MW Chapter 1874

Chapter 1874 – God Decrees

The first three spots were basically impossible to compete for, because Shenku, Lanlu, and Diwuhen had a momentum that was far too strong. It wasn’t difficult to imagine them being chosen.

But the fourth spot was different – there were far too many candidates!

Even Heaven’s Son Morin had a chance.

Although Lin Ming looked down on Morin’s talent, that was only because his level of judgment was far too high. Towards those geniuses that couldn’t become True Divinities in the future, he felt they were all so-so.

In fact, according to the current trend of development of those within the god race, Morin had high hopes of becoming a peak Empyrean.

The title of Heaven’s Son wasn’t in vain.

But, he was far too young and his cultivation was only at the World King realm. Even if his strength increased he still wouldn’t be helpful in the great calamity. Thus, he worried, afraid that the old God Sovereign wouldn’t choose him.

And now the old God Sovereign seemed to be particularly looking after Lin Ming, making him even more anxious.

“His Majesty God Sovereign shouldn’t have lost his mind so badly to give such an important spot to an outsider!”

At this time, many people were sharing the same thoughts as Morin. The Great Elder patted Morin’s shoulder, indicating for him not to be worried.

The Great Elder also fantasized about being chosen, but he felt his chances weren’t too high.

The high level figures of the god race were divided into internal an external positions. Internal positions were Elders; they managed internal affairs. The external positions were war generals, responsible for managing the battlefield.

The ones that the old God Sovereign chose were all war generals. Elders, even the highest of Elders, basically had no hopes.

“The last spot…” The old God Sovereign folded his hands behind his back, his profound eyes sweeping over the faces of those present. “The last person is… Lin Ming!”

The old God Sovereign’s voice was calm; this was something he had already long known about.

However, no one else had been aware of this. Their reactions were intense.

This was a single stone throw bringing up a thousand waves!

Lin Ming!?

Not to mention the god race, even the celestials weren’t able to conceal their astonishment. They were extremely familiar with the powerhouses of the primal god race, and those that entered the Asura forbidden land had to be the strongest powerhouses as well as those with the most latent potential.

For instance, although the old God Sovereign was powerful, his potential had come to an end, so he wouldn’t enter.

As for Lin Ming, he was clearly at the middle Holy Lord realm and they had never heard his name before.

“The one the God Sovereign chose… could he be a hidden bloodline descendant?” The celestials’ Battle Sovereign To Bagui asked. He looked at the old God Sovereign with puzzlement in his eyes. But in that wizened old face which looked like a well that had never been stirred, he couldn’t discover any useful information at all.

“No, something’s wrong, that youth isn’t of the god race, but… an alien race?”

This discovery astonished To Bagui.

As for the powerhouses of the god race, they were no longer able to sit still!

The invasion of the saints, the arrival of the great calamity – entering the Asura forbidden land could be called the final chance for the primal god race to resist the saints.

Priority for such a valuable chance first needed to be given to Empyreans that could help in the war.

And if a spot was to be given to a junior, that spot should at least be given to a genius of their own race. How could they give such a massive lucky chance to an outsider?

After the shock came the anger.

“Your Majesty God Sovereign, I cannot understand this!”

An Elder directly stood up. To question the God Sovereign was deeply disrespectful, but in such chaotic times many people couldn’t attend to these formalities.

“I beg Your Majesty God Sovereign to reconsider.”

Another Elder stood up.

The Great Elder and Heaven’s Son Morin were forcefully holding themselves back from standing up. Heaven’s Son Morin’s eyes had turned blood red and his fists were gripped so tightly that blue veins stuck out. He grit his teeth, holding in his words.

Other powerhouses of the primal god race spoke in turn, their words deeply sincere.

But, the old God Sovereign only said, “Have you all forgotten who brought back the main body of the Chain of Calamity?”

Without a doubt, Lin Ming had done a great favor for the god race.

“Of course I remember…” At this time, the Great Elder spoke up, “When Lin Ming first came to our god race, I was the one who received him, but… these matters must be separated. Lin Ming passed through multiple universes to return Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s Chain of Calamity to us – this benevolence, our god race will remember. But it cannot be forgotten that the Chain of Calamity originally belonged to our god race to begin with, so Lin Ming was simply returning something to its rightful owner. To pick up someone’s wealth and return it, isn’t that just the correct moral action?”

What the Great Elder said was absolutely justified. His eyes swept towards Lin Ming. Lin Ming only remained silent, not refuting this point.

The Great Elder smiled with victory. He continued to say, “Your Majesty God Sovereign, our god race aren’t those that forget favors or don’t know how to express thanks. Regarding Lin Ming, I believe we should heavily reward him. The god race has many treasures, and these can be granted to him at will, and even ancient divine techniques can be wholeheartedly taught to him. But, the Asura forbidden land was left behind by the ancestor of our people. In order to enter, one needs the accumulation of destiny. As a human, Lin Ming doesn’t possess the god race bloodline at all. If he enters the territory of the Asura forbidden land he will not be able to penetrate as deeply as the young elites of our primal god race. It is simply a waste of nature’s gifts.

