Chapter 186 - Wolf Toxin

Chapter 186 Wolf Toxin.


Chapter 186 – Wolf Toxin

Outside of the Sorcerer Pagoda, seven days and seven nights had already passed.


In the dark and silent halls of the Sorcerer Holy Land, a wolf suddenly howled. A Corrupt Wolf the size of a small cow rushed forwards, bits of carrion flesh hanging from its cruel jaws. Its body reeked of death, and its bright white fangs were exposed and dripping saliva. In the darkness, its luminescent green eyes were especially bright.

In front of the Corrupt Wolf, a little girl was quickly running. This little girl was Na Yi.

At this point her innocent face held no fear or panic. Instead, her teeth were clenched as she desperately pushed her true essence to the max and displayed her fastest speed.

However, Na Yi was only at the Viscera Training stage. Not only that, but a human was already inferior in running to a vicious beast; how could she compare to the peak Altering Muscle Corrupt Wolf?

The Corrupt Wolf closed in, almost overtaking her. Na Yi could already hear the sounds of whistling wind from behind her back and even feel the rancid breath of the Corrupt Wolf.


The Corrupt Wolf pounced forwards, its sharp wolf claws piercing straight towards Na Yi and scratching her delicate back.


Na Yi forced the...

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