MW Chapter 1851B

Chapter 1851B – Life and Death


At this time, the outstanding spiritas elites on the Fallen God Mountain Range all had ugly complexions, as if their parents had died in front of them.

In particular, those that mocked Lin Ming and said he was forcing himself had burning red faces. Even though they still wanted to mock Lin Ming, the facts were laid out in front of them. Rather than smacking themselves in the face again they decided to simply shut up.

“This Lin Muk, is it really the first time he came to the Fallen God Mountain Range!?”

Someone asked in hushed whispers. However, before he finished speaking, an even more unbelievable matter occurred.

The halo of light around Lin Ming grew increasingly bright, overlapped again and again as it diffused outwards. First it seemed like ripples, then it seemed like surging waves. Wave after wave, even the surrounding space for hundreds of feet was affected. Faintly, a blinding radiance shot up into the skies from around Lin Ming’s head, filling the world with a brilliant luster. It was like a star was shining, leaving everyone shocked to the extreme.

This sort of phenomenon even surpassed Sheng Mei’s!

Sheng Mei’s light was like a bright full moon, but Lin Ming’s light was like a blazing...

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