MW Chapter 1864

Chapter 1864 – God Race Royalty

This god race youth’s two continuous attacks caused the locust-like swarm of saint martial artists to halt their advance.

Seeing this, Lin Ming was slightly surprised. This youth’s talent already surpassed many Empyrean descendants’. A small god race village actually had such an outstanding elite. If a large influence of the god race with a deep background were to raise such a genius, how terrifying could he be?

“Interesting. Senior-apprentice Brother Red Leaf, let me play with him.”

A World King standing behind Red Leaf grinned and moved forwards. He took out a spear, a flame burning on its tip.

Facing this saint World King, the god race youth’s complexion was solemn. He could feel the terrifying aura rolling off this opponent, and from what this World King had said, the ‘senior-apprentice Brother Red Leaf’ he referred to was clearly stronger. From Red Leaf’s body, the god race youth could feel an aura as deep as the sea, making his heart race!

Behind the god race youth, the other primal god race villagers all had worried and fearful expressions. Their tiny little village didn’t have much war strength, so how could they ward off the assault of a hundred Holy Lords, several World Kings, and a Great World King?

“What enmity does my primal god race have with you saints? You want to annihilate my people’s bloodline and use our children for alchemy!?” The primal god race youth angrily shouted. Thunder gathered in his palms and a vast lightning storm seemed to grow within his maddened eyes.

“Haha, what sort of question is that? How pathetic! In this universe, the strong devour the weak! Who made it so that your flesh and blood are valuable medicines, and that the women of your people are the best living furnaces for dual cultivation? Who told you to possess so many resources? Your people were once brilliant in the past, but now it’s time for you all to permanently leave the stage of history. My saint race will rise without stopping, and you will perish while we do so!”

The saint World King laughed.

The god race youth simmered in grief, hatred roiling in his heart. He flew straight up from the ground, impacting into the skies!

“Even if I must die, I will drag you down with me!”

The god race youth bellowed. His flesh and blood began to emit an even more dazzling brilliance and his skin started to shine with a golden light. Runes flashed on his body, exuding an inexhaustibly potent power. The void shook and his crystalline bones emitted a majestic aura that caused the world to shake.

“This bloodline…” Lin Ming was startled. He could feel that this bloodline was slightly similar to the Asura blood the Asura Road Master had left behind. Of course, compared to the Asura Road Master, the difference was far too great. When he had heard Sheng Mei say that it was rumored that the Asura Road Master came from the primal god race, it seemed that these weren’t baseless stories.

“Hey, he actually has the king bloodline! If I cut you down then my merits will be great, haha!” The saint World King laughed with joy as he sensed the god race youth’s bloodline.

The god race’s king bloodline could be called the most precious bloodline in the world. The pure king bloodline had already vanished from existence, but there were still some lineages left behind. Although they were impure, they were still extremely valuable.

“What an accidental harvest!”

Many Holy Lords were excited. They were part of a mixed legion so they were often sent to the edge of the battlefield. Because of this, they had some complaints in their hearts. They thought they would never be able to seize some of the primal god race’s treasures or important figures, but they never imagined they would find a god race youth with a king bloodline in this tiny village.

But something was strange. This god race youth with the king bloodline, why would he be in this small village?

“Take him alive!”

Red Leaf shouted. The youth’s bloodline had caused his complexion to change.

At this moment, there was a dreadful explosion. The god race youth attacked. His move was like falling landslides and tsunamis that struck towards the saint World King with overwhelming pressure.

This move was brutal and crazy, and even the void tore apart. The saint World King’s original grin disappeared as he saw this. Although he had already given a high appraisal to this youth’s strength, it seemed that he might have underestimated him.

An early Holy Lord could emit an attack that could threaten an ordinary World King?

However, this was only a threat; the disparity in their cultivations was far too large. The saint World King took a step back, his blood vitality soaring to the heavens. White bone blades grew out from his skeleton, jutting out from his body. They shined with mystical runes, making him look like a deadly hedgehog.

This was a common battle technique amongst the upper level martial artists of the saints – body metamorphosis.


The two people collided. The god race youth’s complexion flushed red and blood leaked out the corners of his lips. Although his cultivation was an entire large boundary behind, he was actually only suppressed and not seriously wounded.

How could he be so strong!?

Many saint martial artists were shocked. The disparity between an early Holy Lord and ordinary World King was no different than a moat. Yet in this one collision, all that happened was that he bled a little.

The primal god race lived up to their reputation. The king blood of the god race was terrifying to the extreme!

The god race youth violently fought with the saint World King. Although he was fierce, every time they collided his body would be torn by the saint’s bone blades, exposing deep wounds.

But this god race youth possessed a horrifying level of endurance. Although he was repeatedly injured, he relied on his conviction to become increasingly savage the more he fought!

On the other hand, even though the saint World King was clearly stronger, he still couldn’t capture his opponent for a long time. He was soon breathless from frustration.

“How terrifying!”

Some saint martial artists cried out in surprise. “If the primal god race numbered in the trillions, there would be a qualitative change in their war strength and they could even threaten us saints!”

