MW Chapter 1872

Chapter 1872 – Primordius’ Heart

Seeing this, Lin Ming was aware that the black dragon would soon hatch!

Of course, this so-called hatching process would take years.

The hatching of a God Beast was an extremely long process to begin with. With the black dragon egg following Lin Ming, it had already taken numerous shortcuts to get where it was, thus it only used a short 100 years to grow to such a degree.

At this time, Lin Ming stroked the cold and smooth surface of the black dragon egg, not sure what was in his heart.

In the brief moment when Lin Ming tried to probe Empyrean Primordius’ mind, as well as combining it with what the old God Sovereign and Empyrean Divine Dream had told him, he could imagine what had happened 100,000 years ago.

With this, he was able to confirm the reason and process of what happened in that great war atop the Sky Spill World 100,000 years ago.

Before, Empyrean Divine Dream had said that Empyrean Primordius’ homeland was the Sky Spill Continent, and he also had an extraordinary link with the Sky Spill Planet.

Empyrean Primordius cultivated the Grandmist Heavenly Dao and dual cultivated body and energy. As for grandmist energy, it was the source of all matter that eventually evolved into all of existence during the formation of the universe. In the universe, whether they were planets, stars, or other celestial bodies, they were all evolved from grandmist energy. If Empyrean Primordius wished to cultivate the Grandmist Laws to the peak he would need to draw support from a celestial body and fuse it to himself.

And the Sky Spill Continent, as Empyrean Primordius’ homeland and in addition to the amazing link between them, was perfectly suited to aiding Empyrean Primordius with the power of a planet.

Thus, the Sky Spill Planet became the starting point for Empyrean Primordius to form his own world!

Empyrean Primordius wanted to establish his own separate Heavenly Dao. That was… the Grandmist Samsara Dao.

At the same time, the woman that Empyrean Primordius loved above all, Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, also wished to join him in forming a great world that stood independent of the 33 Heavens.

At that time, she had wished to use the Grandmist Samsara Dao to reverse the cruel destiny of the primal god race, breaking free of the curse that hindered their ability to procreate and caused their decline!

The two of them had enormous ambitions. Everything they wished to do was heaven-defying!

But, the two of them had incredibly lucky chances that defied logic as well as talent that matched their aspirations and ambitions!

They constructed the Road of Emperor in the Sky Spill Continent. In truth, this Road of Emperor was an incomplete divine tool, and the foundation for Empyrean Primordius to establish the Grandmist Samsara Dao!

The Road of Emperor was connected to the 12 Skysplit Towers and drew in energy from this. As for the killing rules of the 12 Skysplit Towers, the twelve-winged Heavenly Demon, and so forth, they were all part of the Samsara Laws.

In the past when Empyrean Primordius managed the 12 Skysplit Towers, they had run in such a way.

Everything was incomparably perfect.

If things continued like this, then with enough time Empyrean Primordius might really have been able to succeed.

But, Empyrean Primordius never imagined that his sworn brother – Empyrean Thunder Punishment – was a spy placed in the Divine Realm by the saints. News that Empyrean Primordius possessed the Grandmist Spirit Bead was also passed to the saints through this spy.

Because of this, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t hesitate to sacrifice his essence energy and even cause his boundary to drop in order to forcefully break through the God Lamenting Wall and send a number of peak Empyreans and an army of saints to join together with Empyrean Thunder Punishment and bring down Empyrean Primordius.

But because the God Lamenting Wall had been forcefully pierced through and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s boundary had dropped, he seemed to have been afraid that Empyrean Primordius would launch a final counterattack at the point of death and try to bring them both down together. Thus, he didn’t personally come.

Even so, although the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had temporarily fallen in cultivation boundary, it would still have been impossible for Empyrean Primordius to threaten him. But because the spiritas were also greedily eying the situation, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had to be extremely careful. He didn’t want to add wounds upon wounds, thus he remained in the Saint Convocation Heavens to manage the war.

This war was incomparably brutal.

In order to break through Empyrean Primordius’ Samsara Heavenly Dao, Empyrean Thunder Punishment brought with him a massive number of masters from the Divine Realm. With their blood and corpses, he sundered the incomplete Samsara dao field that Empyrean Primordius had laid down.

And following that was a battle between Empyreans that even included the entire Sky Spill Planet being pierced through. A permanent curse was left behind on the Blood Slaughter Steppes and as long as a Divine Sea powerhouse or above entered, they would have sufficient energy to activate the curse and would be killed by the Blood Slaughter Steppes. This caused all life on the Holy Demon Continent to dread this land!

In the final battle between Empyrean Primordius and the saint Empyreans with Empyrean Thunder Punishment, the result was that both sides had been grievously wounded.

Empyrean Thunder Punishment died and the numerous peak Empyreans of the saints also approached death! The great strength of Empyrean Primordius and Heavenly Empress Xuanqing had completely surpassed their imaginations!

However… when the saint Empyreans were forced to retreat due to their heavy wounds, it was likely Empyrean Primordius had lost the Grandmist Spirit Bead at this time.

He lost his love, lost the Grandmist Spirit Bead, and everything he had tried to form over tens and hundreds of thousands of years had been utterly destroyed. During this time, Empyrean Primordius fell into fathomless despair!

He hated!

He hated to the extreme!

He wanted to slaughter his way into the world of the saints and kill the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, using the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s blood to pay homage to Xuanqing. But with his strength, this was far too unrealistic.

Moreover, what left him in despair the most was that he wouldn’t even have the chance to endure the pain and cultivate, finally being able to take revenge.

