MW Chapter 1865

Chapter 1865 – A’Gu

“This brat, he’s looking to die!”

After seeing Lin Ming block off the space channel, everyone began to emit a faint killing intent. The saint martial artists were furious.

As for the primal god race villagers, they never imagined such a sudden change would occur.

“A’Gu, do you know this person? Did the royal family send him to rescue you?”

A beautiful blue-clothed girl sent A’Gu a sound transmission. She had adored A’Gu for a long time, and the truth was that even as a common village girl her feelings were reciprocated. But because of the difference in their backgrounds, neither of them had the courage to be open about their emotions.

“No… I don’t know him and he doesn’t seem like a member of the ancient remnant races.”

A’Gu looked at Lin Ming, finding it hard to discern his cultivation. If this person was only a middle Holy Lord, how could he possibly be the match of so many powerhouses?

“I don’t know this brother’s good name, but let’s join forces!”

A’Gu said in the common language of the saints. He was worried that Lin Ming wasn’t a match for these people. But, just as he spoke, Lin Ming moved.

Behind Lin Ming, colossal stars appeared, floating up and down. As soon as he moved forwards he opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and simultaneously galvanized the power of thunder and fire within his body.

He couldn’t hold back here. When dealing with the entire saint legion as well as the Great World King, it would be difficult to make sure not a single one of them escaped.

Hu - ! Hu - ! Hu - !

Flames surged in the skies and the void was flooded with lightning, as if countless purple and red snakes were twining themselves through the world. The scene was bizarre and horrifying.

Then, Lin Ming thrust his spear. The spear he used was the Black Dragon Spear!

After such a long time, Lin Ming used the Black Dragon Spear once more. Although he couldn’t wield it however and whenever he wished, he could still last for a long time.

Whorl –

The massive Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel and Myriad Essence Reincarnation Wheel came rolling out. Endless runes followed, flowing together with the flames and thunder. It was like a river of stars had exploding into existence, completely covering the saint martial artists.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Ten saint martial artists were immediately covered with this terrifying force field. Their mortal bodies instantly exploded to pieces before being vaporized into ashes by the power of thunder and fire!

Right after, their souls and energies were absorbed by the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel and the Myriad Essence Reincarnation Wheel!


Seeing this, many people paled. They had guessed that Lin Ming was powerful, otherwise it would have been impossible for him to lay down an enchantment that they couldn’t break free from. But, they never thought he would be powerful to such a degree!

Ten Holy Lords had been executed just by facing him!

“Get in formation!”

A saint World King shouted, already frightened.

A hundred saint warriors were all in a critical situation, facing a powerful opponent. They projected astral essence and converged it together, forming a drop of cream-colored blood.

This was the saints’ battle formation – the Saint’s Blood Array. When displayed with a hundred saint martial artists working in tandem, it possessed an earth-shaking might!

The superiority of this battle formation lay in the fact that it was easy to learn and practice, and thus suitable for a mixed legion like this.

This blood was strange. As soon as it appeared it began to crazily swallow heaven and earth origin energy, eventually growing into a small bone that glittered with profound runes.

This bone revolved in the void, automatically dragging in nearby energy. In the blink of an eye it grew into a bone giant that was 10,000 feet tall. The bone giant projected a mystical strength that poked holes in the surrounding void.


The bone giant hurled itself towards Lin Ming!

But at this moment, a brilliant light bloomed between Lin Ming’s eyebrows. The daevic eye slowly flickered open. This was Lin Ming’s fourth Dao Palace – the Daevic Eye Dao Palace!

Beneath the illumination of the daevic eye, the energy flow within the bone giant became absolutely clear down to the minutest detail. Lin Ming could see every weakness, every point where the fusion was incomplete!

The mixed legion was nothing but a hastily crafted force and their coordination couldn’t be considered spectacular. Beneath the gaze of Lin Ming’s daevic eye, numerous weaknesses were exposed.

Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear and impacted forwards. His body turned into a beam of spear light that thrust into a point seventy feet below the bone giant’s ribs.

Rumble rumble rumble!

With a loud bang, Lin Ming’s energy flooded into the bone giant, causing the originally unstable energy structure to collapse. Soon, the entire bone giant caved in on itself!


Many people were stunned silent. The battle formation formed by a hundred martial artists was directly smashed to pieces by Lin Ming’s spear strike! Just who was this person!?

“This is impossible!”

The Holy Lords could not accept this. Although their individual strength wasn’t worth mentioning, when their strengths all superimposed upon each other, even a half-step Empyrean would have to earnestly defend against their attack. Still, it had been easily broken by Lin Ming!

“He clearly saw the weakness of the bone giant!”

Someone cried out in alarm. He was unable to imagine how Lin Ming had instantly seen through the flaws of their battle array.

They didn’t have time to respond. At this time, Lin Ming had rushed into their ranks!


A Holy Lord had his head smashed open by Lin Ming’s spear, immediately dying where he stood!

Then, Lin Ming erupted with energy. The strength of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace gushed out from within him. He was unstoppable, like a tiger diving into a flock of sheep – all that remained was slaughter!

Lin Ming had already recently experienced two great killing scenes within the Akashic Dream Universe and was now familiar with what to do. Moreover, at the Fallen God Mountain Range, the peerless geniuses Lin Ming faced were far more formidable than these saint Holy Lords!

“Who is he!?”

Seeing Lin Ming instantly kill over 20 people like some unrivalled demon god, many people began dripping with a cold sweat.

