MW Chapter 1856

Chapter 1856 – Win And Lose

Recalling the 12 years of grasping the principles, in particular opening the sixth soul sea mark, the difficulty of this trial left one dumbfounded. Even Sheng Mei had nearly fallen off the shrine platform, unable to continue.

If this had happened, Sheng Mei would no longer have been able to completely grasp the principles in a single attempt. It would inevitably have been a tremendous disappointment.

As all these thoughts raced through her mind, she looked towards Lin Ming. She saw that Lin Ming was still sitting on his shrine platform, not finished with his meditation.

Sheng Mei always believed that Lin Ming was strong, perhaps even stronger than she was at the same cultivation boundary, but in terms of understanding existence and the Laws of Existence, it was impossible for Lin Ming to compare with her.

In terms of grasping the principles atop the shrine platform, Sheng Mei had absolute confidence she could suppress Lin Ming.

Thus, when Lin Ming proposed conditions in forming an alliance with the...

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