MW Chapter 1877

Chapter 1877 – Repairing the Decree

Lin Ming stood before the black stone table, a mere three feet away from the god decrees. He stood still, allowing his divine sense to sink into them.

The celestial powerhouses all had thoughtful smiles on their faces. As for the primal god race powerhouses, they all had complex moods; they felt as if they were being seen as jokes by the celestials.

“What are you all thinking? This Lin Ming isn’t even a part of our god race. Even if he shames himself here, it has nothing to do with our god race!”

Heaven’s Son Morin indignantly said.

“Let him be. If he loses face then that is the same as his Majesty God Sovereign losing face, but since His Majesty had consented to this then there is nothing we can do.”

The Great Elder said with finality before composing his mind.

And at this time, Lin Ming didn’t pay attention to the reactions of the many powerhouses around him.

He had already entered into the fused martial intent state, his mind completely focused on the three wrinkled yellow god decrees before him. In his eyes, a mystical aura began to gradually flow over from them.

He could see the revolution of the Asura Heavenly Dao. Faint traces continuously...

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