MW Chapter 1851A

Chapter 1851A – Moon and Star Struggle For Brilliance

Whether it was martial artists, mortals, or perhaps even animals, there was a natural hollow between their eyebrows where the third eye was hidden. This third eye had already degenerated into the brain, and was known by some as the upper dantian; this was also the daevic eye.

If one could open their daevic eye, they could gain the power to see through all mysteries and obtain an unparalleled perception.

But currently, Lin Ming’s daevic eye had just opened and was still bleeding. He hadn’t thoroughly opened it, but had just barely managed to. It was naturally impossible for him to see through all matters, but he could hazily make out the hand of the mysterious woman.

The moment that the woman’s fingers fell upon the blue stone, the surrounding Heavenly Dao Laws gathered unto her, combining with the power of life and turning into runes that carved themselves into the blue stones.

With her fingers as the pen, with the Laws as the ink, everything this woman drew seemed to be alive.

Flowers, plants, insects, birds, beasts, everything was lifelike. Even rocks and rubble, or even the simplest words were brimming over with life. The mysterious woman’s two hands seemed to grant all dead things a spirituality of their own, filling them with an impossible vitality.

Lin Ming even had a feeling that as long as the mysterious woman blew upon the designs she drew, they would jump to life. Like the mythical brush of god, everything she drew seemed as if it would become reality.

Lin Ming consumed a massive amount of soul force. Still, he continued to persist and read the Laws that the woman wrote down.

He felt that everything the mysterious woman carved down was something that always seemed to fall through his fingers.

The disparity in their boundaries was just far too great, so great that even just looking at the mysterious woman draw caused him to overdraw his soul force and find it difficult to continue.

“There’s no point in being too greedy.”

Lin Ming suddenly awoke to this point. This woman carved down far too many Laws. Every blue stone had marks she left behind, and these marks all contained inherent Laws. Although they all interpreted life itself, every interpretation held a different meaning.

If Lin Ming wanted to comprehend the meaning of all these Laws, a situation would appear where everything would fall beyond his reach.

After realizing this, Lin Ming calmed his mind. Then, he focused all his attention on the pattern that the mysterious woman just drew.

This pattern was in the shape of a raindrop, only the size of a mung bean. Compared to the previous carvings such as the flowers and beasts, this design was extremely simple. It consisted of only several strokes and the mysterious woman only took a few breaths of time to complete it.

Even so, this simple image revealed extraordinary meanings.

Lin Ming stared at this raindrop, completely immersing his every thought into it, going into a trance-like state.

In a dreamy haze, he saw the raindrop divide into two, two divide to four, four divide to eight, continuing on and on, becoming increasingly crowded until it was a pall of rain that stretched out without end. Within the cloud, faint arcs of lightning flashed, like silver snakes flying through the air. It was a mesmerizing scene.

Such a scene left Lin Ming utterly immersed within it.

Rain, was the convergence of water vapors from all longs. Its life was to grow in clouds high in the skies, and its death was to fall onto the earth, fall into the sea, and return to the world…

Its life was extremely short. A single drop of rainwater was also insignificant.

But the endless rainwater nourished all things. It nourished life. Flowers and birds, insects and beasts, all thrived because of rain!

A single drawing of a raindrop seemed simple, but it contained a Concept of Endlessness. As Lin Ming slowly felt the infinite mysterious within, he forgot the passage of time.

His soul force was constantly being used up, but the Concept of Endlessness subtly nourished his spiritual sea. Within his originally depleted spiritual sea, drops of rain seemed to appear, each drop made of incomparably pure source soul force. Through the revitalization of this rain, Lin Ming felt his own energy begin to fill back up.

Such a change manifested its effects on Lin Ming’s body.

His pale complexion slowly became ruddy. However, the blood that flowed from his eyes and ears still stained his face, making him seem fierce.

“This brat, he seems to have managed to live through it?”

Many people were surprised. Under ordinary circumstances there would occasionally be martial artists who appeared on the shrine platforms that overreached past their limits, causing their situation to become increasingly worse until they fell over.

Lin Ming clearly wasn’t able to last much longer, but color had suddenly returned to his face. Something strange was happening.

“This is just the final radiance of a setting sun. Watch, he’ll collapse soon enough. Originally, all of us came here for the experience without any hopes of gaining harvests, but this boy is truly a rare creature. He isn’t a fellow spiritas and he also excels in the essence gathering system, yet he came waddling over here with thoughts of the inheritance that our spiritas ancestors left behind. In this great world all strange sights are possible.”

“Especially with his current appearance. He was just bleeding heavily from his head just now. I really think he might be drunk…”

Several people loudly laughed. But at this time, someone cried out.

“What’s happening, Empress Sheng Mei is also…”

With this shout, everyone turned their attention away from Lin Ming and towards Sheng Mei. Sheng Mei was the most outstanding elite of the spiritas and also the leading character of all those who came here to attempt enlightenment.