The vast skies were dyed red with blood and corpses fell like rain. Some saint martial artists already had thoughts of escaping. The martial artists of this mixed legion had mostly joined the war of races in order to find some lucky chances, but if they knew with certainty they would die, no one would want to sit around and wait for their death.

“You are courting death!”

Red Leaf attacked. He was enraged upon seeing Lin Ming slaughter his troops. As soon as he attacked he did so with all of his power behind it. His body rose, growing taller, and scales appeared on his skin. His blood vitality soared to the heavens, making him seem like a bloodthirsty demon lord!


His attack collided with Lin Ming’s. The two could both feel the horrifying strength of their opponent!

In the violent strike just now, Lin Ming and Red Leaf were both forced back. But at that time, two figures flew out from Lin Ming’s inner world. They were Lin Ming’s avatars, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone and the Soul Springs Divine Embryo!

These two avatars had also changed their appearance, looking exactly like the current Lin Ming.

Although their appearance changing technique wasn’t too exquisite, in the confusion and chaos of battle, it was impossible for Red Leaf to see through them.


Red Leaf was panic-stricken. He saw two figures that looked exactly like Lin Ming rush out from within him and realized these were his avatars. But because he had just attacked, it would be hard to resist their strikes!

“Junior-apprentice brothers!”

Red Leaf summoned the three other World Kings. They recklessly hurtled forwards, but how could they be a match for Lin Ming’s two avatars?

A crazy and brutal collision occurred. In a single exchange, they were sent flying away, one of the World Kings heavily wounded.

The primal god villagers watched all of this in a daze. They certainly knew just how strong those three saint World Kings were, but they watched on as this mysterious middle Holy Lord realm youth fought, his cultivation not much higher than A’Gu’s.


A brilliant light flashed in A’Gu’s eyes. He took this chance to rush forwards, grasping his long bow and using it as a sword to wildly slash forwards!

He had to take advantage of this opportunity to assist Lin Ming!

The bow’s bowstring was sharp beyond imagination. It could even slice open space.


With a pitiful cry, the World King that had just been heavily wounded by Lin Ming was sneak attacked by A’Gu. One of his legs had been chopped off!

“You’re looking to die!”

This World King turned to strike A’Gu. But, A’Gu wasn’t much weaker than an ordinary World King to begin with and this enemy was already exhausted; he easily avoided the strike.

“The one dying is you!”

A’Gu launched another brutal attack. The World King was not his opponent and was forced to retreat again and again in defeat!


Someone cried, horrified. This was a peerless death god. They had no idea where this person came from and why he had infiltrated their legion.

This was only one of the legions subordinate to Empyrean White Heaven, and all they were attacking was a small village of the primal god race. This strange youth was so strong, so why would he have been bored enough to meddle in such trivial matters, deliberately infiltrating this unit and launching an ambush to save a village?

Dozens of Holy Lords shot into the skies. They began to bombard the enchantment that Lin Ming had laid down.

For a time, brilliant divine lights lit up the heavens. With loud rumbling sounds, the enchantment violently shook. A massive stone gate appeared within the enchantment, resisting over 90% of the attacks!

This stone gate was ancient and boundless. It was the Primordius Gate!

The Primordius Gate possessed only ordinary striking power, but its defensive capabilities were outstanding. Using it to stabilize the enchantment was the best choice!

The saint martial artists launched a barrage of attacks. But, the Primordius Gate withstood the majority of them and remained steadfast no matter what struck it. Around the Primordius Gate, many Asura runes intensely sparkled. The light of these runes dimmed, but they never disappeared.

Faintly, it was like a bit of the Concept of Existence had fused into these Asura runes. The runes drew in energy from their surroundings, glowing brighter and dimming, but never disappearing.

“How can it be so solid!?”

Many people were left flustered with panic. At this life-or-death moment, they had abandoned their attempts to attack Lin Ming but still couldn’t manage to break open this enchantment.

“Combine your attacks with an array!”

Someone shouted out. They gathered their energies once more, forming the Saint’s Blood Array and summoning the bone giant again.

But the moment that the bone giant appeared, its every weakness was seized by Lin Ming’s daevic eye.

In an instant, countless bolts of thunder flashed, smashing into the mystical strength of the bones. It was like an endless hail of thunder crashing down onto the bone giant.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Tens of thousands of collisions occurred in a single breath of time. The entire bone giant was blown apart!

Lin Ming wouldn’t allow the bone giant to freely attack the enchantment. Although the bone giant was filled with weaknesses, its striking power was considerable. His enchantment might not be able to resist it.


Lin Ming billowed with killing intent. Between his eyebrows, the Daevic Eye Dao Palace shimmered, completely locking down the image of Red Leaf.

All of Red Leaf’s weaknesses were seen through by Lin Ming!

Life and Death Samsara!

In order to bring the battle to the fastest conclusion and prevent any accidents from occurring, when Lin Ming thrust out his spear he also used the power of the golden pages. These were the results of grasping the principles atop the Fallen God Mountain Range’s shrine platform.

For a time, horrifying Life and Death Laws enveloped Red Leaf.

Red Leaf suddenly shook and his eyes turned misty and confused. It was like he had fallen into an incomparably long river of time, the years rapidly passing by around him.

Death energy spread through his body. He could feel his own mortal body decay and his fires of life fade away.


Red Leaf heard a light popping sound and then felt something cold in his chest. The confusing and befuddling haze disappeared and his field of vision became clear one more.

As it did, he saw Lin Ming right in front of him with an indifferent expression, and the Black Dragon Spear already piercing through his heart.


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