MW Chapter 1882

Chapter 1882 – Cold Ice Mirror

The Asura forbidden land was an isolated world, incomparably huge.

The group continued forwards. After half an incense stick of time, they encountered more dangers. These dangers were all monsters that were spontaneously evolved from energy which had leaked out from the Asura forbidden zone’s array formation.

They had no solid form to begin with and weren’t too threatening. Lin Ming was able to use the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws to easily kill them.

The Empyreans didn’t help, instead watching Lin Ming and Smokeless fight.

However, no matter how magnificent Smokeless’ attacks were and how beautifully artistic her abilities were, she also seemed a bit clumsy and crude in front of the simple movements of Lin Ming, who looked as if he were taking apart blocks of wood. Although there was clearly an easy method, when it came to her, she had to consume countless times more energy!

Smokeless hoped that they could quickly clear off all these non-threatening monsters and enter the true array formation. As long as they could enter the true array formation, Lin Ming’s little tricks would be of no use and she would be able to display her true talent and amaze everyone.

Slowly, the group ventured further and further in.

The surrounding temperature began to drop. On the ground beneath their feet, snow and ice started to appear. As they entered this region, Lin Ming tried to use the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws to commune with the Asura forbidden zone and find out what was occurring. But, he discovered that the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao in this region had closed up, without the smallest gap for him to peek through.

Although he could still sense the Asura Heavenly Dao, it didn’t resonate with the Asura Heavenly Array Diagram within his body as before.

This caused Lin Ming to immediately put up his guard.

From this point on, the road might not be so easy.

Finding no shortcut, Lin Ming could only honestly follow the four Empyreans and slowly search.

Wind and clouds began to gather in the skies. Snow and ice billowed on the ground.

Gradually, the cold energy became increasingly dense. The power of Laws condensed here, forming a thick plain of ice beneath their feet. Lin Ming could faintly feel that they had already walked into the array formation laid down by the Asura Road Master!

Even after 10 billion years passed, even if the array formation had leaked out a considerable amount of energy, even forming numerous shadow creatures on the periphery, the array formation laid down by the Asura Road Master still left one feeling fearful and apprehensive.

Perhaps even if this array formation were to exist for several dozen billion more years, it still wouldn’t disappear. This was because the array formation itself might draw in energy from the universe to sustain itself and continue revolving.

“Be careful!”

To Bagui and Diwuhen shouted together. They were unable to predict how the grand Asura array formation would revolve, but by relying on their sharp senses as peak Empyreans they were able to feel anomalies occurring here, even without Lin Ming warning them.

Everyone immediately stepped back. At this time, the icy ground tore open!

Ka ka ka!

As massive chunks of ice shattered, a 10,000 foot long ice valley appeared in front of everyone!

One couldn’t see the bottom of this valley. Invisible cold energy rushed out from it and into the skies, as if it could freeze the soul.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The earth roared. From within the icy rift, something seemed to be rising.

The group of six slowly retreated, all of them shocked.

They saw an incomparably smooth ice mirror rise up from the valley, reflecting the entire world.

This mirror was so large it seemed to have no edges. The surface seemed fathomlessly deep. An inexplicably vast aura surged out from within it.

Rosy clouds floated within and the air was filled with a dense fog, beautiful and fascinating. Everything inside was obscured in a dim haze, making it impossible to distinctly see what was occurring within.

Lin Ming stood before the mirror. He could feel a gargantuan attractive force pulling on him, as if countless small hands held fast to his divine soul and wanted to drag him in, the feeling swaying the mind.

Even if he cultivated the Asura Sutra and inherited a great deal of the Asura Road Master’s power of Laws, the power released by the icy mirror still made him feel strange.

This ice mirror was clearly formed by the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. But, it was an infinitely marvelous and unique combination that was vast and complex beyond imagination.

“Could this be…”

Diwuhen furrowed his eyebrows.

“Mm? You know what this is?” To Bagui asked with surprise. Since ancient times, the Asura forbidden zone hadn’t even been opened a handful of times, and each time it opened there was a different situation within so the land itself was still a mystery.

“I’ve only heard some rumors. This seems to be a magic tool that Heavenly God Asura used in the past and left behind in our race’s forbidden land, where it turned into the giant Cold Ice Mirror. As for what it actually is or what it does, I have no idea.”

