MW Chapter 1880

Chapter 1880 – Entering the Forbidden Land

Ten days later, the Empyreans who helped repair the Chain of Calamity had fully recovered. Lin Ming had also restored himself to his peak state.

Today, the Asura forbidden land would be opened.

The list of people to enter the Asura forbidden land had also been finalized. They were – To Bagui, Smokeless, Lin Ming, Shenku, Lanlu, and Diwuhen.

The last four people had been personally chosen by the old God Sovereign. Smokeless didn’t need to be mentioned. Just the Battle Sovereign To Bagui was faintly the number one master of the entire celestial race, but he still had plenty of potential remaining. He was one of the main pillars in resisting this great calamity!

The old God Sovereign led the way. His right hand was held out in front, the Chain of Calamity hanging on the end of his index finger. The Chain of Calamity emitted a misty light that caused the surrounding space to change.

Somewhere in the far off distance, it was as if the end of space and time existed there. Thundering rumbles and vibrating hums continued without end.

This sort of shaking was like the ringing of a bell.

The fluctuations were like a tide. Everyone could feel the powerful fluctuations. These fluctuations even passed through the void, causing surrounding stars to resonate with it.

Within the white grand hall, the primal god race and celestial powerhouses were excited upon seeing this. They all peered deep into the endless void.

Although they couldn’t see anything and could only sense the aging universe and infinite darkness, this couldn’t stop their eyes from heating with enthusiasm.

“After the Chain of Calamity was repaired, the Asura forbidden zone already started to resonate with it.”

An old god race powerhouse said. In the history of the god race, the Asura forbidden land had been opened less than a handful of times. There were many True Divinities who didn’t have the good fortune to see it, and those present had never imagined they would be fortunate enough to live during a time when the Asura forbidden zone would be opened and personally bear witness to it.

“The Asura forbidden land is the holy land of my people. Unfortunately, this holy land will only appear when the god race stands on the precipice of life or death…

“In the past, many outstanding god race members that became True Divinities weren’t lucky enough to enter the Asura forbidden land. But now that it has been opened, my race is already declining and those chosen to enter barely meet the qualifications…”

The god race powerhouse deeply sighed with emotion.

“It’s time…”

The old God Sovereign’s robes whipped about around him. The light projecting from the Chain of Calamity grew ever bright, wrapping everyone within it.

In the next moment, Lin Ming felt the heavens and earth change positions as a spell of dizziness overtook him. As he opened his eyes again he could see that he had arrived in a mysterious realm.

This world was hot to the point where even he found it unbearable.

Looking around, the surroundings were empty. Only at the central region was there a surging mass of lava.

This lava continued without end, seeming as if it were larger than a great world.

Flames occasionally gushed into the air. Each plume of flame was like a burning star that roared into the world.

This sight awed the heart.

“Just what kind of lava is this? How terrifying, even my skin is finding it hard to withstand being baked by the heat…” Lin Ming mumbled, shocked, as he looked at the blazing flames.

The Chain of Calamity hovered above this mass of lava, releasing a mystical sound.

And the flows of lava also emitted shockwaves that stirred up an inexhaustible amount of lava. The sounds echoed into the air, resonating with the sound coming from the Chain of Calamity.

The movements within the flowing lava became increasingly intense. Waves of the dao appeared like twisting dragons – the Great Dao of Freezing Cold, the Great Dao of Deep Water, the Great Dao of the Heavens and Earth…

As these dao fluctuations appeared, the surrounding lava was frozen, swallowed, or neutralized with some other method. Soon, this area began to rapidly clear.

Rumble rumble rumble.

Slowly, as more dao fluctuations gushed out, waves of chilling and withering aura shot outwards. At the deepest depths of the lava, a vast mysterious space was revealed.

The entrance was dark and deep. Lin Ming could feel something familiar coming from it; the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws was overflowing from within.

The Asura forbidden zone, an ancient ruin left behind by the Asura Road Master, had finally been opened!

Lin Ming felt increasingly sure that the third emperor jade he was searching for was located in this ancient ruin.

“This feeling, could it be the ‘fate’ that the Asura Road Master spoke of? If so, then I must obtain this emperor jade of fate no matter what.”

Lin Ming gripped his fists. To him, the most valuable treasure within the Asura forbidden zone was the emperor jade of fate. It was something that involved the complete inheritance of the Asura Road Master. And with the complete inheritance of the Asura Road Master, Lin Ming could become that much stronger to fight the invasion of the saints!


The old God Sovereign’s profound eyes touched over everyone’s faces. He waved his sleeves and an enormous strength caught hold of everyone. Lin Ming and the others were immediately sent tumbling into that vast space.


After entering the Asura forbidden land, the moment that Lin Ming felt solid ground he couldn’t help but be surprised.

After all, he had gone to the Asura Road. That world could be considered as overflowing with life, countless existences freely wandering about. But in the world he was in now, there was only a pale yellow star above him that emitted a faint glow.

The surrounding light was dim. Dark gray clouds piled up high in the skies, locking out the light and casting the world into an eternal twilight.

This was a dead world. The feeling it gave off was that of a great world having reached the end of its existence, soon to collapse into nothing!

In everyone’s eyes, they could see giant obelisks rise into the heavens like towering mountains.

