MW Chapter 1855

Chapter 1855 – Golden Page In Hand

In the outside world, lighting the seventh soul sea mark seemed as if it had only taken a short period of time. But to Lin Ming, it was like an incomparably long stretch of time has passed.

In that moment, he could feel his body covered in that spinning soul force vortex. The innumerable Law fragments converged into his body.

These Laws were far too mysterious. For a time, it would be impossible for Lin Ming to perceive them, thus he swallowed them all into his body.

The current Lin Ming was in an extremely delicate state. Although his consciousness was blurred, he still had absolute clarity of everything that was occurring around him.

For a thousand miles around this area of the Fallen God Mountain Range, every plant, every martial artist, their expressions, their words, Lin Ming could feel them all clearly. Even the hidden ants in the dirt were clearly felt by Lin Ming.

This was the power of life and death.

For a thousand miles around the Fallen God Mountain Range, Lin Ming could keenly sense all lives as well energies of life and death.

In a trance, a pure golden light flashed into existence within Lin Ming’s field of vision.

In that moment, Lin Ming was surrounded by a force field. A vast sea of golden energy surged around him. A thin golden page...

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