MW Chapter 1876

Chapter 1876 – Lin Ming’s Request

“Smokeless… indeed has the qualifications to enter the Asura forbidden land.” A faintly happy smile continued to hang on the old God Sovereign’s face. The invincible glory that billowed from his body hadn’t weakened in the slightest.

“Haha, many thanks for the praise, Your Majesty God Sovereign!”

To Bagui laughed and the celestial powerhouses also smugly glanced at each other. The primal god race’s old God Sovereign had an extraordinarily high level of judgment. It was rare for any youth amongst the god race to be praised by him.

But just now he had praised Smokeless twice. This was more than enough for the celestials to feel proud of her.

“Smokeless, hurry and thank His Majesty God Sovereign.” To Bagui said to Smokeless. He was satisfied with her display of strength just now.

Smokeless smiled at the God Sovereign and bowed, then returned to the ranks of the celestials.

Looking at Smokeless, the old God Sovereign nodded. “Very good.”

These two words were brief and succinct, each word heavier than gold.

“However…” The old God Sovereign changed the topic, “Of those that I chose, the child Lin Ming also possesses the qualifications to enter the Asura forbidden land. His talent is almost the highest I have seen in my life…”

The old God Sovereign’s words shocked all the martial artists present.

“Almost the highest he has seen in his entire life?”

None of them dared to think that the old God Sovereign would use such words to describe Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was also dumbfounded. In truth, he had never exposed his true strength in front of the old God Sovereign, so he didn’t know why the old God Sovereign had come up with such an estimation.

This judgment was just a bit too incredible, right!?

“Your Majesty God Sovereign’s assessment is indeed high!” To Bagui faintly smiled. But, he didn’t believe in the old God Sovereign’s words. He felt that the old God Sovereign couldn’t back down from his words, thus he had forcibly elevated Lin Ming with praise.

Between Lin Ming and Smokeless, it was obvious who had the qualifications to enter the Asura forbidden land. Ignoring their talent, Smokeless’ cultivation was far higher than Lin Ming’s. In addition to that, for better or worse, Smokeless was also part of the ancient remnant races and Lin Ming was a human. In terms of bloodline, Lin Ming didn’t have any advantage at all.

“Talent can only be determined through competition, but… what a pity, little friend Lin’s cultivation doesn’t seem too high. There is no way to compare their talents.”

To Bagui’s voice was faintly mocking, as if he were deriding Lin Ming’s cultivation.

If Smokeless was also a middle Holy Lord, she could fight a round with Lin Ming. But currently, Smokeless was a Great World King, an entire large boundary higher than Lin Ming. If they fought, wouldn’t that just be bullying?

Let alone the celestial powerhouses, even the powerhouses of the god race didn’t believe the old God Sovereign’s words; his words seemed completely unfounded.

The old God Sovereign was left speechless. The current scene had left him in a dilemma. He truly hoped that Lin Ming could obtain one of the spots. This wasn’t just because Lin Ming had returned the Chain of Calamity, but because his talent was also extremely high. Moreover, Lin Ming was the successor to Empyrean Primordius and also shared a strand of fate with Heavenly Empress Xuanqing.

These were all reasons why the old God Sovereign favored Lin Ming, but they weren’t every one.

Lin Ming was able to obtain the Chain of Calamity and pass through multiple universes to safely arrive at the primal god race, at the time when they needed to open the Asura forbidden zone the most.

The difficulty to accomplish this, just how great was it? The old God Sovereign felt that Lin Ming was fated to enter the Asura forbidden land.

As if the reason he passed a trillion trillion trillion miles was all in order to enter the Asura forbidden land.

With such a fate supporting him, it was highly likely that Lin Ming would find his good fortune within the Asura forbidden land!

But now, the celestials had hidden their depths and had revealed the miraculous woman known as Smokeless.

Smokeless was clearly very young, even younger than the primal god race’s Heaven’s Son Morin. Yet, her achievements were higher than his. Her potential was infinite.

“The calamity has arrived, so how come such youths with unlimited potential haven’t appeared within my primal god race… perhaps the destiny of my god race has really come to its natural end…”

The old God Sovereign silently sighed.

“Your Majesty God Sovereign, have you made your decision? Will you agree to the request of my people?” To Bagui aggressively asked. If the old God Sovereign didn’t agree then they would have no means to enter the forbidden land.

The celestials weren’t trying to be threatening; it was also because the god decrees were far too valuable.

For a time, the eyes of everyone focused on the old God Sovereign.

Facing pressure from the celestials, facing Smokeless’ infinite potential, and with the invasion of the saints behind all of this, if the old God Sovereign continued to choose Lin Ming to enter the Asura forbidden land, then he would inevitably have to bear the consequences of doing so. His prestige would suffer a major blow.

Seeing the old God Sovereign remain silently lost in thought for such a long time, Lin Ming hesitated for a moment and then stood up.

“Your Majesty God Sovereign, to discuss the spots to enter the Asura forbidden zone before repairing the Chain of Calamity, that seems far too early to do so. Wouldn’t it be better to repair the Chain of Calamity and then discuss matters again?” Lin Ming said in a bass voice, his words thick with sincerity.

For a time, everyone in the grand hall turned to Lin Ming.

“Repair the Chain of Calamity first and then discuss the spots? Heh, are you suspecting that even with my race’s god decrees, the Chain of Calamity still cannot be repaired?”

To Bagui coldly sneered, “If my celestial race helps repair the Chain of Calamity, what will happen to that spot?”