This was because at the time, the God Lamenting Wall had yet to recover. The Divine Realm and Saint Convocation Heaven were still open as before, being able to pass between the two universes.

He could even feel that he had been marked by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s divine sense!

Although this was only Lin Ming’s speculation, he didn’t doubt it. It was just like when he had been at the Fallen God Mountain Range, only to be suddenly marked by the Great Brahmic God King!

If a True Divinity possessed this ability, why couldn’t the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign mark Empyrean Primordius?

It had to be known that Empyrean Primordius had already possessed the Grandmist Spirit Bead for a long time by then, and his mortal body had been tempered repeatedly, making it an extremely precious treasure, one that was powerful to unimaginable levels. In a way, it was similar to the Eternal Soul which Lin Ming nearly had.

In this situation, could the body cultivating saints really give up on Empyrean Primordius’ mortal body?

Moreover, Empyrean Primordius’ talent was too heaven-defying. If such a peerless character who possessed such a deep hatred for the saints was left behind, that would eventually lead to tragedy. If he were allowed to freely go then perhaps in the true great war between saints and humanity, the saints would have a True Divinity opponent!

Thus, the saints had to choke Empyrean Primordius to death!

Empyrean Primordius also knew what was happening, because he could feel the True Divinity mark on him.

Thus, after quickly leaving behind his inheritance, he made a resolution; that was to sacrifice himself…

He was fully aware that after being locked on to by a True Divinity, no matter where he went the saints would find him. Even his battle comrade the Black Dragon might die and the inheritances he left behind would be destroyed. If so, then his final hopes would be dashed.

In order to preserve his inheritances and protect his Black Dragon friend, Empyrean Primordius had no choice but to break into the space channel that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had opened and rush into the Saint Convocation Heavens!

This was equal to entering the tiger’s den by himself!

As for doing this, he had already resolved his determination to die here.

He knew it was impossible to return to the Divine Realm ever again. He didn’t tell the Black Dragon of his departure, and the Black Dragon might not even have been aware that Empyrean Primordius had been locked on to by the divine sense of a True Divinity.

It was because of this that when Lin Ming returned to the Eternal Demon Abyss again and asked the Black Dragon about Empyrean Primordius’ whereabouts, the Black Dragon hadn’t known anything at all.

When Empyrean Primordius left by himself, he knew his situation couldn’t even be described as ten chances of death and one chance of life. Thus, he left the most valuable Empyrean spirit treasures he had, which included the Primordius Gate, Primordius Bell, and Primordius Heavenly Palace, all behind, for his future descendants to come and take.

He didn’t have the heart to watch the unparalleled beauty of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing slowly fade away after her death, eventually rotting and turning into bones.

Thus, he gouged out his own beating heart and placed it within her body, where it lay beating for 100,000 years.

He knew there was no significance behind this, that it was impossible to revive Heavenly Empress Xuanqing.

But the reason he did this was to forever protect the woman he loved, to protect the final pure bliss in his heart…

Until he died, he wanted those beautiful days to live on…

Thus… when Lin Ming found Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s body, she still seemed filled with life as before. From this point alone, it was clear how deep Empyrean Primordius’ feelings were towards Heavenly Empress Xuanqing.

Lin Ming recalled the words that Empyrean Primordius had left behind –

‘Xuanqing, if there truly is life after death, I hope that I will be able to walk beside you again, hand-in-hand, building our world of Samsara, living a hundred million years without regret…’

These words, how much hate did they contain, how much unwillingness?

After finishing all of this, Empyrean Primordius left. He concealed himself from the Black Dragon and brought his pursuers chasing after him…

No one knew where he went.

No one knew how lonely and tragic the road he had taken was…

In the Saint Convocation Heavens, Empyrean Primordius was naturally hunted down once more.

It was even possible that those chasing him down had passed back through the space channel between the Divine Realm and Saint Convocation Heaven.

Under the besiegement and hunting of so many people, Lin Ming found it hard to imagine how Empyrean Primordius had crossed the Saint Convocation Heavens and entered the Primeval Realm Ruins.

At this time, Primordius no longer had his heart, and hadn’t even brought Primordius Heavenly Palace, the Primordius Bell, or the Primordius Gate with him!

By sheer willpower alone, he slaughtered his way into the Primeval Realm Ruins, tumbling down in a shower of blood.

Empyrean Primordius had long since chosen the Dark Abyss.

Perhaps, before Empyrean Primordius had first started establishing the Grandmist Samsara Dao, he had gone to the Primeval Realm Ruins, just like how Divine Dream had gone to the Soul World. Empyrean Primordius knew that the deepest depths of the Dark Abyss were a place where even True Divinities dared not venture.

He didn’t want his body to be used by the saints, thus he hurtled towards the Dark Abyss!

Following that, it was like what the old God Sovereign had described.

When Empyrean Primordius fled into the Saint Convocation Heavens, struggled his way into the Dark Abyss and even seized the body of an abyssal, Lin Ming couldn’t imagine just how much hardship and how many bitter tribulations he had gone through!

Now, he had become a demon. All that was left over in his heart was a thick hatred, one that would last until the ends of time!

After straightening out all of these events, Lin Ming could only sigh about where fate led a person. A peerless individual like Empyrean Primordius, who knew favor and gratitude, who had dominated the world, had actually ended up in such a state. How heartbreaking was this!

The only thing worth celebrating was that Primordius’ inheritance still remained as well as the Black Dragon, and the protections he discarded also remained intact…

This was likely because the saints didn’t think that the inheritances of a single Empyrean could change anything. And as the Lamenting God Wall slowly closed, wanting to return to destroy them would have cost a considerable price.


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