MW Chapter 1882

Chapter 1882 – Cold Ice Mirror

The Asura forbidden land was an isolated world, incomparably huge.

The group continued forwards. After half an incense stick of time, they encountered more dangers. These dangers were all monsters that were spontaneously evolved from energy which had leaked out from the Asura forbidden zone’s array formation.

They had no solid form to begin with and weren’t too threatening. Lin Ming was able to use the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws to easily kill them.

The Empyreans didn’t help, instead watching Lin Ming and Smokeless fight.

However, no matter how magnificent Smokeless’ attacks were and how beautifully artistic her abilities were, she also seemed a bit clumsy and crude in front of the simple movements of Lin Ming, who looked as if he were taking apart blocks of wood. Although there was clearly an easy method, when it came to her, she had to consume countless times more energy!

Smokeless hoped that they could quickly clear off all these non-threatening monsters...

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