“And with the great calamity approaching, Lin Ming is only a junior with a middle Holy Lord realm cultivation; there isn’t any use for him at all. The spots are limited… I ask Your Majesty God Sovereign to please think carefully of this decision.”

The Great Elder’s words were approved by many god race martial artists present.

Not to mention those that had hopes of struggling for the fourth spot, even those that didn’t have any hopes of entering the Asura forbidden land didn’t want to see a human like Lin Ming take away one of the lucky chances of their people.

For a time, many Elders stood up, opposing the God Sovereign.

Seeing this scene, the Great Elder was more than satisfied. His words were truly reasonable and matched common sense; they were sure to win the approval of the others.

At this time, Heaven’s Son Morin also stood up, his voice filled with energy, “Your Majesty God Sovereign, if you wish to compensate Sir Lin then I, Morin, am willing to help. My clan will contribute more than enough treasures…”

If he could enter the forbidden land, Morin didn’t mind bleeding a little. Regarding this, Lin Ming only faintly smiled. The treasures of Morin’s clan? To Lin Ming, they might only be dregs unworthy of mention.

However, he didn’t argue. He knew that with his current status, speaking was in vain.

At this time, the old God Sovereign straightened himself and lightly said, “I am only informing you of the decision I made, not discussing it with you all. I will not be reconsidering this matter. Those that oppose will be handled according to the rules of our people.”

The old God Sovereign’s voice was slow and meandering, as if he were talking about something immaterial. But, no one could raise their voice to resist him!

For a time, all the god race martial artists froze.

The old God Sovereign had mentioned the rules of their race!

If they followed the rules of the race, then this was naturally the rule that said the God Sovereign could not be disobeyed. This was no minor charge.

Within the god race, the old God Sovereign was kind and wise, loved by many. But if he became severe, he left people shivering in fear!

Although he was old, he possessed absolute authority within the god race. No one dared to disobey him.

One reason was that the other extreme Empyreans like Diwuhen were rocks that were found by the old God Sovereign’s sharp eyes and polished into the gems they were today. They had been personally taught by him.

And, the second reason was that the god decrees left behind by the Asura Road Master were in the old God Sovereign’s hands!

The words of the old God Sovereign seemed overbearing and unreasonable, just like some petty tyrant. But placed within the god race, these words represented the highest command; no one could violate them.


Heaven’s Son Morin was anxious, but facing the old God Sovereign he wasn’t able to summon any courage.

The other Elders also didn’t dare to speak, even though the discontent in their hearts had accumulated to the maximum.

For a time, all their hatred turned to Lin Ming. Lin Ming could immediately feel each gaze, filled with hate and dripping with envy, lock onto his body. If looks could kill, he’d have died countless times already.

Under the eyes of so many people, Lin Ming remained silent as before, without losing his composure.

Seeing Lin Ming’s performance, To Bagui traced his chin, a thoughtful look in his eyes. Indeed, this youth was extraordinary.

However, this alone was surely not enough to have the old God Sovereign support him to such a degree. There had to be something special about this boy.

“Your Majesty God Sovereign, you remain as wise as ever!”

At this time, To Bagui stood up and spoke with a wide smile.

It had to be known that even if the old God Sovereign resisted all opposition and continued to support Lin Ming, although the others wouldn’t dare to say anything, they would still remain dissatisfied with what happened. This was the old God Sovereign overdrawing his authority!

Perhaps even the old God Sovereign’s several apprentices weren’t too happy about their master’s actions…

“Battle Sovereign, there is no need to exchange useless pleasantries. Let us get straight to the point. According to our earlier agreement, the god race and celestials will work together to repair the Chain of Calamity. I believe that the Battle Sovereign has already brought those things…”

“Of course!” To Bagui took out a small box from his spatial ring and placed it atop the table.

This box seemed common, but after it was brought out it affected the surrounding Laws, even causing tiny vortexes to gather around it.

It was clear that whatever was in the box was extraordinary!

“From ancient times, the ancestors of my people have left behind three god decrees!”

God decrees?

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred and he intently stared at the box. Repairing the Chain of Calamity required god decrees, and when fighting the saints, god decrees could also be used.

The god decrees left behind by the Asura Road Master, if used by a peak Empyrean, were enough to threaten the life of a True Divinity!

This sort of mysterious god decree left behind by the ancient supreme elders had far too many uses.

If he had the chance, Lin Ming certainly had to observe what it was.

He saw To Bagui carefully open the box and take out three withered and yellow symbol papers from a bed of yellow silk. These symbol papers looked ordinary, even somewhat rough. The paper used to make them was strangely thin, and the runes drawn atop them were like wriggling worms that exuded an incomparably ancient aura.

However, upon seeing these three symbol papers, Lin Ming was stunned.

These… these were the god decrees?

Weren’t these divine runic symbols he studied at the Asura Road?

These lines, these runes, they were far too familiar. Lin Ming was also familiar with the Laws inherent within them!

The so-called god decrees left behind by the ancient elites of the past were divine runic symbols?

If so, then the ancient supreme elders that left behind their god decrees likely stemmed from the same lineage as the Asura Road Master!

And the so-called Asura Road Master’s god decrees were divine runic symbols drawn up by him!


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