MW Chapter 1863

Chapter 1863 – Entering the God Race

Primeval Universe, Chaos Star Ocean –

Blood surged, the sounds of death and battle boiled in the air.

Beams of brilliant light shot out like eternal rainbows, colorful and heroic, piercing through the void and shaking it.

Kacha! Kacha!

In the midst of the violent fluctuations of energy that ripped through all directions, massive asteroid belts broke up and disintegrated.

This area had long been eroded through the endless years, decayed to the point of collapse. Now that this exceptionally brutal war broke out, the asteroids instantly turned to ash.

The war drums of the saints rumbled, echoing through this ancient universe like billowing thunderclouds.

Wu - ! Wu - !

Horns bellowed into the air, cracking open the starry skies. Sonic ripples spread through, inciting the morale of the saint martial artists.

Where drums and horns beat together, endless massacres broke out. Beams of divine light ripped through the battlefield.

Lin Ming mixed his way into the spirit ship of the saint martial artists. As he passed through this part of the battlefield, he saw many ancient remnant races still desperately fighting and crying out.

These ancient remnant races were mostly celestials and the followers of the celestials.

The primal god race only accounted for an extremely small portion of these martial artists.

The entire god race consisted of only several tens of millions of people. Compared to the other larger races of the 33 Heavens who consisted of unknown trillion quadrillions of people, the god race couldn’t even be considered a drop in the bucket.

In fact, even 10 billion years ago, the primal god race didn’t have a high population. At the very least, they couldn’t compare to the raw numbers of the great races of the current era. At that time, within the universes ruled by the primal god race, the main residents were the other races that followed the primal god race. These races often had populations several hundreds of millions of times greater than the primal god race.

The primal god race was just like their name to these races. Their powerful members were the same as gods.

Gods could control the universe, but the number of gods was always far less than all other living beings.

The scenes of war were merciless and tragic. Some of the ancient race martial artists possessed three heads and six arms, some had glowing golden bodies, some exuded shining auras of power, some possessed billowing blood vitality, some had massive horns, but all of them were incredibly talented when it came to fighting.

When these powerhouses gathered together, their blood energies seethed and fused, seemingly boundless and containing endless fighting strength.

But although these ancient races were powerful, they were surrounded by enemies ten times their numbers. The saint martial artists encircled them like ants!

These saint martial artists weren’t weak either. Each one had extraordinary talents, powerful bloodlines, or formidable martial arts inheritances. As they all activated their bloodlines, their appearances became fierce and savage, and even when they died they would go down biting and kicking at the ancient races.

Although the ancient race martial artists fought bravely, two fists could not fight four hands. Their boiling blood vitality and fierce actions were soon submerged by the sea-like offensive.

Moreover, some influences of the ancient races were separated by the saint martial artists using calculating methods. They were divided and then conquered, suffering massive casualties!

“This battle is intense. Although the ancient races are using the terrain to their advantage and engaging the saints in guerilla warfare, the saint martial artists eventually find them. Once the saints find them, it's just a mass slaughter from then on. The ancient races may be strong but they are too few in number and it is difficult for them to procreate. If this continues then they won’t be able to last for much longer...” Lin Ming grimly thought, his heart heavy.

Seeing these ancient races heroically battle with the murderous saints, an inexplicable feeling of frustration and sorrow shook Lin Ming’s heart. Dozens of years from now, would this be the same scene in the Divine Realm?

Humanity was numerous, far higher in number than these ancient races. If the saints thoroughly seized control of the Divine Realm it was still impossible for them to completely eliminate all humans.

After all, besides the 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm, there were still countless other medium and small worlds and dimensions, as well as the vast lower realms which consisted of over a billion worlds. Wanting to eliminate humanity was an incomparably vast project.

But the saints didn’t need to utterly eliminate humanity. As long as they destroyed the inheritance of humanity and killed off the likes of Divine Dream, Emperor Shakya, and other leading Empyreans, completely wiping away the Empyrean Heavenly Palaces, and then killing the top talents like Dragon Fang, Hang Chi, and Jun Bluemoon, that would be eliminating the hopes of humanity. From then on, humanity could be considered as ruins.

Humanity would still have members surviving into the future, but they would be like those that lived in the Soul World. They would devolve into an inferior race of slaves, ruled by others and barely able to maintain their existence.

