MW Chapter 1879

Chapter 1879 – The Celestials’ Concessions

Realizing the function that Lin Ming’s ability to repair the god decrees would have for the war situation, every god race Empyrean’s eyes began to shine.

At this time, even if those like the Great Elder were envious of Lin Ming, they were also excited. This was a monumental matter that concerned the life or death of their race!

Compared to the survival of their people, the interests of an individual were secondary.

“Lin Ming, did repairing the god decree cause any bodily harm to you?”

The old God Sovereign asked. He was worried that doing so had caused Lin Ming to overdraw on his life.

Lin Ming shook his head. “I’ve just used up a bit of my energy and soul force. I should be able to fully recover after several days.”

In the presence of so many people, Lin Ming extended the required recovery time a little.

The truth was that he only needed one or two days to restore himself, and if the old God Sovereign helped him then the time period needed would be even shorter.

“Great! Then you can sit in meditation and restore yourself. Afterwards I will give you another god decree for you to repair. Once we collect three, we will open the Asura forbidden land. This is a great favor that you have done for my god race; we shall never forget this!”

The old God Sovereign’s face lit up. With his usual demeanor, he rarely lost his calm like this.

“Your Majesty God Sovereign has no need to speak so seriously. The god race’s war with the saints originally concerns the fate of my human race. If junior helps the god race to the full extent of my abilities, that is also helping my own people. It’s something that should be done to begin with.”

Lin Ming’s voice was humble and without the least bit of trying to take credit. This point caused many god race powerhouses to develop a favorable impression towards Lin Ming. According to common sense, if Lin Ming were able to repair god decrees for the god race then he should also be able to propose any condition he wished; this was entirely within reason.

“Ningchu, Legion King, Skylift, Diwuhen! The four of you prepare yourselves! After Lin Ming repairs the three god decrees you will then repair the Chain of Calamity! With the Laws contained within the god decrees and the joint energies of your four, there shouldn’t be any problems repairing it!”

The old God Sovereign immediately spat out the names or titles of four Empyreans. These four Empyreans were the strongest within the entire primal god race. And amongst them, Diwuhen was the strongest but also the youngest.

The four Empyreans stepped forwards as one, respectfully standing behind the old God Sovereign.

Amongst the four of them, three were the old God Sovereign’s disciples.

Seeing this situation, To Bagui could no longer remain silent.

The worst possible situation had occurred – the old God Sovereign was planning to cast aside their celestial race!

In terms of inheritance lineage, the truth was that the celestials were also part of the Asura Road Master’s lineage. The difference was that 10 billion years ago, the celestials were nothing but a vassal race, a minor branch to the god race.

If they could enter the Asura forbidden land, that was naturally a tremendous advantage to the celestials.

But now, he watched as the god race members busily gathered around Lin Ming, as if the celestials had nothing to do with this matter.

“Your Majesty God Sovereign!”

To Bagui anxiously shouted.

“Oh? What matter does the Battle Sovereign have to say?” The old God Sovereign smiled, his expression filled with meaning.

The winds and the tides could change at a moment’s notice. The celestials had been aggressively pushing the god race, but now the roles had been overturned. Now it was the celestials that were struggling to find a foothold. And, this ridiculous change was all brought about by a junior; it was simply incredible.

To Bagui glanced at Lin Ming with a strange complexion. He said, “Your Majesty God Sovereign, there is no need for us to play around with words. My celestial race desires two spots. Any conditions Your Majesty wishes can be considered.”

To Bagui said, getting straight to the point. He was already prepared for a massive hemorrhage.

The truth was that the celestials and god race were brother races. With the great calamity before them, the two could be said to be dependent on each other. If uniting as one wasn’t enough to win the war, if they were to even fight, that would only mean defeat would come that much quicker.

It was impossible that the old God Sovereign didn’t understand this point. To Bagui didn’t want to waste his time with idle banter.

From looking at the allocation of resources alone, the god race only needed four spots; anyone else entering would be a waste. At the same time, what the celestials needed the most were two spots. For this reason they were willing to pay a deep price. After all, even blood brothers had to settle accounts between themselves.

“I want two of the three god decrees.”

The old God Sovereign said, pointing towards the three upper True Divinity god decrees laid in a row.

He didn’t intend to take advantage of someone when they were down. Before, the celestials had wanted to use these three god decrees to exchange for three spots, coming out to one spot per god decree.

Now that the celestials wanted two spots, the old God Sovereign demanded only two god decrees. This was a completely justified request.

“Thank you…” To Bagui said, feeling ashamed in his heart. His voice lacked energy. He didn’t know if Lin Ming had the ability to repair upper True Divinity god decrees, but if he did then their power would truly be heaven-defying!

After thinking for a little, he said, “I would like to ask Little Friend Lin here to repair the god decrees of my people. I wonder if…”

Because Lin Ming had exposed a part of his strength, To Bagui became increasingly respectful when he spoke of Lin Ming.

“This is something you can discuss directly with Lin Ming. I have no right to make decisions for him.” The old God Sovereign smiled, looking towards Lin Ming.

For a time, the eyes of the celestial martial artists turned towards Lin Ming.

“Little Friend Lin…”

To Bagui hesitated. As the number two figure within the entire celestial race, he eagerly yet helplessly looked at Lin Ming, as if begging with his eyes.

