MW Chapter 1861

Chapter 1861 – Struggle

Sheng Mei sighed deep with emotion, as if she were also sighing over her own destiny.

Lin Ming didn’t know what Sheng Mei had to face that she wanted to flee it for a hundred million years, but what he knew was that Sheng Mei was someone with great ambitions.

Just like she had said –

A worm that lives amongst the dead leaves and fallen branches will never understand the beauty and greatness of this world!

And a worm was a creature that wouldn’t live past the winter. Because of its short life, it didn’t know the dangers of a world filled with ice and snow.

But what about martial artists? Wasn’t it the same?

10 billion years ago, those supreme elders might have seemed heaven-shaking and world-breaking, but were they able to see the world 10 billion years later? The current Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was also all-powerful, but would he be able to see the future of 10 billion years from now?

Sheng Mei was unwilling to live for a mere several hundred million years. She wanted to live longer than that, to witness everything the universe had to offer!

“Although the primal god race didn’t have any True Divinities they were still able to contend with the saints for so long. Is it by virtue of the so-called ‘decree of the gods’?”

Lin Ming found it difficult to believe that a single decree could threaten the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

“The so-called ‘decree of the gods’, do you even know what they are? Do you know how deep their origins are? They are items left behind by the many peerless god sovereigns of the ancient past. It is even said that within these decrees of the gods, there are those left behind by the Asura Road Master. Because of this, there is a viewpoint that exists which believes the Asura Road Master came from the primal god race!”


Lin Ming was dumbfounded. The Asura Road Master was from the primal god race?

“What else do you think is possible? He is a character that existed 10 billion years ago. 10 billion years ago, humans, saints, and spiritas, the three great peak races of the current era had yet to rise. There were only the numerous ancient races that aren’t worthy of mention now. It's impossible that any of these small races possessed the destiny or background to give birth to unrivalled existences like the Asura Road Master or the Holy Scripture creator. The spiritas may have declared to the world that the creator of the Holy Scripture is the first ancestor of the spiritas, but the reality is that this is only a justification for them to thoroughly inherit the Akashic Dream Universe.”

Sheng Mei ruthlessly mocked. Her words caused Lin Ming’s thoughts to stir, as if she were contemptuously scoffing at the actions taken by the high level figures of the spiritas.

“So that’s how it is…”

Lin Ming recalled the Asura Road Master triple cultivated essence, energy, and divine. He had 33 avatars and studied the 33 Heavenly Daos each to the boundary of a True Divinity.

This was an unimaginable achievement! For the three races of humans, saints, and spiritas, this was especially true.

But the primal god race was different. Their souls, bodies, and inner worlds were all incredibly potent, and they were strong by birth alone, possessing the talent to cultivate essence, energy, and divine.

This point just happened to agree with the Asura Road Master’s road of cultivation!

The truth was that the Asura Road Maser existed 10 billion years ago. Through such a long period of time, the martial arts civilization of the universe had suffered numerous calamities and history had been lost to the sands of time, everything becoming vague and unknown.

It was hard for martial artists of the modern era to trace back what race the Asura Road Master originated from. But without a doubt, the primal god race was the likeliest choice.

Similarly, the creator of the Holy Scripture probably had a terrifying background.

Sheng Mei seemed to have seen through Lin Ming’s thoughts. She sighed and said, “The great emperors and sages of the ancient past almost all possessed inborn divine bodies and variation bloodlines. Lin Ming, if you wish to become a god and cast your own emperor’s road, leaving behind an eternal legend, then the premise of all of that is… you can become a god…”

Sheng Mei’s voice was calm but Lin Ming knew that the ‘become a god’ she referred to was not as simple as reaching the True Divinity realm, but was to reach the extreme True Divinity realm or even surpass it!

To surpass True Divinity, wasn’t that easier said than done? Even if humanity were at peace and he possessed the entire legacy and resources of his race, he still might not be able to accomplish that!

Much less now, when humanity was experiencing a great calamity soon. Lin Ming would lose his backing and struggle in the endless surging waves. If he were just a little bit careless, his body and soul would be destroyed…

“Empress, I have a question… how many Heavens do the saints control?”

Lin Ming asked. He wanted a rough approximation of the saints’ strength; that would be greatly helpful to him.

“Seven, the same as my spiritas, although their overall strength is slightly inferior!” Sheng Mei said with certainty. In a sense, the Akashic Dream Universe, to a race, was far more useful than the Primeval Realm Ruins. After all, the army-style training of the Akashic Dream Battlefield was something that the Primeval Realm Ruins didn’t have.

