MW Chapter 1867

Chapter 1867 – The Goddess’s Necklace

After the invasion of Red Leaf, A’Gu had no choice but to relocate the village. Their position had been discovered and a legion had been sent to exterminate them, but in the end they were the ones destroyed. They would have to leave before reinforcements came.

“You… just who are you?”

In the void, a middle-aged man in golden war armor stood in front of Lin Ming. He was the messenger from headquarters that A’Gu spoke of.

If Lin Ming wanted to enter the god race headquarters he would first have to obtain this person’s trust. To lead someone of unknown origin into their headquarters was undoubtedly a dangerous and foolish action.

“I am from the human race and wish to see the leader of the god race.” As Lin Ming spoke, he had already lifted his disguise.

Going to the god race headquarters, there was sure to be a number of detections cast on him. An appearance changing technique wouldn’t be able to deceive these people.

Seeing Lin Ming’s appearance, the god race messenger was stunned, not expecting this in the slightest. Lin Ming’s appearance changing technique was actually exquisite to such a degree.

“Human race? The human race located at the Divine Shifting Heavens? It is reported that...

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