MW Chapter 1872

Chapter 1872 – Primordius’ Heart

Seeing this, Lin Ming was aware that the black dragon would soon hatch!

Of course, this so-called hatching process would take years.

The hatching of a God Beast was an extremely long process to begin with. With the black dragon egg following Lin Ming, it had already taken numerous shortcuts to get where it was, thus it only used a short 100 years to grow to such a degree.

At this time, Lin Ming stroked the cold and smooth surface of the black dragon egg, not sure what was in his heart.

In the brief moment when Lin Ming tried to probe Empyrean Primordius’ mind, as well as combining it with what the old God Sovereign and Empyrean Divine Dream had told him, he could imagine what had happened 100,000 years ago.

With this, he was able to confirm the reason and process of what happened in that great war atop the Sky Spill World 100,000 years ago.

Before, Empyrean Divine Dream had said that Empyrean Primordius’ homeland was the Sky Spill Continent, and he also had an extraordinary link with the Sky Spill Planet.

Empyrean Primordius cultivated the Grandmist Heavenly Dao and dual cultivated body and energy. As for grandmist energy, it was the source of all matter that eventually evolved into all of existence during the formation of the universe. In the universe, whether they were...

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