MW Chapter 1873

Chapter 1873 – Chosen

In the darkness that was as thick as water, grandmist energy filled the air.

Lin Ming meditated within this dark space. In front of him, the black dragon egg slowly floated. A trace of grandmist energy condensed upon the dragon egg, causing it to flash with a faint black light.

He had already sat in meditation here for three days in this dark space, comprehending the Concepts left behind by Empyrean Primordius as well as nourishing the black dragon egg with these concepts.

But at this time, Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He heard the sound transmission of the old God Sovereign – the repair of the Chain of Calamity would begin soon, and all that needed to be done first was to settle the name list of those who would enter the forbidden land.

Lin Ming stood up, leaving this dark space.


The great white hall was vast and solemn. Looking up, one could see the endless starry skies, boundless and without end.

In the center of this hall was a giant round table crafted of black stone, and above this round table, ancient runes of the god race shined.

At this time, many people were already waiting in the grand hall.

As Lin Ming walked in, he immediately attracted the attention of those present.

This included Heaven’s Son Morin. His gaze locked onto the...

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