MW Chapter 1877

Chapter 1877 – Repairing the Decree

Lin Ming stood before the black stone table, a mere three feet away from the god decrees. He stood still, allowing his divine sense to sink into them.

The celestial powerhouses all had thoughtful smiles on their faces. As for the primal god race powerhouses, they all had complex moods; they felt as if they were being seen as jokes by the celestials.

“What are you all thinking? This Lin Ming isn’t even a part of our god race. Even if he shames himself here, it has nothing to do with our god race!”

Heaven’s Son Morin indignantly said.

“Let him be. If he loses face then that is the same as his Majesty God Sovereign losing face, but since His Majesty had consented to this then there is nothing we can do.”

The Great Elder said with finality before composing his mind.

And at this time, Lin Ming didn’t pay attention to the reactions of the many powerhouses around him.

He had already entered into the fused martial intent state, his mind completely focused on the three wrinkled yellow god decrees before him. In his eyes, a mystical aura began to gradually flow over from them.

He could see the revolution of the Asura Heavenly Dao. Faint traces continuously circulated within the god decrees.

These three god decrees were the work of ancient upper True Divinities; they were far beyond normal. With Lin Ming’s current level of strength, it was absolutely impossible for him to create imitations of them.

But, just comprehending the truths within and polishing some of the flaws might actually be possible!

After all, the Laws were interlinked and Lin Ming had obtained the true legacy of the Asura Road Master. In particular, after he entered the ancient galactic battlefield within the Akashic Dream World, his comprehension of the Asura Sutra and his ability to utilize the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws had reached frightening degrees.


Suddenly, a strange light flashed through Lin Ming’s face. He could feel his divine sense falling into an endless black hole, as if he were being sucked in by the energy of the god decrees.

“The celestials’ three god decrees have eroded through 10 billion years of time, and sections of the Great Dao that formed them have been damaged. Thus, in the lines, there are energy black holes that swallow my divine sense…”

Understanding what was happening, Lin Ming didn’t take back his sense. Instead, he allowed it to revolve around the energy black hole, constantly deducing how to repair it.

“These are True Divinity level god decrees after all. My ability is lacking, but I should be able to unravel some of the Laws…”

Lin Ming’s eyes became increasingly bright. Without noticing it, over an hour had passed.

To the martial artists present, this amount of time wasn’t anything at all. Since they believed Lin Ming was playing games with them, they started to become impatient.

“Your Majesty Battle Sovereign, how long will we continue waiting?”

Smokeless asked. She wasn’t impatient, but she simply felt that for so many powerhouses to surround a junior and watch him play around with treasures and also wait for such a long time, this scene was far too stupid.

And at this moment, Lin Ming suddenly stopped.

He looked towards the old God Sovereign and said, “Your Majesty God Sovereign, do you have a god decree drawn up by an ordinary True Divinity? I would like to reference it.”

Lin Ming had made far too many requests, again and again playing tricks. Many people felt they were nearing the limits of their endurance.

Looking at these three god decrees wasn’t enough, but now he wanted to play around with the old God Sovereign?

The old God Sovereign didn’t refuse him nor did he ask Lin Ming what he wanted to do with an ordinary True Divinity god decree. He simply flicked his fingers and with a flash, a god decree flew out from his spatial ring, shooting towards Lin Ming.

If a martial artist could break through to the realm of True Divinity, that meant their talent was enough to overwhelm all, far surpassing all others in the vastness of space.

There were few True Divinities as it was, and upper True Divinities were even rarer. Even in ancient times this was also true.

Thus, there were correspondingly few god decrees left behind by upper True Divinities. As for god decrees left behind by ordinary True Divinities, there were many more of them.

After the old God Sovereign tossed out the ordinary True Divinity god decree, Lin Ming grasped it in his hand. He placed it between his middle finger and index finger, probing it with his sense.

A god decree left behind by an ordinary True Divinity was far simpler.

And at the same time, over the last 10 billion years these god decrees had also been eroded by time. The Great Dao lines had received minor damages.

As for the strength within these god decrees, a great deal had leaked out!

However, a True Divinity was still a True Divinity. Even if the strength had leaked out, the god decrees drawn by a True Divinity could not be compared to those drawn by an Empyrean.

This was because the height of the Laws was completely different.

Lin Ming investigated this god decree for another hour. Many of the celestial martial artists had reached the end of their fuse.

“He’s playing so many tricks.”

Someone derided. But, seeing that To Bagui was calmly watching without any worry, these people also silently waited.

“Let him stumble around until he falls over. At that time, I wonder if the god race will still fight for his spot?”

“Mm, at that time the god race’s old God Sovereign won’t have anything to say about it either!”

Thinking that they would receive the spot from all of this, many of the celestial Empyreans began to warm up with happiness.

Of the three spots for the celestials, the Battle Sovereign would take one, and the second would undoubtedly go to Smokeless. But as for the last spot, they all had a chance to obtain it!

Such a lucky chance, who wouldn’t desire it?

