MW Chapter 1868

Chapter 1868 – God Race’s Forbidden Land

The god race’s Great Elder was a middle Empyrean. As for Lin Ming, he was only a middle Holy Lord. Between the two, two large boundaries separated them, and the second large boundary – the disparity between a Great World King and an Empyrean, was a particularly devastating difference.

In the Great Elder’s opinion, him speaking so kindly and nicely to Lin Ming was already giving him more than enough face. But seeing that Lin Ming didn’t have any intention of handing over the necklace, this caused him to lose a great deal of patience.

At this time, the World King god race youth standing in the hall walked towards Lin Ming and stood in front of him.

He looked Lin Ming in the eyes and gently smiled, saying, “I am Heaven’s Son Morin. Friend, this necklace is extremely important to our god race. Since you have saved a village of our god race and you yourself are extraordinary, we do not wish to embarrass you. Return the necklace to us!”

Although the World King youth’s expression was polite, his words held a veiled threat. Moreover, he couldn’t hide the arrogance inherent in his bones.

Lin Ming looked at this person; so this was Heaven’s Son Morin. It was clear that Heaven’s Son was a title and Morin was his name.

This was an outstanding young elite of the god race. His talent and his achievements were much higher than those of A’Gu.

“I came to the god race for my own reasons. You haven’t asked me what I am here for and yet you want me to hand over the necklace? If I hand you the necklace, should I just leave then?”

Lin Ming mockingly said.

“You came to our god race to form an alliance, right? About that, it is a matter we can slowly discuss. But before then you must hand over the necklace as it is something only we can use. I hope that you don’t try to make us do things the hard way here!”

Heaven’s Son Morin spoke in a threatening voice thick with anger!

Lin Ming sneered in his heart. “Form an alliance? My human race is in the Divine Realm and you are in the Primeval Universe. Just meeting once requires one to pass through numerous universes, so what’s the point in forming an alliance? That is nothing but a nominal statement I made. The reason I came to the god race is not to form an alliance.

“As for this necklace, the reason I have it is because I received it through the behest of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing. You all, could it be you wish to steal it!”

Lin Ming’s voice rang out full of energy. Upon mentioning the name of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, the necklace in Lin Ming’s hand emitted a dim blue light The faint aura of endless time exuded from this necklace, making the heart race.

And this aura quietly swirled around Lin Ming, as if taking Lin Ming as its master. This caused the god race martial artists present to change their complexions.

This necklace had followed Lin Ming this far, and with the bidding of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, there was the momentum of it recognizing him.

Seeing this scene and also remembering Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, the Elders present felt their hearts skip a beat. For a time, the entire hall fell silent.

Everyone glanced at each other, not speaking.

Heavenly Empress Xuanqing’s death had been an enormous attack to the god race. This was because she originally had tremendous hopes of becoming a True Divinity!

And what the god race lacked now was a True Divinity!

If Heavenly Empress Xuanqing had been able to become a True Divinity then the saints would have rethought their decision to attack the god race, because the god race also possessed the decrees of the gods.

“Even if you received the behest of the Heavenly Empress, that cannot solve everything. This necklace belongs to the god race and you cannot use it, and taking it away is also useless to you. In the past, the Heavenly Empress was unable to return the necklace to the god race, thus she charged you with handling the necklace. Now that it has returned, it isn’t something you can possess. The truth is that this necklace concerns the war between us and the saints, therefore… I hope you understand our situation. Even if we must force you to turn your back on the orders of the Heavenly Empress, we still must take it back!”

Another Elder said.

His cultivation was at the lower Empyrean realm.

Once one reached the Empyrean realm, jumping ranks to fight became far more difficult. This was true even for the god race. While the god race could overcome a small boundary to fight World Kings as a Holy Lord, when one became an Empyrean, it was impossible to jump ranks to fight unless one was a shocking talent. Otherwise, the strength of Empyreans between most races was the same. A lower Empyrean was a lower Empyrean, they simply couldn’t overcome the gap to fight those higher in cultivation.

Lin Ming looked at the Elder who spoke, a bit surprised by his words. He asked, “Then can you tell me what use this necklace has?”

The Elder turned and looked at the Great Elder, clearly asking for his opinion.

