MW Chapter 1881

Chapter 1881 – Tricks

The god race and celestials were brother races, but at the same time they also competed with each other. Previously, the celestials had been humbled and paid a sufficient price to barely obtain two spots to enter the Asura forbidden land. Naturally, they were tamping down the grievances in their heart.

After entering the Asura forbidden land with great difficulty, To Bagui hoped that his celestial race would be able to have proud results here.

To Bagui weighed his own strength and felt that he wasn’t much stronger than the god race’s Diwuhen, thus he placed his hopes on Smokeless instead. He hoped that Smokeless would be able to rely on her extraordinary talent to dazzle the world within the Asura forbidden land and obtain the greatest lucky chance here.

As for juniors, there was only Smokeless and Lin Ming.

These two people naturally had to be compared with each other.

Woosh woosh woosh!

From all directions, a number of shadow birds flew forth, blocking out the world. They rumbled towards the group like endless bolts of black lightning.

Now, it wasn’t just Smokeless that acted. To Bagui also moved, however, he didn’t kill these shadow birds but instead casually cut open space and split them up.

His intention was to help temper Smokeless. Isolating some of the shadow birds away was to prevent Smokeless from being surrounded on all sides and suffering too many dangers.


Divine light surged out. Smokeless displayed her mighty supernatural powers. The power of divinity erupted from her body as her two slender palms emitted a brilliant light.

Her palms contained an inconceivable strength, as if they were the sharpest weapons in the world. With a slice of her palm, a massive tract of the void was torn apart like paper, causing an entire part of the sky to be cleared out.

The overwhelming shadow birds were sundered by a single strike of Smokeless’ palms, disintegrating into countless runes!

The god race Empyreans didn’t help, instead allowing Smokeless to do as she pleased. Her attacks were a work of art; it was hard to imagine that such a formidable strength was contained within her delicate body.


Three shadow birds were cut apart. Smokeless’ eyes shined with the light of six stars, as heavy as crashing mountains. All threats were completely blocked and broken by her.

During this process, Lin Ming simply watched from the side, carefully analyzing the Law runes that constituted the shadow birds even as he simultaneously appraised Smokeless’ strength.

Smokeless indeed had the capital to attack the True Divinity realm.


With a light sound, the last shadow bird was shattered into runes. Smokeless drew back her powers, taking a light breath and remaining in high spirits as before.

She walked away from the battlefield. As she passed Lin Ming, she glanced at him.

A beautiful voice suddenly wafted into Lin Ming’s ears.

“This Asura forbidden land is a place to gain experience and temper yourself. Will you only look and not do anything? Then isn’t your trip here in vain?”

Smokeless loftily said. Lin Ming faintly smiled, “Very well. When I watched Miss Smokeless fight those shadow birds, I was also able to deduce some combat methods.”

Lin Ming’s words left the Empyreans surprised.

Smokeless was also a little stunned. In all fairness, Lin Ming’s cultivation was slightly low. For him to fight these shadow creatures was likely a bit too difficult.

Smokeless had intended to only taunt Lin Ming a little but she didn’t think that he would agree. To have him fight these shadow creatures was a tad unfair.

“There’s no need to be brave. You might end up injuring yourself.” Smokeless said. Although it seemed as if she were mocking him again, the truth was that there wasn’t any malice behind her words.

Lin Ming smiled in response. He fiddled with a symbol paper in his hands. After those shadow creatures had exploded, he had gathered their runes.

In the end, these shadow creatures were nothing but spontaneous manifestations of energy released from the array formation of the Asura forbidden land. They were not worth fearing at all.

As everyone moved on, many of them looked forwards to how Lin Ming’s performance would be.

Diwuhen kept his mind locked onto Lin Ming at all times. Taking care of him was an important mission that the old God Sovereign had personally handed down to him. Of everyone present, Lin Ming was the weakest and the Asura forbidden land still contained perilous dangers. As someone able to repair god decrees, Diwuhen couldn’t allow Lin Ming to fall into any danger.

As the group walked several miles forwards, dangers appeared once more.

This time it was no longer birds, but a massive demon wolf. From the aura of this demon wolf it was clearly far beyond the birds from before.

Its blood red eyes stared at Lin Ming and the others, overflowing with killing intent.

“Be careful!”

Diwuhen cautioned. The one to deal with this demon wolf should have been Lin Ming, but he felt that Lin Ming might find this task difficult so he reminded him.


The demon wolf howled and rushed forwards like lightning.

In this instant, the Battle Sovereign and Smokeless’ pupils both shrank as they stared at Lin Ming!

By any reasoning, this demon wolf’s power and momentum was not something a Holy Lord realm genius could deal with. Smokeless believed that if she were at Lin Ming’s boundary, she wouldn’t be a match for this demon wolf.

This was the disparity brought by absolute strength!

If Lin Ming didn’t fight, he was well within his rights.

Smokeless was already prepared to help. But, the demon wolf was too fast. As it hurtled forwards, Lin Ming had already stepped up, standing in front of the group.

“Lin Ming!”

Diwuhen erupted with energy. If Lin Ming wasn’t a match for this demon wolf then he would immediately rescue him!

