MW Chapter 1871

Chapter 1871 –  Selfless

“Child, pass me the Chain of Calamity. To repair it will require several months. When the Asura forbidden land opens, you will be granted a spot. Treasure it well. As Primordius’ descendant, you cannot let his legacy decline…”

The old God Sovereign stretched out his right hand and his fingers that resembled withered tree branches emitted a phantasmal light. His index finger gently touched Lin Ming’s forehead, and then motes of divine light gathered there, bringing with them a warm energy.

Lin Ming didn’t resist. He could feel the essence, energy, and divine that was gathered within the old God Sovereign’s body, a power of divinity that also embodied a universal love and compassion.

Finally, this light formed a mark between Lin Ming’s eyebrows.

Lin Ming could feel this wasn’t a normal mark. It also possessed protective properties.

After placing this mark, the old God Sovereign gently gasped, as if a little tired. It seemed that what he just did had consumed a considerable amount of strength.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. “Your Majesty God Sovereign… you…”

“I’m fine.” The old God Sovereign waved his hand. “Child, I have placed the rune of the God Sovereign within you. Now that our great calamity is arising, the god race is panicking in places high and low… with the opening of the Asura forbidden land, many people wish to enter and seek out a lucky chance in order to protect themselves during this misfortune…

“Your arrival in the god race may have brought a sliver of hope to us, but you have also become competition to those in the god race. I will give you one of the spots but there will inevitably be those who criticize my decision. There may even be some people who act against you. In my eyes, you are still a child. Although your talent is good, you are too weak. This God Sovereign rune is personally placed on you by me, and will protect you from harm within the god race…”

The old God Sovereign lightly said, as if this were a minor matter not worthy of mention. But, Lin Ming was moved by these words. He didn’t think that the old God Sovereign would treat him like this. He remembered that even Morin, who obtained the title of Heaven’s Son, didn’t have such a God Sovereign rune between his eyebrows, but the old God Sovereign had actually marked him.

Moreover, Lin Ming could sense that placing this God Sovereign rune within him wasn’t easy at all.

The old God Sovereign had given him and not Heaven’s Son Morin this mark, and this was also the first time they had met.

“Senior God Sovereign…” Lin Ming wasn’t sure what to say. Towards this person who had given him a drop of graciousness, he had to return it with an entire spring’s worth.

“Don’t feel sorry.” The old God Sovereign could see through Lin Ming’s thoughts. He shook his head and said, “You returning the Chain of Calamity to my race is already a great favor to us. Moreover… I can feel an extraordinary strength from your body. Your aura even surpasses that of Primordius during his youth.

“Primordius possessed everything. But in the end, what he lacked was that last point of destiny. Before he grew, the saints sent out numerous Empyreans to strangle him to death. Child… let me give you a piece of advice. As long as you live, there is nothing more important than that, but if you can live then you will be… the future…”

As the old God Sovereign spoke these words, he gently patted Lin Ming’s shoulder and then turned to leave.

Lin Ming looked at the hunched back of the old God Sovereign slowly vanish into the darkness, an inexplicable sorrow in his heart.

He could feel that the old God Sovereign didn’t have much time remaining in this world.

The fires of his life were dwindling away, as if they would extinguish at any moment.

Throughout Lin Ming’s many years, he had seen and experienced many elders who had looked after him as much as they could. For instance, she who seemed icy cold on the outside, but actually deeply worried about humanity in the depths of her heart – Empyrean Divine Dream. There was also the one who seemed carefree and easygoing, but was stubbornly loyal and kindhearted – Empyrean Vast Universe. But, none of them were like the old God Sovereign, whose heart seemed as broad as the skies and as deep as the earth, seemingly able to tolerate everything.

The power of divinity that wrapped around his body was filled with a selfless love. His appearance was old yet kind, and his soul sea held an immensely profound wisdom and intellect. Such a person was naturally born to be a spiritual leader of his people.

Towards Lin Ming, the old God Sovereign didn’t ask what race he was or what his background was. It was only because he recognized Lin Ming that he provided all the help he could to Lin Ming. The concern he showed was just like an elder taking care of a junior.

This sort of selfless sentiment was rarely seen even amongst the humans.

The love of parents could be called selfless, but that was because a child was an extension of their parents’ life. To love one’s own child was naturally how things should be, but loving the children of others was rare.

As the old God Sovereign left, there was only Lin Ming and Empyrean Primordius remaining in this dark space.

In the darkness, Empyrean Primordius opened his ghostly green eyes that were bloodshot and filled with a hungering thirst.

Lin Ming sat down before Empyrean Primordius.

His entire body exuded the misty aura of the Grandmist Laws. Faint traces of grandmist energy surrounded Empyrean Primordius.

Lin Ming galvanized his martial intent, trying to connect to Primordius’ heart. In this situation, he moved forwards a step at a time, trying to approach Primordius.

After being shrouded by this familiar grandmist aura, Primordius’ eyes seemed to be a tiny bit less confused. The hostility that rolled off of him had reduced a little.

