MW Chapter 1876

Chapter 1876 – Lin Ming’s Request

“Smokeless… indeed has the qualifications to enter the Asura forbidden land.” A faintly happy smile continued to hang on the old God Sovereign’s face. The invincible glory that billowed from his body hadn’t weakened in the slightest.

“Haha, many thanks for the praise, Your Majesty God Sovereign!”

To Bagui laughed and the celestial powerhouses also smugly glanced at each other. The primal god race’s old God Sovereign had an extraordinarily high level of judgment. It was rare for any youth amongst the god race to be praised by him.

But just now he had praised Smokeless twice. This was more than enough for the celestials to feel proud of her.

“Smokeless, hurry and thank His Majesty God Sovereign.” To Bagui said to Smokeless. He was satisfied with her display of strength just now.

Smokeless smiled at the God Sovereign and bowed, then returned to the ranks of the celestials.

Looking at Smokeless, the old God Sovereign nodded. “Very good.”

These two words were brief and succinct, each word heavier than gold.

“However…” The old God Sovereign changed the topic, “Of those that I chose, the child Lin Ming also possesses the qualifications to enter the Asura forbidden land. His talent is almost the highest I have seen in my life…”

The old God Sovereign’s...

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