“No wonder the god race was able to achieve supremacy 10 billion years ago when a hundred races rose up together. If it weren’t for the heavens cursing the god race, then there wouldn’t be a race that could compete with them!”

The saint martial artists discussed. They couldn’t help but admire the god race. Hearing these conversations, Red Leaf frowned and violently shouted, “All of you shut up!”

Although Red Leaf was also left amazed by the god race’s potential, he didn’t want to lower military morale. “Stop dragging things on. The longer we delay, the more problems there will be. All of us will capture him together!”

Red Leaf suddenly said. He was preparing to attack himself and the other two World Kings moved forwards with him, all of them approaching the god race youth.

He was afraid that this god race youth possessed some uncommon status and there would be reinforcements arriving.

Seeing this, the martial artists in the god race village were filled with despair.


The elderly in the village gripped their fists. A young girl’s eyes filled with tears. The youth fighting in the skies was named A’Gu.

He came from the royalty of the primal god race. But, because of certain intrigues within the royal family, he was forced to flee when he was a child. He ran away to this little village and grew up here. From the start, no one knew about A’Gu’s previous life and thought of him as nothing but an ordinary child.

A’Gu had grown up together with the village. The feelings that the villagers held towards A’Gu was as thick as blood.

When the saints invaded and the flames of war began burning through the Primeval Universe, A’Gu had returned to this village. Now possessing a little bit of strength himself, he had desired to establish an enchantment around this village to make sure they could live in safety, and then wait for a chance to move the entire village to a safer place. But before he could do all of this, some of the villagers had been discovered by the saints.

A’Gu’s cultivation was far too low. He was just barely able to cope with a World King, and now with other World Kings and even a Great World King advancing towards him, nothing awaited him but defeat!

“Even… if I die… I will make sure none of you are happy…” Seeing three other World Kings join the fray, A’Gu revealed a twisted smile. Crimson light began to shine from the bones of his arms.

A dangerous aura enveloped everyone.

“Mm? This is bad, he wants to burn away the entirety of his king blood! Stop him!” Red Leaf coldly said.

Even if this god race youth burned away his king blood he still couldn’t pose a fatal threat to them. But, it would mean the loss of his king blood.


The villagers cried out in sorrow. Burning away the entirety of his king blood was the same as suicide.

However, his opponents formed a sharp contrast to him. The saints ferociously roared, “Hey! You brat, your body no longer belongs to you! Your blood is precious and cannot be wasted! You think I’ll just let you do as you please?”

A saint World King cackled, about to attack the god race youth.

But at this time, a loud explosion erupted from behind the saints.

They were startled and turned around to look. They saw that high in the air, an unfamiliar saint youth had destroyed the void, crushing the space channel that allowed them to enter. Behind the saint youth, a dim enchantment appeared, covering the surrounding space.

This enchantment glittered with mystical runes, completely incomprehensible to the mind.

“You… what are you doing?”

Beside Red Leaf, the three saint World Kings were stunned.

The other hundred saint martial artists were also unsure what happened. They could feel something was wrong.

To destroy the space channel and also cover this area in an enchantment, these actions weren’t something that the average person could easily accomplish!

It had to be known that saint martial artists mainly focused on the strength of their mortal bodies. They rarely used array runes, and even if they did it wouldn’t be so advanced.

The array runes that this saint youth laid down were incomprehensible even to Red Leaf.

Red Leaf’s complexion darkened.

He carefully observed this strange saint race youth. But no matter how he looked, he couldn’t see any camouflage. This person’s cultivation, race, and appearance didn’t seem fake at all.

But, his actions proved he wasn’t here with good intentions.

“What is the meaning of this? Who are you?”

Red Leaf suspected that this person was a spy who had infiltrated into their ranks!

After all, in a great war between races, the origins of members in a mixed legion were extremely complex and it wasn’t surprising for a spy to sneak their way in!

After destroying the space channel and laying down an enchantment, the saint youth drew out a spear from his spatial ring. This saint youth was Lin Ming who had used the Bodily Rebirth Technique.

He had been biding his time for so long and had only taken action now because he wanted to take advantage of the time when the saints were attacking the god race village to lay down the sealing enchantment. This enchantment had array symbols of the Asura Heavenly Dao engraved into it. And, its purpose was to prevent these saint martial artists from escaping!

Lin Ming’s identity was far too sensitive, especially to the saints!

Although he could hide his appearance with the Bodily Rebirth Technique, he couldn’t hide his moves.

Moreover, his cultivation was at the middle Holy Lord realm. When his combat strength was contrasted with his cultivation, and in addition to his moves, if any saint martial artists ran away and spread news of what they saw, perhaps even including a battle array disc, then people like the Good Fortune Saint Son would definitely be able to guess his identity.

Once the saints discovered he had come to the Primeval Universe, what would happen then?

Lin Ming didn’t dare to imagine it!

Thus, choosing the correct time to attack was extremely important to Lin Ming. Defeating these people wasn’t hard, but to kill off every single one of them was a challenge!


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