Seeing the Great Elder nod, the Elder slowly said, “This necklace is in itself a True Divinity level spirit treasure, and its core is a heavenly god stone that is mounted in the center. Unfortunately, this necklace was damaged once, causing the heavenly god stone to break out from the necklace. You only have the necklace and not the heavenly god stone, thus it has no current uses. And that stone is not in the possession of my people.”

These words startled Lin Ming. He looked at the necklace in his hands.

At the end of the necklace there hung a palm-sized metal square that was an inch thick. The metal square had a hole in the center. When Lin Ming obtained it from the ancient tomb, he originally thought there might have been something mounted there, and now it seemed his guess was correct all along.

The Great Elder said, “If one can place the heavenly god stone into the necklace and repair it, then the necklace can be restored. Its name is the Chain of Calamity and in terms of might alone, it isn’t considered anything at all amongst True Divinity spirit treasure. While it cannot directly change the result of a war between two races, the true value of the Chain of Calamity is that it is the key to open the forbidden land of my people.”

“Forbidden land?” Lin Ming asked, stunned. “What forbidden land?”

“10 billion years ago… my race’s ancestor, Heavenly God Asura, left behind a forbidden land that included relics and parts of his inheritance. Heavenly God Asura left behind teachings to his people. According to these teachings, the Chain of Calamity can be used to open the forbidden land when a great calamity appears…”

What the Great Elder spoke of was a secret of the primal god race. Many god race people didn’t know of it.

During the vast period of 10 billion years, the primal god race had experienced more than one calamity, and the forbidden land had been opened before. But, it seemed that every time the forbidden land was opened, the situation within was different, so no one knew what to expect from within.

“Heavenly God Asura?” Lin Ming was bewildered, “You mean the Asura Road Master?”


The Great Elder’s answer was a bolt of lightning that raced through Lin Ming’s mind. It was like something had electrified his heart, making his heart race.

This feeling was…

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. If the Asura Road Master’s relics were located within, then perhaps…

He didn’t know why, but he had an intense premonition that the third emperor jade was located within this so-called god race forbidden land!

The Asura Road Master had left behind three emperor jades, each representing one of essence, energy, and divine. Once one gathered them all together, then they could open the last level of the Asura Road’s final trial!

But obtaining these three emperor jades all depended on one’s destiny.

At the entrance to the seventh level, the Asura Road Master had left behind these words.

‘33 Heavens, Asura inheritance, passed down to the unrivalled genius, passed down to the one with great destiny, passed down to the fated one!’

‘The word of Fate, to be predestined or not, if you are fated then even through the endless universes you will still find my inheritance, but if you are not fated then even if your talent is unrivalled you shall never enter the gate.’

‘I left behind three emperor jades of essence, energy, and divine. The emperor jades have spiritual powers, and if you are fated then they shall fall into your hands. If you lack fate then no matter how much hardship you undergo to find them you shall never succeed. Bring the three emperor jades to this land and open wide the gates to the seventh level.’

Since the emperor jade of fate was termed ‘fate’, then in order to obtain it, everything depended on one’s fate.

The emperor jades contained profound and strange rules. If one was fated, then even if they didn’t seek out the emperor jades they would still be able to inexplicably gather them all.

Now, the reason Lin Ming had this strange premonition was because of the effect of this so-called ‘fate’!

It was even possible that the Asura Road Master had already pierced through the secrets of heaven, and had used this to calculate his own destiny as well as the destiny of his successor. These three emperor jades might have been arranged in advance by the Asura Road Master, everything falling within his plans.

“The third emperor jade, is it really in the god race forbidden land?”

Lin Ming’s heart wildly raced. He gripped his fists, finding it hard to compose himself. No matter what, he had to go to this forbidden land!

If he could collect the entire Asura Sutra, then his strength would rise by astronomical leaps!

“Now, return the necklace to my people!”

The Great Elder looked at Lin Ming and thrust out a hand. He had said everything he could say, and even explained some of the secrets of the god race.

This was naturally because Lin Ming came to their god race with good intentions and had even saved one of their villages.

Currently, he was already showing a tremendous level of tolerance towards Lin Ming!

If Lin Ming couldn’t appreciate this, then he wouldn’t hesitate to attack!

Lin Ming looked at the Great Elder and tightly grasped the necklace in his hands. He slowly and calmly said, “I can return it to you, but I have a condition. I wish to enter the forbidden land!”


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