MW Chapter 1866

Chapter 1866 – God Race Headquarters

The moment that his heart was pierced, Red Leaf’s face distorted. He grabbed the Black Dragon Spear, his body violently shaking as horror filled his eyes.

The powerful strength of a saint’s mortal body didn’t allow him to immediately die. But, he wished he could immediately die, because a feeling more terrifying than death had enveloped him!

He could feel a horrifying power swallow up his soul and the fires of his life. His entire body was flooded with death energy as his life rapidly faded from him. His hair lost all luster and the sockets of his eyes caved in; his entire body was rapidly decaying.

The process of a mortal decaying over years was instantly reduced to a mere several breaths of time. Like this, Red Leaf, beneath the Black Dragon Spear, was turned into a bag of bones.

Pa pa pa!

The bones fell down, crumbling to bits in the skies. As they landed on the ground, they collapsed into ashes that were then blown away by the wind without leaving anything behind.

Seeing this scene, even Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. This was the Concept of Death that he had comprehended from the Fallen God Mountain Range and then verified through the golden pages.

This was the first time he had used it!

A Great World King who was part of the saint race, which was renowned for their formidable bodies, had not only been killed in several breaths of time but even the mortal body they tempered for so long had decayed to ashes that vanished into the air!

If he could obtain the black book and complete the Holy Scripture, the power of his Life and Death Samsara would reach unimaginable heights!

As the one using this move, even Lin Ming was shocked. As for the others, they were all drenched in horrified sweat!

The saint martial artists present were well aware of how strong Red Leaf had been. Even among Great World Kings, he was in the upper echelons in terms of strength. Yet, he had been slain by Lin Ming without even bones remaining!

“His cultivation is just a small boundary higher than mine, so how could he…”

A’Gu grasped his bow, unsure of what to say. As a royal of the god race, he had held absolute self-confidence about his talent within his heart. Amongst his contemporaries, there were few that could stand on equal footing with him. At the early Holy Lord realm he was able to defend against ordinary World Kings, and that was already an amazing feat. But compared to this mysterious saint youth in front of him, his strength was nothing at all.

He was well aware that this saint youth’s moves and the strength he displayed had all manifested through the power of a middle Holy Lord, without passing it at all!

The only possibility would be if he were an extreme Empyrean that was deliberately suppressing their strength to fight. But, why would an extreme Empyrean be so bored as to do this, and not directly use their Empyrean level strength to kill off everyone instead of acting in such a farce?

“Wait… w-wait!”

Seeing Lin Ming raise the Black Dragon Spear and step onto the void once more, approaching them, the saint martial artists were scared out of their wits.

Two World Kings faced Lin Ming, their complexions pale. “You… who are you, what do you want? We’ll do anything you wish, so please don’t kill us…”

The saint World Kings said with shivering voices.

Lin Ming indifferently looked at these saint martial artists. “You invaded this god race village. When you invaded other races, did you ever think that their lives were as valuable as your own?”

As Lin Ming spoke, his murderous intent had locked onto all the saint martial artists.

Forced back by Lin Ming’s killing intent, a World King grit his teeth and shouted, “Scatter in different directions! Break through the enchantment!”

As soon as he spoke, the World King flew up, impacting towards the enchantment!

Astral essence crazily revolved around his body and he wildly combusted his blood essence. He wanted to use his own body to shatter the enchantment!

And following right behind this World King, many other saint martial artists chose to burn their blood essence together. In a life or death moment, all of these saint martial artists had gone crazy, possessed by their panic.

Compared to their lives, what could burning their blood essence be considered as?

But even though they burned their blood essence together, none of them dared to attack Lin Ming but instead focused on bombarding the enchantment that locked in the void. If they could break past it and run outside, then with so many Holy Lords fleeing in different directions it would be impossible for Lin Ming to catch them all no matter how powerful he was.

“All of you are staying behind!”

Lin Ming’s voice was chilling, seeped with carnage!

He and his two avatars struck together!

Even Red Leaf wasn’t Lin Ming’s opponent, much less these saint Holy Lords. This was nothing by a one-sided massacre. None of them could contend with Lin Ming. Even Red Leaf’s junior-apprentice brothers, the World King powerhouses, were instantly slain by Lin Ming!

“This is…”

Seeing blood dye the blue skies, A’Gu paled. Lin Ming was slaughtering people who didn’t possess any power to resist him, but he didn’t show any leniency at all. He was a cold-blooded death god.

A’Gu had seen these saint martial artists slaughter his fellow god race members. At that time, A’Gu wished he could kill them all without reserve. But now, as he saw these saint martial artists exterminated in large swathes by Lin Ming without any chances of resisting, he found he couldn’t bear this scene.

Although he was powerful, he couldn’t be like Lin Ming and stain his hands red with blood. In the face of this absolutely ruthless massacre, he found it hard to calm his heart.  

“What are you thinking?”

At this time, an indifferent voice echoed from behind A’Gu. Spooked, he immediately turned around.

The black-clothed Lin Ming was standing behind him, his hand grasping the Black Dragon Spear. Although the spear shaft wasn’t stained with blood, Lin Ming’s clothes were dyed crimson.

The legion of saints had been thoroughly annihilated by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming had even used the Concept of Life to scan the entire battlefield. As long as he sensed the aura of a person, he would kill them, lest there be a single clue of his presence remaining.


A’Gu gripped his long bow and backed away from Lin Ming, caution in his eyes.

Even now he didn’t know what Lin Ming’s goal was or why he had saved them.

“Mercy to your enemies is cruelty to yourself. If you allow a single one of them to escape, your village will suffer total destruction. The moment they stepped out of this world they would have immediately used a sound transmission jade slip to send news of what happened, and the next time they attacked to destroy this village, the one they sent would have been a half-step Empyrean or even a true Empyrean! At that time, both you and I would die.”

The mission of annihilating a little village wouldn’t alarm an Empyrean. But because of the unique existence of Lin Ming, alarming an Empyrean would be the least of the troubles.

“I know… I’m sorry.” For A’Gu’s life, he had mostly fought with the vicious beasts of the Primeval Universe. As for the number of times he had killed people, there were actually considerably few moments. He knew that Lin Ming’s rebuke was completely reasonable and he also realized that Lin Ming didn’t have any dark intentions towards him.

A’Gu hesitated for a moment and probingly asked, “You… you aren’t a saint martial artist?”

A’Gu felt that Lin Ming’s techniques and combat methods were different from those of the saints.

“I’m not.” Lin Ming shook his head. “My race is the same as yours, invaded by the saints… I want to see the leaders of your primal god race. Could you open the way for me?”

Lin Ming asked, getting straight to the point.

If he wanted to enter the headquarters of the primal god race he would need people guiding him, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to find it. And even if he did find it, he wouldn’t be able to enter.

“You want to see… the leaders of the god race?” A’Gu looked at Lin Ming, a stunned expression on his face.

The headquarters of the god race was one of the greatest secrets of the god race. It involved the life or death of their god race as well as the decrees of the gods. Even if Lin Ming rescued their entire village, he wouldn’t be so muddled as to lead him there.

After thinking for some time, A’Gu said, “I will inform a special messenger from headquarters to have them come see you…”


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