MW Chapter 1870B

Chapter 1870B – Of the Heart

The shackles went taut once more.

The fierce and sharp claws were like swords, able to pierce through stars. They tore open space less than half a foot in front of Lin Ming!

The tips of the claws almost reached Lin Ming’s eyes.

Looking at the bloodthirsty eyes of Empyrean Primordius, Lin Ming felt an inexplicable sense of bitterness.

Although he had never met Empyrean Primordius before this, Empyrean Primordius was still an important master who had a tremendously important influence on his life. Lin Ming hoped that while Empyrean Primordius was in his most difficult times, he would be able to help him. However… in the end he realized he was just a useless and lonely person.

Sheng Mei’s refusal, Primordius’ fate, all of this left Lin Ming filled with a sense of utter powerlessness.

“He… cannot return to how he was?” Although Lin Ming already knew what...

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