MW Chapter 1864

Chapter 1864 – God Race Royalty

This god race youth’s two continuous attacks caused the locust-like swarm of saint martial artists to halt their advance.

Seeing this, Lin Ming was slightly surprised. This youth’s talent already surpassed many Empyrean descendants’. A small god race village actually had such an outstanding elite. If a large influence of the god race with a deep background were to raise such a genius, how terrifying could he be?

“Interesting. Senior-apprentice Brother Red Leaf, let me play with him.”

A World King standing behind Red Leaf grinned and moved forwards. He took out a spear, a flame burning on its tip.

Facing this saint World King, the god race youth’s complexion was solemn. He could feel the terrifying aura rolling off this opponent, and from what this World King had said, the ‘senior-apprentice Brother Red Leaf’ he referred to was clearly stronger. From Red Leaf’s body, the god race youth could feel an aura as deep as the sea, making his heart race!

Behind the god race youth, the other primal god race villagers all had worried and fearful expressions. Their tiny little village didn’t have much war strength, so how could they ward off the assault of a hundred Holy Lords, several World Kings,...

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