MW Chapter 1855

Chapter 1855 – Golden Page In Hand

In the outside world, lighting the seventh soul sea mark seemed as if it had only taken a short period of time. But to Lin Ming, it was like an incomparably long stretch of time has passed.

In that moment, he could feel his body covered in that spinning soul force vortex. The innumerable Law fragments converged into his body.

These Laws were far too mysterious. For a time, it would be impossible for Lin Ming to perceive them, thus he swallowed them all into his body.

The current Lin Ming was in an extremely delicate state. Although his consciousness was blurred, he still had absolute clarity of everything that was occurring around him.

For a thousand miles around this area of the Fallen God Mountain Range, every plant, every martial artist, their expressions, their words, Lin Ming could feel them all clearly. Even the hidden ants in the dirt were clearly felt by Lin Ming.

This was the power of life and death.

For a thousand miles around the Fallen God Mountain Range, Lin Ming could keenly sense all lives as well energies of life and death.

In a trance, a pure golden light flashed into existence within Lin Ming’s field of vision.

In that moment, Lin Ming was surrounded by a force field. A vast sea of golden energy surged around him. A thin golden page recklessly danced in this raging tide of energy.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He grabbed onto this thin golden page.

He fixed his eyes upon it; it was the first metal page!

The east of wood, the south of fire, the center of earth, the west of metal, the north of water.

The first metal page was the seventh golden page!

Without further ado, Lin Ming fused the golden page into his body.

A vast energy of life and death broke into Lin Ming’s flesh and blood and meridians, wildly circulating about.

After grasping the principles atop the Phantom God Spirit Cliff, Lin Ming’s comprehensions of the Concepts of Life and Death were completely incomparable to the past.

As for the ten golden pages, they all spoke of the Concepts of Life and Death. If Lin Ming were to perceive them now, he would be able to do so at an astronomical rate.

The body was a universe, and within this universe, one could form their own Heavenly Dao, controlling all Laws!

This was why it was believed that with the universe of the body, every person was the ultimate master of their own universe. If they could thoroughly grasp the profound and complex principles of the body’s universe then they could release the full potential of their existence and obtain an unimaginable strength.

As for the creator of the Holy Scripture, he was someone who walked to the peak of this road.

He had even recognized that if he could completely comprehend the profound principles behind life and death, he could step into the boundary of immortality.

For a time, Lin Ming’s shrine platform blazed with countless lines. The seventh soul sea mark rumbled like an endless mantra that contained inexhaustible mysteries.

And after Lin Ming thoroughly grasped the Laws, he still sat in meditation. Many people didn’t understand why.

“This brat, just what is he doing? Why is he sitting on the shrine platform still? Didn’t he reach thorough enlightenment?”

“He has opened the seventh soul sea mark and his grasp of the principles has reached perfection, so why hasn’t he come down!?”

Many Soul World martial artists said with envy thick in their voices. They often sat on the shrine platforms for only several months before their soul force was exhausted and they were forced down. But Lin Ming actually stayed up there for a full ten years to grasp the principles and light up the seven soul sea marks completely. Even so, he still sat there on the shrine platform like some elderly man without any intention of waking up. How could they not be enraged by this?

“He is perceiving the golden page.”

At this time, a World King elite from an Empyrean influence sighed. When the mysterious world Law runes came out, many of the martial artists with insufficient cultivation were only able to see the charm of the Great Dao as it danced everywhere in the air. But as a World King, and an extremely talented one at that, he also saw a golden page flash within those Law runes like a wisp of golden light before sinking into Lin Ming’s body. Afterwards, Lin Ming continued with his enlightenment.

In a single go, Lin Ming had lit up seven soul sea marks after grasping the principles for ten years without needing a single breath of rest in the middle. Then, he even continued to perceive the golden page. The intensity of the soul force required for this and his comprehension of the Laws left one sighing with praise!

Many martial artists felt their jaws drop as they heard this World King speak. They were at a loss for words.

To even continue perceiving the golden page now, was his spiritual sea made of divine iron or something?

“Isn’t he tired? Doesn’t he need to rest?” Someone asked, puzzled.

The World King shook his head, “His understanding into the Concept of Life must have reached an incredibly high boundary. By just relying on the Concept of Life he should be able to derive energy from the surrounding world to nourish his spiritual sea, so that his soul force continues to restore itself…

“For these last ten years on the shrine platform, Lin Muk’s comprehension of the Laws has been making leaps and bounds forwards. Although it can’t be called a state of sudden enlightenment, it is similar. In this state, he won’t easily wake up. If I were him I would also do the same…”

The World King who spoke had an extraordinary level of experience. Those who could become World Kings before 3000 years of age were all abnormal individuals and with their eyesight they could naturally see what Lin Ming was doing.

“What? Sudden enlightenment for ten years!?”

Many people were stunned silent. A state of sudden enlightenment could only be discovered through a stroke of fate. In one’s entire lifetime, they might encounter such a state only a dozen or so times, or even a few dozen times. Each time, entering this state for several hours was already more than amazing, and to be in this state for an entire day could be called a great lucky chance.

But to enter a state of sudden enlightenment for ten years, that was simply… incredible!

Since when had periods of sudden enlightenment become so cheap?

Some people cursed in their hearts.

