MW Chapter 1852

Chapter 1852 – The Concept of Death

At the Fallen God Mountain Range, there were a considerable number of young elites that could light up the fifth soul sea mark after spending five or six years here. But, the light of their soul sea marks would be dim, like a candle fading in the wind.

In this sort of situation it would be impossible for them to light the sixth soul sea mark.

Thus, within the history of the spiritas, it was extremely rare for anyone to manage to light the sixth soul sea mark. If one did, they would inevitably become some great figure in the future.

Of these people there were peak Empyreans and True Divinities. Even the worst amongst them were ordinary Empyreans and these ordinary Empyreans had bumpy roads growing up or had exhausted their potential midway.

The sixth soul sea was incredibly difficult to reach. It was a miracle to light it up.

And now, whether it was Lin Ming or Sheng Mei, both were rushing to the sixth soul sea, challenging this enormously difficult checkpoint.

As it stood, no one believed that Lin Ming or Sheng Mei would fail the sixth soul sea checkpoint. This was because those that failed all shared a common factor, and that was that they barely managed to open the fifth soul sea mark. However, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s fifth soul sea marks shined like stars and moons, shocking anyone who saw them.

In the opinion of those watching, it was only a matter of time until Sheng Mei and Lin Ming lit up the sixth soul seas.

Grasping the principles atop the shrine platforms wasn’t something accomplished quickly. When ancient True Divinities were in their youth and came here to attempt grasping the principles, they would often spend ten years or longer here.

And these young True Divinities would come here on several occasions, grasping different principles and experiencing different things each time.

As Lin Ming thought, the shrine platforms of the Fallen God Mountain Range were more than just vehicles for one to obtain the golden page. Rather, they were a profound inheritance left behind by the creator of the Holy Scripture. How much one could comprehend all depended on one’s ability.

Ancient True Divinities even regarded this as a cultivation land.

“It is said that the Great Brahmic God King spent five years here to light the sixth soul sea, and then tried grasping further principles for another six years but failed to accomplish anything. A thousand years after that when the Great Brahmic God King was almost 3000 years old, he returned to the Fallen God Mountain Range once more. At that time, he was a peak Great World King and nearly a half-step Empyrean, but his attempt at enlightenment remained unchanged from the past and he wasn’t able to light up the final soul sea mark.”

In the crowd, someone recounted the history of the peerless characters that came from the Soul World.

“I don’t know how long Empress Sheng Mei will take, but her results will definitely be better than those of the Great Brahmic God King!”

“There’s also that Lin Muk. Although I don’t want to admit it… he is really too fierce. Perhaps… he really might be able to create a miracle.”

The Great Brahmic God King had spent five years. If Sheng Mei or Lin Ming were able to accomplish the same in four years, that would already be a world-shocking event.

This was equivalent to surpassing a True Divinity when at the same boundary!

In particular, the Great Brahmic God King was someone who had shocked the world with a single feat during his youth, a peerless character who grew up overwhelming everyone around him. He wasn’t like some True Divinities who slowly matured and only displayed their incredible potential during the World King or Empyrean realm.

At this time, within the world of his mind, Lin Ming had used a full month but still wasn’t able to see the black shadow that Ruby spoke of.

All he saw was black fog filled with death energy all around him. This black fog seemed to possess the power to destroy all, making it so that no one could see through it.

Moreover, the continuous consumption of soul force left Lin Ming a bit impatient. After Lin Ming comprehended a part of the Life Laws, he originally was able to absorb soul force from the world to restore himself, thus he didn’t need to rest. Even sitting in meditation for 10 years at a single time shouldn’t be a problem.

But in this world of death, the Concept of Life was suppressed and Lin Ming could feel the life force within him constantly leaking out. Once he exhausted the entirety of his strength, he would have no choice but to awake from his meditation and leave the shrine platform to rest.

Lin Ming didn’t want to give up halfway during his attempt at enlightenment. Trying to grasp the principles like this meant that he would have to comprehend from the start again and would waste a massive amount of time. Moreover, his comprehensions wouldn’t form a whole, making it so that there would be certain areas lacking in his enlightenment.

“Ruby, is that person’s shadow there?”

Lin Ming asked. Ruby pointed towards a direction and said, “Over there, just 30 feet away, he’s killing a vicious beast!”

After Lin Ming heard this a severe light flashed in his eyes. He shot forwards like an arrow, firing straight towards the direction that Ruby pointed in. And the distance he went was exactly 30 feet!


Ruby was frightened to see Lin Ming’s sudden movement. This was because the place where Lin Ming stopped was right in front of that black shadow’s scythe!

“Brother Lin!”

Ruby paled. At this time, the scythe was already slashing Lin Ming!


The scythe cut across Lin Ming’s body. As the blade bit into his body, he could feel the sharp black edge and the aura of death within it. In that moment, he felt as if his own soul would be severed.

An incomparably rich death energy poured out from the scythe blade and poured itself into Lin Ming’s body, making his heart nearly stop. In that moment, Lin Ming thought he had really been killed! Even his fires of life began to rapidly fade away because of this strike!

However, this was only a fleeting moment. The shadow left and the vicious beast lay dead. As for Lin Ming, he had only been casually cut through.

Lin Ming fell to his knees, his entire body streaming with a cold sweat. That strike had consumed a massive amount of his soul force, and he even thought that his spiritual sea would be sliced in half!

