MW Chapter 1851B

Chapter 1851B – Life and Death


At this time, the outstanding spiritas elites on the Fallen God Mountain Range all had ugly complexions, as if their parents had died in front of them.

In particular, those that mocked Lin Ming and said he was forcing himself had burning red faces. Even though they still wanted to mock Lin Ming, the facts were laid out in front of them. Rather than smacking themselves in the face again they decided to simply shut up.

“This Lin Muk, is it really the first time he came to the Fallen God Mountain Range!?”

Someone asked in hushed whispers. However, before he finished speaking, an even more unbelievable matter occurred.

The halo of light around Lin Ming grew increasingly bright, overlapped again and again as it diffused outwards. First it seemed like ripples, then it seemed like surging waves. Wave after wave, even the surrounding space for hundreds of feet was affected. Faintly, a blinding radiance shot up into the skies from around Lin Ming’s head, filling the world with a brilliant luster. It was like a star was shining, leaving everyone shocked to the extreme.

This sort of phenomenon even surpassed Sheng Mei’s!

Sheng Mei’s light was like a bright full moon, but Lin Ming’s light was like a blazing star. Every person produced different phenomena as they tried to grasp the principles on the shrine platforms. This was because every martial artist comprehended different Laws on the shrine platforms. No martial artist could comprehend the complete Laws of the Holy Scripture, but only a tiny part of them.

According to the difficulty of this part of the Laws, as well as different levels of comprehensions, various phenomena could occur that differentiated the strong and the weak.

But now, if one had to ask if Lin Ming’s phenomenon was greater or Sheng Mei’s phenomenon was greater, everyone would have to say that the light radiating off of Lin Ming’s shrine platform was a bit more dazzling!

“Empress Sheng Mei actually cannot compare with this Lin Muk?”

Many people felt as if they were living in a dream. Although Soul Empress Sheng Mei was only at her seventh revolution and still had a tremendous capacity for future growth, who could say that Lin Ming also didn’t have equal potential?

“Stop speaking nonsense! Empress Sheng Mei lit the fifth soul sea mark first, and phenomena cannot be differentiated based on how bright the light is! How can we hope to understand Laws of such complexity?”

Many of Sheng Mei’s diehard supporters argued. They weren’t willing to believe that Lin Ming had surpassed Sheng Mei.

And at this time, whether it was Lin Ming or Sheng Mei, neither person knew what was happening in the outside world.

Trying to grasp the principles was like climbing a thin ladder to the heavens. It was an endless and lonely path.

Their minds were completely focused, without the least bit of distraction.

After lighting the fifth soul sea mark, the journey to light the sixth soul sea mark would be long indeed.

Lin Ming was like an ancient tree rooted in rock, standing solid and steady on the ground.

Sheng Mei was like a lake without wind or waves, incomparably quiet and peaceful.

The phenomenon that Sheng Mei saw was different from what Lin Ming saw. She forcefully relied on her incredible talent and her understandings of life and the soul to seek out a path in that dense fog.

But as for Lin Ming, he was always staring at the image of a raindrop. He looked at this small raindrop day after day in a trance-like state.

It was only when he felt that he had comprehended everything he could from this raindrop image, and that the other Laws were impossible to understand even if he could see them, that he slowly stopped.

And as he shifted his eyes, Lin Ming discovered that the mysterious woman had already disappeared.

Moreover, this part of the world had grown dim, as if a pall of dark clouds covered this land.

“Senior has disappeared…”

Lin Ming said with some regret. As the mysterious woman vanished, the Laws she left behind also vanished. The innumerable Laws she carved down were all incomparably exquisite, containing endless mysteries within them. If one could copy them and bring them outside, then any single one would be a top miracle treasure. Even True Divinity Holy Lands would regard them as priceless treasures that would be passed down as core inheritances.

However, even though Lin Ming had fallen into a mountain of treasures, the treasures he had managed to take away were limited. He had only become aware of the raindrop diagram and even then he hadn’t completely grasped it.

It could only be said that the difference in boundaries was far too great. Lin Ming still had a long road ahead of him.

As Lin Ming regretted that he wasn’t able to comprehend more things, the skies became increasingly dark. Black clouds overlapped and a ghostly fog rolled towards him.

The blue stones were covered by this darkness. They slowly lost their blue luster and began to turn as black as ink.

The blue stones turned to black stones.

The black stones were quiet and plain. As Lin Ming looked at them, he didn’t know why but he felt that they were all like tombstones.

This was an extremely bizarre feeling. Moreover, this world was clearly filled with an unspeakably suppressive atmosphere.

Thick black fog filled the air, completely shrouding the world. Once again, Lin Ming couldn’t see the road ahead of him.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He revolved the Daevic Eye Dao Palace, wanting to see through this thick fog.

However, layers of hazy death energy filled the heavens and earth, covering the point between Lin Ming’s eyebrows and making it so that his daevic eye wasn’t as keen.

Lin Ming could feel the point between his eyebrows be covered in a mass of black energy. To be described by a fortune teller, Lin Ming’s forehead had gone black.

“The daevic eye can’t see through this...”

Lin Ming took a deep breath. He faintly felt that what flooded his surroundings was the Concept of Death.

If a life was born, death naturally followed.

Death, was the home which all life returned to.

