MW Chapter 1881

Chapter 1881 – Tricks

The god race and celestials were brother races, but at the same time they also competed with each other. Previously, the celestials had been humbled and paid a sufficient price to barely obtain two spots to enter the Asura forbidden land. Naturally, they were tamping down the grievances in their heart.

After entering the Asura forbidden land with great difficulty, To Bagui hoped that his celestial race would be able to have proud results here.

To Bagui weighed his own strength and felt that he wasn’t much stronger than the god race’s Diwuhen, thus he placed his hopes on Smokeless instead. He hoped that Smokeless would be able to rely on her extraordinary talent to dazzle the world within the Asura forbidden land and obtain the greatest lucky chance here.

As for juniors, there was only Smokeless and Lin Ming.

These two people naturally had to be compared with each other.

Woosh woosh woosh!

From all directions, a number of shadow birds flew forth, blocking out the world. They rumbled towards the group like endless bolts of black lightning.

Now, it wasn’t just Smokeless that acted. To Bagui also moved, however, he didn’t kill these...

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