MW Chapter 1860

Chapter 1860 – A Hundred Million Years

Lin Ming’s last words were calm but steadfast.

Beneath the shimmering moonlight, Sheng Mei and Lin Ming looked at each other, neither speaking for a long time.

Lin Ming didn’t know just what Sheng Mei was thinking.

He even faintly felt that if he were to part ways with Sheng Mei today, if they were to meet again in the future their relationship would no longer be the same.

“Your golden pages.”

Lin Ming waved his hand and four golden pages flew towards Sheng Mei.

Sheng Mei received the golden pages and turned to leave. But at this time, Lin Ming called out to her, “Wait one moment!”

Sheng Mei stopped. With her back to Lin Ming, her black hair fluttered in the night wind. Bathed in starlight, her entire body sparkled with a gentle brilliance.

“I have a question… you can choose not to answer.” Lin Ming said after a moment of hesitation.

“Speak…” Sheng Mei faintly said. She knew that even if Lin Ming called out to her, he wouldn’t have changed his mind.

“I want to ask… when you asked me to leave with you, was it to follow you, or follow the spiritas?”

Lin Ming always felt something was off, as if Sheng Mei had something she couldn’t say. Every time she sent a sound transmission she also isolated herself from the outside...

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