There was no life that could live forever. Even a great race had their prosperity and decline. Even a universe was born and eventually destroyed.

If one could rid themselves of death… then that was the legendary Law of Eternal Life. But… even the creator of the Holy Scripture wasn’t able to perfectly summarize the Law of Eternal Life.

In this situation, all life had to experience the concept of death, and this was also the most important part of life. This was because for all lives, the time they were alive was insignificant compared to the time they were dead.

“But how do I comprehend the Concept of Death?”

Comprehending death was far more difficult than comprehending life. This was because Lin Ming was a living being to begin with, so understanding life was easier for him. It was impossible for Lin Ming to commit suicide to experience death.

As all sorts of thoughts were racing through Lin Ming’s mind, a red light flashed and Ruby appeared beside him. She said, “Brother Lin, t-t-t-there’s some people there…”

Ruby pointed towards the black fog. Lin Ming couldn’t see through it at all.

“What sort of people?” Lin Ming asked, startled.

“Many… many people. They all look different. Some have wings. Some have horns. Some have tails. And some don’t even look like people but look like fierce beasts or strange beasts. They are all crawling out from the ground beneath the black stones.”

“Crawling out from beneath the black stones?” Lin Ming’s mind chilled. That was the same as crawling out from a grave. No wonder he had felt that these black stones were similar to tombstones.

Yet even now, Lin Ming couldn’t see these figures that Ruby spoke of.

“Ah…” Ruby gasped.

“What is it?” Lin Ming hurriedly asked.

“They… they are being killed. Someone’s killing them. That… that person is… so scary. They are holding a scythe in one hand and a black book in the other…”

“Scythe? Black book?” Lin Ming’s thoughts raced. These two things caused him to think of legendary depictions of the god of death.

In particular, that black book caused Lin Ming to form even more associations.

He remembered that in the ancient ruins within the Akashic Dream Battlefield, in the great battle between the Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture, the creator of the Holy Scripture had been holding a black book in his hands.

“What kind of book is it? Is this person a man or a woman?”

“A black book. There’s a blood red pattern upon it. A man…”

Ruby rapidly breathed out. For some reason after this black figure with his black book appeared, she felt a deep sense of unease swell within her.

Lin Ming could already confirm that the black book Ruby spoke of was likely the black book he had seen in the ancient ruins within the Akashic Dream Battlefield.

If so, then was this person the creator of the Holy Scripture?

Then who was the mysterious woman from before?

Lin Ming’s thoughts became increasingly tangled. Were there two creators of the Holy Scripture?

Without a doubt, the black figure that Ruby saw was more similar to the creator of the Holy Scripture that he had seen in the ancient battlefield ruins. At the very least they were both men.

“Black book. Are they really golden pages?”

Before this, Lin Ming had always believed that the golden pages were parts of the Holy Scripture that had fallen down. And, the portions that had been collected and organized together formed the Spiritas Holy Scripture that was in the hands of the Soul Emperor. But now, it seemed that he had been mistaken.

In fact, just thinking about it a little more carefully, the golden pages were far too large. When they were fully unfolded they were the size of a small kasya; they just didn’t seem like pages at all. Moreover, there were only 10 golden pages. If one had to form a book with them, then this book would be far too large and far too thin.

“Unfortunately, I cannot see the form of this killer and I also don’t know what the appearance of this mysterious black book wielder is like…”

Lin Ming revolved the daevic eye but was still completely unable to pierce through the black fog. The mysterious death energy was even able to cover up the vision of his daevic eye.

He was faintly aware that after comprehending the raindrop diagram, he had likely lit up the fifth soul sea mark. But what followed after that was the sixth soul sea mark!

The fifth soul sea mark was life and the sixth soul sea mark was death!

At this point, Lin Ming felt that grasping the principles on the shrine platform was no longer as simple as obtaining a golden page from the Fallen God Mountain Range.

This was a chance! A turning point that allowed him to peep into the Law inheritances of the Holy Scripture’s creator!

Thinking of this, Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath and became increasingly excited.

The Asura Road Master and the creator of the Holy Scripture were two peerless characters that existed 10 billion years ago. But, the two of them walked down completely divergent roads of martial arts.

One focused within, one focused without – if he could simultaneously obtain the inheritances of these two peerless powerhouses and cultivate the outside and inside worlds, just what boundaries would he reach?

If he could fuse the two together then his future achievements would be unimaginable!

He might even surpass the Asura Road Master and surpass the creator of the Holy Scripture, establishing a new boundary that had never been reached before!

Realizing this, Lin Ming was increasingly sure that the shrine platforms on the Fallen God Mountain Range were in truth a rich trove of inheritances and also a massive lucky chance. However, wanting to obtain any enlightenment from here was far, far too difficult. Since ancient times, countless spiritas elites had attempted to grasp the principles here, but they had all returned with nothing.

Because so many people failed over the years, many people arrived here with thoughts of only ‘giving it a try’ and believed that not comprehending anything here wouldn’t be a loss at all. The simply didn’t think about obtaining the golden page and only wanted to come here and take a brief look around.

In fact, many people believed that it wasn’t suitable to cultivate here for a long period of time because the Laws were chaotic. But, they didn’t realize that it was because of these chaotic Laws that they couldn’t comprehend anything.


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