MW Chapter 1875

Chapter 1875 – Smokeless

The three ordinary and wrinkled yellow symbol papers seemed to contain an infinitely enchanting charm, gathering the gaze of all the primal god powerhouses present.

A strange light leapt into the old God Sovereign’s eyes. Inside, a black vortex seemed to swirl. A beam of black light shot out, lingering atop the pale yellow symbol paper.

His eyes contained the power of strange Laws. They were able to pierce through stars and gaze through the vastness of space, but upon touching the yellow symbol papers, they only shook a little before calming down.

“These really are god decrees left behind by ancient celestial God Sovereigns. The Laws inside can be used to repair the Chain of Calamity.” The old God Sovereign smiled, nodding his head.

As the other powerhouses of the primal god race saw how powerful these common-looking god decrees were, they let out sighs of relief.

The celestial powerhouses had smug expressions crossing their faces.

The Chain of Calamity was a True Divinity level magic tool. After being damaged, the Great Dao Laws inside would also be harmed.

And those Great Dao Laws were also of the True Divinity level. It was basically beyond the capabilities of an Empyrean level powerhouse to repair it.

Even if they used rare materials to bond the Chain of Calamity, in order to renew the Laws within they would have to use an upper True Divinity level god decree to make it whole once more.

Repairing the Chain of Calamity wasn’t a simple task.

Every step had to be brought to the peak of perfection.

First, one had to discern just how many threads of Great Dao Laws within the Chain of Calamity were damaged, and then one had to extract the corresponding Great Dao Laws from the god decrees, fusing them together with the True Divinity magic tool to repair it.

But in order to achieve perfect synchronization, the fusion process required a massive amount of time and effort. At the least three or four upper Empyreans would have to work together.

In the primal god race, they also had god decrees passed down through their people. But, the god decrees in the hands of the primal god race didn’t have sufficient Laws to repair the Chain of Calamity.

That was unless they used… the god decrees left behind by the Asura Road Master himself.

But the Asura Road Master’s god decrees were the greatest weapons the primal god race had to deter and frighten the saints. How could they possibly use them to repair the Chain of Calamity?

In this sort of situation, the primal god race could only seek help from the celestials.

And it was because of this that the primal god race readily agreed to the terms and gave two entry spots for the Asura forbidden land to the celestials.

Looking at the god decrees, the god race martial artists nodded together.

At this time, the old God Sovereign said, “If there is no problem, then we shall begin repairs now.”

To Bagui hesitated for a moment, not answering.

“Oh? Is there some problem?” The old God Sovereign’s eyes looked towards To Bagui. His eyes seemed as if they could see through everything.

“My apologies…”

To Bagui shook his head. The primal god race members were stunned. At this critical moment could it be that the celestials planned to renege on their previous agreement?

“A situation has arisen within my people. Before coming here, there was a meeting of the high level figures within my race…” To Bagui said, sounding a bit chagrined.

“Get to the point.”

The old God Sovereign still had a kindly expression, but his eyes became several points sharper and fiercer, making it so that others didn’t dare to look at him.

To Bagui took a deep breath and frankly said, “Everyone here should be aware just how precious the god decrees are to our ancient races. Using one means there is one less, and they aren’t things that can be duplicated. For numerous hundreds of millions of years, whether it is the celestials or god race, there were many superbly talented individuals who had given everything to research these god decrees. However, even True Divinities weren’t able to unravel their mysteries, as if something has always been missing…

“My celestial race has far too few of these god decrees remaining. With the saints invading the Primeval Universe, because of the bigger picture, we celestials are willing to take out these three god decrees to repair the Chain of Calamity. This is a great risk to us. So… I hope we can obtain another spot to enter the forbidden land…”

To Bagui’s words seemed as if he were trying to negotiate, and one could even sense an incomparably sincere and friendly tone to them. But from how overwhelming his eyes were, the god race martial artists knew that this matter was something the celestials had decided far in advance, and they also wouldn’t budge on this issue either.

For a time, the entire meeting site was stirred into a great uproar. Many primal god race martial artists felt suffocated within their chests, as if their hearts were being set on fire!

Just what sort of lucky chance was the Asura forbidden land? And there were only six spots! Moreover, it was originally a lucky chance that belonged to the primal god race. For them to give the celestials two spots was already showing them extreme favor. But, they didn’t think that the celestials would try to take a yard after taking an inch, and would ask for another spot.

“The conditions have already been decided beforehand!” The god race Elders angrily said.

“I understand that, but when the conditions were drawn up that was in a situation where the main body of the Chain of Calamity had yet to be found. That is something which concerns the previous generation, and at the time, the great calamity hadn’t begun yet. Aren’t the god decrees also precious? However, every situation has to be considered on its own merits. Now, the god decrees concern the survival of my people!

“As for violating the previous agreement, my race will provide sufficient compensation. Moreover, I believe that the juniors of my celestial race will not waste this spot. At least, they will be a far better choice than certain individuals.”

As To Bagui spoke, his eyes glanced towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming frowned. He was perplexed at being suddenly drawn into this mess. But, with his cultivation and also as a human, it was normal for him to be rejected by others again and again.

He looked towards the three god decrees.

