MW Chapter 1870A

Chapter 1870A – Of the Heart

A chilling cold gloom rushed outwards. In this dark world, Lin Ming could see ancient bronze coffins. These ancient bronze coffins were shockingly large and wrapped in loud clanking chains. It was unknown just whose corpses lay inside.

“There are 12 ancient bronze coffins altogether!”

Lin Ming thought, startled. He could faintly feel that within each bronze coffin slumbered a horrifying existence, but he simply didn’t know what they were.

However, what caught Lin Ming’s attention was not these 12 ancient bronze coffins, but what lay at the end of these coffins; it was an incomparably fierce and hideous beast!

This vicious beast had four thick legs and alarmingly sharp claws. Its entire body was covered in scales and thick black hairs grew out from its body, making it seem like some legendary demon beast from hell.

Lin Ming could sense from within this vicious beast a smell of blood that was as deep as an ocean, as if this beast had taken countless lives.

At this time, the horrifying vicious beast was staring at Lin Ming with its ghostly green eyes. Its four limbs and its titanic form were entangled in layers of chains. When Lin Ming heard the crashing of metal from outside, it was clearly because this vicious beast had been struggling against the chains.

As Lin Ming looked at this demonic beast, he was inexplicably shocked. He didn’t know why, but he could feel a familiar aura from this vicious beast, one that left him filled with disbelief.

“This… this is…” Lin Ming stared at the demonic beast. It was wrapped in black energy, and this black energy was incomparably familiar.

“That is…”

Lin Ming looked at the god race’s God Sovereign, his eyes filling with fear.


At this time, the demonic beast let out an earth-shaking roar. The chains shackling its body tightened and emitted loud cracking sounds.

A terrifying momentum rushed out like a surging storm. Even its saber-sharp claws that were able to rend the void reached less than 10 feet away from Lin Ming.

But Lin Ming remained motionless. He looked at the god race’s God Sovereign, waiting for his answer.

Then, the God Sovereign opened his mouth and slowly spoke, as if he were speaking from across the shores of time. “Its name is… Yuan Chi. Before he became like this, he once had a title. His title was… Empyrean Primordius…”

The God Sovereign’s words were like a bolt of lightning that smashed into Lin Ming’s ears.

For a time, Lin Ming froze solid, unable to summon any words.

Empyrean Primordius… this was Empyrean Primordius?

Lin Ming looked at the demonic beast. It violently struggled against its chains. Its pupils had lost their clarity and it lacked any intelligence at all. It wildly roared, wanting to break free from the shackles of the chains and tear Lin Ming and the old God Sovereign to pieces.

“How could this be!?”

Lin Ming found this difficult to accept!

He had already guessed that Empyrean Primordius hadn’t died. Regarding this, the Black Dragon Sovereign living in the Eternal Demon Abyss had been unable to give him an absolute answer.

What Lin Ming was sure of though was that the corpse of Empyrean Primordius was not within the Eternal Demon Abyss.

But, Lin Ming would never have imagined that Empyrean Primordius, who domineeringly wandered the Divine Realm, nearly becoming a True Divinity, would actually turn into such an appearance.

Just what had happened?

“Your Majesty God Sovereign, this is…”

The God Sovereign shook his head, his withered face wrinkling like a walnut. “In the past, Primordius was heavily wounded by the saints and his mortal body was ruined. The saints wished to capture Primordius alive and refine his body, drawing out the essence of the Grandmist Spirit Bead. But, Primordius broke free from their siege and fled with his tattered body, finally escaping into the Primeval Realm Ruins’ Dark Abyss."

Dark Abyss?

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He had no idea what the Primeval Realm Ruins were like. It was said that this land contained countless lucky chances and innumerable inheritances, and it was the most important reason the saints were able to prosper and rise to their current lofty heights. The reason the saints wished to exterminate all the remnants of the ancient races was because of these ruins.

“What sort of place is the Dark Abyss?” Lin Ming asked.

The old God Sovereign said, “It is the most dreadful place within the entire Primeval Realm Ruins. It is a bottomless abyss of space and time. Within it exists a massive number of abyssals, cruel and horrifying demons of the Dark Abyss. The deeper one goes, the more terrifying these abyssals are… it is said that the abyssals were sealed away by Heavenly God Asura and his rival, the master of the Holy Scripture. 10 billion years ago, the abyssals were responsible for the apocalypse that fell upon the ancient races.

“Whether these rumors are true or false, there is one thing which is certain, and that is that not even True Divinities dare tread into the innermost depths of the Dark Abyss. In the past, Empyrean Primordius was forced into the Dark Abyss, but because his mortal body was ruined and he himself was nothing but a lamp without oil, he was unable to survive in that land, let alone take revenge. So in order to live on, he did something that no one had ever done before…”

“What did he do?” Lin Ming looked at Empyrean Primordius, his heart racing with fear.

“He seized the body of an abyssal…” As the old God Sovereign spoke to here, he let out a long breath.

Normally, when a martial artist seized the body of another they would carefully consider the process again and again. First, a martial artist would make sure that the body they seized was far weaker than themselves, and their talent also had to reach the extremes. At the same time, all sorts of preparations were required in order to ensure that the spirit mark of the target was cleanly wiped away!

But even in such a situation, after successfully seizing the body of another, all sorts of residual leftovers would remain. After all, the body wasn’t their own to begin with. If body and soul weren’t perfectly compatible with each other, then that would cause one’s talent to drop and their cultivation to rise at a snail’s pace. If the will of the seized target was too strong and there were spirit marks remaining, these spirit marks would invade the soul of the seizer and cause a split personality.

For instance, the Ancient Devil that emerged from the Sea of Miracles hadn’t seized Yang Yun’s body in the past. Rather, he used Yang Yun as a chess piece and chose Lin Ming as his final target. But in the end, the Ancient Devil failed to seize Lin Ming’s body.

As for Empyrean Primordius, what he took over was an abyssal. In terms of soul force, mortal body, or inner energy, they were powerful in all aspects, like incarnations of demons. Wanting to seize their bodies was easier said than done!

The old God Sovereign said, “It is more accurate to say that Primordius fused his ruined body and soul with an abyssal, melting them together as one. Now… I fear that Primordius has lost any remnants of his mind and has completely fused with the abyssal’s soul, becoming like he is now.”

“He fused as one with the demon?” Lin Ming looked at Empyrean Primordius, unsure of what to say.

In the past he had fantasized that because of some reasons, Empyrean Primordius had hidden himself away in some corner of the universe. Or maybe, when the great calamity erupted, Empyrean Primordius might appear at a crucial moment, perhaps even making another breakthrough and coming close to the realm of True Divinity!

Although he might not have been able to turn the tide, his appearance would have at least given humanity a chance to recover!

But reality was cruel. A generation’s peerless proud son of heaven had ended up with such a fate!

Lin Ming silently stepped in front of Empyrean Primordius and deeply bowed.

However, even though Lin Ming’s body exuded a vague grandmist energy, the pupils of Empyrean Primordius were still filled with bloodthirst, completely disregarding Lin Ming’s status as the grandmist successor.



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