“Your Majesty Battle Sovereign seems to have misunderstood. I am not suspecting whether or not the celestials have the ability to repair the Chain of Calamity, but am only thinking of other possibilities. Perhaps your repair method might not be the best method…”


Lin Ming’s words caused the celestial martial artists to glare at him in rage. The god race martial artists were also left speechless.

Could this Lin Ming have gone mad? As a Holy Lord, he was wondering whether the many celestial Empyreans possessed the ability to repair a True Divinity spirit treasure?

Those that could help to repair a True Divinity spirit treasure were all upper or peak Empyreans. Moreover, god decrees left by superior True Divinities had to be used. How could a mere junior think of questioning the process!?

“Who gave you the courage to dare question us? How ridiculous!”

To Bagui’s words became gradually colder. Because the old God Sovereign appreciated Lin Ming, he had given several points of respect to Lin Ming. He could feel that there was something unusual with Lin Ming, otherwise how could the respected old God Sovereign hold him in such high esteem?

But as To Bagui heard Lin Ming’s current words, he only coldly humphed again and again.

This junior was arrogant to the point of stupidity!

On the side of the god race, the old God Sovereign also faintly frowned. He didn’t know what Lin Ming was thinking, but he didn’t think that Lin Ming would do something muddle-headed like this.

“Although your words are stupid to the point that I don’t even want to bother arguing with you, since you’ve said them, I will personally demonstrate the ability of my celestial race. If my people can smoothly repair the Chain of Calamity, you will give us your spot!”

As To Bagui spoke, he placed the three god decrees on the black table.

Lin Ming had already seen the celestials’ god decrees. These three god decrees were indeed left behind by outstanding existences amongst True Divinities!

True Divinity. In the current 33 Heavens, only peak races possessed them, and there were only a scant several of them. Even in ancient times 10 billion years ago, they were still extremely rare existences.

As for outstanding True Divinities, they were even rarer!

Moreover, only the lineage of the Asura Road Master was able to leave behind god decrees. And with the endless flow of time, in the current age, the god race and celestials had an extremely limited number of god decrees in hand.

The three god decrees in front of To Bagui had been safely preserved for 10 billion years already.

No matter how powerful a force field, no matter how powerful the Laws, after such a long time it was inevitable that there would be weakening.

From 10 billion years ago until now, these god decrees had already fallen by a level.

The god decrees created by upper True Divinities might only be as strong as those created by ordinary True Divinities.

Originally, in order to repair the Chain of Calamity, the truth was that using ordinary True Divinity god decrees was more than enough. But as the power of Laws within the god decrees slowly faded away, only the god decrees left behind by upper True Divinities would work.

After carefully observing these three god decrees, Lin Ming who had been standing behind the old God Sovereign suddenly walked forwards. “May I look at one of these god decrees?”


The celestial Elders were enraged. “Human brat, you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew. The god decrees are 10 billion years old, supreme treasures passed down from generation to generation amongst my people. They are incomparably sacred treasures. Moreover, each one has immeasurable influence within the Primeval Universe. Do you think you can look at one just because you want to? If you damage a single one, not even a thousand deaths can make up for it!”

“I only want to probe with my divine sense, I won’t move it at all. If the god decrees are so fragile that they will explode by being touched by my sense, how could they still be used to face your enemies? I fear that if you took one out when you face the saints, it would already be blown to ashes by the Empyreans or True Divinities of the saints before you could activate it.”

Lin Ming’s words were slightly mocking. The numerous celestial powerhouses angrily glared at Lin Ming. So many Empyreans were present and yet a mere Holy Lord realm boy was brashly talking like this in front of them. Wasn’t this too improper?

And at this time, To Bagui waved his hand, quelling the anger of the celestial powerhouses. He looked at the old God Sovereign first and saw that he didn’t have any intention to stop Lin Ming, but instead allowed Lin Ming to continue disgracing himself.

If so, then he didn’t plan on giving the old God Sovereign any face either. He sneered and said, “How interesting. If you didn’t have one of the spots to enter the Asura forbidden land then I wouldn’t be bothering with you to begin with. Since you wish to take a look then I will let you do so. I would also like to see what sort of mess you will make and just how you’ll settle things then!”

As To Bagui spoke, he pressed his hands on the black stone table. The three god decrees slowly fluttered in front of Lin Ming, falling three feet before him.

The power of divinity gathered around the god decrees, slowly forming a black force field. As they agreed, Lin Ming wouldn’t be able to touch them, and even if he wanted to he couldn’t pass this force field.

“Your Majesty God Emperor, what is he thinking? Our god race will become a laughing stock to the celestials…”

The god race powerhouses didn’t know what Lin Ming could possibly accomplish. But, the old God Sovereign seemed to be tacitly allowing his actions.

“Even the previous God Sovereign wasn’t able to perceive anything, so what can this human brat do?”

The many god race Empyreans were left speechless. The god decrees had been passed down for so many years. Not to mention the ancient past, even just a billion years ago there had been a god race God Sovereign who had broken into the realm of True Divinity and had studied the god decrees, but in the end his efforts had come to nothing.

And the truth was that he had used a 1000 thousand years to deduce many of the Laws.

These Laws formed a self-contained system. They seemed perfect, each one mutually complementing others, as if there were endless possibilities in how they could grow.

But… it was still no use!

A perfect set of Laws that couldn’t be learnt by everyone, that couldn’t attack, couldn’t defend, and couldn’t even be used in alchemy or anything else, what was the use of it?

Thus, the god decrees could not be perceived nor could they be copied. They could only be considered one-time use magic tools. Every time one was used, there was one less in existence!


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