MW Chapter 1879

Chapter 1879 – The Celestials’ Concessions

Realizing the function that Lin Ming’s ability to repair the god decrees would have for the war situation, every god race Empyrean’s eyes began to shine.

At this time, even if those like the Great Elder were envious of Lin Ming, they were also excited. This was a monumental matter that concerned the life or death of their race!

Compared to the survival of their people, the interests of an individual were secondary.

“Lin Ming, did repairing the god decree cause any bodily harm to you?”

The old God Sovereign asked. He was worried that doing so had caused Lin Ming to overdraw on his life.

Lin Ming shook his head. “I’ve just used up a bit of my energy and soul force. I should be able to fully recover after several days.”

In the presence of so many people, Lin Ming extended the required recovery time a little.

The truth was that he only needed one or two days to restore himself, and if the old God Sovereign helped him then the time period needed would be even shorter.

“Great! Then you can sit in meditation and restore yourself. Afterwards I will give you another god decree for you to repair. Once we collect three, we will open the Asura forbidden land. This is a great favor that you have done for my god race; we shall...

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