The World King could sense the thoughts of these people. He shook his head, saying, “It’s not that he entered sudden enlightenment for ten continuous years, but that he regularly entered sudden enlightenment during these ten years. Every time he did so he would experience something different. When he invested all of his heart and mind into comprehending the Laws, that could be called a state of sudden enlightenment. This is because he is too strong and also because the Laws atop the shrine platform are too exquisite. Once one is submerged within them, it is easy to enter such a state. Unfortunately for you and me, even though we know what is happening it is still impossible for us to comprehend the Laws atop the shrine platform. This is just like entering a treasure mountain but having no ability to dig out the treasure. At the end we can only leave after picking out a few bits of gold scattered on the ground. The difference between us is just far too great…”

The World King sighed. The Laws at the Fallen God Mountain Range weren’t actually chaotic; it was just that they weren’t able to comprehend them.

“And in truth, the Soul Empress is also in a similar state, but… the difference is she’s just a tad slower than Lin Muk.”

Someone looked towards Sheng Mei. At this time, Sheng Mei was shrouded in a gentle and mysterious halo of light, like a holy goddess from the highest heavens.

She was completely oblivious to what was happening in the outside world.

“Soul Empress…” Jade Lifestone gripped his fists. As one of Sheng Mei’s most fervent supporters, he certainly wasn’t feeling good about how things had turned out.

In fact, Sheng Mei’s performance was already more than heaven-defying. However, an even more monstrous genius had arrived and forcefully surpassed Sheng Mei…

Grasping the principles was a lonely and bitter experience.

Martial artists who sat in meditation would often forget the passing of the years. When they closed and opened their eyes, dozens of years could pass as if they had awoken from some deep dream.

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were also the same.

Like this, another two years passed.

One night, Sheng Mei’s shrine platform began to emit soft ripples of light. People watched with amazement as a bright and round moon rose up behind Sheng Mei. Brilliant moonlight glowed with the light of the Great Dao, and a faint palace could be seen floating within it. The lilting song of a goddess echoed outwards, and this enchanting immortal tune accompanied the aura of the Great Dao, making people feel lost in ecstasy within the melody.

“Soul Empress!”

Someone excitedly said. Sheng Mei had finally lit up the seventh soul sea mark!

Between the heavens and earth, endless soul force gathered, condensing into a blue lake that floated above the shrine platform. This lake had fish, plants and shrimp within it. The plants glittered like carved crystals and the fish and shrimp were brimming with spirituality.

The aura of the Concepts of Life and Death condensed in the lake waters, forming all sorts of mystical runes. These runes wandered in the water, filling everything with an auspicious and peaceful feeling.

“After the Soul Empress lit up the seventh soul sea, she also formed Law runes!”

Someone cried out in alarm. This was the same as Lin Ming.

However, Lin Ming’s Law runes formed in a massive soul force vortex, whereas Sheng Mei’s law runes formed in the peaceful waters of a lake.

From opening the fifth and sixth soul sea marks, the phenomena that appeared on Sheng Mei’s shrine platform were completely different from the phenomena that Lin Ming produced. Although Sheng Mei’s phenomena were beautiful and sacred, they missed a bit of Lin Ming’s swift fierceness and overwhelming aggressiveness.

The runes within the lake waters began to converge into Sheng Mei’s body. For a time, Sheng Mei’s entire body was drenched in this lake water, her clothes floating and rippling about her, making her seem like a beauty not of this world.

A moment later, all of this lake water submerged into Sheng Mei’s body, vanishing without a trace.

Then, Sheng Mei’s eyes flashed open. Her clothes fluttered about her and she stepped onto the wind, floating like a goddess exiled from the highest heavens, ethereal and untainted by the world.

She had secluded herself from the world for 12 years, immersing herself in the world of her mind. She had no idea what happened in the outside world.

“Soul Empress!”

“The Soul Empress is awake!”

Many people excitedly said. The Soul Empress had also thoroughly grasped the principles atop the Fallen God Mountain Range, the only difference being that she was slower than Lin Ming.

Sheng Mei didn’t care about the excited martial artists all around her. In truth, compared with 12 years ago when Sheng Mei first started grasping the principles, there was over a dozen times the number of martial artists present. Now, whether it was space in the skies or on the ground, the Phantom God Spirit Cliff was piled up with crowds of people. Even those people who had been grasping the principles atop the shrine platforms had stopped as they noticed Sheng Mei wake up. They all turned to look at her.

After being stared at by all these people, and even with there being dozens of times more martial artists than there were originally, Sheng Mei’s expression didn’t change at all. She was slowly savoring what she had experienced and obtained in these last 12 years.

“I… have finally become aware of the Laws atop the shrine platform. Although I have only perceived the tip of the Laws here, I have still done so! Once I complete my eighth revolution, I can return to the Fallen God Mountain Range and comprehend even more things!”

Sheng Mei has grasped the principles for 12 years and fully realized just how difficult it was to do so. It was no wonder that for billions of years, there hadn’t been a single spiritas martial artist that had managed to completely open the seven soul sea marks.

It was just far too difficult a task. Even young True Divinities weren’t able to accomplish this.

But Sheng Mei was someone who had read the almost complete Spiritas Holy Scripture and also experienced seven reincarnations; this was equivalent to undergoing seven cycles of life and death. Thus, her understandings towards the Concepts of Life and Death had reached a mind-boggling boundary. In this case, even though she came to the shrine platform to grasp the principles, she was still barely able to perceive the true meaning of the Laws here.

Others simply wouldn’t have her lucky chances, so the possibility of them successfully grasping the principles was nearly zero!


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