MW Chapter 1868

Chapter 1868 – God Race’s Forbidden Land

The god race’s Great Elder was a middle Empyrean. As for Lin Ming, he was only a middle Holy Lord. Between the two, two large boundaries separated them, and the second large boundary – the disparity between a Great World King and an Empyrean, was a particularly devastating difference.

In the Great Elder’s opinion, him speaking so kindly and nicely to Lin Ming was already giving him more than enough face. But seeing that Lin Ming didn’t have any intention of handing over the necklace, this caused him to lose a great deal of patience.

At this time, the World King god race youth standing in the hall walked towards Lin Ming and stood in front of him.

He looked Lin Ming in the eyes and gently smiled, saying, “I am Heaven’s Son Morin. Friend, this necklace is extremely important to our god race. Since you have saved a village of our god race and you yourself are extraordinary, we do not wish to embarrass you. Return the necklace to us!”

Although the World King youth’s expression was...

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