MW Chapter 1867

Chapter 1867 – The Goddess’s Necklace

After the invasion of Red Leaf, A’Gu had no choice but to relocate the village. Their position had been discovered and a legion had been sent to exterminate them, but in the end they were the ones destroyed. They would have to leave before reinforcements came.

“You… just who are you?”

In the void, a middle-aged man in golden war armor stood in front of Lin Ming. He was the messenger from headquarters that A’Gu spoke of.

If Lin Ming wanted to enter the god race headquarters he would first have to obtain this person’s trust. To lead someone of unknown origin into their headquarters was undoubtedly a dangerous and foolish action.

“I am from the human race and wish to see the leader of the god race.” As Lin Ming spoke, he had already lifted his disguise.

Going to the god race headquarters, there was sure to be a number of detections cast on him. An appearance changing technique wouldn’t be able to deceive these people.

Seeing Lin Ming’s appearance, the god race messenger was stunned, not expecting this in the slightest. Lin Ming’s appearance changing technique was actually exquisite to such a degree.

“Human race? The human race located at the Divine Shifting Heavens? It is reported that your people have also been invaded by the saints. If you wish to see the leader of my god race, is it because you want to form an alliance? Your explanation makes sense, but why should I believe you?”

The golden-armored man stared at Lin Ming. He had already listened to A’Gu’s description of Lin Ming and wouldn’t underestimate this youth at all.

Lin Ming reached out his right hand and gently traced his spatial ring. A necklace appeared, hanging down from his fingers.

This was an extremely oddly shaped necklace. The necklace itself was as thick as one’s little finger and the chain of hoops seemed to be made of some sort of iron, plain and simple-looking. At the end of the chain, a thick palm-sized metal square hung, an inch thick. The center of the metal square had a hole in it that seemed to have originally been inlaid with a gem, but the gem was taken away afterwards.


The golden-armored man was dumbfounded. “This is…”

This necklace was the one Lin Ming had found in the ancient tomb of the goddess in the Eternal Demon Abyss, the necklace worn by Heavenly Empress Xuanqing.

In the past, Lin Ming had taken the necklace away with him the first time he entered the ancient tomb of the goddess. Afterwards, when he entered the Divine Realm and participated in the First Martial Meeting, he had pawned this necklace to Starbind Bank in order to purchase the Boundless World Pill.

Afterwards, when Lin Ming obtained second place in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, shocking the world, Starbind Bank directly forgave Lin Ming’s debt and also returned everything he pawned in order to build better relations with him.

Now that Lin Ming took out this necklace, it was clear that the golden-armored man recognized it.

The man’s complexion changed again and again. He hoarsely said, “That is a keepsake of the royal family’s bloodline. Why would you have this necklace?”

The golden-armored man looked at Lin Ming with incredulity in his eyes. His reaction was severe.

Lin Ming said, “I and this necklace have a strange karma together. If I go to the god race headquarters, I will naturally speak of my story in detail. If you are afraid that I will send out a message and expose the location of your headquarters, then you can block out the space around me and isolate my divine sense.”

Lin Ming flicked his finger and the necklace was placed away. “Should we go now?”

The golden-armored man deeply gazed at Lin Ming and nodded.


Chaos Star Ocean was flooded with black holes and dead stars. An ordinary spirit ship shuttled back and forth within this chaotic star territory. The route it took was extremely complex, passing through several space vortexes before transferring to another place.

From start to finish, Lin Ming sat within the spirit ship, surrounded by an array formation for a hundred feet around him. As long as Lin Ming’s divine sense spread out beyond this scope it would be immediately detected, thus it was impossible for him to remember this route nor convey information about where he was.

After some time, Lin Ming felt the spirit ship shake, as if they had passed through some array formation barrier. He stepped towards a porthole and saw a massive white temple outside.

In front of this temple was an incomparably magnificent and grand statue!

This could even be called the largest statue that Lin Ming had ever seen. It was several thousand miles high and seemed to be carved from a small planet!

It was unknown how many years this statue had existed for, but the surface of it was covered with dust and filled with the concept of endless years. Even so, every line and curve condensed infinite true meanings and an overwhelmingly strong will.

And this statue was that of – the Asura Road Master!

Seeing this statue, Lin Ming knew that he had arrived at the god race headquarters.

“Disembark!” The golden-armored messenger brought Lin Ming down from the spirit ship. “In a while you will see my god race’s Great Elder as well as Heaven’s Son Morin!”

“Great Elder… Heaven’s Son Morin?”

Lin Ming had no understanding of the command structure within the god race nor did he know what status these two people had.

A spacious and broad corridor opened before him. The floor tiles gleamed. Lin Ming could feel that every floor tile was carved with array formations, each one possessing a protective function. These array formations were unusual. If a small sect obtained a single one, they could use it as the protective array formation of their sect to guard the entrance.

Stood on both sides of the corridor were silver-armored god race martial artists. These god race martial artists all had an early Holy Lord realm cultivation, slightly lower than the messenger that had guided Lin Ming here. And, Lin Ming could faintly feel that these god race Holy Lords all possessed the ability to jump ranks to fight, at least able to cross one or two small boundaries.