Without a doubt, these were divine runic symbols drawn and left behind by ancient True Divinities 10 billion years ago that were part of the Asura Road Master’s lineage.

And according to what To Bagui said, these divine runic symbols could not be reproduced. This was because even if there was a True Divinity present, none of them had the ability to use the Asura Heavenly Dao within the 33 Heavens.

Extrapolating from what To Bagui said, they had always been missing a certain ‘something’.

Thus, even if they studied the divine runic arts, none of them were able to copy the god decrees.

To Bagui looked at Lin Ming. Many others also turned to Lin Ming.

After the anger that flashed over the god race martial artists disappeared, a complex gloating expression reappeared in their wake. Although the celestials had broken their promise and slapped the god race in the face, this was a matter that didn’t concern them. The one that should be worrying the most was that young human boy.

Many people were already unhappy that the old God Sovereign had designated Lin Ming as one of the people to enter. But because they were overwhelmed by the old God Sovereign’s pressure, none of them dared to argue this point.

Now with the celestials exerting their own pressure, if one person had to be removed from the four chosen, that person would be Lin Ming!

Otherwise, the old God Sovereign’s apprentices wouldn’t agree with him either.

Now, how would the old God Sovereign deal with the situation?

“Battle Sovereign, your conditions are far too much!”

The Great Elder frowned as he spoke, but his tone was quite amiable. If this were before then he wouldn’t have shown such goodwill to the celestials. But now that the entire Primeval Universe was facing a great calamity, they really did need to win over the celestials.

“With the great calamity descending upon us, the god decrees are also important to my people. If we cannot obtain another spot then we would rather not enter at all. After all, it is unknown what any of us can obtain from the forbidden land! With the god decrees, a single additional one will guarantee the survival of my people that much more.”

To Bagui refuted, leaving no room for compromise. He wasn’t joking at all.

“And besides…”

To Bagui suddenly flicked his fingers and a mote of dazzling light shot out. The mote of light rapidly spun in the air, growing until it became a white jade palace.

The front doors of the palace opened and a peerless woman flew out. Her figure was extraordinary and her face was shrouded in mystical light. Countless runes flashed around her like a storm of sand, making one unable to see her clearly.

Her wings were shining red, like billowing flames. Her entire body exuded an unpredictable rhythm that seemed to beat in harmony with the surrounding world.

Her cultivation was at the Great World King realm.

“Celestial Goddess Smokeless greets the seniors of the god race.”

The woman’s voice was like the keening of a phoenix. Every word she spoke seemed to be condensed from the true meaning of the Great Dao, floating up and down in the void as they shined with infinite understandings.

It was clear she was displaying her strength to its limit. For a Great World King to expose their strength in front of a crowd of Empyreans, that was an extremely arrogant and bold move to begin with. But, this woman named Smokeless indeed had the capital to do so!

“At just the Great World King realm boundary, she has the momentum of an Empyrean. Moreover, just her words seem to resonate with the Laws in this ancient grand hall… this woman is terrifying. If she has enough time she will become a True Divinity!”

As Lin Ming observed this celestial woman, a brilliant light flashed in his eyes.

Whether it was the god race or the celestials, neither of them had True Divinity powerhouses any longer. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have remained passively taking the attacks of the saints. If there really was a junior with high hopes of becoming a True Divinity, then this was unimaginably valuable to the god race and the celestials!

As the other primal god race powerhouses saw the strength displayed by this woman, their lips began to twitch. What Lin Ming saw, they naturally could see too.

The celestials actually possessed a junior with the talent and potential to become a True Divinity in the future!

It was no wonder that they requested another spot; it seemed it was all to support this woman named Smokeless.

Heaven’s Son Morin tightly gripped his fists, goosebumps rising all over his body. Without a doubt, this celestial woman, whether it was in strength or talent, was far above him!

“How hateful… I am already faintly inferior to that Lin Ming, but I’ve never truly fought him so I might not necessarily lose. But now, I am an entire level lower than this Smokeless. I just cannot summon the courage to contend with her!”

Heaven’s Son Morin hated everything to the extreme. Being the number one junior of the god race sounded glorious, but the old God Sovereign hadn’t placed him in his eyes. Even the God Sovereign mark had been given to the outsider Lin Ming.

“Smokeless? I remember now…”

The old God Sovereign’s voice seemed to echo in the air. “The Celestial Patriarch found you, a little baby girl frozen in ice, within a land of extreme cold… your origins are strange and afterwards you went out to adventure but it was said that you died. I never imagined that when the great calamity arrived, you would return safely and your strength would have risen yet again…”

The old God Sovereign looked at Smokeless and slowly nodded. “How rare, how rare… after experiencing a catastrophe and not dying, you instead made a breakthrough. Your future achievements are without limit. In all my years, I didn’t expect such an outstanding character to appear once more…”

The old God Sovereign’s voice was touched with a trace of sadness. The ancient remnant races had indeed declined.

In the far off past, they once ruled the entirety of the 33 Heavens. Even if the saints and spiritas were added together, they had still been several of times stronger. But now, they didn’t even have a single True Divinity.

“Your Majesty God Sovereign, what do you think of Smokeless? Does she have the qualifications to enter the Asura forbidden land?” To Bagui asked with a smile.


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