But in this brief instant, Lin Ming suddenly pressed out his palm and patted down on the demon wolf’s head!


Everyone was shocked. Lin Ming didn’t take out a weapon but instead planned to use his bare hand to deal with the demon wolf!

Even Smokeless rarely frontally collided with enemies when using her palm. Rather, she attacked from the sides.

But in that moment, Diwuhen discovered that Lin Ming’s hand was shining with a pale golden light.

Was that the light of Laws?


For a time, the deafening ring of a bell thundered outwards. Above Lin Ming’s palm, a massive golden light erupted, followed by the energy of countless Laws. It formed a giant wall of sacred writings that blocked him off against the demon wolf!


The demon wolf crashed into the golden wall of sacred writings and emitted a pained howl!

“God decree?”

Diwuhen, the Battle Sovereign, Smokeless, and the others were all shocked. So Lin Ming had been holding a symbol paper in his hands.

The moment that this symbol paper was shot out of Lin Ming’s palm it exploded, forming a golden wall of mantras that blocked the demon wolf.

“This symbol paper… is the one Lin Ming was holding just a moment ago!”

Diwuhen remembered. When Smokeless killed off a massive number of shadow creatures, the others had been watching from the side. Lin Ming was no exception. The only difference was that he held a symbol paper in his hands and collected the scattered runes released by the exploded shadow creatures. From the start, no one cared. They only thought that Lin Ming was collecting these runes to do some research when he returned. But they never thought that after an incense stick of time, the runes Lin Ming gathered could display such a terrifying strength!

As the demon wolf struck the golden wall of sacred writings, it also suffered severe injuries and was dazed for a moment. Lin Ming was quick of hand and eye. He quickly stepped forwards, the Law runes shining in his hands as he repeatedly slapped the demon wolf.

Each one of his attacks hit the weak point in the Laws of the demon wolf’s body!

The demon wolf was originally a spontaneous manifestation of Laws and energy that had seeped out from the Asura forbidden zone’s great array formation. This demon wolf and its body of Laws couldn’t be called solid and could even be said to be filled with holes. Simply put, there was no need for a melee of any sort. As long as he could break apart the rough Law structures then it would wither away and die by itself.


With an explosive sound, the demon wolf blew apart, its body scattering into runes.

Lin Ming gripped a new symbol paper and waved his hand, gathering up all of the runes and sealing them into the symbol paper.

“This is…”

Seeing this, the martial artists present were left speechless.

The demon wolf had been destroyed this easily?

To them, this demon wolf wasn’t considered anything at all. But to a Holy Lord realm martial artist, it was a terrifying existence.

But Lin Ming didn’t seem to use any energy at all to kill the demon wolf. Moreover, he gathered the runes from when it died and exploded so that he could use them again.

This was just merciless!

“He absorbed the runes into the symbol paper and turned it into a god decree…”

An Empyrean said with disbelief. The powerhouses of the god race and celestials all had amazing eyesight. Although they didn’t understand the Asura Laws, they were able to see that Lin Ming didn’t frontally defeat the demon wolf by himself but had relied on certain tricks to do so.

This couldn’t be considered Lin Ming’s true strength.

“You… just where did you learn the inheritance of god decrees? Will you only use god decrees? You cannot rely on your own strength to fight?”

Smokeless said with a flushed face, her words lacking some energy.

When this demon wolf appeared, she didn’t expect Lin Ming to fulfill his words. In fact, she was a Great World King, and her competing like this with a middle Holy Lord realm martial artist was just senseless.

Smokeless only wanted Lin Ming to suffer a little loss once and consider it done, but she didn’t think he would display his skills once again and steal the limelight.

Naturally, Smokeless felt suffocated once again.

“If I have a way to easily handle my enemies, why would I choose a method that requires more work?”

Lin Ming rhetorically asked. Smokeless felt as if something had lodged in her throat.

She could only keep her mouth shut.

Diwuhen smiled. “Little Brother Lin, you obtained the true legacy of the god decrees? Then in this Asura forbidden zone, you should be like a fish in water. There are many dangers here you can use the power of Laws to avoid, right?”

Diwuhen’s thoughts were what the other Empyreans were thinking. If so, then Lin Ming had profited greatly.

Lin Ming shook his head, “Senior Wuhen must be joking with me. How could it be so easy? What I’ve studied is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Asura Laws. Only at certain times can they display miraculous effects.

“Whether it was the shadow creatures or demon wolf that just appeared, they are all formed from energy that has leaked out from the Asura forbidden land’s great array formation and then spontaneously evolved into monsters. Their Law structures are simple and filled with hundreds of flaws. If I break open the Laws within their bodies I can naturally kill them. But, if I faced the true Asura array formation, my superficial skills would be of no use at all. I can only honestly continue forwards as the Asura Road Master intended, without skipping any steps.”

Lin Ming’s words caused the Empyreans to bow. Indeed, if they faced the complete array formation laid down by the Asura Road Master, then everything Lin Ming showed so far would be of no use. If Lin Ming followed them he would also have to accept the test of the array formation in a fair manner.


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