”

Diwuhen’s complexion was ugly. As for Shenku, he had a bitter and rueful look on his face.

His opponent’s cultivation boundary had even been lower than his own.

The truth was he had already expected that this black-caped youth wouldn’t be easy to deal with. He wouldn’t be surprised even if he lost. But, he hadn’t expected that he would lose so miserably.

The others also felt awed in their hearts. The geniuses of ancient times were truly terrifying!

“Are you alright?” Diwuhen asked with concern.

Shenku shook his head, saying, “This place is for gaining experience; there shouldn’t be any life-threatening dangers.”

After being kicked out from the Cold Ice Mirror, Shenku didn’t immerse himself in the emotions of his loss. If he was able to enter here, that also meant he was one of the chosen prides of heaven; his heart of martial arts was as solid as a rock.

He didn’t say a word. Instead, he swallowed down a pill that overflowed with medicinal fragrance, then sat down and began to meditate to restore his wounds.

The Cold Ice Mirror’s surface began to surge like a flowing river. The virtual opponent that matched Shenku gradually faded away, leaving behind five other virtual opponents.

The people standing outside were momentarily at a loss for words.

Lin Ming’s eyes twinkled. He had deduced the entire fight just now again and again, recording every minute detail of the battle just then.

“This Cold Ice Mirror is indeed amazing. The virtual opponents it produces actually possess their own thoughts and wisdom…”

After a moment of thought, from the faction of the primal god race powerhouses, a slim figure flashed out.

The one fighting this time was Lanlu. Her pupils were like stars and her skin was pale like snow. Her slim and slender figure stood in the dim light of the mirror’s surface.

Across from her, reflected within the constantly changing water bright surface of the Cold Ice Mirror, another peerless woman appeared. This woman wore blue clothes that were in a very simple and plain style. From within her body, the atmosphere of 10 billion years flowed out.

Lanlu’s talent was higher than Shenku’s. But, no one thought she was a match for her virtual opponent.


Diwuhen wanted to stop her but he was too late. Lanlu had already flown into the Cold Ice Mirror.

Her fingers twisted in the sign of an orchid, her thumb touching her middle finger. Where they touched, light began to shine.

One after another, runes began to bloom around her like fresh flowers.

These flowers were flowers of the Great Dao. They emitted beams of light that surged with a mystic strength, forming a solid defense of flower petals.

From the start she had been in a defensive stance; she had no intentions of going on the offensive.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Lanlu’s form divided into two, two into four, four into eight, with more and more appearing until over a thousand copies were there.

Lanlu was actually someone skilled in illusions, and her attainments in this field were extremely high!

“Smart choice.”

Lin Ming nodded.

From the information they were told, one only needed to last within the Cold Ice Mirror for 1000 breaths of time; they didn’t necessarily need to defeat their opponents.

Lanlu judged her own strength and knew she wasn’t a match for her opponent. Then, her decision was to delay for as long as possible.

Thus when facing this unfathomably deep ancient genius, going on the defensive was undoubtedly the best way to preserve the most strength as well as last as long as possible.

Within the Cold Ice Mirror, ripples appeared. A mysterious rhythm of the Great Dao appeared.

The blue-clothed woman stepped forwards. An ice lotus appeared on her fingertip. The attribute she cultivated was the same as Lanlu.


The ice lotus instantly expanded. In a moment, the Great Dao flower blocked out the skies, covering one part of the world.

Countless ice crystals shot out, carrying with them a horrifying power of Laws. They pierced through the void, striking Lanlu’s illusions and crushing them to pieces.


Lanlu’s true self managed to block the ice crystals, but at the same time she exposed her position!

The ice lotus revolved and came suppressing down on Lanlu.

A blinding blue light instantly flooded everyone’s vision.

In the following battle, Lanlu didn’t attack at all. She used all sorts of clever tricks and resourceful defensive techniques and methods to resist the unending onslaught of her opponent.

However, the absolute disparity in their strengths was still there. In just 200 breaths of time, Lanlu exhausted her energy. She flew away, tumbling out of the Cold Ice Mirror in an embarrassing state.

Lanlu had also been defeated. Although she lasted for a longer period, it was still far too distant from 1000 breaths of time.

She had chosen not to attack, but rather rely on her illusion skills to stand on the defensive and delay for time. Even so, she failed!

“What a terrifying opponent…”

“This is the strength of an ancient genius?”

Everyone exclaimed in surprise. Lanlu’s opponent had a lower cultivation boundary and Lanlu had clearly been trying to delay for time. Even so, she had been defeated!

“Even illusions don’t work. Breaking through Lanlu’s illusions requires a great deal of strength, and to destroy Lanlu’s 1000 illusions, there has to be at least 1000 attacks. If it were an ordinary martial artist, the first salvo of attacks would have drained most of their strength. But, the virtual opponent didn’t seem affected at all, and continued to launch a wild barrage of attacks afterwards.”

“The enemy is too strong, this is going to be difficult for us to do!”


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