MW Chapter 1854

Chapter 1854 – Enlightenment For 10 Years

“The Soul Empress has finally lit up the sixth soul sea.”

Many people looked towards Sheng Mei. To light up the sixth soul sea in less than four years was already a heaven-defying achievement. Compared to the Great Brahmic God King in the past, she was faster by over a year.

But compared to Lin Ming, she was late by several months.

As everyone watched more carefully, they could faintly feel that although the glow of Sheng Mei’s divine light was similarly dazzling, it seemed to hold a faintly inferior momentum compared to Lin Ming’s.

In terms of comprehending the Concept of Death, Sheng Mei had been forced to take many detours. She also consumed far more soul force than Lin Ming did.

And what followed was the most critical moment.

Many people didn’t know what to feel. Once one lit up the seventh soul sea mark, that was considered as having obtained complete enlightenment and one could obtain the golden page buried within the Fallen God Mountain Range.

In truth, when one reached enlightenment of this level, obtaining the golden page became secondary. As long as one could completely grasp the principles they would be able to obtain a massive advantage and their understanding into the Life Laws would reach staggering heights. It would play a tremendous role in a martial artist’s future cultivation.

This sort of lucky chance left others seething with envy.

At this time, within the world of his mind, Lin Ming had already touched upon the threshold of the final soul sea mark.

This final space had no mysterious woman nor was there the peerless death god with his scythe and black book.

Rather, what lay here was a simple stone platform.

Lin Ming sat atop this stone platform, calmly lost in his arduous enlightenment.

The auras of life and death brimmed around the stone platform. Countless Law runes circled about.

Between Lin Ming’s eyebrows, the daevic eye emitted a dazzling sun-bright light. All the Law runes were caught in his divine sense, without a single one escaping his notice.

The final enlightenment was to fuse together the two great Laws of Life and Death.

The difficulty of this level would depend on a martial artist’s perception and whether or not their previous enlightenments were thorough.

If a martial artist just barely managed to grasp the Concept of Death before reaching this point and attempted the final fusion like this, it would be like drawing water without a source; it was naturally impossible to succeed.

For the last 10 billion years, all the young True Divinities had failed in attempting to reach the seventh soul sea mark. This wasn’t because their perception was lacking but because the sixth soul sea mark, the Concept of Death, had been far, far too difficult to understand. Even those young True Divinities had barely managed to comprehend it and had consumed far too much energy in the process.

But to Lin Ming this wasn’t a problem at all, because his comprehensions of the Concepts of Life and Death were extremely solid.

All he needed to do was fuse the two together.

This was an extremely long process. With Lin Ming’s comprehensive capabilities after opening the daevic eye, he gradually fused them together without resorting to any shortcuts.

Time slowly passed. Whether it was Sheng Mei or Lin Ming, both were lost in a trance.

And at this time, many young elites had journeyed to the Fallen God Mountain Range to witness these two peerless geniuses with their own eyes. They wanted to be present when this legendary historical miracle occurred.

Because the timespan was far too long, many young elites came and left, left and then returned. They watched Lin Ming and Sheng Mei try to reach enlightenment. Some people even came into contact with the soul force domain that Lin Ming and Sheng Mei emitted and were able to gain some minor benefits in understanding the Concepts of Life and Death.

Of course, the young spiritas elites that could accomplish this were all extremely talented individuals, people with astonishing perceptions.

“I wonder whether Lin Muk or Empress Sheng Mei will be able to thoroughly comprehend the mysteries of the Phantom God Spirit Cliff. For so many years, young True Divinities have meditated on these shrine platforms and eventually failed, and it’s always felt a bit too fantastical to me…”

Two peerless characters had appeared together, and what was most ridiculous was that one of them was a human. This left everyone scratching their heads in confusion.

“And these two people are both younger than the Great Brahmic God King was and their talent is far more terrifying. In the future they will definitely become True Divinities. For them to create a miracle here isn’t an impossibility. Perhaps the two of them might even surpass the ancient elites of 10 billion years ago.”

10 billion years in the past. That was the peak of the martial arts civilization. The kings and elites of that era were on average far more powerful than those of today.

As for the current martial arts civilization, the truth was that they had undergone a tremendous decline before slowly redeveloping. If an elite of the current era could surpass those of the ancient past, that was an amazing achievement.

“History cannot be changed so easily. There are many people who believed that the rules of the Fallen God Mountain Range’s Phantom God Spirit Cliff have slowly changed over time. That after 10 billion years, this place is no longer suitable for enlightenment. Moreover, the ones who said these things were supreme spiritas elders. I believe there should be some truth to their words.”

Every person had a different opinion.

Many people waited here. Some tried to attempt enlightenment, some tried to cultivate, and like this three years passed…

Many elites from Empyrean influences came to the Fallen God Mountain Range and even elites from True Divinity level influences. They all used recording crystals or photographic array discs to record the scene of Lin Ming and Sheng Mei attempting enlightenment, and then hurried back to report their information.

From all over, hundreds and thousands of large influences had gathered.

