Chapter 188 - Na Shui’s Thoughts

Chapter 188 – Na Shui’s Thoughts

Listening to Na Yi’s question, Lin Ming cracked a smile. He guessed the so-called Eye of the Witch God was Yan Mo.

He said, “Everything I experienced in the Divine Kingdom was an absolute mess. I did see the Eye of the Witch God there. There is a fortuitous chance within the Divine Kingdom; if you work hard, then there is a chance that you will be selected. If you do, then your power will grow by leaps and bounds.”

Lin Ming didn’t mention that he had passed the seventh floor; that would simply be too shocking for everyone.

“I… I can also go?” As Na Yi heard Lin Ming’s words, her heart started to crazily beat within her chest. Day and night, she longed for strength. Not only did she want to get revenge for her parents, but she also wanted to rebuild her Na Tribe. If possible, she even wanted to avenge her master.

However, her master’s enemy was a middle Houtian realm master; the distance between them was simply vast, to the point that she might never achieve this goal in her entire life!

But what if she was given the chance to go to the Divine Kingdom? That meant that she would become a master at least as powerful as Na Yanda!

She might even step into the Xiantian realm!

When that time came, regardless of the reconstruction of the Na Tribe or the death of all her enemies,...

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