Lin Ming calmly responded, “I can naturally repair god decrees for the celestials, but… if I were to do so I would also have other conditions. We can discuss them in detail when the time comes.”

“Naturally… my celestial race won’t have Little Friend Lin help for nothing.”

To Bagui smiled as he spoke. But as this sight fell in Smokeless’ eyes, it made her feel uncomfortable.

The celestials were an ancient race and they had a once glorious history. Even though they had declined in the present era, the bloodline of the celestials was still not something that the spiritas, humans, or saints could hope to compare with. Thus, the celestials had a pride that belonged to them alone, a pride that was engraved into their bones!

But now, To Bagui as a peak Empyrean was actually speaking so politely to Lin Ming, a Holy Lord. And this Lin Ming didn’t even seem to be appreciating such kindness. This made Smokeless feel ill to her stomach.

“This boy… I have no idea what lucky chance he obtained that he is able to repair the god decrees, but he actually reaches for a yard after taking an inch…” Smokeless indignantly thought. “What a pity that his cultivation is too low. Otherwise, if he and I were at the same cultivation realm I would definitely have challenged him!”

Currently, Smokeless wasn’t convinced by Lin Ming at all. But she didn’t reveal her emotions, and instead only icily glared at Lin Ming.

At this time, Lin Ming had already moved towards a quiet room; he intended to meditate and restore himself.


Several days passed. Lin Ming had repaired three god decrees!

And on this day, it was time to repair the Chain of Calamity!

The old God Sovereign’s black pupils sparkled with a mystic power, causing the surrounding palace to tremble in tune with him.

The air hummed. The massive pillars that rose up all over the palace emitted massive beams of energy, weaving together to form a pure energy space. From afar, it looked like a giant translucent crystal, isolating out everything with absolute certainty.

Repairing the Chain of Calamity was a monumental event that couldn’t receive any disturbances at all.

A crystalline enchantment shrouded down, covering the four strongest god race and celestial powerhouses, sheltering them from any outside influence.

Since the celestials had decided to join in, the people who would repair the Chain of Calamity had also changed. With the help of the celestial powerhouses, the chances of success were much higher.

Lin Ming stood at the side, his eyes gazing into the spherical energy crystal.

The four powerhouses stood above the Chain of Calamity. They held the three god decrees that Lin Ming had repaired in their hands.

Each god decree contained dense strands of the 33 Heavens’ Great Dao aura. This incomparably pure aura gushed out endlessly, making the hearts of those watching quicken.


A god race Empyrean was the first to move. Blood shot out from the pores of his arms.

This was the pure god race bloodline. It contained the aura of endless years, standing testimony to the primal god race’s once glorious civilization.

The blood bloomed with incandescent light. In the midst of this light, one could hear dragons roaring and phoenixes keening.

Even though Lin Ming was standing a hundred feet away, he still felt a pressure as heavy as a mountain exude from that blood, making him feel oppressed.

“This is the pure bloodline strength of the god race… incredible, it far surpasses the bloodline inherited by the saints…”

Lin Ming’s eyes fixated on the blood, unblinking. His soul force surged within him and the surrounding pressure weakened by a great deal. The bloodline power released by a peak Empyrean was difficult for even an ordinary World King to withstand.

The pure drop of god race blood slowly floated in the air, as if it were an ancient and solemn star shining in the skies. It emitted a distant and boundless strength before hurtling into a god decree.

After the god decree absorbed the god race Empyrean’s blood essence, a crimson glow lit up the world. The mystic power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws within turned into runes that rumbled like massive tumbling mountains.

Faintly, one could see towering and hulking god kings appear, sitting on the runes, their pupils shooting out a terrifying light even as their monstrous blood vitality raged within them.

The god decree emitted a phantasmal voice that seemed to come from times long past, as if the god decree were coming to life.

Soon after, the other powerhouses followed suit. They offered their own bloodline power to blend into the remaining god decrees.

The god decrees shined with an increasingly bright light, as if they were exploding stars. The entire grand hall was wrapped up in a blinding luminosity.

This was the power of a True Divinity spirit treasure. When Empyrean spirit treasures were born they would often summon heavenly tribulation, much less a True Divinity spirit treasure.

Light completely blinded Lin Ming for a moment. But, Lin Ming didn’t need to see with his eyes at all. Rather, he could sense that within the light, a terrifying amount of energy was being formed and destroyed along with all sorts of sparkling runes…

This white light shined for an entire day and night before slowly dimming down.

As the white light vanished, the energy sphere also faded away.

The four god race and celestial powerhouses were pale. Their auras had diminished compared to the start.

They all sat on the ground and began meditating, restoring themselves.

At this time, a faint sound rang through the air, as if it came from the world itself. It was remote and mysterious.

A snow white lotus flower flowed within these sound waves, blooming in the void.

At the furthest edges of the pitch black skies, a mysterious black road appeared, stretching all the way to the grand hall.

At the end of this great road, the Chain of Calamity glistened with endless power. It was wrapped in a mysterious aura as it suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

It was impossible to unravel the mysteries within.

“A True Divinity magic tool has been reborn. An auspicious sign appears.” On the old God Sovereign’s aged face, a happy smile appeared.

The Chain of Calamity had been repaired. Now, all that was left was to open the Asura forbidden land.

Perhaps the Asura forbidden land would offer them a chance to turn the tide in this great calamity!  


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