MW Chapter 1865

Chapter 1865 – A’Gu

“This brat, he’s looking to die!”

After seeing Lin Ming block off the space channel, everyone began to emit a faint killing intent. The saint martial artists were furious.

As for the primal god race villagers, they never imagined such a sudden change would occur.

“A’Gu, do you know this person? Did the royal family send him to rescue you?”

A beautiful blue-clothed girl sent A’Gu a sound transmission. She had adored A’Gu for a long time, and the truth was that even as a common village girl her feelings were reciprocated. But because of the difference in their backgrounds, neither of them had the courage to be open about their emotions.

“No… I don’t know him and he doesn’t seem like a member of the ancient remnant races.”

A’Gu looked at Lin Ming, finding it hard to discern his cultivation. If this person was only a middle Holy Lord, how could he possibly be the match of so many powerhouses?

“I don’t know this brother’s good name, but let’s join forces!”

A’Gu said in the common language of the saints. He was worried that Lin Ming wasn’t a match for these people. But, just as he spoke, Lin Ming moved.

Behind Lin Ming, colossal stars appeared, floating up and down. As soon as he moved forwards he opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and simultaneously galvanized...

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