MW Chapter 1853

Chapter 1853 – Overtake

Time passed, day by day.

No matter how deep Lin Ming’s background was or how solid his foundation, his strength wasn’t endless. It was impossible for him to be cut down an infinite number of times by the shadow.

He didn’t just sit there and wait for moments of death and these scythes weren’t needlessly suffered. Every time Lin Ming experienced a moment of death, his understanding into the Concept of Death became increasingly profound. Slowly, Lin Ming could already absorb the spiritual energy in this land of death to slowly restore himself.

Although his rate of regeneration couldn’t catch up to his rate of consumption, the situation was much better than before.

A month passed. On this day, as the black book emitted black energy light that broke into Lin Ming’s body, the golden pages within Lin Ming’s body began to be drawn towards this black energy, quietly humming.

In that moment, the scene in front of Lin Ming flickered and he could see a dim shadow!

Lin Ming found himself short of breath. His heart was caught in that black light and started rapidly and tenaciously beating.

He saw it!

He had finally seen the shadow that grasped the Concept of Death!

Although it was only the briefest of glances, this still left a profoundly indelible mark on Lin Ming’s innermost feelings!

This person was the creator of the Holy Scripture that he had seen in the ancient battlefield ruins!

And the feeling this person gave off was one of infinite killing intent. Compared to the mysterious woman from before, they represented two polar extremes!

That mysterious woman seemed to be the mother of all existence, filled with an incomparably boundless vitality. But for this shadow in front of him, it was like there was a fathomless blood pond from hell within his body.

One represented life, one represented death, they were two extremes of existence!

As for the golden pages that trembled within Lin Ming’s body, they faintly resonated with the mysterious black book. The Concepts of Life and Death flowed within them.

Lin Ming had a faint understanding of what happened. Perhaps the legendary Spiritas Holy Scripture was in truth only this black book!

As he recalled the contents of the golden pages, he vaguely felt that the golden pages and black book were both true parts of the Holy Scripture. But, the golden pages were of life, and the black book was of death.

What the Soul Emperor controlled should be the complete and original book of death.

As for the pages of life, the Soul Emperor had copies.

In addition, he also had several of the golden pages.

In other words, the Soul Emperor nearly possessed the entire Holy Scripture!

Thinking of this, Lin Ming realized just how terrifying the Soul Emperor was. Many times, whether a race could be called the strongest race or a sect could be called the number one sect looked not at the population or number of masters, but the most powerful existence amongst them.

The greatest powerhouse often determined the level of an influence.

The reason the spiritas dared to call themselves a peak race of the universe was likely because of the Soul Emperor and the Holy Scripture.

Of course, the saints’ Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wasn’t weak either. This was because the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign possessed the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

Between the original copy of the Holy Scripture and the Grandmist Spirit Bead, Lin Ming found it hard to decide which divine object was a greater influence on a martial artist’s growth.

However, now was not the time to think of such things.

Lin Ming took advantage of his rapid progress in comprehending the Concept of Death and began to absorb the soul force in this land of death. At the same time, he continuously looked for the phantom of the Holy Scripture’s creator, withstanding his attacks and comprehending the mysteries of the Concept of Death in that brief moment.

Time and time again, Lin Ming experience moments of death.

Slowly, the restoration of his soul force had caught up to the rate at which he was consuming it.

Several more months passed. Lin Ming’s restorative rate began to grow larger than his rate of consumption. His physical strength, vitality, and energy started to quickly recover.

Between Lin Ming’s eyebrows, the daevic eye shined bright. Every movement of the shadow seemed to slow to a crawl, allowing Lin Ming to gain a better understanding of them.

He withstood the attacks of the shadow without end. Later, he even began to imitate the shadow, copying his movements and the changes in his aura.

The more Lin Ming tried to copy this shadow, the more he could feel just how terrifying this other person’s boundary was. Even though the actions seemed simple and plain, they actually contained endless mysteries.

Month after month, Lin Ming was lost in a drunken trance.

And in the outside world, the martial artists around the shrine platforms watched helplessly on. Indeed, this cockroach-like Lin Ming couldn’t be underestimated.

