MW Chapter 1874

Chapter 1874 – God Decrees

The first three spots were basically impossible to compete for, because Shenku, Lanlu, and Diwuhen had a momentum that was far too strong. It wasn’t difficult to imagine them being chosen.

But the fourth spot was different – there were far too many candidates!

Even Heaven’s Son Morin had a chance.

Although Lin Ming looked down on Morin’s talent, that was only because his level of judgment was far too high. Towards those geniuses that couldn’t become True Divinities in the future, he felt they were all so-so.

In fact, according to the current trend of development of those within the god race, Morin had high hopes of becoming a peak Empyrean.

The title of Heaven’s Son wasn’t in vain.

But, he was far too young and his cultivation was only at the World King realm. Even if his strength increased he still wouldn’t be helpful in the great calamity. Thus, he worried, afraid that the old God Sovereign wouldn’t choose him.

And now the old God Sovereign seemed to be particularly looking after Lin Ming, making him even more anxious.

“His Majesty God Sovereign shouldn’t have lost his mind so badly to give such an important spot to an outsider!”

At this time, many people were sharing the same...

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