Lin Ming held his breath, revolving his strength to the limit. Black protective scales appeared on his body. He knew how terrifying Primordius was. Although Primordius had lost his thinking ability, the body of an abyssal was incomparably powerful. After having its body seized by Primordius, it could be called a union of power and power.

One step… two steps… three steps… Lin Ming slowly walked forwards, floating in the void of the darkness. He had already flown within range of the chains’ reach. If Empyrean Primordius were to suddenly move, he could attack Lin Ming!

Lin Ming’s guard was raised to the max. He stood a foot away from Empyrean Primordius, facing those terrifying eyes.

“Senior Primordius, you may not remember me, but my name is Lin Ming. I am your descendant, and I would like to help you…”

Lin Ming silently sent a sound transmission, attempting to rouse Empyrean Primordius’ consciousness that was lost in the soul sea of the abyssal devil.

He thrust out a trembling hand that touched the giant forehead of the abyssal.

The abyssal forehead was icy cold and contained a dreadful killing intent.

In that moment, Lin Ming used the Magic Cube, trying to connect to the spiritual sea of the abyssal.

But the moment that the energy of the Magic Cube connected to the abyssal –

Empyrean Primordius’ muddled eyes suddenly bloomed with a blazing killing intent. In an instant, it was like an ancient demonic beast had awakened within Empyrean Primordius’ mind.

Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat. Without thinking, he rapidly drew backwards!

At the same time, he revolved his protective true essence to the limit. A giant stone gate appeared out of thin air in front of Lin Ming – this was the Primordius Gate!


Empyrean Primordius howled and slashed out a massive claw with all his strength. The claw tore open the void and solidly struck the Primordius Gate!


A deep bass sound shook the heavens and earth. Even though Lin Ming had drawn back at full speed, he had still been struck by this terrifying strength. His protective true essence immediately burst apart and his mortal body was forced to directly withstand this strength!

He gave a muffled cough as both his arms shattered and most of the scales on his back broke apart, revealing ghastly wounds!


Lin Ming spat out a mouthful of blood. He was sent hurtling backwards like a meteor where he heavily smashed into the 12 giant ancient bronze coffins!

The ancient bronze coffins seemed to be forged from celestial bodies, completely still. As Lin Ming fell onto them, a resonant metallic strike rang through the air. Lin Ming could feel as his organs were jumbled about and his bones broke!

However, the energy Empyrean Primordius attacked him with still rampaged within his body, recklessly destroying him from within!

But at this time, the God Sovereign mark that the old God Sovereign had left between Lin Ming’s eyebrows began to emit a faint misty light. A warm spring-like energy gurgled into his organs, neutralizing the majority of Empyrean Primordius’ tyrannical energy.

Lin Ming slumped to the ground. He ruefully smiled. Due to that casual attack from Empyrean Primordius just now, he had taken a quick trip to death’s door.

Luckily for him he was able to respond in time and was already prepared. With the powerful defensive abilities of the Primordius Gate and the protection of the God Sovereign mark, he had ended up alive.

It was good that Lin Ming’s recovery abilities defied the heavens. Even so, he wouldn’t be able to fully regenerate without 8-10 days of rest.

He had used the Magic Cube just now to probe Empyrean Primordius’ situation, and learnt more about what happened 100,000 years ago.

Because he had to use the Magic Cube, this was the only reason he personally dared to brave the risks. He didn’t want his secrets to be revealed to others. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust the old God Sovereign, but the importance of the Magic Cube was too great. Even for Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan who he absolutely trusted 120%, he still hadn’t told them about this.

Concerning the Magic Cube, the fewer people knew, the better. For an extreme example, if these people were captured by the saints and had their souls searched, the news of the Magic Cube would be revealed.

After paying some prices, Lin Ming had obtained what he wanted.

He deeply sighed. In these last 100,000 years, Empyrean Primordius’ soul had long since completely fused together with the abyssal. Wanting to separate the two with the Magic Cube was almost impossible.

Moreover, whether it was Empyrean Primordius or abyssal, both had left behind an incomparably formidable soul and will. Although Lin Ming had been able to strip down the spirit marks of souls in the past, those were for those that had died. To do so to living souls, and such powerful ones at that, was sure to produce resistance and a strong backlash. This was an impossible task.

Lin Ming sighed again. Then, at this time, he felt something in his heart. At this moment, faint waves of beating life transmitted from his inner world!

This beating life was intensely powerful, leaving Lin Ming overjoyed. He struggled to push himself onto his feet and took out a pitch black egg from his inner world – this was the dragon egg left to him by the Black Dragon.

He placed the black dragon egg outside the range of Empyrean Primordius’ chains. For a time, all of the surrounding grandmist energy faintly gathered towards it. The runes atop the egg began to shimmer, emitting brilliant lights.

Empyrean Primordius’ bloodthirsty eyes became confused once more as he saw this dragon egg.

At the same time, the life fluctuations coming from the dragon egg became increasingly fierce. Lin Ming could even feel that the small life within this black dragon egg had taken rudimentary form. These waves of life fluctuations were its heartbeats!


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