“Did you see the war just now? That was Empyrean Gilded Heaven’s legion. They apparently found a stronghold of the celestials and have organized the army to lay siege to it, and will be claiming victory any time now. Conservatively speaking, this time they will be killing hundreds of thousands of celestial martial artists and millions of their followers! This is a great military merit. Not only will we obtain a massive amount of war loot, but these military merits mean rich rewards from the upper command!”

The commanding Great World King Red Leaf roared out. His words roused the fervor of the saint martial artists. The reason this legion had joined the battle between races was in order to find lucky chances and obtain military exploits.

“Although our mission isn’t to kill hundreds of thousands or millions of enemies, our opponents are not the celestials but the primal god race. If we capture them alive the rewards will be unfathomable! Everyone, raise your spirits!”

Red Leaf’s words caused many martial artists to bubble over with zeal. With this, Red Leaf was extremely excited.

The scale of battle they had to undertake wasn’t large, but if it went smoothly their harvests would be considerable. The bodies, souls, and energy seas of the primal god race were all valuable treasures. They could be slowly refined and turned into top treasures and pills.

The group of people marched forwards. These people all had at least a Holy Lord level cultivation. Even in a battle between two races, the strength of a Holy Lord couldn’t be underestimated.

They avoided the intense parts of the battlefield as much as possible, sneaking through the darkness of the void.

“We’ve arrived, it’s here!”

Red Leaf suddenly waved his hand and all the saint martial artists stopped in their tracks. In front of them was a dark space that was camouflaged to look like a black hole. But as Lin Ming swept his divine sense through it, he knew that in truth this was only an illusion; it was actually a stronghold of the primal god race.


With a loud command from Red Leaf, over a hundred Holy Lords struck together. The divine lights of numerous astral essences pierced through the void, ripping through the primal god race’s great array formation.


A horrifying explosion lit up the world. In front of the saint martial artists, an independent world appeared. This world existed in a crevice of space, and had houses, mountains, rivers, rice fields, and also primal god martial artists quietly living there.

From appearances, this was not some war stronghold, but a simple village.

And it was only an ordinary village of the primal god race, because there were the elderly, women, and children running about.

Although the god race martial artists far surpassed other races in terms of talent, not all of them could cultivate to the Holy Lord realm. In their race there were many ordinary martial artists. Of course, these ordinary martial artists were far more powerful than ordinary martial artists of other races.

From looks alone, the god race didn’t have any external differences from saints or humans. But, their inherent essence, energy, and divine were of completely different levels. If stripped out, they were all precious materials.

“Capture alive those you can. As for those you cannot, kill them all and take away their corpses!”

Red Leaf ruthlessly ordered. A manic bloodthirst clouded his eyes.

The primal god race village before him left him incredibly excited, because he could see young girls and children living there.

The young girls of the god race, if they were virgins, would be extremely nourishing to his cultivation if he were to ravish them.

As for the children of the god race, they could be turned into medicines. The effects were even better.

In the private transactions of the saint race legions, the prices of the god race’s young girls and children were dozens of times higher than other members’.

“Haha, all of you die!”

“Kill them all!”

More than 100 Holy Lords and three World Kings attacked together. The god race village in front of them wasn’t too large. No matter how heaven-defying the talent of the god race was, it was impossible for a tiny village like this to harm a Great World King.


Suddenly, a divine arrow cut through the skies and a saint Holy Lord in the front was pierced through the chest, immediately sent flying backwards.

During the time he was sent flying away, the divine arrow twisted apart the saint martial artist’s heart and lungs, causing blood to gush out from his body and sever his life!


Red Leaf sneered. “Interesting, there’s a fierce youth here and his skills aren’t too bad!”

Red Leaf thoughtfully looked towards the center of the village. There was a youth holding a bow with an early Holy Lord level cultivation. But, this early Holy Lord was able to kill a late Holy Lord with an arrow and even ignore the powerful bodily defenses of the saints. This strength was extraordinary; he was surely some astonishing genius.


The youth hurtled into the skies. His body was covered in war armor and dense arcs of electricity wrapped around him. His eyes were angry and defiant.

He kicked out and sent a saint martial artist hurtling a thousand miles away, causing him to violently vomit blood.


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