MW Chapter 1869

Chapter 1869 – The Old God Sovereign

“What? You want to enter my people’s forbidden land?”

Hearing Lin Ming’s statement, the Great Elder’s complexion darkened.

Since it was called a forbidden land it was naturally of vital importance to the god race. How could they allow a human to enter as they pleased?

Moreover, entering the forbidden land this time wasn’t for youths to temper themselves, but involved the life or death of their race.

“A limited number of people can enter the forbidden land. Since it concerns the life or death of my race, those that can enter are essentially Empyrean level characters of my people, the powerhouses of the older generation. They enter in order to seek a turning point to bring back our race from the edge of destruction, and it is not for youths to grow and gain experience. There may even be Empyreans of the celestial race joining, so there is no spot for you!”

The Great Elder didn’t want to waste a precious spot. His refusal was clear.

However, as Lin Ming heard these words all he heard were loopholes. “So you are saying that those who can enter the forbidden land are ‘essentially’ Empyrean level characters of your race?” Lin Ming emphasized the word ‘essentially’....

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