MW Chapter 1854

Chapter 1854 – Enlightenment For 10 Years

“The Soul Empress has finally lit up the sixth soul sea.”

Many people looked towards Sheng Mei. To light up the sixth soul sea in less than four years was already a heaven-defying achievement. Compared to the Great Brahmic God King in the past, she was faster by over a year.

But compared to Lin Ming, she was late by several months.

As everyone watched more carefully, they could faintly feel that although the glow of Sheng Mei’s divine light was similarly dazzling, it seemed to hold a faintly inferior momentum compared to Lin Ming’s.

In terms of comprehending the Concept of Death, Sheng Mei had been forced to take many detours. She also consumed far more soul force than Lin Ming did.

And what followed was the most critical moment.

Many people didn’t know what to feel. Once one lit up the seventh soul sea mark, that was considered as having obtained complete enlightenment and one could obtain the golden page buried within the Fallen God Mountain Range.

In truth, when one reached enlightenment of this level, obtaining the golden page became secondary. As long as one could completely grasp the principles they would be able to obtain a massive advantage and their understanding into the...

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