As the scythe cut across his head, Lin Ming felt the world around him disappear. All that was left over was the scythe formed from death itself, swallowing everything!

“How terrifying! A mere phantom left behind from 10 billion years ago actually possesses such power!”

Lin Ming understood what happened. It was impossible for the scythe phantom from 10 billion years ago to possess any material striking power. But the moment it cut across his soul force, he felt as if he had thoroughly died. This was because the blade contained the Concept of Death!

This Concept of Death had stayed here for 10 billion years without vanishing. When the Concept of Death entered his body just now, Lin Ming felt as if he had experienced a period of death.

If one’s soul wasn’t powerful enough and attempted what Lin Ming just tried, their soul would have been cut in half by that scythe. With the destruction of the soul, the body would also die!

In other words, the master of the Holy Scripture’s scythe phantom from 10 billion years ago was still able to pass through the endlessly glorious river of time and kill people!

Just what sort of terrifying might was that?

Lin Ming took a deep breath and stood up. He looked towards Ruby. Ruby’s small face was still ashen and she covered her wide mouth with her hands.

“I’m fine.” Lin Ming said. He couldn’t understand her. There were far too many secrets on this little girl’s body. She could easily see through everything but she also seemed to know nothing about the mysteries of the Laws.

“That person’s shadow, where is he again?”

Lin Ming asked. Ruby hesitated and pointed in another direction. Lin Ming rushed there once more.

Lin Ming experienced another moment of death. But, what was different was that this time, the mysterious black book formed an endless vortex that sank into Lin Ming’s heart.

In that instant, Lin Ming felt his heart decay and the flow of blood in his body come to a complete stop. His entire body froze, eventually become bones.

This feeling was like witnessing his death with his own eyes. Witnessing his corpse slowly rot over countless thousands of years until only a skeleton was left remaining.

These two experiences were both moments of death, but the feeling they gave Lin Ming were completely different.

“Now… where is that person’s shadow?”

Lin Ming asked Ruby to point out the direction once more.

Like this, Lin Ming determined the position of the shadow and ran over again and again. Every time he would experience a moment of death, but what he comprehended was different each time.

Slowly, the black energy between Lin Ming’s eyebrows became increasingly thick. He also consumed his soul force at an increasingly rapid rate.

At this time, changes began to manifest on Lin Ming’s body in the outside world. Dark clouds seemed to cover his face and a faint death energy exuded from his body. His strength rapidly passed away and he seemed on the verge of death. Eventually, even black blood began flowing out from the corners of Lin Ming’s lips.

Seeing this, the spiritas martial artists gathered around the shrine platforms were left speechless.

Last time when Lin Ming was lighting the fifth soul sea, he appeared to have overdrawn his soul force and had startled bleeding from his head, almost completely exhausted. But before long, he was bursting with energy once more. Moreover, after Sheng Mei lit the fifth soul sea, Lin Ming had lit his fifth soul sea right after and the phenomenon that followed his was far superior to Sheng Mei’s. Those people that were mocking Lin Ming all had their faces slapped and their reputations torn down.

And before that when Lin Ming first came to the Fallen God Mountain Range to attempt enlightenment, the result was that he had been locked down by the divine sense of a True Divinity and teams of martial artists took transmission arrays to catch up to this place and kill Lin Ming. Those people had been elites from Great Brahmic God Mountain, characters who had managed to become World Kings when they were a thousand years old and had high chances of becoming Empyreans in the future. These many proud children of heaven led an assault on Lin Ming, even posting a sky-high bounty reward so that the other young elites at the Fallen God Mountain Range would help strike down Lin Ming.

These young elites at the Fallen God Mountain Range had watched as Lin Ming fought until his entire body was bloodied and the situation had reached incredibly tragic levels. When Lin Ming seemed on the verge of defeat, these people had stepped into the fray, hoping to pick up some small advantages, but finally, they met horrible ends.

As the young elites present thought back to the scene of a year ago when swathes of people were being slaughtered, they felt a cold chill creep down their back!

Now, these young elites at the Fallen God Mountain Range watched on as Lin Ming’s complexion darkened, seeming as if he had been poisoned and would die soon. They glanced at each other, not sure what feeling was in their heart.

They felt that a freakish person like Lin Ming should really be punished by the heavens and struck down by a bolt of lightning. Every time when he seemed almost exhausted and his situation was dire, he would suddenly erupt with some ridiculous strength, frightening everyone that was watching him.

But, even as some people were left speechless, some still hadn’t given up. They said in a low voice, “This time, he really must be in trouble.”

There were too many martial artists surrounding the shrine platforms and there would always be those who didn’t believe in superstitious nonsense.

There were also some people that looked at Sheng Mei. They felt that her current situation was also poor. After all, when comprehending the Concept of Death it wasn’t easy for one to restore their soul force. Even someone like Sheng Mei had to suffer layers of problems as she tried to grasp the principles.

Sheng Mei’s enlightenment was vastly different from Lin Ming’s. But, she also faced endless death energy all around her. Even if Sheng Mei’s understandings of the Concept of Death had reached a nearly unimaginable level, she still found it hard to find a way out from this endless death energy in a short period of time.

In this environment where there was only death and no life, Sheng Mei’s soul force was similarly being slowly used up.


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