MW Chapter 1858

Chapter 1858 – The Old Youth

This youth didn’t have the aura of Laws around his body and his foundation was ordinary. His cultivation wasn’t high, but as he sat there fishing, he seemed to meld together with the surrounding environment in perfect harmony.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment and then walked towards the youth.

The youth clearly sensed Lin Ming approach. However, he continued fishing as before, sitting on the side of this lake which was like a well that had never been touched.

“Are there fish here?”

Lin Ming suddenly asked. His understanding towards the Laws of Existence had reached an extremely high boundary and he could feel that this lake lacked any vitality at all. There was no life within it, and there weren’t even plants in the water or shrimp or fish within. It was just impossible to fish for anything here.

“There aren’t.”

The youth’s voice was a little dreary, without any emotion at all.

As the youth spoke, he didn’t turn his head. Lin Ming could see the youth’s hands that were grasping the fishing pole....

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