They were left panic-stricken by what they saw.

Sheng Mei’s current situation wasn’t good either.

The hazy soul force around her body became increasingly unstable as if it could dissipate at any moment. The color had disappeared from her beautiful face and it was clear she had consumed a massive amount of soul force.


Some people nervously cried out. They were all admirers of Sheng Mei.

“Do not disturb the Empress!”

Jade Lifestone shouted out loud. On the Fallen God Mountain Range, a martial artist would spend the majority of their time in rest. After all, there was a limited number of shrine platforms. Ever since Jade Lifestone saw Sheng Mei arrive, he hadn’t spent much time trying to grasp the principles, but instead spent the majority of his time focused on her current state. Now that something was happening to her, he immediately noticed it.

After almost an entire year, this was the first time that Sheng Mei’s soul force seemed to weaken. To use one’s soul force to gain enlightenment was risky to begin with and Jade Lifestone didn’t allow anyone to disturb him during this process. Now that some minor phenomena were occurring under unknown circumstances, he naturally couldn’t allow anyone to disturb her either.

“Even a peerless existence like Empress Sheng Mei whose talent defies the heavens, will also encounter a situation where her soul force weakens?”

People began to think. As they looked at the increasingly ruddy Lin Ming, they felt this strange. Just what was Sheng Mei experiencing?

“The Empress possesses a potent soul force, but she likely consumed a great deal of it too…”

Someone began to say, voicing everyone’s thoughts. But at this time, around Sheng Mei, a dim halo appeared. This halo grew larger and larger, spreading out like waves.

Seeing this, everyone on the cliff began to fidget with excitement. This was…

Hu - !

The light completely diffused outwards. Fog wound around Sheng Mei’s shrine platform. The fifth soul sea mark had lit up!

“Empress Sheng Mei has lit up the fifth soul sea! It’s only been one year!”

In truth, for the martial artists who visited the shrine platforms, many of them had already lit up their fifth soul sea marks.

In fact, many of those proud children of heaven that were currently here had already lit up their fifth soul seas.

But, they often had to spend five years or more before the soul sea marks emitted the dimmest of lights, like a candle flickering in a storm.

No one managed to accomplish this as fast as Sheng Mei nor were their soul sea marks as bright as Sheng Mei’s. Her soul sea mark was like a brilliant boom, emitting a holy and enchanting light.

“Truly worthy of being the Soul Empress. Even though she seemed to be overdrawing her soul force, that was a critical moment in grasping the principles, thus the reason for her appearance. Still, she managed to break through that hurdle.”

Some people heavily praised. To light the fifth soul sea so quickly caused many people to think that this time, Sheng Mei really might be able to obtain the golden page of the Fallen God Mountain Range.

But the possibility wasn’t too high. For time immemorial, countless people had tried and failed, including even young True Divinities.

The impossible difficulty of grasping the principles on the shrine platforms had become firmly rooted in the hearts of the people.

As these people were speaking, behind them, another dim halo spread out, rippling like waves.


Everyone was shocked. They turned and were amazed to see that not too far away, Lin Ming’s shrine platform was emitting a faint light like a lighthouse in the dark sea.

“It’s Lin Muk!”

“He also lit up the fifth soul sea mark? How is this possible!?”

“Also within a year! He’s comparable to Empress Sheng Mei!”

Watching these ripples of light grow increasingly large and dense, everyone was so shocked their jaws nearly hit the ground. With this phenomenon occurring, they could confirm that Lin Ming had also lit up the fifth soul sea mark!

“Why would this happen? He’s clearly a human so why would he be able to comprehend our spiritas inheritances?”

People glanced at each other with dread, unable to say a single word.

Many of them also felt a deep sense of frustration and despondence. In truth, the reason they endlessly mocked Lin Ming and hoped that he would falter was because they were afraid of him. They were afraid he would really manage to comprehend something here and would cast them all away.

This was because in terms of combat strength and talent, Lin Ming already left them all in the dust. At the same boundary he was easily able to roll over them all!

As the top spiritas youths of their universe, they always held a certain pride in their innermost feelings.

They acknowledged that they couldn’t defeat Lin Ming in battle, but at the very least in terms of soul force and mental power, they wouldn’t be worse than he was.

But the reality they were shown made them a joke.

This was just like a go master playing against a chess master. They would play go first and even after a single move they realized they would fail and lose 100% to Lin Ming.

But even after trying to play chess, they discovered that even in chess they fell far behind Lin Ming, and extremely far behind at that.

Unable to win even in their own specialty, this could be called being trampled to the ground. Just what kind of proud children of heaven were they? Compared to Lin Ming they were just a joke!

These people didn’t know that the truth was the creator of the Holy Scripture wasn’t the ancestor of the spiritas. And, the inheritance he left behind belonged to all life, to those who possessed the ability to take it. It had nothing to do with any race!


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