MW Chapter 1875

Chapter 1875 – Smokeless

The three ordinary and wrinkled yellow symbol papers seemed to contain an infinitely enchanting charm, gathering the gaze of all the primal god powerhouses present.

A strange light leapt into the old God Sovereign’s eyes. Inside, a black vortex seemed to swirl. A beam of black light shot out, lingering atop the pale yellow symbol paper.

His eyes contained the power of strange Laws. They were able to pierce through stars and gaze through the vastness of space, but upon touching the yellow symbol papers, they only shook a little before calming down.

“These really are god decrees left behind by ancient celestial God Sovereigns. The Laws inside can be used to repair the Chain of Calamity.” The old God Sovereign smiled, nodding his head.

As the other powerhouses of the primal god race saw how powerful these common-looking god decrees were, they let out sighs of relief.

The celestial powerhouses had smug expressions crossing their faces.

The Chain of Calamity was a True Divinity level magic tool. After being damaged, the Great Dao Laws inside would also be harmed.

And those Great Dao Laws were also of the True Divinity level. It was basically beyond the capabilities of an Empyrean level powerhouse to repair it.

Even if they used rare...

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