MW Chapter 1857

Chapter 1857 – Samsara of Life and Death

Lin Ming left. He had obtained far too many comprehensions at the Fallen God Mountain Range and needed time to digest and fuse them.

During the 13 years, the True Divinity mark placed within him had slowly faded away. And with Sheng Mei’s appearance, few people were willing to target him in an obvious manner.

But Lin Ming was still careful. After leaving the Fallen God Mountain range had once more used the Bodily Rebirth Technique and created a new identity for himself before re-entering the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

After grasping the principles atop the Fallen God Mountain Range for so long, the Akashic Dream Battlefield had long since opened again.

But this time, Lin Ming didn’t come to the Akashic Dream Battlefield to kill others for their merit points. Rather, he went to the ancient galactic battlefield to cultivate.

Lin Ming didn’t alert anyone. He easily arrived at the ancient forest within the Akashic Dream Battlefield, bypassing the layers of spells to enter the ancient ruins.

This was where the Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture had fought 10 billion years ago.

The reason he chose to come here was because this was a land where the auras of the Asura Road Master and Holy Scripture creator had fused together.

Lin Ming held great ambitions. He wanted to cultivate essence, energy, and soul, simultaneously fusing together the universe of the body with the universe of the world, creating a road of martial arts that had never been seen before!

Thus, this ancient galactic battlefield was the best training place for him.

The four golden pages had fused into his flesh and blood and divine soul. At this time, Lin Ming was like an elderly abbot, his thoughts clear and serene.

In his mind, only the vast texts of the golden pages as well as those vague runes of existence fused into his body appeared.

This time, he wanted to comprehend the true meaning of the runes of existence and blend them together with the four golden pages.

The ancient galactic battlefield was pitch black and filled with a deathly silence. Lin Ming wandered through the ruins of this galaxy, stepping over countless shattered stars and planets as he went towards the most central point.

In the area where the first ancestor of the spiritas had left the strongest spirit mark, Lin Ming found a broken star nucleus and sat down within it.

Not too far away, Ruby had manifested and was following him.

As Ruby appeared, the surrounding strange black runes were stirred up by her. They were like fish that saw food, swimming towards her before sinking into her body.

Lin Ming sighed upon seeing this. Ruby was like an inherent being born of the Laws. Not only could she see through all Laws but Law runes would chase after her on their own initiative. He really couldn’t imagine what her origins were.

Lin Ming quickly entered the fused martial intent state. Behind him, the Bodhi tree slowly spread out, its lush leaves shining as he started to perceive the runes of life and death.

Soon, Lin Ming immersed himself into a completely convoluted realm, becoming one with the icy darkness around him.

In his mind, the ancient texts recorded atop the golden pages thundered loudly. The endless writings floated up and down like mountains, containing limitless mysteries.

After thoroughly grasping the principles atop the shrine platform, it was far easier for Lin Ming to read these golden pages now. He didn’t feel the agonizing pain of needles stabbing his eyes nor was he in a situation where he couldn’t read the words. This was because he had already immersed himself in them and was able to extricate them.

The golden pages were things passed down from the infinite past, the essence of the legacy of someone who had been able to create their own universe. Wanting to completely master them in a short period of time was impossible.

Every time Lin Ming comprehended the golden pages he would only comprehend a small part of them. Much of their contents still slumbered deeply within him, shrouded in a thick fog, obscured and unclear.

The reason he came here now was to shorten the time it would take him to slowly digest these accumulations.

A ghostly light began shining out from between his eyebrows, as if an eye were opening.

This was a mystical light, one that seemed as if it could illuminate the past, present, and future. It shined upon the fighting runes left behind by the Asura Road Master and the spiritas ancestor, making them also release a bright luster.

This strange eye was the Daevic Eye Dao Palace that Lin Ming had recently opened.

As the Daevic Eye Dao Palace appeared, it seemed to illuminate the universe in all directions, clearing away the fog and uncertainty.

Many of the blurry texts of the golden pages that were shrouded by fog within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea began to shine as the endless light of the Daevic Eye Dao Palace warmed them. The texts began to become increasingly loud, and a large portion of the thick fog surrounding  them dissipated, as if a sun was breaking through the endless morning horizon.

Every word was like an ancient god king, whispering as they spoke of infinite true meanings.

Lin Ming didn’t understand these sounds of the Great Dao at the start. But gradually, his body and divine sea were impacted by the sounds of the Great Dao.

Some texts began to pervade his nearly indestructible body. On his skin that was as tough as stars, tiny characters appeared like tadpoles swimming in water, followed with innumerable images.

…Some supreme elders were soaking up stars in the center of the universe, turning into ancient suns that lit up the endless expanse…

…A god king used his flesh and blood to build up a world. His energy turned into rain that nourished all life…

More and more true meanings appeared that enlightened Lin Ming’s divine soul. The endless information was like raging rivers as it rushed into him.

As time passed, his understandings of the golden pages became increasingly profound.

The surrounding world, as well as the battle runes left behind in the ancient galactic battlefield by the ancestor of the spiritas, began to flicker once more after so many years of silence as they started to shine with a marvelous harmony.