“Seven… then, if the spiritas and saints each possess seven Heavens, the numerous ancient races possess one, and the Divine Realm is also one, then I only know of 16 Heavens… there are also the universes of 17 Heavens remaining. Are there other races?”

Lin Ming asked, feeling a bit depressed. In the past, humanity stood on par with the saints and spiritas, but now they only possessed a single Heaven.

Of course, there was still a large number of humans. Many of them were distributed across the various territories of the saints and spiritas, and could be called slaves.

Now humanity, which had once been one of the three great peak races, only had the advantage of numbers left for them.

Sheng Mei shook her head, “There aren’t that many races. Of the 33 Heavens, many of them are gaping deathtraps or wildernesses. Some of them have chaotic Laws, some of them have thin origin energy, and some of them are even filled with powerful vicious beasts – all of these problems are the ongoing consequences left behind by the great wars of the hundred races from ancient times. But… the truth is that this isn’t a problem. Chaotic Laws can be sorted and straightened out, thin origin energy can be nourished and revived, and vicious beasts can be slain, however… the key factor is that for these universes, the God Lamenting Wall that separates the Heavens hasn’t weakened much, even during the last cycle of samsara 3.6 billion years ago. Because of this, it is difficult for anyone besides a True Divinity to enter the other Heavens. Thus, whether it is the saints or spiritas, it is difficult for any influence to expand into them and this is the reason that they are currently isolated. However, in the future there will definitely be races that rely on their background to slowly expand throughout the entire 33 Heavens!”

“I understand…”

Lin Ming took a deep breath. It was clear that the martial arts civilization was at its most glorious 10 billion years ago. At that time, it was likely that all 33 Heavens were fully developed.

But afterwards, due to certain reasons, many ancient races declined and even went extinct. The martial arts civilization devolved into its early stages and had to be redeveloped from the start. Now, the masters of the current era were far inferior in quality and quantity to those of 10 billion years ago.

Perhaps as time passed, the spiritas would really be able to restore the martial arts civilization to the golden age of 10 billion years ago. But perhaps after that, they might also wither away.

To rise, to fade, and then to begin the cycle once more, that seemed to be a kind of Heavenly Dao rule.

Facing such a great rule, even peerless characters like the Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture were unable to prevent it.

“How do I go to the universe where the primal god race is?” Lim Ming asked Sheng Mei. Since the spiritas were able to wage war with the saints and the saints were able to wage war with the ancient races, that meant the spiritas must possess a method to reach the ancient races.

“You really wish to go?” Sheng Mei looked at Lin Ming, her eyebrows pressing together. She originally wanted to tell Lin Ming that the time of humanity was nearing its end, but she never imagined he would want to go to the primal god race.


Lin Ming didn’t aimlessly want to go to the primal god race. The primal god race might be related to the Asura Road Master, and based on this point alone he had to go take a look, and at least see what the decree of the gods that the Asura Road Master left behind were.

Sheng Mei stared at Lin Ming. She knew that once Lin Ming made a decision it was nearly impossible to change his mind. This was just the sort of person he was.

She shook her head, “I have no idea if you’re brave or a fool. If there is a day when you really must face doom, then it is always better to die under my hands than to die to the saints…”

As Sheng Mei spoke, she flew upwards. Her graceful form was covered in endless moonlight, as if she were stepping on the wind as she floated to the skies.

Like this, she left, not even turning her head once as she brought her previous confusion and her new decisiveness away with her.

Lin Ming watched Sheng Mei disappear into the horizon. He felt a sense of sudden melancholy that he couldn’t explain…

The next time they met, what would the situation be like?

The vicissitudes of life were ever-changing, being flipped and turned in the surging waves. In this great world, no one was able to do as they liked.

Lin Ming was a young eagle that had just learned to fly. Facing the upcoming storm, he was unable to reach the lofty skies. However, Sheng Mei was powerful and had completed her seventh revolution of reincarnation. Once she stepped into the Empyrean realm once more, her true combat strength might reach the boundaries of a True Divinity!

Even so, in her life she was burdened by a tremendous weight, one that left her lonely and lost.

As Sheng Mei had said, whether it was him or her, they were both moths flying towards the fire. Even though they both clearly knew there was a raging flame in front of them, they still desperately rushed into it.

Beneath the arrangement of fate, even if the initial moments were happy, the results might surpass all imagination. Even friends could turn into foes, opposing each other to life and death.

However, even knowing this, they would still follow the paths they had chosen and walk down their roads. This was because… they both held fast to their hearts and possessed their own beliefs!

If only life stayed like the first time we met. Suddenly, looking back through the rivers of time, nothing fills the eyes but mist.

I must struggle in the dust and chaos. Even if I am only a small wave, I will still bravely move forwards…


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