MW Chapter 1878

Chapter 1878 – New

The god decrees had existed for so many billions of years and yet no one had been able to completely understand them, much less improve or copy them.

But now, reality was laid out before them. Lin Ming had actually referenced the three upper True Divinity god decrees to transform an ordinary True Divinity god decree. This was simply incredible!

Let alone To Bagui, even the god race’s old God Sovereign was utterly shocked.

The old God Sovereign had lived for innumerable years and his judgment had reached a nearly omniscient level. He intuitively felt that Lin Ming was extraordinary.

But no matter what his intuition told him, he never would have imagined that Lin Ming could repair god decrees.

The light bloomed increasingly strongly, completely covering Lin Ming within it. The mysterious Asura Law runes danced in the air. Lin Ming’s hands raced through the skies, the speed of his movements becoming faster and faster!

Beneath the gaze of all present, the energy fluctuations within Lin Ming’s god decree also...

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