MW Chapter 1866

Chapter 1866 – God Race Headquarters

The moment that his heart was pierced, Red Leaf’s face distorted. He grabbed the Black Dragon Spear, his body violently shaking as horror filled his eyes.

The powerful strength of a saint’s mortal body didn’t allow him to immediately die. But, he wished he could immediately die, because a feeling more terrifying than death had enveloped him!

He could feel a horrifying power swallow up his soul and the fires of his life. His entire body was flooded with death energy as his life rapidly faded from him. His hair lost all luster and the sockets of his eyes caved in; his entire body was rapidly decaying.

The process of a mortal decaying over years was instantly reduced to a mere several breaths of time. Like this, Red Leaf, beneath the Black Dragon Spear, was turned into a bag of bones.

Pa pa pa!

The bones fell...

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