MW Chapter 1853

Chapter 1853 – Overtake

Time passed, day by day.

No matter how deep Lin Ming’s background was or how solid his foundation, his strength wasn’t endless. It was impossible for him to be cut down an infinite number of times by the shadow.

He didn’t just sit there and wait for moments of death and these scythes weren’t needlessly suffered. Every time Lin Ming experienced a moment of death, his understanding into the Concept of Death became increasingly profound. Slowly, Lin Ming could already absorb the spiritual energy in this land of death to slowly restore himself.

Although his rate of regeneration couldn’t catch up to his rate of consumption, the situation was much better than before.

A month passed. On this day, as the black book emitted black energy light that broke into Lin Ming’s body, the golden pages within Lin Ming’s body began to be drawn towards this black energy, quietly humming.

In that moment, the scene in front of Lin Ming flickered and he could see a dim shadow...

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