At the end of the corridor was a grand hall. There was a row of thrones, and at this time there were 16 Elders of the god race sitting on the thrones.

Among these 16 people were both men and women, and the three in the center each had Empyrean realm cultivations!

The others were either half-step Empyreans or Great World Kings.

And besides these 16 people, there was also a god race youth standing in this hall. He had an ordinary World King cultivation but his aura was as vast as a sea. It was clear he possessed an extreme talent.

With the 16 sitting Elders and the youth, there were 17 god race members here, all of them exuding a tremendous pressure. This pressure covered the entire hall. If a martial artist lacking in cultivation were to step into this hall, their meridians would buckle beneath the pressure and they would die drowning in their blood!

As Lin Ming stepped in here, his footsteps slowed down and he frowned. Although he could withstand pressure on this level, he didn’t appreciate it.

This wasn’t the attitude of welcoming a guest, but a method of testing him and weighing his abilities.

Lin Ming was well aware that the god race was a proud and arrogant race. In order to gain their approval, one needed strength, strength that they were forced to recognize.


The moment Lin Ming entered the hall, the centermost Elder spoke up.

His voice was filled with energy, leaving the ears tingling.

Lin Ming looked straight at this Elder. He had a wide bone structure but was actually quite thin. His cheekbones jutted out and he had deep sunken eyes. When combined with his long and pale hair, he gave off a macabre feeling.

Middle Empyrean?

Lin Ming judged this old man’s strength as a middle Empyrean. If so, it was impossible for him to be the leader of the god race. This was because when he spoke with Sheng Mei, Sheng Mei had said that the god race possessed several peak Empyreans. If a peak Empyrean used the decrees of the gods they could even pose a threat to a True Divinity.

The reason Lin Ming came here was to see the leader of the god race and discuss ways to resist the saints.

However, Lin Ming’s status was too low. As a mere middle Holy Lord realm martial artist, it was naturally impossible for him to see the leader of the god race. In truth, for him to be granted an audience with the Great Elder was proof that the god race paid some attention to him.

“My name is Lin Ming!”

Lin Ming decisively stated his name without concealing anything. It was highly likely that the god race didn’t know of his name because the Divine Realm and Primeval Universe were completely isolated from each other.

And indeed, there was no response from the Great Elder. The Great Elder asked, “You have a keepsake of the royal family bloodline?”


Lin Ming stretched out his right hand. A necklace dangled on his index finger.

Lin Ming discovered that the moment he took out this necklace, the eyes of the god race Elders brightened. They filled with excitement and fervor.

In particular, the World King realm god race youth present. As he looked at this necklace, hope flickered in his eyes. Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. It seemed that this necklace was more than just a keepsake; it definitely had other uses!

After all, if Heavenly Empress Xuanqing wore this necklace in the past, how could it be some common object?

“This necklace is originally a keepsake of my god race. Now that you have brought the necklace here, you should return it to my people! Bring it…”

As the Great Elder spoke, he stood up.

Lin Ming frowned. He held the necklace tightly.

In the past when he was at the ancient tomb of the goddess, the only reason he took this necklace was because he heard the voice of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing. This was equivalent to Heavenly Empress Xuanqing passing the necklace onto him. Afterwards, a remnant phantom of her soul had appeared and approved of Lin Ming taking care of it. Recalling this, Lin Ming was naturally unwilling to return the necklace with a few words from this Great Elder.


Seeing Lin Ming not handing over the necklace, the Great Elder’s complexion turned grim and he coldly said, “That is something which originally belongs to my race. Is it possible you want to take it for yourself?”

The Great Elder’s words concealed a sharp edge.

Lin Ming’s face darkened. After all, whether it was going to the spiritas or now coming to the god race, Lin Ming had expected that nothing would go smoothly for him.

He was only a single person and his cultivation wasn’t high either. In the face of a war between races, he didn’t have any function at all. In addition, he was from an alien race. Because of this, trying to get the god race to take him seriously was impossible.

Lin Ming wasn’t naïve enough to believe that the leader of the god race would warmly receive him just because he saved a small village.

It was because of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing that Lin Ming wanted to come to the primal god race and repay his debt of gratitude to them. At the same time, he also wanted to use the primal god race to further delay the saints and give humanity a chance to breathe.

But the primal god race didn’t know any of this. All they knew was that Lin Ming was just a hairless little child whose cultivation wasn’t even at the World King realm. In a race that possessed many Empyreans, wasn’t it ridiculous to think that a mere hairless little child could save them?

Still, even though Lin Ming knew he couldn’t obtain the approval of the god race, he didn’t expect them to demand the goddess’s necklace as soon as he arrived.

It was obvious that once they took the necklace they wouldn’t return it.

It seemed that he had far underestimated the value of this necklace!

“I didn’t say that I wouldn’t return the necklace, it’s just… the reason I came to the god race is to see your leader…”

“His Majesty the God Sovereign is currently in seclusion. You cannot see him, but I can stand in his place. Is this about forming an alliance between the humans and our god race? You only need to speak to me about this. First, return the keepsake of my people.”

The Great Elder directly interrupted Lin Ming. Although his tone was calm, his expression clearly stated he had little patience remaining.


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