As all these people were plotting their strategies, at this time, Lin Ming suddenly stirred. He placed the old God Sovereign’s god decree together with the three other god decrees.

The four god decrees were lined up together.

At the same time, Lin Ming began to activate the Asura Heavenly Dao Diagram within his body.

The dao diagram had been obtained from the Asura Road’s final trial and had fused together with his flesh and blood. It was equal to creating a miniature Asura Road world within his body, allowing him to utilize the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws as he pleased.

And most importantly, this dao diagram had been personally created by the Asura Road Master, and the Laws contained within it were the most primitive and fundamental true meanings of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

Omm –

As the Asura Heavenly Array Diagram began, Lin Ming’s aura started to change, as if the essence of the 33 Heavens’ Heavenly Daos was gathering unto him.

Within his skin, his flesh, his bones, infinite Asura Heavenly Dao Law runes began to sparkle, releasing limitless mystical strength.

“Mm… this is…”

In the grand hall, whether it was the primal god race or celestials, their ancestors were all from the lineage of the Asura Road Master. Now that Lin Ming suddenly erupted with the aura of the 33 Heavens, they were left bewildered.

This mysterious aura as well as these incomparably familiar yet plain-looking runes… how could Lin Ming be able to use them?

The most source Law runes of the Asura Heavenly Dao flashed, as if they were the peaks of towering mountains.

Each peak released endless light and a boundless might, as if a rumbling river of stars was surging into the middle of the god decree.

And the object Lin Ming chose was the god decree the old God Sovereign had lent to him.

As the originally silent and motionless god decree felt the most primitive power of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, it began to awaken like a great beast stirring from its deep slumber.

With a loud humming sound, light shot out from the yellow god decree.

Each ray of light was as deep as a sea, shaking the world.

These beams of light seemed immensely powerful, but as they pierced Lin Ming they went straight through his body without affecting him at all.

As this strange scene fell into everyone’s eyes, even those that didn’t want to admit it couldn’t help but acknowledge that Lin Ming had his own peculiar methods.

As the power of the god decree was energized, Lin Ming found an opportunity. His hands traced exquisite arcs in the air, causing a wisp of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws to change paths and flow into the middle of the god decree.

The path of this wisp of light was unpredictable. The power of strange Laws surged, heartily wandering within the god decree.

“What is he doing?”

Many people felt that something was wrong. At this time, no one dared to look down on Lin Ming again.

They could clearly see that Lin Ming was carving a rune into the god decree!

This was a god decree left behind by a True Divinity? How could a mere Holy Lord leave a rune atop it?

Lin Ming’s ten fingers flashed, his face solemn. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead and temples. As his understandings into the internal structure of the god decree became more profound, he became increasingly alarmed.

A trace of his life essence followed along the ghostly path of the god decree’s Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. It was like he was continuously bumping into an endless wall of steel.


After a long period of time, he suddenly saw a trace of damage within the interior of the god decree.

In terms of repairing divine runic symbols, Lin Ming could be called a veteran. His fingers slowly swiveled in the air as he formed beautiful runes that constantly marked the area where the Law lines were broken.

Within each path, an infinite number of changes was possible.

To repair these divine runic symbols that had existed for 10 billion years already, Lin Ming didn’t even need materials, because the materials were already gathered and readied; they had all been incorporated into the symbol paper.

Everything would be fine as long as Lin Ming could rewrite the damaged Laws.

Lin Ming focused his mind, constantly deducing the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws and patching up the damages…

However, these were still god decrees drawn up by True Divinities. Even a minor repair not worthy of mention required Lin Ming to use up a tremendous amount of energy. Not only did he need to thoroughly comprehend the Laws, but he needed to supplement them with an enormous amount of the power of divinity.

To Lin Ming, this was a gigantic use of energy.

More and more sweat tumbled down Lin Ming’s forehead.

But at the same time, he continued to repair. The god decree emitted a brilliant light, blazing to the eyes and making one unable to look directly at it.

Lin Ming’s figure was enveloped in this radiance, making him seem blurry.

“He… what is he doing?”

Whether it was the martial artists of the god race or celestials, they were all stunned.

Even an Empyrean couldn’t understand Lin Ming or the Laws he was using.

Although they couldn’t understand, they were still all people with extremely sharp vision. This light and the charm of these Laws were not only mysterious but contained unimaginable truths within.

What Lin Ming was doing, none of them could understand.

“Something’s wrong! No… this… the power within the god decree is increasing!”

A celestial powerhouse’s eyes popped wide open. He could clearly feel that in the blazing light, the god decree beneath Lin Ming’s hands was slowly strengthening!

That ordinary True Divinity god decree was now slowly overtaking the three god decrees created by an upper True Divinity!

How was this possible!?

“Could this boy have referenced our celestial race’s god decrees to transform the old God Sovereign’s god decree and make it stronger!? Am I dreaming here!?”

To Bagui suddenly thought of this possibility. But, this was a completely absurd conclusion, one he couldn’t accept at all!



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