For a human with heaven-defying talent to suddenly appear in the Soul World, this naturally caught the attention of all these influences.

In addition, they were also concerned with Sheng Mei’s current condition now that she had completed her seventh revolution.

Another three years passed.

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were like statues, completely motionless.

Up to this point, nearly 10 years had passed since they started grasping the principles atop the shrine platforms.

In the considerably long history of the spiritas, no one had ever managed to thoroughly comprehend the inheritances of the Fallen God Mountain Range. Because of this, no one knew how long Lin Ming and Sheng Mei would continue in this state.

Time passed. Spring and fall came and left, and the tenth year soon finished. Suddenly, a vast divine light fell from the void, scattering all the fog from the Fallen God Mountain Range. This divine light was like a holy blade that thrust into the skies above the Fallen God Mountain Range before eventually falling down onto the shrine platform where Lin Ming was.

Lin Ming, together with the shrine platform that was several thousands of feet high, was completely shrouded by that pure divine light.

For a time, crazy winds rose throughout the entire Fallen God Mountain Range. Soul force crazily converged, gathering into a massive vortex that swirled around Lin Ming.

Endless soul force revolved, forming a massive spiral-shaped arm that sucked up all the Law fragments around the Fallen God Mountain Range. The center of the vortex slowly fell down, forming a titanic funnel that dropped onto Lin Ming.  

As everyone saw this they were incomparably shocked. They could faintly realize that Lin Ming’s enlightenment was reaching its final crescendo. In other words, he would really light the seventh soul sea mark soon.

Everyone stared blankly on as the runes on Lin Ming’s shrine platform shined. Light spread all over, lighting up the entire shrine platform like a rising sun.

The seventh soul mark had lit up.

Seeing this scene, even though the spiritas elites had steeled their minds for it, they were still left dumbfounded. They found it hard to come up with any words.

This was because they knew this was a moment where history was being rewritten. Lin Ming had created a history of his own.

And what they found the hardest to accept was that the one who created this history was actually a human. He had taken away the inheritance that no spiritas elite had managed to take through all these years.

This result left all the spiritas elites feeling frustrated.

As for supporters of Sheng Mei like Jade Lifestone and the others, they felt sick to their stomachs.

“This is…”

A spiritas elite suddenly pointed towards the skies. In that purple vortex, blue and black energies circulated, like a yin yang diagram.

These two energies twined together, mutually relying on and enhancing the other.

This scene continued for an incense stick of time. Slowly, these two energies dissipated, spreading out and becoming outlines of runes in the skies. These runes spread out far and wide into the horizon, each one containing the infinite charm of the Great Dao, making the heart race.

“These are runes condensed from the source Laws of the Concepts of Life and Death.”

The elites present included several World King level powerhouses. As they originated from large influences they had extraordinary experiences. When they saw these life and death runes form with their own eyes, their minds trembled.

As everyone heard a World King speak, they all turned to look at the spinning runes in the skies. Most of them were unable to ascertain the mysteries contained within the runes, but they could still clearly feel just how terrifying these runes were. This was because the aura of these runes was able to faintly affect their souls and blood energies, causing their entire beings to resonate with them!

These were the source Laws of Life and Death!

Many martial artists who came to the Fallen God Mountain Range might not be able to comprehend any profound principles, but they still knew that on the shrine platforms, the main focus was on the Laws of Life and Death.

When these two Laws joined together, they created existence itself.

Seeing these dancing runes in the air, these martial artists were left seething with jealousy. If they could just obtain a single rune and perceive it then the benefits to their cultivation could be imagined!

And as their eyes blazed with greed, they focused their vision on these Law runes in the wild hopes that they would be able to comprehend something. But suddenly, the vortex accelerated in speed before slowly settling down and converging on a single point.

Winds whipped up. With Lin Ming as the center, all of these Law runes swept into him, as if he were a whale drinking in water.


“…This is - !!”

Everyone’s eyes widened. They watched helplessly as the hundreds and thousands of Law runes plunged into Lin Ming’s body, vanishing like snowflakes falling into water.

The highest truths of the Heavenly Dao had formed mystical runes that carved themselves into Lin Ming’s bones and blood.

Law fragments evolved into runes, burying themselves into his flesh.

“This… this…”

Many people felt their jaws drop down. They couldn’t come up with anything to say.

For many elites of large influences, their eyes were red with desire.

They would be more than satisfied with obtaining just a single one of these precious source runes. But what a pity, these wishes were nothing but a wild dream. All of them had been completely absorbed by Lin Ming!

Just what kind of lucky chance was this!? It left them jealous enough to vomit blood!

“I want one! Just a single one is fine!”

Some people whined and stomped their feet.

These life and death runes sealed themselves within Lin Ming, becoming a part of him. Even though he wasn’t able to perceive all of them now, as his cultivation increased he would slowly be able to master their mysteries with twice the results and half the effort. This was the lucky chance one obtained after thoroughly comprehending the principles atop the Fallen God Mountain Range. It was similar to when Lin Ming was baptized by the world Laws during his Ninefall.


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