If anyone thought Lin Ming was good to bully just because he showed some signs of weakening, they would absolutely suffer a miserable fate.

But at the same time, Sheng Mei also restored herself.

Her talent was amazing. She didn’t have the red-dressed little girl following beside her and giving her pointers, but instead relied completely on her own intuition to find a path to the Concept of Death in the thick black fog. Her road in grasping the principles had been far more difficult than Lin Ming’s.

Like this, Sheng Mei and Lin Ming spent over two years on the shrine platforms.

News of Sheng Mei and Lin Ming’s competition and the fact that they had opened the fifth soul sea and were rushing towards the sixth had long since spread throughout the Akashic Dream Universe.

For these last two years, more and more martial artists rushed towards the Fallen God Mountain Range. Many of these people were outstanding elites of various great influences.

However, they only watched from a distance. In fact, the shrine platforms nearest to Sheng Mei and Lin Ming were empty.

An invisible soul force domain shrouded the two people, making it difficult for others to approach.

Time quietly passed.

Another year passed. Now, it had been three years!

When a martial artist reached the Holy Lord realm their cultivation speed would drastically slow down. To these long-lived martial artists, three years of life could be called a single round of meditation.

By now, whether it was Sheng Mei or Lin Ming, they had already completely adapted to using their soul force in this land of death. Now they could expend all their efforts on comprehending the Death Laws.

Seeing Lin Ming and Sheng Mei competing on par with each other, many people didn’t know what to feel.

Was this human really that heaven-defying?

Disregarding the essence gathering system, Lin Ming was able to roll over all other spiritas martial artists in comprehending the inheritance left behind by the ancient ancestor of the spiritas, even competing evenly with Sheng Mei!

“I believe that the Soul Empress will win.”

Jade Lifestone said with certainty. As Sheng Mei’s die-hard supporter, he secretly cheered her on.

By now, three years and six months had passed.

On this day, a shocking scene occurred.

On the shrine platform that Lin Ming was sitting on, a massive amount of world soul force gathered around him. Endless brilliance began to radiate outwards, shooting into the highest heavens, surging through the void and covering all space for a hundred miles. A glorious halo appeared with rosy clouds, followed by melodies of the Great Dao.


“It… it has only been three and a half years… could it be…”

No one dared to believe what they saw, nor were they willing to. But reality was cruel and merciless. On the shrine platform that Lin Ming sat upon, situated within a sheer cliff, strange runes began to light up. Like burning flames, a shimmering divine light shined out, emanating true meanings of the Great Dao and causing the world around the Fallen God Mountain Range to resonate!

The sixth soul sea mark had been lit!

This scene was witnessed by the countless elites of the Soul World. At this moment, they felt as if something shattered in their hearts, making them feel nauseous.

The entire soul race… was compared to a single human.

This human came alone and only had a middle Holy Lord cultivation with a less than 200 year skeletal age. However, there was not a single spiritas able to compare with him!

Their pride as the number one race of the 33 Heavens had been crushed by a mere human!

Even Sheng Mei hadn’t been able to overtake him!

This was just the greatest joke of all!

Many people clenched their fists. Jade Lifestone bit his lips so hard that they turned deep purple.

“Soul Empress Sheng Mei will surely light the sixth soul sea mark soon. Soon…”

He prayed in his heart. This prayer was also the fervent hope of the countless spiritas martial artists present.

However, reality was indifferent to their pleas. Another two months passed and there was no stir from Sheng Mei’s side.

At this time, Sheng Mei pressed her eyebrows together, as if she had met some bottleneck in her enlightenment.

To grasp the principles atop the shrine platform was far too difficult. These were the Law inheritances left behind by the master of the Holy Scripture!

Lin Ming had the mysterious red-dressed little girl to point out the way. Whether it was the Concept of Life or the Concept of Death, she was able to immediately see through them. Although she didn’t understand the Laws, her words gave tremendous inspirations to Lin Ming.

But as for Sheng Mei, she suffered far more by relying on herself.

It was only when four months passed, making it a total of three years and 10 months, that Sheng Mei’s shrine platform lit up with a divine light.

For a time, innumerable bright clouds gushed into the skies, shooting into the heavens and catching the attention of all!


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