MW Chapter 1873

Chapter 1873 – Chosen

In the darkness that was as thick as water, grandmist energy filled the air.

Lin Ming meditated within this dark space. In front of him, the black dragon egg slowly floated. A trace of grandmist energy condensed upon the dragon egg, causing it to flash with a faint black light.

He had already sat in meditation here for three days in this dark space, comprehending the Concepts left behind by Empyrean Primordius as well as nourishing the black dragon egg with these concepts.

But at this time, Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He heard the sound transmission of the old God Sovereign – the repair of the Chain of Calamity would begin soon, and all that needed to be done first was to settle the name list of those who would enter the forbidden land.

Lin Ming stood up, leaving this dark space.


The great white hall was vast and solemn. Looking up, one could see the endless starry skies, boundless and without end.

In the center of this hall was a giant round table crafted of black stone, and above this round table, ancient runes of the god race shined.

At this time, many people were already waiting in the grand hall.

As Lin Ming walked in, he immediately attracted the attention of those present.

This included Heaven’s Son Morin. His gaze locked onto the area between Lin Ming’s eyebrows and his eyes began to turn red.

This was because he saw the God Sovereign mark left there.

“The God Sovereign mark!”

Heaven’s Son Morin gripped the armrest of his chair and nearly stood up. But at this time, the Great Elder of the god race held him down.

“Great Elder, how could the old God Sovereign have left the God Sovereign mark on him! He is just an outsider, so how could…”

Heaven’s Son Morin had a complexion so ugly that it looked as if he would die at any moment. As the single greatest seedling of the god race’s younger generation, he still hadn’t received the blessing of the God Sovereign mark.

Although the God Sovereign mark didn’t have any tremendously useful function in itself, it was a symbol of status, signaling that one had been approved by the God Sovereign.

“It’s correct that the old God Sovereign left behind the mark, but… his blood vitality is chaotic, as if he has been injured.”

The Great Elder said from beside Heaven’s Son Morin. Heaven’s Son Morin was stunned. He looked at Lin Ming and saw that his situation wasn’t too good.

At this time, although Lin Ming’s bloodstains had disappeared, after being struck by Empyrean Primordius the wounds left behind were no trifling matter. Even his organs and meridians had received damages that were yet to recover.

“This brat, I don’t know what tricks he used on the old God Sovereign. When the old God Sovereign led him away I have no idea where they went or what he was given.”

Heaven’s Son Morin indignantly said, his voice dripping with envy. He was a direct descendant of the god race’s royalty and Lin Ming was only a human, yet the old God Sovereign had made such a choice.

It wasn’t just Heaven’s Son Morin who noticed this. Many others also noticed the God Sovereign mark between Lin Ming’s eyebrows. For a time, they all spoke in hushed whispers.

“This is the boy? The one who brought the Chain of Calamity back to the god race?”

“The old God Sovereign has left the God Sovereign mark between his eyebrows. Could it be that he is planning to give this boy one of the spots to enter the Asura forbidden land?”

“Impossible. Only six people may enter the Asura forbidden land… we must still give the celestials two spots, leaving us four. That’s not enough for the Empyreans amongst our people. Perhaps even Heaven’s Son Morin might not be able to obtain a spot…”

As everyone discussed, some spoke with sound transmissions and some spoke out loud. They looked at Lin Ming, thoughtful gazes in their eyes.

When Lin Ming arrived at the black stone table, he chose a position far away and quietly sat down. The discussions of these people also fell within his ears.

“So there can only be six people on the name list… that’s less than I thought. I wonder why the celestials will be given two spots. The remaining numbers just aren’t enough for the god race.”

Lin Ming swept over those present. There were ten Empyreans here alone!

With a mere four spots available, there would definitely be no spots apportioned to them. As for middle Empyreans or upper Empyreans, those that were too old, those that lacked potential, or those with insufficient strength would also not be chosen.

The spots would only be left to the most powerful Empyreans with the brightest futures. This was because they would be able to play a role in the great calamity as well as prop up the god race’s future.

As for the juniors, if any one of them wished to obtain a spot in such a situation, it would be incredibly difficult!

At this time, another group of people entered the grand hall.

These people all wore black combat uniforms and their skin was pale gold. Their eyes were deep and a pair of strange-looking wings of light grew out from their backs.

These wings of light shimmered with strange runes, as if galaxies circled within them, lingering about.


This group that arrived all had auras as vast as a sea, unfathomably deep. Their eyes glittered with electric lights, each one possessing uncommon levels of strength.

“Honored guests have arrived. We welcome you.”

A deep voice rang out. The old God Sovereign’s figure appeared out of nowhere, as if he had always been standing in this grand hall. A light happy smile hung on his old face as his deep eyes looked at the powerhouses of the celestials.

The appearance of the old God Sovereign was completely different from what Lin Ming had seen before. The previous heavy sorrow had disappeared, replaced by an immeasurably deep aura, one like a stormy sea.

However, Lin Ming could also feel a trace of something unusual from the old God Sovereign’s manner.

The last time he had seen the old God Sovereign, he had appeared aged and slow. In truth, that was the state that most accurately reflected his current situation. But now, facing the celestials, he was in a completely different state. It could be seen from this that although the celestials and god race were allies and partners, they also competed against each other. Not all of them were on good terms with each other.