These runes were faint traces of black energy, incomparably nimble and inspiring.

Every wisp of black energy contained a distant scene of the old spiritas ancestor. Every scene depicted a true meaning of the old spiritas ancestor displaying the Holy Scripture…

Black energy swirled around Lin Ming. The endless runes of the golden pages rumbled in response. Even the old battle runes left behind by the old spiritas ancestor were dyed in shining gold.

Lin Ming immersed himself within all of this, lost in waves of enlightenment that he couldn’t take himself out of.

…Universe… space and time… life and death…

Gradually, the ancient texts immersed in his skin began to glow. Then, his flesh and blood, bones, and even his divine soul began to roar out together.

As this thunderous sound spread out, he fell into a trance and went utterly still.

First his heart stopped and his blood flow came to a standstill. A single breath extended for such a long time that it seemed to completely vanish.

He sat solitarily in that icy dark ancient galactic battlefield. Within the void, he seemed to melt into the shattered star nucleus where he was.

An unknown period of time passed. His skin and flesh started to dry up, and rings began to appear around his bones like mysterious marks.

He remained motionless as before, even with his vitality seemingly cut off. If another martial artist were to see him in such a state they would definitely be surprised, because his current appearance resembled that of true death.

After another period of time, Lin Ming’s skin began to flake away, turning into dust that scattered into the world. However, from beneath this old skin, baby-like crystalline skin started to appear, filled with vitality, like the new spring after winter.

As time passed, Lin Ming’s blood vitality became increasingly vibrant. His body was like the most perfect heavenly material, sparkling with a brilliant light. His fires of life were a raging conflagration, filled with a potent strength. Every breath he took seemed to cause the essence energy of the world to tumble about, and if this essence energy were collected it could be refined into precious miracle medicines.

During the process of enlightenment, the runes of existence within his body had further fused with him, allowing him to experience a transformation of life and death.

First, the vitality of his mortal body was severed, and as he lay on the verge of death, new life emerged!

Lin Ming opened his eyes. In the endlessly dark galaxy, his two eyes seemed to radiate like twin stars.

His back flew upwards and his entire body was naked. However, he still sighed with emotion as he shook his head.

“What a pity, I only have the runes of life and death and the four golden pages. I don’t have the complete Holy Scripture nor the black book… the golden pages represent the Life of the Holy Scripture and the black book represents Death. Without having seen the book of death, it's impossible for me to comprehend death to the extreme!

After grasping the principles this time, Lin Ming’s understanding towards the meaning of life and death contained within the Holy Scripture had reached new heights.

If he could fuse together with the black book and become fully aware of the Concept of Death, then it wouldn’t be so simple as shedding off his old skin. Rather, he could allow his body to decay, his flesh and bones to completely collapse.

That was true death.

And when death reached the extreme, he could use the golden pages of life to undergo rebirth after death. He would glow with the strongest vitality and remold his mortal body to obtain new life.

This was the same as being reborn. In other words, reincarnation. Even his skeletal age would change; this was truly changing the rules of the heavens and earth.

This was the origin of the Grand Reincarnation Art that Sheng Mei cultivated.

After undergoing a cycle of death and rebirth, that was the same as being reincarnated through samsara once.

After that, if one could fuse together the Eternal Soul then they could cultivate the Law of Eternal Life and exist forever within the world.

That was the complete Holy Scripture.

“The black book… I’d really like to see it…”

Lin Ming thought with some regret. If he could cultivate both the black book and golden book, then every reincarnation would push his strength to new limits.

Unfortunately, he would never be able to obtain the black book. Even if he requested it from Sheng Mei, she wouldn’t be able to lend it to him. The key point here was that Sheng Mei also didn’t possess the black book, because the black book was in the hands of the Soul Emperor.

Perhaps this black book was the greatest lucky chance of the Soul Emperor’s life. How could the Soul Emperor politely pass off his life’s greatest lucky chance to others?

Out of everything Lin Ming possessed, only the value of the Magic Cube surpassed that of the black book. But wanting to trade away the Magic Cube was naturally impossible.

Helplessly shaking his head, Lin Ming waved his arm. Endless power of existence condensed on his body, forming a long light purple robe.

He called out for Ruby who hid herself in his body. Then, they left the galactic battlefield.

He thought that a long period of time had passed since his enlightenment. Perhaps the Akashic Dream Battlefield had opened and closed several times already.

Lin Ming left the ancient battlefield and also left the forest. He wanted to find someone to ask when the Akashic Dream Battlefield’s entrance would open.

At this time, Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred and he froze where he was. Not too far away, he could see a lake. This lake was beautiful like liquid jade, and what was strange was that there wasn’t even the smallest wave. It could be called extremely peaceful, or even still to the point of death.

Around the lake, there was no grass, only a gray rocky shore. Someone was sitting on an embankment, a rod in his hands as he fished from the lake.

From afar, this person was a youth.

Lin Ming looked at this youth’s back, staring for a long time. He didn’t know why, but he could feel a strange aura from the youth’s back.


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