10 billion years was far too distant a time. A great deal of history had become blurred.

“There seems to be a world within. I feel as if it is summoning us forwards. If I’m not wrong, then all of us must enter.”

Smokeless solemnly said. Although she felt a deep awe towards the Asura Road Master’s array formation, deep in her heart she still felt excitement and anticipation.

She wanted to see just what sort of test the Asura Road Master had left behind.

She couldn’t help but glance at Lin Ming, “We must enter together. Should we go in first?”

Smokeless asked without fear. This was the arrogance possessed by a genius. Because they had confidence in their own talent, they didn’t fear dangerous risks.

The Asura Road Master wouldn’t establish an absolute death trap. As long as it wasn’t a death trap, she had confidence she could pass it.

“If we must enter then let’s enter.”

Lin Ming readily replied, leaving Smokeless a little surprised.

After all, only Diwuhen had heard traces of some long ago rumors… just what was this thing? What would be the result of entering?

No one knew…

But at this time, Diwuhen shouted, “Stop messing around! If anyone is going in first, it will be us!”

Whether it was Smokeless or Lin Ming, they were vitally important to the ancient races. In particular Lin Ming, who was able to repair god decrees. Diwuhen would not allow any harm to come to Lin Ming.

“This is an unknown danger zone. Me and Brother Wuhen have the highest cultivations of us all, so we’ll lead the way.”

To Bagui said, taking a step forwards.

At this moment, his mind shook. This was because on the smooth surface of the Cold Ice Mirror, he could see a dim figure appear. This person wore archaic war armor that seemed to have experienced a gloriously long time as it exuded the endless aura of passing years. When combined with the history of the Cold Ice Mirror, no one doubted that the character reflected in the mirror was the projection of a martial artist from 10 billion years ago.

Ancient martial artist!

Everyone realized, bewildered. It was long ago decided that the era of 10 billion years ago was when the martial arts civilization was at its most glorious golden age. At that time, the ancient races had countless geniuses with formidable talent and their inheritances were richer than in the present. Thus, many outstanding individuals had been born.

Now, they had to fight with these ancient martial artists?

“Defeat your opponent or last for 1000 breaths, either path is victory.”

To Bagui suddenly said. This was the information he just received in his mind.

Hu - !

The figure in the Cold Ice Mirror sat cross-legged in space, his body emitting bursts of blazing flames.

These flames were not ordinary flames, but shot out from this figure’s skin, flesh, and blood. It even contained the infinite true meanings of the Great Dao of Heavenly Fire. The fire runes brought with them the sounds of the Great Dao. As they spun around the figure’s body, they released a dazzling brilliance.

Beneath the light of the winding flames, the person’s appearance became clear.

This person resembled a middle-aged man. He had a pair of light wings behind him, and he was a body formed from pure energy.

“Mm? Ancient Empyrean, and his cultivation is lower than mine…”

To Bagui said, clearly shocked. This person’s cultivation was that of an upper Empyrean. Compared to him, this ancient martial artist was slightly lower.

But at this time, more figures appeared in the Cold Ice Mirror!

In front of each person, a figure appeared!

“This is…”

Smokeless looked at the woman who appeared in the mirror. This other person was also a woman, but her race and looks were different. Only her amazing figure was similar to her own.

This woman wore a veil and her aura was swift and sharp. Her cultivation was slightly lower – it was at the peak of the ordinary World King realm.

Similarly, a youth also appeared before Lin Ming.

The youth’s aura was gloomy and dark. He gripped a heavy sword. As he faced Lin Ming, his body surged with black flames that carried a terrifying demonic energy.

Lin Ming could see that this youth’s pupils were as bright as fresh blood, shining with bursts of killing intent!

This youth’s cultivation was also lower than Lin Ming’s, at the peak of the early Holy Lord realm.

“So that’s how it is, I have to fight him… of us six, we each have to fight a virtual opponent, and their cultivation is also slightly lower than our own.”

Lin Ming immediately understood. The energy bodies in the mirror should be virtual characters created by the Asura Road Master using array formations. But, the standard used must have deferred to the standard of peerless geniuses from the ancient era!

This was because Lin Ming could already feel that the auras these characters possessed were all terrifying!

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