The Tomb of the Left King Longya, the Tomb of Heaven’s Son Yongun, the Tomb of God King Luho…

“Left King Longya was a peerless genius from almost 10 billion years ago. Afterwards he disappeared without a trace, but he actually died here…”

“Heaven’s Son Yongun was rumored to have been the strongest peerless genius of my race in ancient times. He had high hopes of following the Asura Road Master’s steps…”

The celestial and primal god race powerhouses were stirred to emotion as they looked upon these graces in front of them.

Those that died here were all once world-shaking existences of the primal god race.

It had to be known that they existed billions or even 10 billion years ago. Even through the unimaginably long river of time, they were still recorded here as before. It was obvious from this how strong they had been in life.

As a martial artist walked upon their own road, travelling their own journeys, they would often regard the great existences of the past as their own goal.

Now that they saw these once fabled characters quietly turned to grave soil in front of them, fading from the world, they felt 10,000 different emotions cross their hearts.

The passing of the years was the most terrifying weapon of all!

The tombstones that marked the graves were ominous, like mountains that pressed upon the hearts of those present. It was as if these tombstones were trying to show them that the destiny of the god race and celestials had already reached its natural end.

Strong winds howled, as sharp and grating as knives as they grinded against the rocks on the ground.

Although these strange winds wouldn’t injure these people, it still made them intuitively feel that this land was far bleaker and more dangerous than they had thought.

However, those that could enter here were all individuals with great wisdom and courage. Their hearts of martial arts were as solid as stone, almost without the slightest flaw.

Although this scene was depressing, it couldn’t shake their confidence.

Suddenly, from deep within the earth, an icy cold strength quietly spread out.

The sandy and rocky earth began to frost over at a speed visible to the eyes.

“Be careful.” Battle Sovereign To Bagui said.

A giant figure suddenly leapt out, its body was miles long. It hurtled into the group of people.

Lin Ming’s eyes shined with a sharp light as he immediately discerned what it was. This monster that leapt out was similar to a vicious beast, but it was invisible and intangible, nothing but a mass of shadows.

And in the shadows were two glowing red eyes, making it seem bizarre and horrifying.

Its strength was majestic and razor sharp. As soon as it appeared it lashed out, causing a shockingly deep fissure to be torn through the ground.

This sort of dreadful momentum that seemed as if it could split apart everything left everyone feeling chilled.

Within the group of people, a slim figure rushed out. Her hair flapped behind her like a black waterfall and her two eyes were like brilliant moons, emitting a dazzling coldness.

Her fingers flickered as she produced several seals. Red wings flashed behind her, breaking open the void as she collided with the shadow beast.


A powerful shockwave blasted out and black blood spewed into the skies.

Even though the celestials’ proud elite Smokeless seemed delicate, she was able to erupt with an astonishing degree of strength.

She was like a god king that descended to the world. Her skin, flesh, and blood exuded a blinding brilliance. Her fists struck out so hard that even the air in front of her shook, as if she were some invincible being.

The horrifying shadow beast that seemed as if it could tear apart all actually cracked apart beneath her fists. It began to wail as its body disintegrated.

The shadows exploded at once. The many dark moon-shaped runes that covered its body dispersed into the air, even as they began to break apart beneath the furious strength.

With a loud bang, the massive shadow beast had been dissolved into countless runes that scattered into the world.

This monster was originally a being formed by a Law force field.

Seeing this, Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. He had clearly seen that Smokeless had used her body, in particular her fists, to commune with the world. She saved up a tremendous amount of the Great Dao’s primal power in order to make such an earth-shaking blow.

The intensity of her mortal body left one flabbergasted.

And the celestials were similar to the god race in that their essence, energy, and divine were all powerful. If Smokeless’ mortal body had been cultivated to such a degree, what heights did her ‘energy’ and ‘divine’ reach?

As Lin Ming observed Smokeless, he faintly felt that what she excelled in the most was not bodily strength but perhaps ‘energy’ or ‘divine’.

If she only used her mortal body to fight, then she was simply trying to hide her true talents.

“Truly worthy of being the ally of the primal god race. The celestials are also the favored children of the heavens and earth.”

Lin Ming exclaimed in his mind.

But at this time, after the strange shadow was eliminated, Smokeless’ lightning sharp gaze swept over Lin Ming, a light provocation within it.

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He could see a slight smile on Smokeless’ lips.

Before repairing the Chain of Calamity, Lin Ming had stepped into the limelight by displaying his skills. Afterwards, even the celestials’ Battle Sovereign To Bagui had to speak to Lin Ming in a humble tone.

This had left Smokeless feeling ill in her heart.

But now, she was able to give vent to these feelings. This was because in the Asura forbidden land, one’s progress clearly depended on one’s martial strength. And in terms of her own strength, Smokeless was absolutely confident in herself!

By depending on her mortal body alone she was able to erupt with such strength. If she exhausted all of her hidden cards, then with her Great World King cultivation she would be able to protect herself and flee against the weakest of Empyreans.

“No wonder the Battle Sovereign was willing to pay such a deep price to bring Smokeless into the Asura forbidden land.”

Diwuhen nodded from beside To Bagui. His status wasn’t much different from To Bagui’s.

“Smokeless’ strength is far beyond this, let’s slowly watch. If this road isn’t too dangerous, then let’s not help. Allow the younger generation to clear the way.”

To Bagui folded his arms across his chest, a smile on his face. As he spoke, his gaze, either by design or accident, swept over Lin Ming.

In truth, there were only two of the so-called ‘younger generation’ here – Smokeless and Lin Ming.

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