MW Chapter 1862

Chapter 1862 – Primeval Universe

“Brother Lin, are you leaving?” A shy voice sounded out. It was Ruby.

“Mm… I must leave. If I have the chance to return then I will definitely help you solve the riddle of your life.” Sheng Mei had long since left the vast forest. Lin Ming had been standing beneath the great starry skies for several hours.

He didn’t want to bring Ruby away. She was an energy body formed from pure soul force and if she left the Akashic Dream Universe she wouldn’t have a physical body. Although she would still exist, it would feel like a bird losing its wings. If she went to the catastrophic universe where the hundred ancient races dwelled, she might not be able to play a major role and would easily fall into danger.

Plus, with the uncertainty of Lin Ming’s own continued existence lying on the edge, he decided to leave by himself.

“Mm… then I… will wait for you to return.”

Ruby clenched her small fists and vigorously nodded. Towards Lin Ming, she felt a natural affinity. This was because of the Magic Cube and the Eternal Soul…

Over the years, Lin Ming’s soul had been nourished by the Magic Cube and had become extremely pure. It now possessed a trace of never-changing attributes.

This was also...

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