“To Bagui of the celestials greets Your Majesty God Sovereign.”

The middle-aged man leading the celestials was vigorous and proud, like dragons moving and tigers striding. His bow towards the old God Sovereign was neither arrogant nor subservient, and he immediately looked indifferent towards the old God Sovereign once more.

Although To Bagui had a high status amongst the celestials, in terms of rank he was far inferior to the old God Sovereign. It was perfectly within reason for him to bow.

At this time, To Bagui’s aura was as deep as a pool. It was far heavier than many of the god race powerhouses’ present.

Battle Sovereign To Bagui…

As the various members of the primal god race in the grand white hall saw this celestial, a brilliant light bloomed in their eyes.

The celestials were said to be headed by two sovereigns. The Patriarch of the celestials was their ruler, and as for To Bagui, he was actually the strongest powerhouse amongst his race. He had become an extreme Empyrean ages ago and had earned the title of Battle Sovereign.

With the invasion of the saints and the deteriorating state of the battlefield, the strongest forces of the celestials had still come here to the primal god race. It was clear just how great the importance was that they placed on the Asura forbidden land.

Without a doubt, the Battle Sovereign would enter the forbidden land!

“We greet Your Majesty God Sovereign.” The other celestials bowed together.

10 billion years ago, the celestials were weaker than the god race. In even more distant times, the celestials had been vassals of the god race.

But afterwards, as the population of the celestials grew and their talent also surpassed that of other races, they slowly became independent, eventually occupying a number of universes not much fewer than the god race. Now, although the destiny of the celestials neared exhaustion, their numbers were still far greater than those of the primal god race. Today, every celestial that came had an overwhelming aura and they looked upon the god race as if they were equals.

In the grand white hall the several god race Elders present had complex emotions as they saw the expressions of the numerous celestial powerhouses present.

The primal god race of today was no longer the primal god race of days past. The celestials had become the earthshaking race within the Primeval Universe that could command the winds and waters, and in total strength they were no weaker than the primal god race.

And with the invasion of the saints, the celestials that possessed far greater numbers than the god race were able to resist the saints far more effectively.

This was the celestials? The primal god race had to give two spots to the celestials in order to resist the saints together?

Lin Ming secretly appraised the celestials and soon found several outstanding people amongst them.

Several were extraordinarily strong. They were clearly powerhouses amongst celestial Empyreans. Their two pupils blazed with brilliant splendor, and just by standing there it seemed as if the endless dao beat from their bodies, causing space to shake.

“I’m just a bag of old bones, there’s no need to be so courteous.” The old God Sovereign said with a smile. He lifted his hands and divine light sparkled in his eyes. “The restoration of the Chain of Calamity will begin soon, but before that we must decide on the list of candidates who will enter the Asura forbidden zone.”

“We have come here for that matter. Your Majesty God Sovereign, how many elites have the god race planned to send into the Asura forbidden zone?” To Bagui said.

“I have already decided this matter.” The old God Sovereign still had the casually happy smile on his face. He turned towards the martial artists of the god race. For a time, everyone held their breath.

All important matters of the god race had always been decided by the old God Sovereign. Only when the God Sovereigns decided to relinquish their authority on matters was it the turn of others to speak.

But, it was obvious that the old God Sovereign had decided who would enter the Asura forbidden zone by himself.

Not to mention the absolute authority of the old God Sovereign that all others had to submit to, the most vital point was that the Chain of Calamity’s god stone was in the old God Sovereign’s hands!

This god stone was even more important than the Chain of Calamity’s main form. Without it, opening the Asura forbidden zone was nothing but empty talk.

To Bagui and the other celestial powerhouses were silent. Only To Bagui’s eyes twinkled; it was unknown what he was thinking.

In the grand white hall, a pall of silence fell over all.

The primal god race only had four spots for those that could enter the Asura forbidden zone. But, there were more than four martial artists who met the required conditions.

Some god race powerhouses knew that they wouldn’t be chosen, but they also belonged to their own respective factions within the god race and those that they favored. They naturally wished to push these people forwards.

Without a doubt, this would be an extremely difficult game.

The silence was shattered by the old God Sovereign.

“Then, I will now announce the names of those that will enter the Asura forbidden zone. The first person is Shenku!”

The old God Sovereign said with an even tone. Just as his voice fell, the eyes of all god race martial artists present turned to a middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man took a deep breath and stood up.

A god race Empyrean – Shenku. He was only a middle Empyrean but he was a mere 80,000 years old. He had a wonderful future awaiting him, and although it wasn’t likely he would become a True Divinity, becoming a peak Empyrean wouldn’t be a problem.

“Second person, Lanlu!”

The old God Sovereign spoke the name of another person, this one a woman. Her temperament was elegant and ethereal. Her cultivation was lower, only at the early Empyrean realm, but she was a mere 13,000 years old. Compared to humanity’s War Buddha Emperor Shakya, she was only 2000-3000 years late in becoming an Empyrean.

“Third person, Diwuhen!”

The old God Sovereign spoke another name. This person was the youngest peak Empyrean amongst the god race and was only 2 million years old. His strength was incomparably deep and he ranked amongst the top couple of martial artists of the god race!

In truth, there was nothing to say about these three candidates being chosen – many people had already guessed that they would be the ones selected. Now was the key moment… the fourth spot!


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